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Elena Hanga

( TV presenter.)

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Biography Elena Hanga
photo Elena Hanga
Elena (by the way, the former KVNschitsa, even played for the national team at the World Festival in Israel.) - One of the most popular of Russia's leading television.
. She remembered after the appearance of a controversial program about it, and now on NTV Helen can be seen in a new talk show - "The Domino Principle"

. - Yes
. My grandparents from the mother when we went to the Soviet Union to build socialism, lived in Uzbekistan. Several years ago I wrote a book 'about everything', the story of his family: to trace its roots from 1865. The study began in America, where my great-grandfather was once a slave and later became one of the richest landowners of Mississippi, then went to Tanzania, from where comes my father, and met there with his grandmother. She did not think we ever see each other again, and was completely shocked.
On the television came in 1987, the. I was the first Soviet journalist who was invited to the U.S. exchange. I worked in the newspaper in Boston, and when I returned, I was invited to talk about this in the 'look'.
When I was invited to participate in the transfer of 'About That', then all my friends took this very negative. All felt that the topic of inappropriate and that I would compromise. But there were those who said: 'No bad to have poor performance'.
At the same time I first decided to change his appearance because the show was not serious, and viewers should be aware that this is a joke, for fun. Now, in the new program 'The Domino Principle', I dress very differently, in the classical style.
. 'The Domino Principle' means that in life everything is connected: one person to say something - but his words will reverberate across the ocean, do something - and it will affect someone's life
. We must always remember that.
For broadcasters, I think most importantly - passion. And 'drive'. I do not know how to correctly translate this word: in the Russian language equivalent, perhaps not, but it's still not quite the same as gambling. Need passion, need concern. If most leading boring that it makes the audience too is unlikely to be interesting.
It is very difficult to spare time. Its almost no. Back from shooting home to a child - that's my whole vacation. This is such a joy - a Saturday-Sunday with her daughter at home. In the theater I go infrequently, I love opera, but in the opera are rare. And, when I lived in America, I had to travel a lot, and managed to fly with her husband almost the whole world.
. His admiration for the professionalism Helena Hangi I wanted to express her more since the perestroika era, when the dark-skinned journalist, first appeared in Russia's enormously popular TV program "The View"
. The case presented is only now: Lena, a leading NTV program "About that," arrived in Israel at the invitation of our newspaper. She came to meet with the audience and, of course, remove the transmission of local material.
- How do you generally got to televidenieN
- Thank you for your kind words ... It all began with the work in the newspaper Moscow News. Suddenly I was lucky to become the first Soviet journalist who was invited to share in Boston. I got into Christian Science Monitor - a very respectable newspapers, which even during the Cold War, "quoted the Soviet media. She returned to Moscow, he suddenly called leaves, said he had a program "The View". Invited, I made friends with this great trio, "Musketeers" - Listyev, Zakharov, Lyubimov. I think these were the happiest years of my life. We went on the air, possessed minds, it seemed - were breaking all the foundations. Although, if we now think nothing particularly subversive, we did not say ... Many years passed, and in 1996, NTV had invited me, had lived in America, go to the Olympic Games in Atlanta.
- You had some relation to sportuN
- Like my mother, I was fond of tennis and even played for CSKA. But, more importantly, my coach was Anna Dmitrieva. Apart from the fact that it is - a great tennis player, I consider it one of the most brilliant women of our time. Intelligent, clever, wise - all my life I dreamed of being like her. Even acquainted with men, sometimes seemed to Anya. So, imagine calling Anna D.: "Lena, went to Atlanta". I did little sports television stories - with them and began our love affair with NTV. More Parfenov asked me to do the transfer "About that."

