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Malysheva Elena

( Leading the program `Health`,)

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Biography Malysheva Elena
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Interview with Elena Malysheva, a leading "Health" was held, but in very strange circumstances: we went to the center of Moscow on passing vehicles, went into office, ascended in the elevator. Periodically communicate with different people. All this time the recorder was switched
. -Elena, you feel yourself more than anyone: the leading well-known programs on television or vrachomN
. - When the program was conceived, we sat with the producers and decide: Who am I going to ekraneN journalist or vrachN In the end, felt that I was on the screen should be, above all women, mothers
. When I asked the producers if I could just be a woman, I was told that it is possible, but only so that at any moment can become a mother. But internally, I myself, of course, feel more a medical expert. I understand that, as telling people, and bear responsibility for this.
About work
- How did you come to televidenieN
- It was quite by accident. Just a chain of accidental circumstances. When my youngest son was 10 months old, he fell ill. It was a difficult time, then in the stores were not even basic foodstuffs around the chaos and confusion reigned. Vasya operated in Moscow, but then we had to go to my parents in Kemerovo. In the capital threw literally everything ... Just me where it was easier to endure all the hardships and tribulations, there were my parents, doctors, where I was born and raised, where she studied at medical school. They say also that the walls help ... When the little boy began to recover, . I phoned my friend in the press service of the Kemerovo administration and asked: why on local television so little good and life-affirming peredachN Then my high school friend persuaded me to come on TV,
. Took the hand, introduced with author and editors, said: "It's Lena Malysheva. It will maintain good transmission of health. That's how it all started. I started to run ... live shows. I do not know why, but the jim-jams before the camera was not. I behaved naturally. In general, I won, and Kemerovo audience ... thought. Six months later we were sitting, rested, cured and recovered, returned to Moscow. I already knew that we should settle down on television ...
- And where nachaliN
- First on RTR, then this channel had the reputation of a free and truly independent channel. I was impressed with their spirit of rebelliousness, their "kusachest". Then there were projects for TV-6. Then I was invited to America. She studied there for the program of those who engage in a healthy environment in the media. We were only 8 people from around the world. When they came back to Moscow, I was invited to resume on the First Channel program "Health". There were many willing, but our team won the competition with a pilot program. Guide channel liked our concept. And now I'm second leading "Health" after Julia Belianchikova.
- You only on television rabotaeteN
- Why zheN I graduated from Kemerovo Medical Institute, and then - post-graduate studies in Moscow. Now I am the candidate of medical sciences. Why knowledge propadatN Beyond TV I lecture at the Second Moscow Medical Institute.
About family
- Your family - it ...
- ... The great Russian scientist, professor, doctor of medicine and molecular biologist Igor Malyshev, my beloved and lawful spouse. And two teenage pupils - Jura 13 years and Vasya 10 years, our children.
- What is included in your everyday denN
- I get up at six in the morning. I gradually began to awaken men. Gradually, because once they wake up is not possible. Then I feed them. Oh, and perform all duties, such as: bring shoes, socks and shirts. Up to my neck! At half-past seven, we drove to school. Then her husband are lucky to have me work. Arriving at 9.30 in Ostankino, immediately sit down for the internet, because many people ask us questions is through a global network. Then comes the Secretary. The first thing we do - is we understand with a notebook, which recorded many important things. For example, helping someone with drugs. Then begins routine: filming, editing, sound, interviews and pr. On Mondays we have planning session where we discuss the nature and plots the next program. All this chaos continues until 5 pm. I catch a ride, come home. I checked the lessons for children and ... I go to bed. In the morning I get up at six in the morning ... and t. d.
- Your husband - the largest in Russia scholar. He will konsultiruetN
- Sometimes, but rarely.
- And do not swear on a professional pochveN
- Yes you! Husband - a calm and balanced, serious and sustained. If he looks transmission issues (which happens very rarely) and makes comments about what he saw, heard, I only agree. Disputes and even more so we have no conflict. If there are disagreements, it is only about parenting.
