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( Author and presenter of `Musical 'ring)

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Among the multitude of entertainment television "Musical Ring" from St. Petersburg - one of the most popular and beloved. She refuted the conclusion of theorists TV, that any term, the most interesting transfer - 3-5 years, after which it loses viewers. "The Ring" to TPs out since 1986 and continues to sweep. My conversation with the author and presenter of Tamara Maximova began precisely with the question of fashionable nowadays rating ...
Believe it or not, our rating is the highest of all entertainment programs Russia. Recently caught the eye of a study of French sociologists who have studied Russia's screen (why the French - do not understand myself) and they confirmed that "Musical Ring" ahead of all other TV shows.
And even superpopular Leonid Yakubovich, with its "Field of Wonders" N
And Field of Dreams.
And how such populyarnostN In my opinion, with few exceptions all of your "ring" designed for young audiences, which is not counted among the fans of the "box".
You are wrong. All programs, . that ever I have been doing with co-author and my husband Volodya - Public Opinion, . FARMER, . charity marathon, . - Modeled in such a way, . to reach an audience quite different: in social terms, . and age,
. Spectators "Ring" - and ten children, and pensioners. All programs are arranged so that was a concern at all, and each found its.
Many now well-known entertainers call you his "godmother". You have opened them the way the big stage and on CT ...
With regard to the stage, then the talent, sooner or later and without the "Ring" here strikes. But on TV I actually opened the way for Boris Grebenshchikov with his "Aquarium", Andrei Makarevich and "Time Machine", Alexander Barykin, groups of "Carnival", "Forum" ...

The first two years, "Musical Ring" was not self-transfer, but only included 15-minute story in the youth program "Horizon", which we did with Volodya. Remember, in the early 80's censorship is rampant especially, compiled lists of composers and performers, who can not show. Rock musicians and their works were then one of the elements of public dissent in the arts. First rockers are not always skillfully, but always sincerely tried to break through the wall of indifference, addressing the urgent problems of youth. All these "Aquaria", "Alice", "time machine" and like them not sounded on the radio, they are not shown on TV, not allowed on the prestigious stage. However, the group was wildly popular among young people in the late 70's and early 80's. So was born our Volodya seditious idea - to break with some of the groups in the ether. The choice fell on Boris Grebenshchikov. Just give his songs, to show the program "Horizon", in which we worked, we would not have allowed. And we went to the trick, camouflaged under Boris song parodies. We constructed the story as a discussion audiences "Horizon" with "Aquarium", asking tricky questions. Boris was so pleased that he will try to show on television, he agreed to recognize their songs parody, although it was far from it. Television bosses believe that the author did not approve the transfer of creativity Grebenshchikova. In fact, in those years, the viewer, as the reader was able to find meaning between the lines and hear what was said. Leningrad audience enthusiastically took Grebenshchikova. The next day the whole city, and only said that "television shows Grebenshchikov and his" Aquarium ". Prohibited List was broken! Official television showed the musicians!

This day can be considered the birthday of "Musical Ring" N

We think so, although to Grebenshchikova we tried to push the screen discussion program. One of the first in this series had a meeting with Raimonds Pauls. And I, as a leading, allowed himself to disagree with conventional wisdom and argue with the maestro!

. Once at our "Ring" were Grebenshchikov, Kuzmin, Barykin and many others, they were allowed to go on stage and pop sites, previously closed to them
. Some songs rock musicians decided to skip the CT and the Moscow Youth Edition.

I know that in those years were forced to speak in advance of the certified and sealed by the censor text, even the artists musical genre.

In the first transfer manifested talent Volodya - find such plans, angles, faces, when the "picture" talked more than the spoken words. Chiefs that gave the nod to the ether, finding fault with every line of lyrics, the future hero of the text answers. At the very "picture" pay less attention. That is why it sharp transmission.

Appearances in our program to someone added popularity, and some do not. For those who had only listened, now he could see personally: their hair, dress, demeanor, reflect on the screen and respond to unexpected questions. There were also failures. I remember Sasha Barykin came to the "Ring" in a crimson jacket with another's shoulder and called the disappointment of many viewers. A talented singer and composer Vladimir Kuzmin, hearing questions from our audience was speechless and looked like a large child, who could not stand up for themselves. After speaking at Ringe, . failed the test in discussions with a prepared audience, and seeing himself from, . most young rock musicians have become more demanding each other, . a group of "Carnival", . Dynamic, . "Forum" and does disbanded,
. At the same time, the popularity of our music pages grew, and of wishing to participate in the "Ring" was not lights out.
In CT you debuted, when the "Musical Ring" has become a self-transfer. And the first was, if memory serves, Valery Leontiev ...