- You odnoyN

- Of course - no. We have a great "team-: chief editor Andrei Loshak, Boris Halfin, Angella Boskis, Light Dudar, Kostya Kuts ... And, of course - the audience. People who specifically come to record in Ostankino, I think incredibly selfless. Incubate in the studio to watch, but here are all these lights burning. Sometimes, when the topic is particularly spicy, packed so many people that just can not breathe. One spectator fainted. She fell from the third floor, banging his head on the floor. We thought - all to death ... She stood up, as if nothing had happened. We have proposed an ambulance call, and she: "You chtoN My top place. Do not close ranks! "We see the topic" the secrets of the female orgasm "interested spectators more than the prospect of being in the hospital ... I know the U.S. show - the audience in the studio aggressive. We have not anything like that: respect, even "negative hero", which we try to pick up, "to create a" Hall. And lenient to me. Sometimes generously go unheeded any misstep, suggest the right words.

- You have a poor vocabulary zapasN

- Well, about that "do not so many words. We all used to talking about sex or the language of the street, or the language of Pushkin, and the middle, like, and there is no ... Once they talked about the sexual act, I thought, searching for the right word. The audience began to suggest: "To love, to possess, to desire" - very touching built a chain of eight words.

- I venture cautiously ask: for whom you rabotaeteN Who is your zritelN

- We are addressing the transfer of the average person who is looking for some answers - and finds them only with our help. In fact, the program - not about sex. Sex - a thread on which we are different stringing beads: politics, family relations, education, medicine, history, housing.

- Housing voprosN

- Course. Even in Moscow News, "I wanted to write about what the girls in the Soviet Union have no place to have sex. Men are simpler: they are not so demanding of conditions, they are more interested in the process. A girl's dream of a beautiful bedroom, champagne, candles ... I remember his university years - many of us, at best, living with parents, and at worst - in a dormitory, where only chaos reigned. I lived with her parents and, of course, to invite anyone to her could not. Her friends called to give to the foreign ministry to boys. But I did not like the foreign ministry, boys, and the one who liked giving had. Her friends advised to decide: either to have sex with someone who I like (but he has nowhere), or - with those who have the where. But there is where the foreign ministry for boys ... Why because of the fact that our country is not solving the housing question, I should have sex with some nasty lyudmiN me and I preferred to remain a virgin, a friend assured me that abstinence is injurious to health ... Time has passed, replaced by system, but the housing issue is still not resolved, and girls from poor but noble families must make the same choice. Often these young girls loss of virginity is not the most ideal living conditions: in the attic, in the car, in the basement ... And strengthened in the minds of girls that the problem - in itself. But when it comes to the program, says or hears, sees other people - completely normal, just like she - inevitably comes emancipation.

- But - not solve the housing problem.

- Unfortunately, here we have no power ... As for emancipation - is not worthy of respect for people, frankly speaking in front of cameras that concern everyone, but to declare what is decided not kazhdyyN

. - Can such a man, and worthy of respect, but he was something very reason that spiritual eksgibitsionizmN

. - Very good question ..
. Sex and love - themes that take absolutely everyone, regardless of age, sex, social status. Remember the youth - we all dreamed about the first night. When she was left behind, incredibly like to share their experiences. But kemN In the West, made contact with a psychotherapist, and in Russia until recently, and talk-it was not with anyone. And talk about things that are bothering you, you must. I think that many people become and remains trauma, precisely because it was not possible in time to talk. For example, I called friend, with whom I studied at the University. We have not met for many years, and she announced it before the recording of the program on the mysteries of the female orgasm. I was glad the bell, had invited her friend in the studio, she came. Then he cried: "Lena, I gave birth to four children - and did not experienced". I thought that the case - in her husband confirmed this: "You're frigid". See a specialist had not occurred. So she lived with a sense of guilt - before her husband, for some reason, before my mother, the children. And on our transfer, she saw women who experienced the same thing, but then found the strength to seek medical. She sat next to our Agarkova - amazing expert who can understand everything and everyone, he gave her some phones - the problem has ceased to exist.

