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Biography Catherine ANDREYEVA
photo Catherine ANDREYEVA
Catherine Andreyev was born in Moscow, September 27. Enrolling in the evening department VYUZI (All-Union Correspondence Institute of Law), was soon transferred to the historical department of Moscow Pedagogical Institute. Krupskaya, who graduated in 1990, the. In the same year enrolled in courses for radio and television. In "School of the announcers" Catherine studied with Igor Kirillov. In 1991 he began working on television. The first time worked in the department of narration.

The first program, in which Catherine took part - "Good Morning". Then she led a unit of economic news on Rossiyskom channel, worked as an editor in the program about cars "Big Race".

. In 1994 began working in the Directorate of Information programs - first editor, and then leading
. The first output of Catherine the broadcast was to be held in the summer of 1995, a tragic day hostage crisis in Budyonnovsk. Katia refused to release - and it has postponed its airing for another two months. But after that her career as television presenter has been actively developed, and now all the country's viewers know Katya as one of the most professional and attractive hosts of "Time" channel ORT.

He is fond of history. She likes to wander through the museums, is in the conservatory. In the clothing is conservative, like austere style. The third most important part of his life after work and family, calls gym. She likes cars. Married (husband - a businessman), daughter Natasha - Student MGIMO. Catherine believes that everything in her life - the fruit of their own efforts. By his own admission, the air comes out with a sense of "Behind - Moscow!". Most like the days when news block begins with "human" stories - stories in which people show examples of courage, kindness, mutual. His main achievement in 2002, Kate thinks, what she managed to save the life of your father, do not cry on the air during a hostage-taking "Nord-Ost" and improve relations with your own child.

. Interviews

. Beautiful women are often denied the mind and talent, considering these concepts are incompatible
. Beautiful women are not trusted to run the risk of a serious matter. "Are you crazy, take it?" She seemed to just flew out of the casino! " - Afraid of the principal director of the central channel, where the role of television presenter he advised Ekaterina Andreeva. It happened 10 years ago.

By the time Kate graduated from the Faculty of History, Moscow State University, Union Institute for Advanced Studies broadcasters, wrote a thesis on the Nuremberg Trial. Work on television, she started in a recorded section, then she was invited to conduct the program "Morning", later - "News", and last year she became the flagship program "Time". But the interest in historical science remained. However, journalism - is also a way of understanding history, contemporary, modern ...

- It is human nature to accumulate and store their past. Minor episodes, constantly retold in all family celebrations, family legends and mysteries of our grandmothers and great-grandfathers, old photos in the album ... Tell me, you feel deeply their roots?
. - His pedigree, I can take away for four generations ago, of course, is not so far because of the loss of many documents, but nevertheless, Ivan, kinship is not mindful, I certainly can not be named.
. Great-grandfather on my father's line owned quarries in the Urals
. From the marble, that he supplied to the capital, Kiev railway station built and Main Post Office. At the spot where now Hotel "Ukraine", was our mansion, whose windows, according to family legend, great-grandfather threw the jacket to his son and ordered him to leave his father's house. That, contrary to the will of the parent, married a poor beautiful woman. So my grandfather was in the Red Army - which still had to go to the former schoolboy? - And rose to high rank, so that his family allowed to continue to live in the mansion until the construction of the hotel.

. Great-grandfather on my mother's side - a Moscow lawyer
. Grandpa, I think, could become a great diplomat, but the road to great politics for him was closed, because his brother was in the occupied territory.

. - In what places have you lived in Moscow?
. - First, on Kutuzov Avenue, then to Lenin, is now in the center, is visible from the balcony of Ivan the Great Bell
. The Kremlin has always been so close, in my childhood I even thought that I live in the Spassky Tower. The first time came in kindergarten, educator straight and had the. That alarmed: suddenly really dignitary child and worth the extra plate of mincemeat in the underlay? Began finding out who the parents. - Who, incidentally, the parents? - Pope served as deputy chairman of Gossnab USSR, now retired. A mother for more than 20 years does not work, since my younger sister was born of the Light (she finishes я?п?п?я?п°п? MSU). The parents loved my sister, and now this feeling dolyublennogo child - I really treasure them - never leave me.

