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( Lead Program Brain `ring`)

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"The public thinks that she appreciates the human. In fact, the audience appreciates the leading. If on the set of transmission I was so blessed, it could not take one red-hot "Brain-ringovskoy" atmosphere. Each time have to do something to jump-start the three and a half thousand spectators, who are in the studio, to make them truly "sick", to forget that television is shot. It is very difficult. "
- Andrew, there is no shame that the audience perceive you differently than you have at the very deleN
- What is the difference to me, as I appreciate strangers. That if someone people believe that I suddenly bad, then yes. Worth thinking about.
- Once you have noticed in the competition "Mariupol Beauty" and was invited to the "Brain Ring".
- It was 1988 - 1989 years. By the time I was playing in ChtoN GdeN KogdaN.
. A work in TV "The Game" (also known as program ChtoN GdeN KogdaN ", . "Brain Ring", . "Love at first sight", . "Schedule", . "Toys") began with, . that we decided to hold the first congress of the International Association of Clubs (IAC) "ChtoN GdeN KogdaN" in Mariupol, . where I lived.,
. - Why in MariupoleN
. - To prepare for such a grand event is very important to have someone who knows the city and live in it.
. - But, except for you, a lot of good experts from other cities
. You were sort of close to VoroshilovuN

- A year before, appeared on television ads, appeared my new, not talk talents - the ability. As manager. I began to offer advertising on "ChtoN GdeN KogdaN" from Mariupol enterprises. And, obviously, those interested Vladimir Jakovljevic. But overall - a connection of chance than any laws. Well kakN! Guy from Mariupol accidentally wrote a letter: "I want to become a member of the club" ChtoN GdeN KogdaN ". Eighteen months later the answer comes to him: "Come to the qualifying round.

- So long N

- Yes, and a half years. Now, when I see the number of daily mail, I understand that just the opposite. By and large I'm surprised at all that in my letter drew attention. There's your first match.
- The letter must have been something tako-o-EN
- Nothing special. Passport size photograph and the page text. I have not tried anything to bribe a television crew, something about a draw. Just lucky. More lucky that I passed all three qualifying round. Eventually, a whole chain of accidents and coincidences led me to the MAK ChtoN GdeN KogdaN ", after - in the center" game "Eve in 1991 made the lead" Breyg-ring ". Again, was held a little creative competition, and I won it.
. - And on "Mariupol beauty" also were not sluchaynoN
. - Upon completion in 1982, the Donetsk University, I worked as a teacher in the Mariupol Metallurgical Institute, was deputy secretary of the Komsomol in educational work
. Such a leader in life. And at some time the idea was born - a beauty contest. One of the first in the Union.
- In the wake of Moscow's nascent konkursovN
- On a wave of desire to earn money.
- And poluchilosN
- Relative, of course. In fact, I always earned good money. He was very popular, fashionable in the city coach. By Chemistry. When your girls and boys will absolutely come to the most prestigious medical universities of the country and to you all is formed, then naturally, you begin to raise prices.