About Health
- How do you treat your zdorovyuN
- Very respectfully. I do not drink, do not smoke. I believe that if you're not an idiot, you simply must take care of yourself. It should be a lot of sleep, eat nutritious foods. For some reason, many believe that to eat right - this morning to dream about meat and an effort of will to reject it. The meat I eat, but little. I like to fish, vegetables and herbs. In the morning, our family eats uncooked oatmeal gruel. I just poured boiling water over cereal. This is our favorite morning meal. By the way, I can not refrain from the board: oatmeal deduce the whole cholesterol from the body. Incidentally, the American Heart Association oatmeal made in a special register of products that protect against heart disease.
- A charge in the morning delaeteN
- To be honest, there. Well I can not make myself. However, the whole family go to sports clubs, gyms, swimming pool.
- Elena, as we all in this country not to go umaN
- You know, the American statistics reads as follows: the heavier the life, the harder it is to go insane. Fewer cases of suicide, less neurosis and other. So my advice: tired - and you do not go mad.

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  • Olga for Malysheva Elena
  • I beg your pardon for the following request, but could you write a personal site of Elena Malysheva. Fact, . I have some very big problems with health and I would like to consult with her a little, . to find out where and when to come, . What tests or other documents to bring, . and how much will cost me about lechenie.Proshu understand me correctly, . but I think, . you know, . that today everyone and everything depends on money. With impatience I shall wait for a response.,
  • [email protected] for Malysheva Elena
  • Zdavstvuyte dear Elena! Help my nephew! Him 4 godika. He was born without anus, without 2 fingers and no left kidney. It operated in Tyumen. But failed. He oprozhnyaetsya besperestanno as soon eat or drinketh. The doctors said: "If it is difficult, give to an orphanage. Przhivet as much as possible ". From this fact does not become easier for parents. How can you give a child in an orphanage whose parents are alive!
  • Maria for Malysheva Elena
  • Tell me, please, who to contact in Moscow: I'm 20 years old, I have a suspicion of uterine myoma!
  • SAN for Malysheva Elena
  • I tubspondelit gdudopoyasnichnogo department D12, . L1 (fracture of the spine was, . pervasive nature I was 5 years old) I am pregnant, . period 9-10 weeks, . me a full 32 пЁпЎпЄп°, . first pregnancy, . my back hurts badly, . rose to records in private clinic, . we hramaet Medicine, . yesterday could not walk, . hard to move, . advise that, . may be special exercises, . Two years ago I went to kolonetiku and swimming felt good, . Now I'm afraid to go to bosseyn, . TK,
    . afraid of pregnancy potsepit something and we do not have health. often watch your transmission, really like this channel, advise, HELP, how to be my husband and I strongly want children. Await your reply.
  • Natalia for Malysheva Elena
  • Dear Elena.U me sick son, . it on 26 let.My accessed at the Research Institute of the brain, . been screened and med.akademiyu, . but we no one can help, . told not know how lechit.Bolezn is, . that the child loses sosznanie with your eyes open for five minutes then ten minutes, fifteen rebounding, . can not even understand where he put nahoditsya.Snachala epilepsy, . now say there is no bruising, too, there, . eventually told delat.Mozhet not know that you will be able to help him, . beg vas.Mozhet he must scour vessels or even chto.S Yours Natalia.,
  • elata for Malysheva Elena
  • Hello, Elena! Please tell us about the adenoids in children. My son is 3 years. Diagnosed - adenoids 2 degrees. Recommend removing. The child is really hard to breathe nose. Tell us how are adenoidectomy in small children and what the consequences might be. Sincerely, Oksana.
  • Sergey for Malysheva Elena
  • I have myopia, 3dpt.pomogite find a clinic for treatment.
  • Natasha for Malysheva Elena
  • Nadezhda Raspberry for Malysheva Elena
  • Hello, Elena! I am 35 years old and I have more than 4 years leykoentsefalomielitom sick. Pulls the left leg, I can not walk on his heels, fine writing, preparing complex dishes! Ask me pozhalysta!
