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Dykhovichnyi Ivan

( The chief director RTR)

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Biography Dykhovichnyi Ivan
Ivan Dykhovichniy, . son of the playwright and dancer, . Born in 1947, . Shchukin graduated from college, . played at the Taganka Theater, . was married to the daughter of a member of the Politburo, . graduated from the Advanced Directing Courses, . a film "Black Monk", . "Prorva", . "Music for December", . ago on RTR "Catch-22", . is the principal director of this channel,
. And that's what he tells about himself.
In the first class I wanted to shave bald. Every day the headmistress, who, I remember, was one of the artificial breast, then launched her hand in her hair and demanded to go to the hairdresser. I never was given, although it was almost impossible in the age of six. We lived on Clean Ponds in compacted flat from the beginning I saw around interesting people, friends of my parents - from Pasternak to Soloviev-Sedogo. As I laid the values that were shaped by the life of entire generations. Can not bring, can not exist without the laws of honor.
When I was fifteen, his father died. At sixteen, I became completely independent. About me always went the myth that I, as a lord, and I supported him vigorously, but never have I had and still have no savings bank, allowing at least a few months without working. Then earn all sorts of different ways, including the unloading of wagons. First, potatoes, cabbage, and then transferred to banana. The company was Sasha Kaidanovsky. We spent the night with him in the studio of the artist Levinsky, where he was sleeping upstairs, and I'm on a bench, then took off one room on the Arbat. We went to a cafe "Pinocchio", the youth used the port, I always drank vodka, brought by Pope in the right spirit. But Schiller Kaidanovsky we read together. We had more interest than to make a career or earn money. At the end of the institute sharply separated, then came together again, then again went. From the Institute I was often kicked out: do not dance rock 'n' roll, do not dance. And I danced and I can now, no questions. I always learned that in this country, as in others, you all want to push. But if you can not stoop and look for its beautiful - a house, tree, street, woman, whatever. After the "Pikes" I went to Raikin in Leningrad, he lived in the hotel "Kiev" and gave it for almost the entire salary. Lived from hand to mouth, just enough to eat, so hard was not even in Moscow. Eighteen months later he returned, he went to Lyubimov, who had invited me and. He took off his house in Kozlovsky Lane
. In the theater there were only thirty people, . Volodya Vysotsky I somehow liked, . he had me accustomed to concerts, . we had traveled for many years, . I sang Denis Davydov, . When I married Volodia Marina Vlady, . then they lived with me in a big apartment in Khamovniki, . because I also married,
. Her name was Olga, she just came to the theater, and then we met by chance - immediately after the show with Smekhova Vysotsky and went to the restaurant houses a movie, and she is sitting there with a friend. When it became clear that I love this girl, were all the same doubts: "They will say, son-in member of the Politburo". At this Volodya me twenty-two, led the argument: "If you marry her, because Polanski's daughter, you would be a bastard But if you do not marry her because the daughter of Polanski, the more you bastard". We have lived for sixteen years, of which "member" of her father was the first three years. But what I paid for it, I only know I. People are very kind. And who would have shown what I used. What became chief, built a cottage, rode a black Volga, ate paykiN I myself concerts while earning more money than you can imagine. And the large apartment, which still remained to his wife, was worth me losing a flat grandfather, my grandfather moved to us. However, the intrigues, in the theater play did not give
I have two sons. One adult, from her first marriage, Dmitry, designer, very creative person, there's grandson Coast and a half years. Second son, Volodya, twelve years. My second wife's name was Olga, she is from Magnitogorsk, studied philology here. I was in all senses began a new life. Became director, but the work was not there, we had found themselves in complete poverty, rented two rooms in the cottage in Vnukovo, as a communal, there was a child, I participated actively in the kitchen-diapers. More filming in Moscow, then I rented movies, bought an apartment. Then Olga married an American and now eight years living in America. Son with her in Connecticut, in Russian has already said, with emphasis. Normal computer intelligent child. We used to see each other at least twice a year - which can carry out here all summer holidays, winter and try to go skiing. Yes, I ride professionally. I always have enough time to do all what I wanted. However, sleep six o'clock. I have built in Cheget cableway to quickly roll. Even professional ride a motorcycle - in dealing with cross DOSAAF. Ride a snow bike, and since then, when there did not even know what it is. He flew a hang glider, flying on a plane - he took lessons in aviaklube, very much like to learn to fly a small boy, but had to live a long life, that is to try. Last winter was the Arctic Circle - I was with the firm "Audi" was invited to learn to drive on ice. I generally like the extremes: those things where you check what you can and what can not.
After a second divorce, I bought a tiny apartment, but now live out of town again. It is always like this: there is a possibility at least for a night to move away from it all. Four years ago, built a house in Daryino on Mozhaiskaya road. I do not like parties, strange as it may, and often somewhere to go. No, I'm not touchy, I have to hurt for a long time, but then nothing is impossible to make. I know what friendship. There is no friendships none. If you done somebody interesting, new and close to nature, it is not friendship, and fellowship. Moreover, the work takes fourteen hours a day, and the rest of the time I spend with a man whom I love. We are together and a half years, her name is Olga, everyone thinks I'm on this principle, women choose. We met on television, it tried to make the lead here, on the second channel, but she refused, I was happily surprised than. Studying directing courses at Lesha Herman, she was nineteen years. "Satisfied" - a dangerous word. I'm glad my life. And I do not have enough of one - film shoot.

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Dykhovichnyi Ivan, photo, biography
Dykhovichnyi Ivan, photo, biography Dykhovichnyi Ivan  The chief director RTR, photo, biography
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