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Poplavskaya John E.

( TV presenter)

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Biography Poplavskaya John E.
photo Poplavskaya John E.
(genus. June 28, 1967)
Today, John E. Poplavskaya everywhere surrounded by trusted men. On television - co-host and co-workers. Houses - her husband and sons. In the offense will not. But her fame has brought quite a different neighborhood, unpleasant and insidious. Namely: gray wolf ... Ian loves his role in the movie "About a Little Red Riding Hood". And questions about Little Red Riding Hood does not like - infuriated and said that behind her twenty paintings. And Shchukin School, drama theater, working on radio and television programs in three ATV. And for nearly five years, Jana - Leading Program Vremechko ". In late June, she was thirty-three. And as a child star of Soviet cinema dreamed of becoming a surgeon.
- I wanted to be a neurosurgeon - just because my grandmother, herself a surgeon, said that female neurosurgeons are practically no. In summer, when I went to my grandmother in the Volga city, often went with her to work. Of course, more transactions will not let me - well, joints, bruises, scratches. Subsequently, these observations were useful to me even. One day - I was thirteen - I sewed the ear itself. Chomiak. His ear cat otgryzla. I took a needle, took the gut (special surgical thread, which dissolves), neatly tied him muzzle bintikom not to bite. Ear stuck wonderfully.
The dream of the surgery was destined to fail, they took the top acting genes. Debut on stage Yana held at ten years old at the Taganka Theater, where she worked her mother. Poplavskaya Jr. said he Yuri Lyubimov and defined its role in the play "Crossroads" about the war. A year later, John became the youngest winner of State Prize of the USSR, of course, for the role of Little Red Riding Hood.
- Do you want to become a doctor after such a stellar detstvaN
- I always told parents that to be an actor - it is not a profession. But, when I chose between the medical and Shchukin, Gleb Panfilov, offered me the role of Ludmilla, the daughter of Vassa Zheleznova. And I agreed to withdraw. Incidentally, this is one of my favorite roles. Recently film again showed. Then I was on the ATV all asked: "How are you so well there upalaN" This is a known scene when Lyudmila learns that his mother died, and faints. I remember when it came to the scene, my mother (she - actress), long thought, as her play. Decided that to finish syncope. Throughout the house were laid out blankets - we're a day fell. We had to fall back, flat, but it does not break. Mom showed me a long time, how to keep the body straight, and I, of course, pants, and tuck the legs. The next day I spoke about our foresaw Panfilov. He said: "It's all nonsense, I do not like it". I'm very offended, but pretended that she agreed with him. In shooting, I go out, play this scene a few seconds, then rolled his eyes and fall backwards. I was lying with eyes closed. And suddenly hear Panfilov screams: "Doctor, hurry! Actress bad". All of me running, Panfilov leans over me: "Jan, Jan!" I opened my eyes: "Well kakN" He told me: "Oh, little nasty!" So you do not really faint upadaN "And this scene remained.
. At sixteen Poplavskaya not only withdrew from Panfilov and entered the Shchukin
. She also met with Sergei Ginzburg, while actor theater plastic improvisation. Shot children's entertainment program, where Yana and Sergei portrayed married couple, and sang: "We love to knit ..." - Ditty advertised products of the Soviet spinning plant. A year later Poplavskaya and Ginzburg were married.

- Why have you changed with Sergei Theater at TVN

- The first did Sergei. One day he simply wanted to become a television directors. I was on the ATV to do the program "Cinema". The hosts were there Strizhenov Sasha (actor, a leading TV channel "good morning" OPT) and Andrei Dementiev - this is a critic with a beard, a very clever. Once they sat at home and discuss the next script, then I squeaked: "A yaN I also know that this movie". What do I Sergei said: "Honey, we have a leading - man," and I stopped. But after a while, and Anatoly Malkin, our general manager, persuaded the same Seryozha take me co-host. That's when I realized that the presenter and actor - two different professions. Lead do not need anyone to play, he must be himself, with his brains. Moderator - and the observer and participant, he must have a personal opinion. And yet he himself is not important, but what he says. Mistake many actors, leading to the fact that they begin to play to the audience, to pull the blanket over himself.
- You do not have to work hard at the beginning of a husband
- I do not want to confuse our relationship with the work. And so it was always. I am glad of his success, worry about his projects primarily as a wife. Now that's Sergei preparing directorial debut in film - together with Sasha Strizhenov they run with a feature film.
- You there igraeteN
- That brings me to this question of a. Then my friend rang and asked: "Who are you igraeshN Katya Strizhenova kogoN" When I said that no one, she wondered: "Why then movies snimatN" In my opinion, make movies, they withdrew to your wife or husband, stupid .
. - Return to your work
. The program "Vremechko" you always express their personal mnenieN
- After one incident I have a very strict watch over their own words. Through a compelling storyline about how his wife killed her husband, unable to bear his inhuman treatment of a child and. A bell rang, some telezritelnitsa asked what I'd do in this situation. And I said, that too would have killed. Then Sergei explained to me that such things are not allowed on the air: "looks at you the whole country, and thousands of women who are bullied husband heard you do the same thing". Now I keep myself in his hands, although this is not always possible. Here are some esters ago there was story about a child of three, over which parents humiliated, tortured him. On the highway, that is to rehearse the ether, I was not able to inspect it. She saw the beginning and suddenly realized that I was something going. I took off her microphone, "loop", in tears jumped out of the studio, I became cold. Toll Khorobrikh, our director, ran after me, trying to persuade me to take himself in hand. Igor Vasil'kov too insistent, I could hardly come at a. I was frightened that the air I have to watch it, and then another and say something.

Maybe it's unprofessional, but I must reagirovatN Other journalists look at this calmly - as doctors, both surgeons at the operation. I miss all over your body. I can not imagine how your child so you can worry.
Yana and Sergei have two children: a fifteen-year Klim and three Nikita. Nikita never stands in the corner - he is punished, leaving the room with toys, tape recorder, but without communication. Klim - quite a grown man, going to the College of Law, discussing with parents their esters and dislikes, when passers-by stare at my mother.
- When we Clim going in the subway, he said: "Mum, I now that a peasant in the face with the ladies. What he vylupilsyaN "
- A car you do not voditeN
- Drive a. I just hate being late, and earlier if I fell into the cork, then threw the car at the nearest metro. So now I travel mostly in the metro. There, I somehow separate myself, sitting in dark glasses, reading.
- In the glasses, not to uznaliN
- Will know. In one case, a guy saw me and began to swear that "zhurnalyugi - selling skins". And then, which is nice for me to join all the people. They began to say: "What are you, we love her so, she is good, she can not lie."
- You came into the program even before the separation of "Vremechko" and "Segodnyachko". Continue to communicate with colleagues who are working "on the other side of" N
- Of course, yes. As they say, everyone - his own.
- And to entice you pytalisN
- Knowing me, such an offer I simply could not do.
- You are a patriot of his TV
- I am a patriot of human relations

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Poplavskaya John E., photo, biography
Poplavskaya John E., photo, biography Poplavskaya John E.  TV presenter, photo, biography
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