- So, you - for publichnostN

- I - for being able to speak to the person to whom it should. Who does not want - let silent. To program helps - let him look. Who it unpleasant - no need to look. Some viewers complain about: children look. In addition we went on the air late at night, that the child is not involved.

- Skipped not look rekomenduetsyaN

- Why - not rekomenduetsyaN If parents are allowed - perfectly. To me, people approach: "We have a child of adolescence, we do not know how to talk to him about it. There was a transfer of the Virgins, we amplify the sound, and left the room. The child sat down to TV. Then my grandfather sat down with a rug, my grandmother was standing at attention ... We walked in and began to talk carelessly. Not that a child's life happens, and that now debating on the screen ". Thus, they broke the wall preventing them to talk with your own child ... In general, I think, the transfer should be selected: any child should watch some - no.
- My often looks ...

- What vyN Oh, how nice.

- Do not hurry to rejoice. Views, and then tells me: "Again it was about sadomasochistic - boring. But Lena nice twist! --

- Thank your sensitive girl ... I prefer more social themes, but most of our youth group "strawberry" Give. So I propose a compromise: let them lead their sado-masochists, but I'll do a program on sexual harassment. Or - on the completeness and sex. Who said that sexually attractive may be only a thin zhenschinyN Stereotypes Western journals have imposed. And we have a studio large ladies, they danced the cancan - how lovely!

- In my opinion, you move away from the topic. To get out of difficult or you are comfortable talking "about it-N

- If you knew how scared I stood there as I embarrassed ... My girlfriend, Svetlana Larina, said: "Lena, when you look into the camera in this black hole, imagine that you are talking to me. You see, not thousands of people, but my eyes ". And the psychological care of my friend who lives in Moscow, who bore five children, I really helps. As support for colleagues, visitors and, most importantly - my mother.

- She did not faint padaetN

- I have the perfect Jewish mother. When I was born, she looked at this wrinkled lump and said: "Is not genialnoN What eyes!" My mother admired all my life that I do. Cut my article, including the most incompetent, folded and placed ... Of course, she is shocked by what happens in the studio, but the cheers: "Smile more often: smile somehow hides your fear."

. - What kind of person is your leading dark-skinned white parikeN

. - When Leonid Parfenov shared his idea, I also could not identify its role
. As I, Lena Hanga, should refer to proishodyaschemuN Lenya helped: "Imagine that you invite in a guest and give everyone the opportunity to speak". Here I am, keep their own point of view, listening to others. I try to "about it," the guests said, with humor, even when dealing with the sad story ... By the way, I was offended newspaper, which called for the transfer of vulgar sexual problems of disabled persons. Holy smoke, . in the United States in all the special buses for disabled skiing, . in the Olympics they participate, . Yes, and you, . I told, . There are sports teams and dance troupes, . in which disabled people are playing basketball and dancing - legless! - With long-legged mates, . in Moscow newspaper states: "The need to talk sex with normal people",
. And people with disabilities - people are not normal, that liN..

- It was a good program on disability, I remember. And who wig you pridumalN

- Another idea Parfenova. One Moscow journalist told me: "Many people already know that you - not a natural blonde". I just froze ... These lenses are blue and I wanted to insert - barely withstood.

- What does brown eyes worse golubyhN

- It is believed that Russia's men like blond women with blue eyes.

- One day a young man you said: "I am excited only those of black women like you".

- It was the case ... And yet confessed to each other: blondes in the mass win ... Wig - mask, which is very helpful. The screen can occur whatever - to me the most is irrelevant. Without a wig - a different responsibility. The clothes I aspire to disco mind: short dresses or, conversely, long skirts. We are trying, experimenting. Perhaps not always successfully, but if we do not look - go back to the Soviet non-marking clothes.

- Who monitors the clothing leading the program "About That", who - for the plot, and I - for the jokes.