  • Olga for Malysheva Elena
  • I really want to lose weight! (Trite?) No, I simply must pohuzhet but not I, I. My husband leaves for this, followed by leave and I. I am without him I can not lose weight and just can not, though, and tried more than once. Only hope for you Elena Malysheva and all the doctors, who with her work and is familiar with this problem. HELP !
  • Vladimir Antonovich for Malysheva Elena
  • Dear Elena. My father 39 years. In February 2008 he had a mini-stroke after two weeks of treatment in the hospital he was discharged in good condition. But in the summer of his condition began to deteriorate. In September myasyats treated in neurology but was discharged without improvement, with an uncertain diagnosis, suspected artery syndrome. Turned in another city had been treated at the neurosurgeons at the hospital 2 weeks rezultatat not, suggesting the operation of the cervical spine by fixation of vertebrae. We refused, discharged and left in the city of Tyumen oblostnoy for operation. There he replaced three of the intervertebral disc and sent home saying that he will recover. After surgery two weeks proschlo improvement is not observed, in addition ravzvilas strongest dipressiya. Please'll show how to be, what to do? Help.
  • Marina for Malysheva Elena
  • Hello Elena! I am 22 years old and at 6 months pregnant, wanted to consult with you about the management of pregnancy, and in which hospital is better to give birth (pregnancy is a threat of interruption, and wants to give birth naturally!). Waiting for you professional advice. Thanks in advance
  • Irina for Malysheva Elena
  • Hello Elena! Please us pomoch.U my brother's cancer, I (he is 35 years) .3 Golda ago he was diagnosed with Malignant nevrilemmoma greater omentum, underwent surgery. Within 2 letvse was normal. Seysas passed another examination tommagrafiya pakazala, description (.. in the form of manifestation in the liver parenhimme antihypertensive foci of 1-5cm. with a vague outline of obotkom kontrasnogo eviction, . as well as in the abdominal cavity formations with bumpy contours parenhimmatoznoy pldotnosti 6 to 4, . 5 cm (on average linnii ticking at the bottom of the liver and the border zone scanning. (18 by 8 cm at tgrebeshkovoy line) Uneven nakplivayuschih kontrasnyh preporatov,
    . Conclusion: "The signs of progression of the tumor process" Naznicheli chemotherapy. operation do. Please'll show how to be and what to do.? Help please
  • Catherine for Malysheva Elena
  • Anonymous for Malysheva Elena
  • Asel for Malysheva Elena
  • Zdravstvuyte.Elena Vasilyevna I am writing to you from Kazahstana.Mne 25 This is no accident had not repeatedly writing letters to you by e-mail, . but the answer so you are not poluchila.Vy excuse me, I look not the only one, . but I really want to help my son rebenku.U me rostet, . diagnosis; bilateral kriptorhizm.Emu now 2 goda.V your program shows how experienced and highly classified doctors do the operation, . without incisions and t.d.Esli can help us please! I want my child to be happy and able to have their detishek.Esli you can not help me write At least not that we do not smozhete.chtoby nadeyalis.S uvazheniem.Asel . Kazahstan.g.Ust-Kamenogorsk,
  • Svetlana for Malysheva Elena
  • Hello Elena! I am 31 I have three children, and all my life I struggle with extra pounds. Now again, my weight 95 kg, while 3 months ago I weighed 78. Several times I have lost weight to desired weight (it was not easy) and once it gained. My husband is asleep and sees that I am thin and tall and because of that we have constant quarrels. I was so depresses overweight, I have because of this so complex that I was tired. Help me п©пЎпІп°п№п?я?я?я?п°.
  • Anna for Malysheva Elena
  • Hello, Dear Elena Malysheva. We appeal to you to ask for help. We have a sick child, eye disease. The boy is 10 years. Lechimsya in the Helmholtz Institute in 2006. In 2005, the regional hospital of the city of Belgorod was made 2 transactions due to tumors of the orbit of the right eye. Following the operation the child was sent to the Institute of Ophthalmology Helmholtz, where we are being treated to date. From the Institute were sent to the children's department RONTS behalf Blokhin with podrzreniem to malignant, where the operation was performed (orbitotaniya eyes). After histological analysis and tsotologicheskogo remote tissue malignancy was not confirmed. Then were sent to the Institute. Helmholtz, which was another operation (excision of the eye muscles), and with the course of antibacterial therapy. During 2008, this anti-inflammatory treatment were 2 times. Currently, no improvements, and again sent to the Institute of Ophthalmology for surgical treatment. We ask you to help in the selection of specialists or hospitals for treatment of the child, . because so far the exact diagnosis is not utanovlen,
    . We hope for your help.