- And what a kindergarten is over exposing a little impostor?
- Tightly got over the fact that he was lying. I'm not lying, I really thought that my house in the Kremlin. The same feelings are in museums, . where I'm often, . especially in the mansion Ryabushinskys, . donated to Maxim Gorky (once even going to get there smotritelnitsey), . where during the day today is not erased the traces of the past, . that is my world,
. This is the second quarter of a century. It was Autumn time, such a rich and productive in life and art, when compared with the period of time. There all mine: paintings, film - silent, black and white, books. There were Bulgakov, Zoshchenko, Tsvetaeva, Akhmatova, Pasternak, Mandelstam.

- And what do you see yourself in those days?
- Rather, the high army rank. Zhukov

- The nature of the fall winter inevitably follows ...
- It is still ongoing, and the thaw I do not feel. I do not like modern paintings, poetry, modern, contemporary books I read only the memoirs, now - the study of an English scholar of the Yugoslav Marshal Tito, historical monographs and papers.

. I love to go to antique shops
. I have a nose for old things. I have their whole body feel or not feel. I can not deceive or to palm off fake. I know how to bargain, especially if you know it's mine.

- The last time that they purchased?
- Portrait of Stalin.

- You call this price?
- I must say that I struck a bargain - I lost.

- You unlock the secrets of Stalin. Do you have a concept that has its own personality? You opened it for yourself from an unexpected quarter? Or maybe it is an extravagant hobby?
- Of course, I opened Stalin from an unexpected quarter. Replace the concept of a distinct identity yet difficult. Too many fundamental, but unknown in his life. He has always been an atheist, though he studied at the seminary. It is known that in the 42-th year - the plight at Stalingrad, so close to defeat Russia before there was not three hundred years - Stalin met with the priests, those who remained. A spokesman for the then patriarch is still alive, . but does not reveal the secrets of that conversation, . after which the chief gave orders, . strange for a man, . denied religion: a pilot with the icon of Kazan Mother of God - now it is in Yelokhovsky Cathedral - flew over the battlefield, . reopened church,
. And the turning point in World War II.

. I am interested to see how people - illiterate, stupid, inarticulate and did not have signs of a leader (what his supporters are trying to present), he suddenly took control of everything - politics, arts, social services, books, paintings
. Moreover, he knew everything, saw everything, reading, people genuinely believed that he was the father of nations. I find it interesting and important to understand more and to me nobody has ever been able to so dominate.

- You historian. No sorry we did not do a scientific career?
- I never have no regrets. At the moment of decision possible try to imagine all the pros and cons of the consequences. The university very seriously studied history, but to continue further research I would have to compromise on fundamental issues for themselves, to which I will never agree. I - an ambitious man.

- What happened?
- Then, in the late eighties, the publicity only just begun, I wrote a scientific work on the Nuremberg trials, attempted to draw parallels between Hitler and Stalin's regime. In the original historical documents I have seen a lot in common, and it is from this point of view it was interesting to me to develop a theme. Against such a concept of death was my supervisor - just say, of course, can not, but I think he last had anything to do with the organs of the NKVD. Hitler was for him a fascist and Stalin, he was estimated by the Principal and the comparison could not allow. He stood to death, I was to death, and not wishing to withdraw, break to pieces forehead. In the midst of our war, I accidentally included the receiver and learned about the recruitment of the All-Union Institute of Advanced Training for Television and Radio, and thought: Do not try to turn me in another direction? I had never once had to start from scratch,
. I lost well-being and create it again. It is not scary. I am a strong man. I can be responsible for myself and for my family, for business, dealing. Nothing can affect my life against my will. If any of my action looks like madness, then it is well thought me insane. I steeled myself, reared, raised, educated and made the individual.

- Katya, who taught you to speak to the ether?
- At the Institute I have polished Igor Kirillov and other teachers on the techniques of speech. Walnuts, I did not stuffed in his mouth.

- Do you remember your first broadcast?
- Pulse pounding on his neck so that I could barely breathe, and this feeling then was still a very long time. Man, first time sitting in front of the camera, cover terrible fear and impatience to leave.

- Your appearance has played an important role when you were offered to the program "Time"?
- At this time there. But in the 90 th year appearance prevented me from becoming a leading, and I went to the announcer's Department. Passed the entire process from beginning to end, now I'm no one would dare to reproach, that I have something they do not understand. When left Sergei Dorenko, the program "Time" suggested to me. It is not like. After all, here - as on a powder keg.

- So soon after the appointment in one interview you have voiced the idea of resignation?
- Of course! ORT do not feed the Western model, as NTV. In our corporation today so tomorrow like that, and the next day again, everything is different. During the period of my work were replaced by nine directors general, heads of nine and nine of the leading channel program "Time".

. - With general manager you communicate often?
. - With those nine? Then I would assume time is not enough.

