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Nagiyev Dmitry

( Actor, TV presenter)

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Biography Nagiyev Dmitry
photo Nagiyev Dmitry
(genus. April 4, 1967)
. When the candidates were chosen actors for the role of ser channel NTV Kamenskaja ", the only actor, against whom objected Marinina, had created the role of Sergeant Lesnikova - Dmitry Nagiyev
. - What, Dima, you are not attracted to author ekranizatsiiN
. - Marinina I explained that her protest was called to my oblique: "The police can not go with this hairstyle, because the police are held every six months building on the square"
. And then added: "But when I looked at the footage, I liked. I realized that you're playing in general is not about the police. I continued writing since you ". By the way, for filming in this movie I was ready haircut, but Todorovsky thought that this would not necessarily. Then we became friends with Marina's and now when I come to Moscow, we sometimes even go to the theater together.
- What feelings do you have left over from semokN
- Heavy. For six months we took the 16 series. I did not expect that this is such hard work. And then the very fact of working with such mastodons ... They have at least fifty films behind him, and I - one "Purgatory".
- Is hurt
- I've got a nickname was - circus actor. One journalist told me that when Lena Yakovlev was asked: "How do you work with NagievymN" - she replied: "Great actors allowed into their circle of all, even people from the circus. And as he worked with me, let him tell you himself ". And when I asked a similar question, I said: "You know, older actresses work hard ta-ak ... She then indignant dreadful
- Somehow it's not in bits and.
- I do not like when I'm hurt. They, you see, all Muscovites, famous actor, and I Petersburger, and even a show-business. A month before filming Lena Yakovleva we had with Sergei growth in the program "One night", . and, . when we met on the set, . She said such a phrase: "She starred in your retarded and letters went to program:" Tell, . what they have in life ", . "Ah, . you held the hand Nagieva ",
. Sleaze! "That's started shooting ... But I will take it upon myself to say that with Lena and Sergei Garmash, Sergei Petrovich and Nikonenko, with which we, too, initially there was some conflict, subsequently formed friendships. I'm not talking about the series producer Valery Todorovsky and the director Yuri Moroz.
- How do you "get used" to the image of the policeman?
- We Garmash out on the street in a police uniform, with weapons and documents. And I have to pass the Interior Ministry's official stamp from the five-kopek pieces and Sergei was written: "This product does not handle with care". But the "crust" were real. We presented these "documents" girls who drank beer after the exams in the park, and stated that they should pay a fine. For this purpose, we carried them to his commander - Nikonenko, which in the form of the colonel was dozing in the dressing room. And when it wound up the crowd of girls, he immediately switched into the game and said that it was time to run them in a torture chamber. The girls squealed in horror, and then, when all was revealed, laughing to colic.
. - Many girls see you as a sex symbol and Don Juan.
. - Once I heard in a TV program residents Peter asked: "Whom do you now think is the sexiest man?" Responses were distributed as follows: Viktor Chernomyrdin, Sylvester Stallone and Dmitri Nagiyev ..
. It was silly not to catch it, the more so in the beginning of its work on the radio I'm on the air trying to shock the audience, often, perhaps, and went. I was sure: No matter what you do, it is important that you exist. And I, a boy from a poor family, they tried everything to everybody to shout that I exist. From the standpoint of a sex symbol is more convenient. And for the life of the lack of female attention, I did not feel ever.
- You want to say that enjoyed success with the opposite sex from childhood?
- 17 Years. I am in this regard later development. Maybe because I was a complete boy. I teased him: "Oily barrel bore my son, and I was crying mother about this. I remember in 15 years at the disco, invited a girl to dance, and she and all her friends were laughing at me so that I almost died of shame. This wound did not heal for a long time, up to 17 years, when I for one summer he lost 12 pounds ... Since then began my triumphant procession through the cities and villages. You have not heard about the population explosion a decade ago? In general, I missed the women's attention. Now I think I'm trying to limit it, as this account is addressed not to me - Dima Nagiyev, and sex symbol and idol of youth.
. - And the idol of young people remember my first feeling of love?