"Ring" with Leontiev took first in Leningrad, and almost six months later it decided to show Moscow. But in Moscow youth staff have been bolder Leningrad our heads, and all notes made by us, restored. This was in 1986. Country first heard this Leontief. Many who are annoyed by his suits, astonished: it turns out, Valera - widely erudite intellectual, and not just a shaggy skipjack.
Since then, we regularly go out to the whole country. In all our work, we reserve the final open, do not put points on the "i": look, listen and decide. In the early years of censored was given is not easy, the bosses demanded the end of each "Ring" to give "right" conclusions and comments reflecting the official view.

History of "Ringo" we are opened, now let's talk about your television family. In his time in St. Petersburg stated that you with Volodya - only on the Soviet television a couple, working together.

Perhaps we should continue to talk about peredachahN This is interesting.

On transfers, too, but our readers interesting to learn about the authors favorite shows.

Indeed, all 25 years of working together, although for some time Volodya "throw" to the editor of propaganda, but even then he managed to participate in the creation of some of my programs. There was a time when our pair was considered a unique phenomenon, TV bosses do not approve of nepotism, and the CT was not allowed (not stupidity liN!) Work even in the same building.

Apparently, in the new era of nepotism do not pay attention, if you have in your program and a daughter, Anastasia. As you all were on televideniiN
At school I conducted radio. In 15 years, was on TV and remain there for the past 30 years. From the 8 th class made the transfer "of themselves" and come out with it in the air. Volodya on television came in sixteen years - montirovschikom scenery. Then he was an assistant and assistant director, graduated from the evening faculty of directing theatrical institution. The first independent program he did in the children's edition, where I worked. So met, since together. 24 hours a day together. Of course, sometimes get tired of each other, but have the opportunity to communicate something to invent, discuss, propose, "hang out" with new ideas.
Daughter Nastya - TV child, grew up on TV, from childhood involved in various children's programs, with 10 years' kabelmeyster "- dragged the cable for the camera. Today, she can take an interview, to remove and mount a plot to replace the director, she was withdrawing its clips. Today, she ends Department of pop singing in a music school named after Mussorgsky while studying at the Conservatoire. Another writes poetry, composes songs and music, makes fabulous arrangements. She has an unusual timbre of the mezzo-soprano. Singing arias from operas and his own songs.
Return to the "Ring". When the author did not send one, it begs the question, who among you ideas generator, who decides whom to invite to the "Ring", comes up with questions sitting in the audience hall, and the whole stsenariyN
Generator mainly Volodya. But we Nastya and no less ideas and suggestions are making, discussing each option. Arguing for a long time and, ultimately, stop at the most interesting. Letters spectators also suggest. In the end, for turning ideas into our overall picture of what you see on screen is more consistent with Volodya as a director, although he remains behind the scenes, and viewers see us only with Nastya.
Among the "young new generation" - the heroes of your gear, as well as on other television channels, dominated by pop singers. Was this "music" is not it too nadoelaN House slushaeteN
Home, we heard only the classic. Nastia studies at the conservatory, it is necessary to prepare, rehearse. Volodya and relax, listening to classical.
On stage, everything looks so wonderful. Are there conflicts between the actors behind the scenes "N
Starting line. We are doing everything to smooth out the bitterness of defeat. While everyone understands that this is only a game, the precipitate is. Once Masha Rasputina vzbryknula, losing Gazmanov. She ... as put it mildly ... In general, there is Masha Masha, and she behaved as always. She lost her only because of the fact that the audience consisted of 70 per cent of women. Naturally, the woman who Masha shows her bare ass, would not award winning artist. But Oleg has found a tone of behavior in the ring and was admitted to cheer.
And on what principle you are looking for sopernikovN
This is a very complex system. Need to find a pair in the same "weight" category - it does not matter whether this group or singer. And we each, even the budding star, believes that no one is cooler. Kirkorov, for example, generally believe that Russia has with him a certain place, including the Leontief.
You can name the most intelligetnyh guests "Ring" N
It is very revealing in regard to the internal culture was "The Ring" with Kikabidze and Meladze. All Georgian culture has been demonstrated in young and older generation, in such a hi-klasse.Igra turned out amazing.
They say show business - dirty thing, and you're in it, sorry, quite a while. Not affect the attitude towards zhizniN
Life is beautiful. Because everything that happens, it still happens. We all learn to be happy from what they were up in the morning, can see a piece of the sun - at least once in three days. And the sun in St. Petersburg such a rarity ...
And that works even television, helping us to communicate. What is more what to buy. I think that should be satisfied with each new day. Thank God that today lived through - and, perhaps better, than go on living for tomorrow.

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MAKSIMOVA Tamara, photo, biography
MAKSIMOVA Tamara, photo, biography MAKSIMOVA Tamara  Author and presenter of `Musical 'ring, photo, biography
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