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Biography DROZDOVA Olga
Olga Drozdova was born April 1, 1965 in Nakhodka, in the family captain and agronomist. His father, Boris Fedorovich, a descendant of the impoverished Russian nobility, and his mother, Maria Ivanovna, was born into a wealthy family of a gypsy, her father was a blacksmith. Uchyas in school, engaged in drammaticheskom circle.

The teacher of Russian language first discerned in it which is the ability. Played in "The Captain's Daughter," "Christmas Eve", but seriously about the actress's career was never meant. Going to enter the Faculty of Letters, as my mother dreamed of, and become a teacher. But after them came to Nakhodka on tour Khabarovsk drammatichesky theater, where Olga first saw these artists, agreed: "It would be an actress!".

Received in Vladivostksky Institute of Arts, and from there went to the shipyard to work keeper - to gain life experience. Then he recovered at the same first year, and after a year still left - Olga with a friend decided to go to Sverdlovsk, enroll in a theater. But on the day of departure at the airport was one, the others were frightened! In the second year of the Sverdlovsk Theater Institute, she has played a major role and rehearse another. Then came the holidays, and Olga decided to visit Moscow - for the company and the storming of the capital theater college girlfriend. Let's see how the other exams, Drozdova realized it could not worse. Then moved up to Schepkinskoe School (workshop in. Safronov). Cygrala in "Three Sisters" (the role of Masha in the first part it played Neelova), "Steep Route", "Anfisa", "Anomaly", "Prevention of small ships, and many others

. On the account of an actress for more than twenty roles in film, . among the most notable paintings with Olga Drozdova be called "Alice and second-hand bookshop", . Love, . harbinger of sorrow ", . soap operas "Queen Margot", . "Gangster Petersburg - Lawyer", . "Request Stop - 1, . 2.,

. Olga Drozdova - Honored Artist of Russia

. Awards:
. In 1999, the festival game telefilm "Goronja echo" actress was awarded a special diploma of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia - for his role in a dramatic tape "at loggerheads"

. Special prize at the festival in the Polish town of Gdynia (for his role in the film "Daughter of Happiness")
. Award for Best Actress in a drama "Gangster Petersburg" (the first Festival of detective films)

. The award for best actress in a drama "Stop-on-demand

. Filmography:
. Pet (1991) ... more info ..
Dissension (1991)
Walk on the scaffold (1991) ... more info ...
Your output, girls ... (1992)
Alice and bookseller (1992) ... more info ...
Jolly tour (1994) ... more info ...
Love, the harbinger of sorrow ... (1994)
Queen Margot (1997) TV series
At Daggers Drawn (1998) ... more info ...
At the busiest place (1998) ... more info ...
Dzenboksing (1998)
Cury szczescia (Daughter of Happiness) (1999) Poland-Hungary-Germany
Gangster Petersburg (2000) "Lawyer" ... more ...
Request Stop (2000) TV series ... more info ... ! sm.VIDEO!
. Request Stop - 2 (2001) TV series
. Last Days (2002)

. Interviews:

. On the set of "Gangster Petersburg" Olga Drozdova initially behaved in such a way that members of the crew began to treat it cautiously
. After she - never trained in martial arts - the first double played a scene in the prison, directed by Vladimir Bortko even said: "Olga, you are so tough, sharp. Perhaps you even Dmitri Pevtsov, husband, afraid. Chase him, I suppose, at home from corner to corner ... "
- This is specially so I tuned to the role. I'm not such. Although the character I have, and forge a long time he. I remember an episode from his childhood. I was lying on the floor, afraid to raise my head. Houses unoccupied, in front of my face - stone and fragments of window glass in the door rang incessantly, but I know that can not be opened - then the stones fly in the face ... This war against me were girls from the class. Reason - The boy, in which the girls were in love, chose me. He also suffered: interceded for me, and he was severely beaten. Around our desks with no one sat. Despised!

- Do you remember about the pain?
- Now I am even grateful to them. This story is forged my character. But I was a hothouse child, naive, suffer from complexes. We lived with parents in Nakhodka on the Sea of Japan. A happy family: a mother - an agronomist, Pope - captain, love me, my life went smoothly, after school I had graduated from the Philological Faculty of how my mother had dreamed of, then - marriage, also in Nakhodka ... In general, all as in all. But my classmate "knocked" me out of my shell honey. I began to resist the life. I pushed at the rink, and I learned to ride well. As I was throwing stones, and I learned not to fear no one - until now, no matter how late coming home, do not get around the side suspicious of the company, I go, looking straight at them. I was surrounded by contempt, and I went from Nakhodka, Vladivostok came to the Institute of Arts, and from there went to the shipyard to work keeper - to gain life experience. Then he recovered at the same first year, and after a year still left - we were buddies decided to go to Sverdlovsk, enroll in a theater. But on the day of departure at the airport, I was the one, the others were frightened! So it flew in a strange city, no one in there not knowing a suitcase, in sandals and a light jacket. But nothing, she asked where the local theater, and went there to learn the address of high school theater ... Received, been studying there for several years, then decided: "I want to study in Moscow!" And transferred to Schepkinskoe school.