- Oh, what you me pour balm on the heart ... Find a suitable anecdote - almost the most important thing for me in the preparation of transmission. "Today we will talk about oral sex" - so boring start. Pridumali different. "I caught the old gold fish:" I am concerned about the situation in the world - Israel is fighting with the Palestinians, blacks lynched in America ... Make, fish, peace throughout the world ". That says: "To do so, to convene the UN - a terrible headache. Maybe even something pozhelaeshN ". The old man says: "I have lived with his old lady a long life - and never agreed to do it with me oral sex". Rybka, thinking: "So what are you talking about peace uregulirovaniiN" After this it remains to recall: "Today we talk about the cherished dream of the fisherman".

- During our conversation we were interrupted four times. How do you perceive populyarnostN

- In Moscow, people treat me very tenderly - not rude, do not bother. However, the taxi ride longer: a few times, drivers locked the door, stopped the car and talked at length about their own sexual problems. Once the black-whiskered taxi driver showed me the accusation: "Especially ours, Caucasian, podstavilaN Think all black - podonkiN" - he asked me, you can afford predstavitN

- Serves: nothing in the blonde remade.

- If only - a blonde ... We did a TV report about transgender. I wore a short, open dress. I was standing with his back to the hall, among the audience were my editors, who transferred after the transfer of overheard dialogue between the two transsexuals. One says: "A Hanga a reworked". The second picks up: "It looks like: chest to build up - no problem, pull the legs - too. You need only advise that closed wore a dress: a man's back ". I took it as a compliment. Remember Lenin in the various republics painted like a local zhiteleyN So we have: everyone wants the idol - actor, singer, TV presenter - was similar to himself.

- Lena, so far I have deliberately avoided your wonderful biography, no less fascinating than the stories of "About That". I think it's time to add to this fascinating subject.
- The son of a slave, wealthy black Americans fell in love with the daughter of a New York rabbi. Religious Jewish family, bearing the name of Bialik, not only did not come from such a union to rapture, but all renounced "prodigal daughter". But such extreme measures did not prevent future grandmother and grandfather married Helen Hangi.

In the thirties, many Americans traveled to the Soviet Union, and my grandfather decided that blacks, too, can successfully build socialism. He sincerely believed that system only correct, I dreamed of living in a society where there is no place for racism. You know, because in such illusions really had a rational. The times, no doubt, very changed, but now in America, mixed marriages are rare, but in the thirties were not possible. In general, grandparents who had the opportunity to stay in America, moved to the Soviet Union in Tashkent, where my mother was born. Some do not even notice it - Negress.

- My daughter now would kill you: "No black woman, and African-American!

- Quite right: I just do not know how far you advanced in this issue. Of course, in America, I say "African American" ... My mother was a real culmination of a dream of his father. Grandfather dreamed that she was engaged in tennis - my mother stood for the national team of Uzbekistan. He dreamed that his daughter played the piano - my mother graduated from music school. Received University, graduated from the Faculty of History, Moscow State University with a Ph.D. ... Remaining in the Union, grandfather and grandmother knew that in America at the time of their black girl get such an education could not. Even regardless of color: if you at least the fiftieth drop of black blood - you have a black.

- Your grandfather died of smertyuN

- Imagine. True, my mother believes that he at some point lost the will to live. Began to disappear without a trace of his friends, and my grandfather understood that socialism is far from perfect. While the grandparents were Americans, they were in the Soviet Union was one of attitudes, but as soon as they are, the former foreign received Soviet citizenship, the situation has changed ...

One day my mother came a funny story. Having been born and spent his childhood in Tashkent, she naturally loves pilaf. Already moved to Moscow, my mother often went to the restaurant "Uzbekistan". Once she regaled pilaf, and an unknown man, who was sitting opposite, with emotion watching the meal, not taking his eyes from the girl. Suddenly came and asked permission to kiss. Mom did not even had time to be surprised or frightened, as he launched into reminiscences: "In four years you fell rasshiblas, had to go to the hospital. In six years you wept: not like the school apron ". My mother was dumbfounded - as an outsider can know such intimate podrobnostiN And he was not an outsider, but gebeshnikom, the oversight of the family of his grandfather ... Bitterly weeping on the shoulder of her mother: "I moved here. Losing themselves into drinking - is it rabotaN That before ... "It is not easy in the Union my grandmother lived with my grandfather. But, I repeat, my mother received the best education - now teaches at the University of Chicago.