. - And with the current?
. - Kostya Ernst too rarely.

. - Why?
. - Minuy us most of all grief and anger of a landowner and landlord's love! "

. - Kate, you know Berezovsky?
. - Since we met him twice
. The first time he said: "Hello" and I said: "Hello". The second meeting was held about the same.

- I heard that some TV people feel that they are "talking head". This is some kind of complex. Do you sometimes have a sense of internal protest against the information that you voiced?
- Never occurs. Information - this is what has happened, what should get people, including a TV, returning in the evening from work. Texts for the program I'm writing myself, so "talking heads" themselves do not feel. This complex of those people who have such complexes. I just do not have them.

- Many people say that television - is above all the brutal competition, survival school, where their "laws of the jungle". If so, it remains whether the person a chance samosohranitsya without destroying morale, do not compromise its principles?
- Certainly. I do not do any of its principles.

- A TV may feel independent person?
- Not everyone.

- And you?
- I do an independent person and will never play by the rules, acceptable to a. I'm not afraid of losing the job, but at the same time do not want to lose it, I love her, love channel ORT. I think in a corporate, I am certain policies.

. - How often do live on the extreme situatsiiN? Does it work with a team of leading psychologists?
. - I'm a very strong-willed and react in a crisis situation instantly breaks does not occur when it is necessary to urgently pereverstat plot and still make out what you yelling into the microphone director
. Nobody even noticed that in my program, all redone. Psychologists work with us. I myself a psychologist and myself, and all the rest.

- A cry in the air you can?
- There are moments when the tears welling in his eyes. Then I threw back his head and try to shove them back.

- You do cry frequently?
- Frequently. Cried when watching coverage Olga Mezhenny of World War II veterans. Old man, no legs, who saved our country from fascism, forced to live in Chechnya, in the tent and knead crutches dirt ... I felt so ashamed for our country, I was sobbing and I could not help himself. It's a shame also because the government itself provoked the horror that is now happening in Chechnya: first, made it possible to arm themselves and buy tons of weapons, and then went to war. Cried when riot police and commandos were killed in Chechnya.

- You commented stories about the war in Yugoslavia. Perhaps you were given is not easy - your husband is a Serb, and there were his relatives ...
- It's not even that my husband is out there, our relatives, they fortunately did not suffer. Russia had no right to pass Yugoslavia, we must help those countries that we trust. However, I fully agree with my husband, who believes that Milosevic was a dictator. Prosperous country, inherited, for ten years in ruins.

- Kate, what is the most unpleasant manifestation of your popularity?
- Perhaps, letters and molestation unbalanced people. Receive many letters, and I forced them all to read, because among them are caught, on which I can help, such as repeat telephone the hospital referred to in the program, or to locate relatives. Sadly, on television writing those who really need our help, or those who need help with a psychiatrist.

- Probably, letters of explanation to love you also get a lot. Remember most unusual?
- Of course, the explanation of my husband. On the back of the photo Dusko written in English, that if I give him a chance, he would get to me all the stars from the sky. By the time of courtship lasted for three years, and the message looked like a cri de coeur: "Well can you give me this last chance! Unusually still and that he still continues to get for me the stars. Naturally, every day it can not be a big star, but the fragment, some trivial, always lying on my desk.

. - How you were wearing at the wedding?
. - Type I was quite shabby, I came back from the sauna to warm shaggy sweater and sports trousers
. Husband looked very well prepared. We're in this marriage bureau went about two years.

- Why so long?
- My husband dual citizenship. And in Russia, he was accredited as a citizen of Honduras. He was forced to go there, live there for a while, leave a fingerprint and create a card and bring a certificate that he is not married. Things are not allowed to leave for so long. He rewrote the Yugoslav citizenship of Honduras, but presented a certificate to the registry office does not have: the expiration date of three months, and we are one day late. The husband appealed to common sense, explained: I do not have a visa, I left Russia, and therefore could not marry, marry foreigners only in your registry office, and three months and one day ago, I was not married, I have been here, therefore not married.

. The sixth time by sending a certificate, . lawyer wrote to her husband: "Mr. Perovic, I hope, . Now everything will be fine and your friends get married Russia you with your beloved woman! "But the excitement lawyer help in the Serbian language written" Petrovich "instead of" Perovic ", . and the registry office of invalid ballots: "Mr P., . clear, . single, . and Mr. Perovic - clear,
. Bring help! "Heard the same request for the seventh time, the lawyer was stunned.

