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Podriga Oksana

( TV presenter)

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Biography Podriga Oksana
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Oksana Podriga differs from most broadcasters stunning naturalness. She can smile or just shrug our shoulders in the shot - and the most serious information gets some confidence, "home" shade. Men adore her (no wonder the fans are called Oksana Moscow Sharon Stone), women (a rare case!) Does not envy ...
- How often do you ask about the origin of familiiN
- No, take for granted. Podriga and Podriga ... Actually the name Ukrainian. And the fate of so complex that it is very much connected with Riga. The school even had this running joke: "Podriga going to Riga with Riga station": summer vacations I spent at the Riga seashore.
- You're not from a television semiN
- Absolutely. His parents were typical "sixties": physics-lyric. Sang to a guitar, went hiking, took me with him, of course. Almost as an infant placed on water skis. I still remember the first impression: I go to the edge of the water and struck dumb with delight. Then yelled "Ah-ah-ah!" - And nearly drowned. Later went skating, swimming, basketball.
- The State University you studied at the two faculties, with diametrically opposite. How so poluchilosN
. - In my mother's footsteps, I first entered the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, . but somewhere in the middle of the third course realized: Mathematics, . sure, . great science and good already so, . both used to say Lomonosov, . that the mind "in the order of results", . but it's not for me,
. I put in order all that was possible, and moved into journalism.
- His dean, Yassen N. Zasursky, often says: journalism - is "nothing about everything" ...
- It. Unusual feeling that you can do everything, and all learn a little. Although I just love to dig deep. Learn it was very interesting! Then there was our favorite "mass grave" - broadcasted. Broadcast to the Serbo-Croatian language in Yugoslavia. PochemuN language is very beautiful ... At the international broadcasting and taught me the reporter's craft, there is, in fact, started the radio.
- That's where the roots stretch Radio ROCKS!
- Course. "Rocks", the first station, who worked in Russia in the range of FM, began broadcasting in Norway, where we rented a house and set up a studio in the basement. Cheerful owner of the house was very proud of the fact that he is the only Norwegian with a Russian radio station in the basement. Residents of the entire area is a place called the "mad Russian house".
Over the years of work on the radio, I became a real music fan. When I was asked to make a test as a leader on the channel "2x2", I just shrugged: "It's not mine!" But I was persuaded, and I still came. Then, least of all wanted to become a leading news. And now I had a domestic Role narrator: I like to let people useful information.
. - How do you work in a new information program "Events" updated TVTSN
. - A program with a new design, new direction, a new feed materials can not be interesting
. Of course, the transfer must eventually emerge, but there is nothing more boring ossified news program. I think the "Events" will still grow.
- A new concept of the program, when the table sat a few people close to you earlier that you were edinolichnoN
- (Laughs). Of course, the girl is always more comfortable in male company! We do not even exist a joke: as long as some one has its own block, why not play the rest of the marine boyN.. No, in fact, we carefully listen to each other. For us, team spirit is very important.
- There is something interesting, besides rabotyN
- Planet really want to see. Recently caught myself feeling that I can not rest, if there is no camera in the hands. When it was in Tunisia, only three days stood on the beach, and then went on safari in the Sahara desert in a jeep. So many of the exotic: a desert, oases, camels, donkeys! ..
To hobbies include, and what I am an amateur designer. Recently made a sumptuous cuisine, with these beams, white and blue faience and ceramics. Now I want to find more old things - old lamps, tin or copper things ... Till Eulenspiegel, Tolkien, English ballads - in short, the European Middle Ages, with all its attributes of chivalry, heraldry me very attractive.
- Oksana, you, it turns out, romantic girl!
- Yes, the share of romanticism in me is. But in life I'm a pretty realistic. Most problems have to solve their own. I am not a feminist, but I think that in life one must rely solely on themselves.
. - It seems to me that the clothes you prefer English stilN
. - How do you dogadalisN I really love the tweed, jeans, heavy boots - the classic with a quiet northern slope
. And for the ether remain their suits.
- Love of nature, sport, yearning for the old things, independence, even the style of clothing ... I have the impression that I was talking to this English lady!
- What is there Englishwoman, I'm a girl from an ordinary family in Moscow! All laid by parents and classical literature.

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Podriga Oksana, photo, biography
Podriga Oksana, photo, biography Podriga Oksana  TV presenter, photo, biography
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