  • Olga for Malysheva Elena
  • Hello Elena! I am writing from my son Almaty.U anomaly ears. In 2001 caused 2-fold operation, but without rezultatov.Emu 14 let.Pozhaluysta help! Waiting for your reply
  • Margarita for Malysheva Elena
  • Hello, Elena! My mother's facial ticks - demodex. As early as 2 years. Most of nasolabial folds, chin. But gradually spread throughout the face. She was 40 years. Dermatologists say that it is not treated. You just need to avoid factors that exacerbate the condition - a fat, sharp, cold baths, etc. But perhaps still is out?! It can also ruin your face!
  • Vladimir for Malysheva Elena
  • Hello Elena. I would like to hear your opinion as an expert, in your opinion, what role water plays in human life? Does the quality of water upotreblyamoy state of the organism? With HC. Vladimir
  • Valentine for Malysheva Elena
  • Hello, Elena Vasilevna.Shishka on the thumb of the left leg (up sticking out) is very meshaet.Tyazhelo in the shoes of kabluke.Obraschalas to doctors. But no one did not advise, they said it is inevitable at your age. I am 49 years old, working uchitelem.Posovetuyte, please worthy vracha.Spasibo.
  • Marina for Malysheva Elena
  • Hello, Elena))! My name is Marina, 18 years ... I appeal to you, because doctors are powerless to my problem. The nose is simply not breathing. Dryness of the walls, blood crusts, due to lack of air and oxygen pressure problems. Until tears that I was doing athletics and singing, and his voice changes timbre, is deaf, when running start to suffocate, because your mouth try not to breathe. So, in fact: diagnose - atrophic rhinitis. Prior to that found staphylococcus, put the diagnosis - sinusitis, and so on ... The trouble started when 3 years ago removed the adenoids. Antibiotics, topically (tsiprolet) and inside akvamaris, Dolphin, vibrotsil (though donated blood for predisposition to allergies - negative lodged with the parasite - is negative), now Gels (geoksizon) derinat, Salina, oil ... being treated for about 2 years this way.. Nothing helps ... Go to the therapist? Maybe the problem with absorption? (Dryness) I am in despair. Atrophy only growing. Please help ... I know you have a lot of cases, but at least write something that will help ... Thank you for your attention)
  • Dinara for Malysheva Elena
  • Hello Dear Elena, My name is Dinara, . Thank you very much for the fact that you are helping lyudyam.Ya obroschayus to you to help my mom, . her sick pechen.Postoyanno torment boli.Obraschalis to doctors, . but alas, still bezrezultatno.Proshu you are not pass my prosby.Zaranee many thanks.,
  • Antonina for Malysheva Elena
  • Elena! Help! I can no longer tolerate the pain. Erased hryashi in knee joints. Where can I go for help? I live in Magadan and go to ugad not possible, I am a pensioner.
  • Muhammad Donaev for Malysheva Elena
  • Hello, dear Malysheva Elena! I am writing to you from Tajikistan. My name is Muhammad, I am 40 years old. For many years I get sick trigeminal neuralgia, right side of the face. It all started this in 1997, when I was 29 years old. Because of this disease when I was unable to continue his postgraduate studies in g. Am New Delhi, India. Where would not appealed, no effect was. In 1998, after several courses of treatment and cruel torture, I had to agree to the hydrothermal degradation. After 6 years in 2004 the disease appeared again, and I did not want to be treated, agreed to the blockade, an effect which lasted for 3 years. In 2007, I underwent a second blockade. In January this year, the disease again manifested itself. During the last degradation of I appeared diplopia. Thus, to the disease added another disease - diplopia. Double vision in my vertical. It increases when I look to the left. When you close one eye and diplopia disappears. I can not read, to walk normally or climb up and down the stairs. At work, I become very difficult. No improvement is observed. Doctors-Neurosurgeons say it should gradually go, but I am afraid that this is not so, since that time has already passed three months. How real are the words doctors neurosurgeons, I do not know. Dear Elena, can I get rid of all of neuralgia and diplopia, what methods are available to date in medicine. Thank you in advance for your help. I look forward to your reply. Sincerely, Muhammad Don.