. - I hate it when artists start to talk about first love in five years.
. - Well, why should remember kindergarten novels
. I meant normal love at the age of, say, Romeo
- In the ninth grade I had a serious romance with a classmate. It was very mutual affection, which we - young and green - rather quickly destroyed. Our relationship ended dramatically: I opened my veins. After the suicide attempt I was taken to a psychiatric hospital.
- You like to take his own life because of the unfortunate lyubviN
- There were all together: the boyish, lack of friends, lack of understanding of parents yes, plus the entire cast girl. Two days I lay in the "nuthouse," then apologized and said that I accidentally had one too many and that more such will not be repeated. They let me go ... And then in my life was a string of women, I felt for them a taste. I have something to remember. And I favorably with most men that I gratefully recall each of my women.
- Every remember?
- Well, if I recall, of course ... But in principle I am neither of whom will not speak ill. Only about one I have kept the heinous memories.
In addition to his novels, Nagiyev agitated, as if his friend and team-mate Sergei Growth did not get a bad companion life. He uchinyaet his friend checks ... Comes, for example, a girl in a restaurant to Sergei on a date, but he has not had time to warn her that it would be to Dima. Nagiyev starts joking, sort of quite innocently, like: "This is the same Olga, of which you told me so much?" Or, conversely, is the belief that runs after toboyN Or is your mistress Natasha? " And so, passing. Poor girl runs away in tears ... Sergei repay the same can not - does not manage to detect them all. Nagiyev - "tihushnik" and unlike colleagues leads girlfriends at social events
They met in a theatrical institute: Dmitry entered the Drama department, Sergei - on the director's. And then - coincidence. Upon receipt of the students sent to the farm. Three days worked, everything is in dirt, dust, unshaven stubble, stinking of manure. And suddenly appears on the ridge of a sort of a jerk in a long denim coat to toe, in the healthy shoes on a platform in smart trousers ... This handsome guy was zaznaisty Nagiyev. Sergei fired at Dima too disgusting impression. Then in the institute, they did skits together and become friends. When Dima was working in the theater "Time", and then on the radio "Modern", he dragged Sergei for a. And then they were together invited to the TV ...
- Your fans do not tire you?
- When they say good words, give gifts, flowers - it's nice. And when they from the roof of the house opposite and looking at the binoculars, as I walk naked from vannoyN or write the devil knows that on the landing? Or sit on a bench at the door from morning till nochiN.. Or, as has recently been in a nightclub: while protecting a second distracted, the woman managed to reel lock of my hair in a hand and pull. I am in pain almost lost consciousness. And another time I'm dancing on the stage, suddenly comes out my aunt and begins with a furious force kiss. My administrator was trying to unhook it, so she bit its hand through. Of course, this is disgusting ... But it is probably inevitable retribution for our beauty and youth ...
- Do not be upset, and then both with time passes ...
- Frankly, age do not want to, so I strictly keep myself in shape. In Minsk on the set of "Kamenka" to me in the morning room knocking Marinina to go to breakfast together. I opened - all a lather after gymnastics. She asked: "What are you doing?" I say: "Overcoming". - "Why?" - "To always look irresistible". - "You just megalomania". Let me write some of maniacs. But look at Sergei. Pants 46-th size, in which he returned from the army, now is not nalezli to him even at the hand. My mother also is to be overweight but I am trying to do something with you: I go to the gym, jog, do not drink alcohol because I do not want the morning to shy from his reflection in the mirror.
. - Parents have helped you make a career?
. - My parents divorced and my mother raised my brother and one
. We lived so poorly - do not pass. I remember the 6-th grade, I cried to my mother that I shake my shoes and I can not wear them, it hurts me ... Now I'm trying to make up for the missing childhood. Recently bought a large apartment and all of its decorated in bright, screaming colors - a sort of protest against poverty ... Yet everyone in my life I owe to my mother. She gave me a lot. Mom scholar, associate professor, knows several foreign languages, teaching is still in the military academy. Considering the gravity of life, which she inherited, she stood and raised their children do not complete moral monsters. For that I am very grateful.
- And what are you thankful to my wife?