- You are so easily moved from city to city. This is probably in my gypsy blood is boiling. My dad from the impoverished Russian nobility, and my mother was born into a wealthy family of a gypsy, her father was a blacksmith. Mother also in 17 years has left parents and left. But she had a romantic story. She lived in the south, in the town of Temryuk. Across the street from her house lived my future father, he was six years older, sailor, married (by the way, his daughter from his first marriage, too, Drozdova Olga). He was just a movie character - handsome, blue-eyed blonde. With his family he no longer lived, and one day, returning from a voyage, drew attention to the neighbor girl Masha. But my mother's father was very strict, he would himself choose a husband for her daughter. Lovers have decided to escape to Nakhodka - where the pope promised to work. My mother left the house seemed to walk, Dad was waiting for her with the tickets at the station. One week they were in the general car. Of the things my mother had only one dress - what to put on her father, too, almost did not take anything with them. In Nakhodka, they first removed the corner, then moved to a separate room. His mother went to study at night school, and year and a half later I was born. Ten years, my parents hid the place where they lived, and my mother's family sent a letter supposedly from different cities of the country. In Temryuk such passion boiled Shakespeare - right Montagues and Capulets. Grandfather cursed his daughter, and her brothers wanted to find my dad and deal with it like a man. A plus to all my father's first wife of eight years did not give him a divorce. Only 12 years later my mother risked (and then with me, without the pope!) To come to native. All the way she was shaking with fear, I otpaivala its valerian. Here we are, approaching the gate, she was crying, afraid that her grandfather would deploy at the door and send back ... Grandpa went out, looked at us in silence, he turned and went into the house. But the gate is not closed. So, you can go. Well, the house has held reconciliation. But before the end of my grandfather, apparently, my mother has never forgiven - he denied her inheritance. After his death, all savings were two mother's brother and her four sisters.

- Your parents still live in Nakhodka?
- My father died when I was fifteen years. We were with my mother then had a very hard. Mom sat on three works, I helped her - in the evening mopping the floors in different institutions. Then my mother got married again for the sailor and lives still in Nakhodka.

- Do you miss my native place?
- Nakhodka is still my favorite city. I love the sea! Every six months I have started "maritime" hysterical. Here and now: the season is over in the "Contemporary", and her husband gave me a gift - has sent a week in Turkey. By the way, . where I first began to learn! Before, . wherever I was shot, . Nobody recognized me, . such person elusive, . even in the theater for many years at the checkpoint asked: "Girl, . you to komuN "And then Russian tourists now and then came up:" Kate, . Hello, "Before I even once came, . they me with my Katya from "Gangster Petersburg" scare,
. I flew to Moscow and could not resist, straight from the airport called to her husband: "Dima, I was popular!"

- Once you have gypsy roots, you're on their future fate of all childhood knew. Mum has taught you guess?
- She really taught me. But guess themselves banned - my, this concealed by fate. Somehow, though, just for fun, I showed the palmist's hand, so he stepped back from her, saying: "If we believe the lines, then you should no longer be". But all this nonsense. We Dima fatalists. Must live and enjoy every second of life. And I very much trust your instincts. Imagine, I'm not going to marry for Dima, but trusted his intuition and refused weddings. Happened ten years ago. I was shot in the film "schism", played the wife of a revolutionary Bauman. With the crew we traveled all over Europe. I met with the director of Switzerland, he was called Stash, he helped our team from the Swiss side. 12 years older than me, funny, interesting. I fell in love. It all began with the birth Dzhigarkhanyan. After a noisy feast we Zhenya Dvorzhetsky and Stash went on a night Geneva, went from club to club, swam in Lake Geneva. Crazy night! And we began to meet with Stash. And once I come to the hotel, my things there - he dragged them to his apartment. So I moved to him ... Then we filmed in Germany, Belgium, and Stash went everywhere with me. He told me: "Shall I buy you an apartment in Moscow, and you want - in Paris or LondoneN We live where you say". He had an apartment in the city center with views of Lake Geneva, but he kept repeating: "My house - Europe". We are already planning to get married, but then Isaac Friedberg, invited me to take off in his film "Walk on the scaffold". There, on the samples, I met Pevtsov ...

- And what?
- First, nothing. The sample was the most common at the end of it we were kissing. There was between us, no flash of lightning, no insight. They kissed and all. Filming ended. A day passed, then another, and I suddenly realized that I do not have enough Dima. Apparently, he is also felt on the third day he called and invited to his show ... And soon I went to Belgium, where we were with my fiance finally decide on wedding day. But there I felt that was happening to me something is not something that should be before the wedding. And although neither of a new love I have no idea, but asked to wait a little Stasha with registration of marriage ... Then someone told Stash that I often see with Dima. Stash was furious and even went to Moscow to explain to me, but we are at that time were taken with Dima on Dombae ... He had already courted for me.