  • Tamara for Malysheva Elena
  • Dear Elena! Now the Internet is very much weight loss programs. One of them "sheypvok" (cocktails for slimming) How do you feel about this program? Presented the certificates, testimonials and photos of people who have achieved good results. Is this another duck?
  • Saltanat for Malysheva Elena
  • Hello. I have the following problem. My son is 19 years. In May 1999, my son Alisher Asembaev, While playing with the kids fell from the second floor, got concussion. He lay in hospital 1 month and after that we did not go to the hospital, as well as visible manifestations of the disease was not. Last 3 years he has begun to show signs of disease: they began to shake hands, appeared convulsive syndrome. In July 2008 he suffered a stroke, after which the disease worsened. Over the past 3 years he spent in the hospital nevralogicheskoy 11 times. Results virtually any, improvement does not occur. Clinical diagnosis was made:-Residual encephalopathy,-hypertensive syndrome, convulsive syndrome, with frequent attacks. Also, the doctors said that he's syndrome Parkinson's disease. Please advise if there where we seek and whom to contact.
  • Elena for Malysheva Elena
  • Dear Elena, like all writing to you with a request. I have discovered a rare disease lymphangioleiomyomatosis. I live in Kazakhstan. Help to get to those skilled in the Moscow Institute pulmanologii. Many thanks in advance.
  • Laura for Malysheva Elena
  • Elena! Thank you, that you have with your transfer! Here read reviews. Writing to you with requests and problems. And I just want to express my deep gratitude and to wish your own words: "Be healthy!" After all, you are the same person! Thank you for your attention. Minsk
  • Tatiana for Malysheva Elena
  • Good day, . Elena! Most requested, . please please, . which can help my son in the treatment of epilepsy, . ill 10 let.Neodnokratno were treated in Moscow, . ul.Poteshnoy at the Clinic epileptology, . some time was to improve, . then everything returns, . now changed the form of seizures,
    . I hope very much for your help. Sincerely, Tatyana.
  • Svetlana for Malysheva Elena
  • Hello Elena. I am 30 years old. Seriously think about their skin. Using the L'Oreal cosmetics with hyaluronic acid. Can I do without injections with hyaluronic acid, or all the same it's needed. Thank you in advance. I look forward to your response.
  • Anonymous for Malysheva Elena
  • Know to be honest, your transmission has become a solid commercials, not look possible.
  • Symbat Turahanova for Malysheva Elena
  • Hello Helen, . I am writing to you from Kazakhstan, I always watch your program with interesom.Ya hope that you will be able to answer me I have a son to him 5 years, . when he was 3 years old he started to rot front four teeth, . pus began to move to the gum he had a very strong pain district hospital doctors were unable to help, . I was a child went to town and he would have removed immediately four zuba.Seychas him 5 teeth so far have not appeared to me very scary to think if they did not appear that I do podskazhite.Poezdku expensive clinic in the city I now can not afford pozvolit.Otkliknites please .,
  • Olga for Malysheva Elena
  • Hello, Elena! I understand that you are very busy man, but I just do not know where I go and I hope for your help. The problem of our family is that my husband and father of two children drinks heavily. For 17 years I am trying to fight this disease and all even. Crumbling family, problems at work, binges became more and more often, he himself is pinimaet, but to cope with the thrust can not. We of course turned to the doctors, but did not give results. Maybe the doctors are bad, can not those treatments, but the result of one-man just dies, and he's only 35! I beg you, help where they can apply that would save him. We live in Moscow. Well, really now, medicine still can not help these patients? "I really hope that you otvetite.Zaranee I thank you very much.
