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Cyril Kleimenov

( Leading News Channel One)

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Biography Cyril Kleimenov
photo Cyril Kleimenov
In a moderated newsgroup First Channel Cyril Kleimenova reputation as one of the most enigmatic men ORT. He rarely makes public appearances and even more rarely agrees to interviews. Glossy teleobraz modest aristocrat Kleimenova hard to imagine a studio program "Time".
- Cyril, as you have experienced Moscow zharuN heard, this time you are in the studio out of the air conditioning system.
- Heat in the city - a situation, of course, extreme, but not for me. I fully stand the heat. The sun always come alive and in this sense is like a reptile. Air-conditioning in the studio really flew. I tried to be angry, but then I thought: if Katia Andreeva able to endure, then God himself told me to sit and be silent. Here are drivers of trolley buses: they too are without air-conditioning work, and normally. Not a deadly situation.
- And did you ever have deadly situatsiiN
- Well shot at me once with a pistol. It was during the dashing banditry. I traveled by car, and suddenly some bandyugany were following me. Fired.
- Your former work as a DJ on the radio is in contrast to the position of the leading program "Time" - different language, different audience. Was it difficult to perestraivatsyaN
- I was raised in a family where always correct and fluent in Russian, so I was not difficult to rebuild. Radio - an excellent school for TV journalists. Working as a DJ really helped me in terms of ability to talk in the air, quickly look for words and not low. To be honest, a DJ, I was not very good.
- I am a little familiar with the television and I know that five minutes before the broadcast news in editorial usually go to the mat. You allow yourself such veschiN
- Unfortunately, yes. Sometimes I yell obscenities. My mother would be shocked if she heard me in a moment. Than responsibility ether, the more obscene language. I am grateful to my female colleagues for their tolerance. However, the mat can be heard on television and from women who admires the whole country. Sometimes, yelling obscenities right in the studio, of course, turn off the microphone, - God forbid the broadcast will go out. Mat well resets tension. In the air I have enough presence of mind, call me, even phlegmatic, but inwardly I was very explosive person.
- You can easily deduce from sebyaN
- In me a mixture of Cossacks and Spanish blood, which sometimes boils. Sometimes, if someone cut me on the road, I always tried to catch up, hold down and deal. Can easily climb into the fray.
- Good deretesN
- Never can the first hit in the face. I first need to get yourself. And it happens that, if will move in the face once, you have to answer will not be able. It was a situation where my face hit the man, engaged in rowing. He moved once, and I almost hung up, while engaged in combat sambo. At his feet stood firm, but in the eyes of troilos.
The letter, which shocked me
- What annoys you most in raboteN
- I was terribly annoying makeup. I simply hate him. I have makeup four times a day. For men this is unbearable. I have very sensitive skin, so makeup can not stand physically. Also in the studio from the spotlight is always hot and stuffy.
- And in general, how much time paying their vneshnostiN
- I have to pay at this time - the work is demanding. From makeup incredibly spoiled my skin, so regularly go to the salon, doing cleaning, mask. Of course, for the peasant little strange to almost two hours a week in the beauty salon, but it is not on their own.
- For sure you will come hundreds of letters from fans from all over the country.
- It is believed that the television writing only schizophrenics and paranoid - that you do not have to write on the TV, and I would not. First I wrote namesakes. With varying degrees of confidence all thought I was his relative. Kleimenova there was a lot of. Then came the recognition of love. Just say, I did not enter into correspondence, although several attempts to answer. There are very good letters, which touched a human. The most amazing letter, which I was very hurt, I received a year ago from a girl. A few days went by and he did the impression of a program exclusively for her.
- What role in your life played Sergei DorenkoN
- Thanks to Sergey, I became more mature and a little better understanding of the people. I went to him with great respect, despite the fact that once he expelled me to Correspondents. It was one of the best leaders, although he had very severe. Friends we are not, because he is a completely different caliber.
- Who, then, your druzyaN
- By the word "friend" I am very cautious. I had a great situation of human betrayal, after which I moved away a few years and thought that never nobody podpuschu to him so close. But time has healed the wounds.
- In a moderated newsgroup that Channel One can dismiss bezogovorochnoN
- Good question. We need to think ... Dismissed for trade in confidential information. During the broadcasting of a drunken. It is now difficult to imagine a few years ago - no. People were very podshofe news. Fall off the table, every slaver in the air - this was. I'll tell you later, it is not printable.

Fame does not allow pick one's nose

- They say you are very shy person ...

- More about me say that I am conceited and cocky. Work on view, so the filth in your heart to hear enough. Now I have learned to take it calmly, but early detection is all very serious. Each time would cause people to flee to a duel. I'm an expansive, explosive, although, like everyone, I have my own complexes.

- ... and therefore in an interview always categorically refuse to talk about his semeN

- I do not like giving interviews, and talk about family - the more. Family - is too personal, there do not want to let anyone. Few people can truly enjoy someone else's happiness. Everyone thinks that it is a picture on the export. I value my family terribly and I'm afraid to lose. Happiness - is so fragile thing that they do not want to share. I live for the family, but not for work. When my child is sick, I, as a young father, very worried, and it is noticeable in the air.
- Perhaps, as "exclusives" will tell at least as acquainted with zhenoyN - This is absolutely incredible story. In her no one would ever believe, but our moms. Everything was like in tears Brazilian melodrama. By the way, then I began to Brazilian serials differently treated.
- Summary of the first series.
- Imagine you are working with a man for a long time together and one day, sitting casually at a table, say, a cup of coffee, you know that you can not live without each other and live for the day. And you, and she has a family. It starts with a lot of problems. Huge test that you pass or not. We have. Ambient see this as anything but a real love. And this is love. For this life worth living.
- You always learn in Prisutstvennyh mestahN
- Fortunately, not always. Often a very close look, obviously, thinking: where can I videtN it could easily recognizable in a suit, and I was greatly intensifies. Not in the sense that it allows dug in the nose - just prevents. I try to be inconspicuous and not to attract attention.
- They say you are very fond of eating. What can eat in any kolichestveN
- I eat is not in accordance with his physique. Here you can eat eight hamburgers, and then still devour tortN Can. I can. Over gluttony just going to burn in hell.
- What do you believe in BogaN
- This is a very intimate topic. I am a believer. I am in the church, and more often than you might think. Now my daughter to be baptized, and for me it is important where and who will do it.

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Cyril Kleimenov, photo, biography
Cyril Kleimenov, photo, biography Cyril Kleimenov  Leading News Channel One, photo, biography
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