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Kamolov Anton


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Biography Kamolov Anton
photo Kamolov Anton
Anton Komolov - a popular guy: a former radio presenter, currently VJu MTV, KVNovskogo member of the jury, a favorite of girls and boys. For some - the object of passion and desire, the first unrequited love ...
Anton, and you, by the way, do you remember your first lyubovN
- (Slightly yawn ...) School. The third or fourth class - I do not remember. Absolutely traditional scenario of flirting: the eighth of March, postcard with special words of love and so on ... One time a girl walked across the meadow Izmailovo Park. That's just beyond me, it was another guy, so the three of us had to walk ...
And the all-zakonchilosN
-A girl so no one and did not opt. Probably was not ready for a serious relationship ...
-How were the first lessons uhazhivaniyaN
-First, I never meet on the street. Is that the company: joked, eyes and all bummed - it is yours!
Age of partner - on the drum
-For your partner's age plays any rolN
On-drum! Everything depends on the person. There is a girl who at 18 years already with a great life and sexual experience. And there are 25 - in the field of wind in the transverse - smoke. And experience shows that it is so. Of course, it is interesting: how old she is, but it is anything not affect.
"And how do you think about non-traditional manifestations lyubviN
-K gomoseksualizmuN
-Not only ...
-You know, there is an unconventional love, but there are variations: perversion. Necrophilia, zoophilia, pedophilia - it's perversions. For such a negative attitude deviations. By unconventional love, as we called it - blue and pink - am normally. Until then, until relations are clearly delimited in the distance. As soon as a violation of any particle of my freedom, is beginning to irritate. And so: like a peasant man, so what are podelatN
"And how you treat prostitutkamN
-Never use their services. Paying for Love - last case for several reasons. First, I have no money and can zahomutat girl. Again, again, if need be purely mechanical sex. Although in itself a mechanical census does not interest. Who knows my body better than I samN I went and as they say, rubbing his fur. Moreover, there is no risk to pick up any infection. But in general, prostitution, floating past me. And if you approach it as just a sexual problem, I think it is legalized.
In my pants so ...
Y-men in the morning often happens a small problem - an erection ...
That's not a problem. Just when the body of the stage turns to the stage of sleep wakefulness, increased blood flow in the inguinal region, in connection with which there is an erection and. What, therefore, is by itself after some time. And then, I did not wake up in the studio under the director's voice: So, after 10 seconds - ether. And in my pants is ... An erection occurs when a person wakes up in a natural way, rather than through the alarm. I have, accordingly, everything happens a little differently. And if something like this happens, then I'm not embarrassed. Kota, except that.
"You are a supporter of safe seksaN
-Must. Never know what will happen ... Especially if you have a permanent partner, which, one way or another, must be respected. If life is more messy, as happens now in the bohemian youth, here if God himself told. Walk all the time with an eraser.

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  • Sergey for Kamolov Anton
  • Anton will report its position for a corporate party. Thanks in advance, Sergei.
  • ShPiOnkA for Kamolov Anton
  • Anton, SAID for this question: Are you married? :)
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