- How are your father poznakomilisN

- Entered the Moscow State University, my mother in front of sessions worked in a cinema "Drummer" - singing jazz under the "sultry" alias Lolita. In general, it was an incredibly active woman, athletic, bright, beautiful. Early married, first husband, a talented musician who tragically died - crashed in the car ... Now let's move on briefly to Tanzania sixties. Taganika and Zanzibar merged, my future father was one of the first revolutionaries, and later he became the first Prime Minister of Zanzibar. It's time to get married, but, as we all know from the song performed by Pugacheva, neither the King just can not get married. And then they start to look politburo suitable candidate. What should be the wife of a politician like masshtabaN educated, bright, beautiful. Sought in several countries - not found. And then someone from the party comrades, spotted my mother in that same "drummer during the International Festival of Youth and Students, initiated the idea. It was a revolutionary solution, after which the pope sent a marriage proposal to a distant cold Moscow.

- And my mom sdalasN

- Not directly. Getting there was an incredibly funny. A bell rang at the door, my mother opened - on the threshold is gorgeous man. "Let me introduce myself - the future Prime Minister of Zanzibar Abdulla Kassim Hanga. He graduated from Oxford University, speaking many languages. Do not agree to become my zhenoyN "Mom, of course, refused, but my father so long nudil that, as I understand it, it was easier to marry than to explain the reason for the refusal.

. - And you were born in MoskveN

. - Not just in Moscow, Red Square, but also the first of May
. Pope invited to stand on the Mausoleum during the demonstration, he took with my mother, whose delight went into labor ... So, I - a patriot by birth.

Parents lived in Moscow. My father often traveled to Tanzania, and one day left and never returned. Then my mother read in the newspaper that he was killed during the coup ...

- You're visited TanzaniiN

- Yes, in 1991. At the airport I met a very interesting woman, shook the similarity with my mom. A woman rushed up to my neck, hugged, cried and called my daughter. I decided that the error occurred, explained that my mother lives in Moscow. She replied: "Baby, if you lived here, brought to you, I, the third wife of your father. I am - your mother Hanga ". According to Muslim law, as you know, all the wives are friends, and children are considered common.

- Why is the third wife is like your matN

- My father loved my mother so that all their wives picked up on her image and likeness.

According to Islamic law he was entitled to have as many wives as able to contain, and could provide many. And this woman takes a photograph of my mother was young: "Look!" He said: "Are you going to learn - you'll like my first wife". Where is my sister, as she pozhivaetN "Until now, the Tanzanian" sister "is attempting to meet with his mother, who has avoided contact. Lucky me, "Mom Hanga" to grandmother. The entire village lined up at attention, "a decrepit old woman came out ... She spoke in Swahili, "Mama Hanga" translated into English.

- It interesnoN

- Incredible! We went to visit the president of Zanzibar in his palace. In public, the president talked to me strictly on etiquette, but when we were alone, he said: "So, tell me. How's your GorbiN "Immediately put his feet in the American boots on the table, a servant came in - instantly changed his position. Again left alone: "What are you in the hotel poselilasN move in the palace". "No, - I say - you have here is a revolution breaks out - someone will tell me that chance here popalaN But if you come to Moscow, welcome - I have a wonderful apartment". He was delighted: "Oh, great. I come to you with their wives ". I had to go to replay, to explain that the whole harem in my place is not enough. But the most touching story connected with his grandmother. She solemnly reported that his father had left me inheritance. I went and took a chest, took off the key chain on his neck, opened a long time ... I have to imagine: "Well, gold and diamonds - is itself. But this is not limited! Opens the chest, I look down - complete collected works of Marx, Engels and Lenin. "Dad asked me to tell you the most precious thing he had".
- Do vyvezliN

- Not physically able to lift this weight. Yes, and afraid: what if the road something happens. While the book remained in the trunk.