  • Katia for Malysheva Elena
  • Dear Elena, where you can get information about the 1st pregnancy?
  • Tatiana for Malysheva Elena
  • Hello. Dear Elena Vasilevna.Neskolko years ago told me about the transfer of your medical mountings primarily for presbiopov.Osobennost these frames in, . that the framework they are raised separately, . that allows women, . particularly, . impose makeup on each eye separately, . while clearly videt.Ya work in optical showroom in the city Tyumeni.Nekotorye of my clients would be very much like to buy such frames, . but where they can order? Not in the same directory I did not vstrechala.I search engine results is not daet.Pomogite, . pozhaluysta.Budu very grateful to you.,
  • Nadir for Malysheva Elena
  • Hello, Elena, help me please as I do, my daughter three years, she is diagnosed fibrolipoma, namely on the back, whether you want to operate on her? if so, where it can be done and for what money? Nadir, Kazakhstan.
  • Lyudmila for Malysheva Elena
  • Dear Elena! I have watched your show 'Zhit' zdorovo' (dated 6th of September 2010). I was impressed with Dr. Vladimir Sergeyevich Parshin performing a Laser Ablation of Thyroid Nodule procedure right there in your studio. I live in USA and here this procedure surprisingly is not yet widely known. My endocrinologist told me that it is performed here just on patients with malignant nodules and my thyroid nodules are benign. Could you, please, help me to find Dr. Parshin. I would love to ask him to help me with this procedure. I would highly appriciate any possibility to contact him. Thank you so much in advance, Lyudmila Melnikova
  • Stella Zelkin for Malysheva Elena
  • Dear Dr.Lenochka Malisheva,we love your program so much and thank you and your dear friends-doctors for really fun,great program,we all learned a lot because of YOU!I I really need to talk to Dr. Shubin D.N.,want to have his opinion on my problem,because i could not get any advise ,help here.I would be very appreciated and thankful if iam able to contact or write an e.mail to Dr.Shubin.Thank you so much and really looking forward to hear from you.
  • Anonymous for Malysheva Elena
  • Здравсвуйте Елена , Мы живем в Нюйорке и смотрим вашу программу здоровъе ,,Вывод ето просто образовательная программа ,она нужна чтоб удлиннить свою жизнь спасибо вашей команде за всё ето , С уважением я с Вруклина ,Яков,
  • ANNAT for Malysheva Elena
  • Dear, Elena. My names Anna Tuareyev, I have problem with stomach. I have Gerd, need to know the doctor interview in you program that live in the united states. I need desperately need your help, please email me the information as soon as possible. thank you so much!
  • karin mangunts for Malysheva Elena
  • I live in America with my mum.My daughter is in Russia.She is 35.She did not enter the medical academy in Krasnodar and it brought her to disappointment.She was never mar-ried in virgins and losing her hope of a normal marriage.We have a very moral family and to have any relationship before marriage is considered immoral.She is in the state of depression.We can not influence her and withdraw from the state of depression.Soon my husband will leave her and my two daughters to reunite with me.Just one is married and the eldest divorced.How can we help her if we can not expel her from home as she took care of her granny for 7 years till babushka died.So it is my tragedy.She does not like to glow in the computer,in broadcasts on Tv even does not give her photos to anyone.Please,answer me.Iappriciate your help.It is greatful to help people.Karin.How can we communicate by skype?
  • Anonymous for Malysheva Elena
  • How to treat tsepki
  • Anonymous for Malysheva Elena
  • Geda Claud for Malysheva Elena
  • Hi,Dr.Malysheva!I kindly ask you to help.My granddaughter.31 years old ,lives at Phoenix,Arizona.She suffer with Fibromyalogia and Fatigua.She speaks Russian perfectly.I am live at NY.She attended to many doctors at NY,Az,red a lot of books ,showed a lot of video,She graduated NYU and try to work as Register Nurse,but very often can not get up from bed,can not brush her tooth,can not hold her head.My phone number is 646-575-3496.E-mail [email protected] hope you answer me and help, God Bless you Sincerely Geda Claud
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