- What was the "tax" N
- Twenty rubles per hour. During one three-hour session with a group of three people I got 180 rubles - in my official salary of 105 rubles. Were peak months, when I was earning up to ten thousand. By the time everything is pretty bored. Actually, from the Institute, I later went and accepted the offer Voroshilov to move to Moscow for one simple reason - got bored. There was a time - it's just outrageous! - I went to students in laboratory work, opened the newspaper and ... read
- And what do you do with such fabulous summamiN
- Began seriously to help mom. Having an apartment, a young specialist, repaired it, surrounded the. Traveled around the country. He took a rest at my expense, friends and female friends.
- They say that money corrupts.
- Thank God I did not have that kind of money that could spoil. Nevertheless, one story took place. In his student years I worked as a conductor of passenger cars "Yasinuvata-Moscow". With flight could bring two hundred - three hundred rubles. Summer, "rabbits", all packed culled. (I'm afraid, in this interview will look like a man speaking only about the money. In fact, it is absolutely not true! ..) So, I always went to the hub station and bought Belyashi. Myself and the boys. Naturally, neither of whom ever did not take the money. Well, what they're worth -18 cents. And then at some point I caught myself thinking that I am sorry ... "It is Well my two rubles!" And there will be all ". Then I just bought twice as much - "come" to a. And once it became easy.
- Illustrative case.
- Yes, remember for a lifetime. Ridiculous, of course - all the way belyash measure, but since then I realized: you have to constantly monitor themselves. Greed - very terrible vice! ..
- I may say so, corrupts not wealth - poverty corrupts N
- I think both are perverts. Fortunately, I have never lived in poverty. Papa military, graduated to serve in the rank of colonel, a well-received, mom worked in the trade. Although happened - in your pocket were the last ten kopecks. I thought: buy a pie with peas now or suffer until evening, when more eat zahochetsyaN ..
- And who has played a crucial role in your upbringing N
- Probably, grandmother, Maria Nikitichna, People's Artist of Ukraine. Two years ago she died ... His parents traveled a lot around the country and often - on vacation or simply - I was sent to her in Lugansk. Family history reports that in four years that I first came on stage. He played with his grandmother in local drama theater. But what I remember - I was already six years - as part of prefabricated holiday concerts in the summer of farms visited. I read poems. Was not that our Soviet Robertino Loretti as Sergei Paramonov, by popularity, but nevertheless always gave the impression to the audience.
- What stihiN Adults or detskieN
- To a greater extent, of course, children. "A soldier of peace", then about how the Americans dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Next - Amateur in school, amateur theater. When was the student - a student in the evening, skits.
- And why did not reach the theater N
- Entered. In the cast of "pike".
- Immediately postupiliN
- Yes. This is from the opera, so far I have everything in life is taking shape. Pass an exam, had already passed through the scores, rang the bell, joyful, home. My thought that I went to Moscow just to unwind before entering the university. It was then that they showed character, got in touch with relatives in Moscow. At tomorrow at eight in the morning knock at the door open - is Aunt Kate. "Hello". - "Hello". And off they'd go. They made me write a letter of dismissal, was taken under escort in Vnukovo and sent to Donetsk.
- And you are so easily surrendered N
- And what I had - strike ustroitN boy, sixteen years. Of course, I tried to persuade. But I also urged: "All his life cripple". And I am very grateful. Nothing would be good from my venture did not work. Well how many people over the years have graduated from the Shchukin, Schepkinskoe, GITISN And where oniN

- We have no desire to enter N at the director's office, for example, in his time VoroshilovN

- Now, perhaps, have I read lectures. Life - that's who teaches, and where better than any of the most prestigious institution.
- A note to hang on the refrigerator - a habit, too far from your proshlogoN
- First there were signs that appeared during the ether "Brain Ring". "Do not yell!", "Smile, you bastard!". The tablets were written at my request to not get carried away. This is the control, which I gave in the hands of Natasha Stetsenko, general producer of our TV, and Igor Kondratyuk. Now somehow "essential" signs replaced my fridge. Two weeks before filming, he begins to dapple the instructions: "Do not teach them (the players) to live", "Do not be afraid of them!", "Do not say the word" great ". Last to the same crossed. Painfully often it is used on television. "Do not say the word" like. "
- Another one of your "Schedule" - that means to you N
- In fact, much. It would seem that such a trinket in the morning. But, in my opinion, this is a much greater event than the "Brain Ring". On the "Schedule" we are watching live, real people, set in extreme conditions.
. - You look at your heroes, and it seems that you are all born artists.
. - Oh Imagine a man walking down the street, suddenly raised his hand and said something and was on the scene
. First time in my life, and perhaps the last. That's where the interest begins monitoring the man. What does televidenieN it is observed. I even connoisseurs say: "There is nothing more interesting than watching a man in the street, when he reads the program for. There's so much happening on his face - can not tear myself away! Sometimes I can not watch "your minute discussion" because of bad discussion, but there has never been, so I was bored. "
. - It appears that you have in life everything is fine and wonderful
. But for some reason felt a note of sadness in his voice. You lucky chelovekN
- Very happy (laugh) and extremely lucky. At least until today. Another conversation that in the present life glows with happiness, perhaps, only a cretin. The very ability to "shine", sadly, with age takes. Most realize that not everything is rosy and simple. I strongly sadly after the death of grandmother. Began to lose loved ones ... And the accumulated fatigue. But somehow even more lazy, and not fatigue.
- Laziness rejoice zhizniN
- Laziness general. I do not want to work, do not want to do something. Go away for a year or three, and does not engage. No, it's not the spleen, and normal human laziness. Although it is not possible: if we talked to you in a week or two, I would say differently.

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