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Grigory Krichevsky

( The head of news service on NTV)

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Biography Grigory Krichevsky
photo Grigory Krichevsky
- Do you miss efiruN At one time you called one of the best leading news program "Today". And can we assume that you are ever again going to novostiN
- On the one hand, I very much want the ether, it is well known that the ether - is a drug. And I had a huge dose of. But at the same time understand that it is for me a past stage in the life. I want something new. I once spoke with Tanya Mitkova. She said that she was on television for 15 years, Michael Osokin 20, I went for the half year. This is true, for the time that worked in the afternoon air, I got the skills that people learn by decades. During the short period I digested so much information that you could go mad. Maybe it'll be back on the air, however, do not yet know in what capacity.
- And the author proektN
- I, of course, have their own plans, but they are very distant and vague. News suited my temperament and character. But I would gladly took up ... music or entertainment.
- Music is, of course, classic ...
- Nothing like. This will be a product which is similar to the format of MTV. But yet I run information. Man, head of information service, can not appear on the screen with an entertainment program, vernoN

- You can not answer the next question. What is your relationship now with the journalists who remained in NTVN

- So it turns out that I do not see them, do not cross our roads. But if you meet someone, perhaps, say hello. A chtoN you want, I pulled from his pocket a pistol and opened ogonN Or so they pulled out gloves and began drakuN
- At one time the press was a big fuss. Mol, Kiselev, and the company ousted from the work of correspondents of TV-6. You are their vygnaliN
- I can show you a list of employees who voluntarily resign. Before Kiselyov was appointed CEO of TV-6, the information department of 85 people worked. Then one third of employees decided to leave work. No one forced them, we have repeatedly stated that without the work no one will. Those who stayed, working leading, reporters, editors, producers, sound technicians and pr. I regret that when we came to TV-6, the staff took it as a blow to his own self-esteem. I do not even want to talk about it, this is absolutely the Soviet-intrigue story.

- You can go away, leaving the news to someone drugomuN

- Never almost had to relax - always enabled mobile phone. I am very grateful to Misha Osokin. When he works as a leading, I can safely go and do other things. He is a professional, he relies on. I just set priorities for information policy. You'll be surprised, but the texts we read only the editors and leading, I consciously guarding the area, where stars are born. They do not need to strike a bargain, they should feel responsible for what they are doing.

- This is a laudable position Chief. And if the reporter makes a mistake, who will be responsible: he or vyN

- Of course, all the buds will fly me. But do not worry: I'm so unpopular man, that one of accusations will be more ...

We listen to rock my daughter
- Since you can be the author of entertaining musical programs, what are your melomanskie pristrastiyaN
- I am a conservative (laughs). This all kinds of Anglo-Saxon rock - Bon Jovi, U-2, Aerosmith, Cranberries. Of the new products recently bought a si de Gorillaz team and gladly listened. My eleven-year-daughter Sasha fully shares my choice, though, she still loves group Mumiy Troll "and Ilya Lagutenko.
- And your daughter Alexandra is not going to be zhurnalistomN
- To begin with, that I myself do not consider myself a journalist. But if the daughter wants to become one, I will categorically against. She has a certain propensity for music, an ear for music. She is interested in foreign languages.
- You the last time otdyhaliN
- Turns out to rest somehow not very often. Recently allowed myself three days to be held in Spain. Just lay there and watched people play golf. I love to somehow take holidays in the cities. I like New York, the French part of Switzerland, a small town in Germany. But very rarely go out on. In Moscow, entertained and rest when I go to the movies. Three times a month to go to kinonovinki turns out, unlike the theater. The last thing he saw - "The Mummy Returns" and "Pearl Harbor". I understand that this is not normal, but here (we were sitting in a tiny office in the wording Krichevsky TNT. - M. R.) is difficult to leave early. Main esters - evening.
- Do you have unrealized mechtaN
- I want to own plane.
- You are the strength that dream osuschestvitN
- If not mistaken, John Travolta is the plane, which he manages. I love the air. Ineffable feeling when you're tossing in the air wave. And next to you on board - someone who you roads.

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    Grigory Krichevsky, photo, biography
    Grigory Krichevsky, photo, biography Grigory Krichevsky  The head of news service on NTV, photo, biography
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