- Comfortable felt themselves in AfrikeN

- Absolutely. You know, I love hats. They are different. In one you feel being a business woman in the other - a journalist, in the third - a secular lady. In Russia, I consider myself Rossiyanka, in America - an American in Africa - an African. In many places feel like home - in the black church, synagogue ... It is amazing that in me so much blood. I still remember the words of a lullaby that I sang a Jewish grandmother: "Yami, Yami, Singen world and lidele, VSL di meydele fork"

- Sami too poeteN

- Love. In America we have a comedy club "boater", created by former Odessites. I was invited to participate, I'm awfully proud of that, because they make me sing. I sing a parody of Rasputin on Allegrova - Allegrova liked. Another club "boater" is doing on American television transmission "Just anecdote". Now we have gathered to organize a competition between America, Israel, Germany - who better to be able to relate an anecdote. This fixture.

- And other sports zanimaetesN

- There is no. I am lazy to ugliness - tired to even look like women on the TV leg raise.

- But you're in great shape.

- Thank. The secret is simple: try to load up without reason not sweets. With regard to - with pleasure, but there is a sweet boredom, only because nothing better to do, does not allow.

- You zamuzhemN

- No. And there was no. Another lucky: her husband, lover, and even raped in the stairwell ...

- I know that you have written a book.

- Traced to her roots of his family since 1865. She found the cotton field, owned by my grandfather in Mississippi, even found an old map, which marked his tenure. From Jewish relatives had problems: the wife of one of my grandmother's brothers, whom I tracked down in America, at first did not want me to talk. Then, from newspaper articles about me learned the second generation, and we gathered in Chicago all the family - black and white. Rabbi sang that same grandmother's lullaby, the black priest gave a sermon, in Russian sang Kleizmer just emigrated from Kiev ...

. - How much different people embraced each drugaN

. - First stared warily, but since we put on the table, Russian vodka, all issues were resolved in an hour
. Now we have to each other who they all holidays. And one of our relatives got married in Japan, he fathered a child - so that our family appeared Japanese children. Not family, and the UN ... My book was published in English and translated into Japanese: Japanese are extremely interested in everything pertaining to their country.

- Lena, you lyubiteN

- Hats. I love to embroider - very calming nerves. Cross stitching and persistently bestow his works, all wildly irritating. I love to watch old movies - generally like the sixties. I love to travel the world.

- What exactly attracted you puteshestviyaN

- Restaurants.
- RestoranamiN
- Not the usual. I love to walk to the restaurants, which in America are called "hole in the wall". In the chic restaurant food "adapted" for tourists - it is not interesting. But there comes a zanyuhany Chinese restaurant, and the familiar waiter whispers: "Listen to me - today the fish do not take". Law: if they eat in restaurants natives, and not all, and the poor, so - delicious. We filmed "About That" in Holland, went into a small snack bar - Thai restaurant. They brought my favorite dish - not tasty ... Had to teach them how to cook - all carefully recorded.
- And finally: your favorite intererN
- To be beautiful. I like it when all respected style. For example - in clothes. In the Soviet Union as byloN shoes to dress to pick up - Utopia.
- Shoes to platyuN better - to the bag ...
- In the Soviet SoyuzeN you still say the word "cap". Or - "gloves" ... And I love everything - in a single style. Clothing, accessories, music, restaurant ... There is in America quite luxurious popular restaurant - there, people come dressed as dressed in Chicago 30-ies. And dance as if dancing, and behave accordingly ... Now I - the period of swing. I listen to this music from morning to evening, dressed appropriately. Then there will be a different style ...

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Photos of Elena Hanga
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