- This is what you wife you mean?
- They told me you were married to well-known radio presenter Alice in Peter Scher.
- Who knows who says what. I told you anything about his wife did not say. It is better to have missed, than talk. You probably decided that if a son, whom you saw my house, then have to be a wife. Because to have a baby can only be a woman.
- You have managed to solve this problem without the participation of women?
- Let's say: in my life when something happened the day of marriage. And what it ended, I'll hold a secret.
- The day of your wedding, like any other, ended the night. What really is the secret!
- Yes, but as things stand today, I still did not understand.

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Photos of Nagiyev Dmitry
Nagiyev DmitryNagiyev DmitryNagiyev DmitryNagiyev Dmitry

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  • Aselitta for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Dima! You are SUPER! And especially, your Margeladze !
  • Elena for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • The fact that Nagiyev second time married to a Moscow journalist Romanenkova, only lazy did not tell. (((
  • Loneliness for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Hello, Dmitri ... Answer one question ... Are you visiting this site? Probably not, because of their huge number .. here is the answer to the question ..
  • Edik for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • How do you feel about the topic of betrayal?
  • Lana for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Hello. You still alive? No, I do not think, I wish you many years and all that .. I just heard that recently you killed Khachik:)
  • Natalia for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • I think that Dmitri is not only generously gifted, versatile actor, but also a very interesting man. And (I) On the contrary:))
  • teryosha for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Dmitri Nagiev ... .. HOW. I LOVE YOU! I am in America and I fear I will never see you again! T
  • Bulgarian girl for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • I love you!
  • Anna for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Dmitri you just bunting
  • Elena for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Hello Dmitry, let me ask, when will the continuation of big races
  • Marina for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • my dream-talk to bob. him such power! would give anything for a moment to communicate with him! Dimochka remained the same for long and sexy raduy us with a super view!
  • Alexander for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • You're such an idiot, as your silly role. How have you been chock them so you and stay, hello second idiot growth. You only morons and play!
  • Elena for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Hello, Dimochka! Thou very interesting man, handsome! I love all your movies. Dimochka, I wish you plenty of new roles and success in their careers, but certainly in my personal life! ! ! To all your dreams come true! Dima, you lead "Great Race", while he was involved you would have them? Especially with the gobies?
  • Nino for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • just know, . that somewhere in the North West of you dreams and 37-year-old Georgian woman and two children))) in a fur coat and boots))) you AKTERISCHE and talented man! and spit on all, . who podkalyaet your selfishness! you deserve everything you have and even more! Bravo! BRAAAVO! I admire you and love you infinitely!,
  • Olga for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Very few new pictures. Dima you're just super, love.
  • Oksana for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Dmitry, . You are amazing actor, . master of words and gesture ... from one of your eyes there is a desire to live, . create, . operate and achieve their goals ... Thank you, . that you are with us, . for, . you have .... April 4, 1967 God gave the spring and you with it .......,
  • Julia for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Dmitry very interesting to watch you on TV, but even more interesting would be to talk to you without a camera, find out what you really are.
  • Alexei for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • I respect you as a man, Happy New Year to you, Dmitri, your mother, son, and your family! Health and success!
  • Marina for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Dima, you samy best actor in the world! really want to go to your show ... I am very glad that you are. I smtoryu all with navim participation. Happy New Year to you!
  • Ruslan for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Demetrios where your new hohmy.tvoy potential is unlimited, I can help you
  • Hope for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Dima you are super, I did not miss not one of your transmission
  • Narmin for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • nuts for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Dmitry, put yourself enemas for rejuvenation.
  • Natasha for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Dima, our students have copied and receive points for this
  • Stacia for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Hi Dmitry! I really like your filmy.ya not a fan, just want you obschatsya? unless of course this is possible?
  • Ludmila for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Dmitry big hello from our family
  • Anonymous for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Irina for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Dmitri, the patient is given in all the time. You are talented, go for it!
  • Jlia for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • Olga for Nagiyev Dmitry
  • You are very interesting and wonderful person, I am sure, I love your roli.Spasibo that you are so talented!
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