Day of the wedding once again had to endure, as the designated coincided with my working trip - to refuse to go, I could not. Our registrar's office - something like a mini-gulag: step left, step to the right - an attempt to escape. Somehow I broke down and said: "Girl, you are experiencing so for me, like my mom. You should definitely, that he was not married? Well, here he will be married, you will suffer? I'm going to suffer! Even if he really bigamist, do you care? "
. - You know the registry office?
. - Yes all I know! Maybe on purpose, and learned all this started a ...
. - And what the Serbs are different from Russian?
. - Attitude towards women
. My husband never pressured on me and not trying to get a cleaner, nanny or cook it the same big guy. Now I look with pity on those families Russia, where a woman is suppressed, so that from it nothing left but a shell. Russia is living in a man's world that perfectly shows the composition of our Parliament. Men little think about the law, to women and children, are concerned about global issues, and life is made up of little things, they should deal with women, and they have virtually no political rights.
. - You always voting for?
. - Of course.
. - Soon the presidential election ...
. - I will vote for Ella Pamfilova
. And it's not in her personality, and in the expression of my citizenship - I want to be in Russia were in power, women.

- Where are you Delhi their vouchers?
- Somewhere lies. Looking at it, I can wipe away a tear grudging, that does not become the owner of a factory. Believed in the idea of criminal privatization had not benefited. Russia remains a country of portfolio investment.

- Kate, that you worry?
- How the lives our people. Force does not look ...

- You know the life of the people?
- Well know. Otedesh kilometers to 200-300, the picture terrible - people are losing themselves into drinking, eating silage. I often travel to his father, he lives far away. Then Aunt Masha in Minsk, Aunt Nina in Bitter ...

- You know there?
- I am not so often I walk the streets. And if I go for, I do not think I have learned or not learned.

- When the last time you went down in the subway?
- About four years there was not, since I began to have machines. I treat them like people, never let them sell, leave me or relatives because they should know that with. Now I have a Volvo, I call her Margush, and before that was Fyodor - a small Ford.
. - You sing some songs while driving?
. - Of course! I switched the radio on full blast and with him yell everything.
. - And that pleases you?
. - My family - husband, daughter Natasha
. She studies at the Faculty of MGIMO. Sat for the first session - all worn out. We do our best to spend more time together - skating at Gorky Park, and in Zhukovka, who they friends.

- School friends you have left?
- You know, I have them in school was not, although I am very sociable. With university friends for 15 years already, the circle of my communication since then has not changed. All my friends know that you can contact me at any time of day and night. The closest my friend Larissa - with it we would get a mansion smotritelnitsami Ryabushinskys - for which neither will be taken throughout succeeds. She came to television Secretary and three months later became the right hand of the Director, working guide in the Kremlin, completed the courses designers - immediately began to receive orders and fled with her husband in Germany - have said in German.
. - Kate, you had the baby a nickname?
. - In school I was teased giraffes and fat.
. - You said that you do not easily lose weight by almost 20 kilograms
. You are worth ...
. - Five years of great work.
. - Now often on a diet "one fruit, one vegetable?
. - I always change my diet, it's even been life-style, its own power supply system.
. - You have often said that outlived the feeling of envy
. Someone had very jealous?
- No, I never tell anyone envious. But the feeling of jealousy, kills the personality and essence, is inherent to any person. It must be lived down, because with him you can not fight, it must be consciously dispel. Supervesch - get rid of envy, and you'll get!
. - How do you think is correct French proverb: "To look beautiful, have a lot of money, but to be beautiful, have much to suffer?
. - I think the first part of the leave without comment - or you can put to adorn themselves with clothes and plastic surgery, as regards the second part - it all depends on personality
. This double-edged sword. You can really become a beautiful, a lot of suffering, with a proper understanding of suffering purifies the soul, and with the wrong - a man can become even worse.

- The beautiful people especially the sense of death. You think about neyN afraid of?
- I do not think and I'm not afraid. I sleep so soundly that he did not see dreams. I think I clearly know what the nothingness - a complete failure, I do not. Dream for me, like death, only death, probably even better.

Interview with Ekaterina Andreeva

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  • Very sexy and sexy. Moyab will - would have 24 hours a day, and if not burned - not sorry to spend time, energy and soul to ignite. It can not burn. For male envy and happy for her husband. Katya is a rare instance of emerald, which is to be worn on the index finger, if only all these comments it is not stervozili, and betrayed more and more sex appeal. I
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  • smart, beautiful and dignified woman, I admire you.
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