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Bril Sergey

( European correspondent of `News`)

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Biography Bril Sergey
photo Bril Sergey
Eight morning. London. In the apartment of a gentleman phone rang. "You've got to thirteen flown from Helsinki", - said the voice from the tube. "Encryption" is obtained, the gentleman begins to act ... Hour of the day. Helsinki. Behind two thousand kilometers, near the right partner, extracted information in my head - a gentleman is ready to communicate with headquarters.
No, this is not an episode from the life of a secret agent of British intelligence. European correspondent of "News" Sergei Brilev often know to what country and what time he should be moved from London - the place of "permanent location" - in just half a day before the live program with the Moscow studio.
. - Actually, I have a hereditary workers abroad, my parents served in the Foreign Trade
. I was born in Havana, school years, divided between Moscow and Ecuador, student - between Moscow and Uruguay. In Montevideo, graduated from the Institute of Foreign Languages, and in Moscow - MGIMO.
- With a biography of the direct road to the international journalist.
- I would not say that the line. When I was still a student MGIMO, got a job as a correspondent in "Komsomolskaya Pravda", it is quite consciously chose the department of science and education. A lot of running around the country, from the Baikonur to Oranienbaum. In the first year in the "West" my trip, too, were exclusively in Russia. By the way, has seen far more exotic than anywhere else. Line of duty ever to move almost all types of transport: planes, helicopters, tanks, armored personnel carriers and even a balloon.
. - How is it that duty you finally gave up the limits rodinyN
. - Once I saw the advertisement on the course internship at Bi-bi-si
. I applied to participate and soon left for six weeks in London. Coincidentally, while I took over the British principles of fair journalism, Sasha Gorne - at that time the London correspondent of "Vesti" - went on vacation in Moscow. I was asked to make for him a few stories. In Gurnova meanwhile matured their projects, and he decided to stay permanently in Moscow. I was told that the editors of "Vesti" sat and thought, who would replace Sasha, and at this time on TV was my story from England. And then it dawned on them: "Oh, let him there and leave!" So in March 1996, I moved to London, and since then we, along with cameraman Dmitry Britikovym (as amended by our pair nicknamed Bri Bri) are doing for the editorial staff of about two hundred stories a year.

. - You were right in the center of the world, events
. Initially, it was not afraid to communicate with different high znamenitostyamiN
. - I remember once, at a conference in Egypt, came face to face with Yeltsin Indeed, at first a little taken aback, but when he came to himself, he realized that had already managed to ask him some questions
. Since then erased the feeling that celebrities - people from the virtual world. With many of them are very easy to communicate. In the same NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana, we immediately found common ground - literally. He speaks Spanish and English, to put it mildly, not very well. So when he learned that I speak Spanish, was overjoyed.
- RTR News bureau located in London, but you have to wander all over Europe, and not only. On the personal life of this fact is reflected boleznennoN
- Over half of family life, I probably spent more time traveling than at home. But still we have a happy marriage with Ira. We met in Moscow many years ago and got married recently, in London. It so happened that our wedding turned into an event of British life. On the BBC BBC did a plot about a Russian journalist Sergey Bri-Levet, but at this time he just got married, so wedding also got into the frame. By the way, my witness was Special Correspondent NTV Alim Yusupov.

- And what konkurentsiyaN

- It does not prevent us from being close friends. I have many colleagues from other channels of the wonderful relationships. For example, with Sasha and Andrei Cherkasov Panov, who also worked in England, we, happens, "compete" for a beer at the pub. Pub, as the English say, it's a club for the poor, and given the size of the salary of Russia correspondent ... (Laughs) But, actually, I'm not a big fan of club life. Other business travel. We with Ira did not feed bread, give somewhere to go, good enough in England, beautiful places. Recently we went - by the way, along with Alim Yusupov - in Cornwall, at the very south-west Britain. We sat on the coastal rock, spruce brought from Moscow vobla and admired the surrounding pristine nature.

. - Admire the nature of each is allowed, but you as a journalist, perhaps, admit to such attractions that most people are not available.

. - If I'm not "in the performance, my press card has little meaning
. In England, for all one rule: do you have money - you are welcome, no - bye. However, once the quota of the Association of foreign press, I was invited to Buckingham Palace for tea with the queen. At the tea-three hundred journalists. First you walk in the park - you need to fit the gardener, says that "now this thicket Her Majesty morning loosens". Then the guests lined up in the long corridor along which the queen and all hello. If you agree in advance with the manager, you will withdraw from the general order, the queen as if by accident on you will encounter, and you zavyazhetsya "casual conversation". I approached the governor did not, decided to watch from. I was amazed that Elisabeth, which the British are accused of stiffness, for three minutes talking about anything with those who had never seen, and while the impression is that she doted in his interlocutor.
. - At a reception with the Queen, you are not faced with the complexities that have been in a similar situation in GagarinaN
. - That is the problem, which of the many spoons and forks polzovatsyaN No, I like this be dealt with
. By the way, the rules of etiquette. The invitations to receptions of this kind must write that one should wear a. Men - suit, if a military man - the form, but without orders. Women are highly recommended hat. Without it, the ladies are not accepted to appear in the light, so when Ira moved me to London, we first bought her hat. If not for tradition, the hat industry here have long since bankrupt. In general, the conventions of any kind really play a big role in England, but I would not say that I feel their discomfort. Take, for example, drive on the left - many of them foreigners laugh, but I think that it is much more convenient.
- In general, in England you are quite accustomed.
- England as a fortress: there are few external walls, and there is a citadel. The first wall to overcome very easily and wonder where did the stereotype about the closure of the British Society. After the second pass is also relatively fast, depending on the communication skills and language skills. But in the citadel of the British will not be allowed ever.

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