- Beautiful?
- Touching. Bordeaux gave roses, accompanied. And when I started filming an attack of gastritis, every morning I cooked oatmeal (by the way, and now when I am sick, he always made me something spoils, such as their trademark dish - fritters). Actually he Silent, I was too hard getting to know the people who seem arrogant. But it was only a mask. Dima later recalled: "When I meet you, you keep silent and smiled enigmatically". First, we silently walked through the streets (and not even kissing!), And then I blurted out, I started him all the time to explain anything breathless, as he listened to ... He long obschezhitskoy crossed the threshold of my room, and I found it awkward to invite him to go there. Dorm Contemporary quite unattractive - a long corridor, 17 people occupants, dogs, cats, cockroaches ... But then we finally settled down in my little seven-meter room.

- You will soon be married?
- Only four years later, when filmed together in the film "Queen Margot". We were forced to sign the wife Dima's older brother - Il, saying that simply a disgrace so long to pull the wedding. Himself a Dima continually gave me suggestions, but I could not decide. She remembered his first unsuccessful marriage, about which I do not want to even talk (before Staе?a), and I always thought that we should check our feelings ... Frankly, wedding Dima has not become for me a sort of extreme event. Membership in the usual registry office, early in the morning, quickly, and after the registrar's office immediately went to the set. I then appeared on the series "at loggerheads", which were soon to begin shooting scenes of the wedding of my heroine. Dima asked permission to put the groom's suit from the movie. The costume he was narrow and short, but nothing, we photographed in these luxurious wedding dresses, and we then send this picture to my mom. A week after the shooting, we noted the event with the entire crew. That's all. But the day of our first meeting and our first kiss on the samples - May 7, 1991 - we celebrate each year. Isaac Friedberg gave us a tape of the audition, and we often Dima her look.

. - Do you and her husband formed not only the family but also acting duo: "Walk but the scaffold," "Alice and Bukinist", "Queen Margot", "Gangster Petersburg"
. But all these tragic stories. Are not you afraid that the screen life sproetsiruete "on your real life?
- These roles, on the contrary, balance our happy now. All the problems are still there - in the cinema. And in our family do not even have the problem of jealousy. Dima is not jealous, I sometimes allow myself porevnovat it, and then only to remind him that he was indifferent to me. By the way, thanks to Dima, I became optimistic experience life. A previously suffered multiple complexes and has been pessimist.

- Olga, you're always talking about his zakompleksovannosti. How vyreshilis removed naked: Your character in "Walk on the scaffold" fully undresses, and in other films too, is not just happening?
. - You will not believe, . only through Dime! In the scenario "Walks on the scaffold" is not mentioned, . my character in some scenes to be exposed, . and, . When it came to shooting, . I totally rebelled against this, . quarreled with Friedberg, . staged a tantrum and called Dima ally,
. And he suddenly said: "People must see the beautiful". PredstavlyaeteN I remember the whole night walking the streets and crying. But resist and director, and Dime and failed. Thanks to makeup, it made me long hair, and even the whole body thickly smeared make-up, so I thought I dressed a little. But still visible on the screen, as I squeezed, twisted his fingers or even the horror ... And at Dima I was terribly offended, for three days with him not talking. I just had to fly to the shooting in Paris, and I thought: all - once we have such divergent views, it is only the gap! Forever! Here again called Stash, he would come to me, and everything will be fine. But, when Dima saw me, he told me at the station: "We met with you not to leave. I will not allow ". Those words I remembered all the way and, of course, did not call Stash.

- Hence, from the complexes have delivered a spouse?
- He is their "clean off" with me. I began to contact, what's there, just a terrible mash. Once I was tormented by the fear of death and at the same time an irresistible attraction to her. One day, after the death of the pope, I quarreled with my mother, even tried to commit suicide. And now I say to myself: "Olya, look around, stop, stay alone with this moment". And suddenly begin to feel calm and peace of mind, sometimes I think: "If I died now, you'd die happy". And I fear nothing ...

Unofficial site of Olga Drozdova

Photos of DROZDOVA Olga

Photos of DROZDOVA Olga

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  • Ginny for DROZDOVA Olga
  • Hesitated, frankly, these tales of cruel classmates. In every interview as time goes on more. Soon it was learned that we have beaten her death blows or something worse. Olga, where is your conscience?
  • Lisa for DROZDOVA Olga
  • If you are a classmate Olga, then could you give me her address in Moscow.
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  • And why did you beat it?
  • Karina for DROZDOVA Olga
  • Olga exceptionally beautiful actress. Pevtsov them with a good pair.
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