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HOGAZA Lucero (Lucero Hogaza)

( Actress)

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Biography HOGAZA Lucero (Lucero Hogaza)
photo HOGAZA Lucero (Lucero Hogaza)
(genus. 29 avgusta1969)
We have also seen fighting with himself Van Damme and played two sisters-twins Gabriela Spanic But for an actress to play three ... This is a rarity even for the vaunted Hollywood. Nevertheless, the young and little known in our actress and singer Lucero Hogaza that affectionately called the Bride of America, succeeded.
According to the law of the genre serial characters are good and bad. Lucero plays triplets: selfish and narcissistic carrion Maria Paulo, sweet and good Moran Maria Fernanda and gay singer and dancer Maria Guadalupe. In early childhood, their parents were killed in a car accident, resulting in a blind Maria Fernanda and Maria Guadalupe disappeared ... Before all is well finished and all three sisters meet, spectators fairly potreplyut their nerves, experiencing for the favorite heroes.
. The audience has probably already used to the fact that most of their favorite actress, whose screen life, sooner or later comes the long awaited happiness, far from being so happy in the life of this
. Lucero - an exception to this "rule" and its success in career and personal life can only envy.
Lucero Hogaza, whose name means "bright star", was born August 29, 1969 in Mexico City. Her parents, Lane and Antonio Lucero Hogaza, not particularly imaginative and named his daughter after the mother and her older brother, Antonio, respectively, in honor of his father. They also did not have the slightest relation to the television industry, which in principle do not put their daughters to begin their career at a young age: 10 years old Lucero first appeared on screen in the musical TV movie. But three years later, Lucero was invited to the telenovela "Chispita" in which she starred along with Enrique Lizalde, known to us for the same "La usurpadora" and "Esmeralda".
After such a good start would be removed and the girl removed. But she chose a different work - singing. (It seems that in Latin America are all actors without exception singers, and vice versa.) Celebrated last year's 20 th anniversary of his career, Lucero co-starred in only four series and six television movies. But the discs as much 12 pieces, among which are gold, and platinum.
Perhaps could have remained a popular singer Lucero, occasionally "flexing" in the little-known soap operas, and if it had not invited her to the test in the "bond of love". Lucero did not have to persuade: "I always wanted to play a bad heroine. It is difficult, but interesting. How much can portray to the sweetness indicative girls "- argues actress. Do not scare her and that should play three different characters. That is constantly changing voices pereprichesyvatsya, disguise, camouflage. Sometimes one long scene in a minute could take three o'clock shooting - you first need to play a heroine, and then repeat in detail the same scene with the second.
. But the serial bonds of love "brought Lucero not only recognition as an actress, but a great love of Manuel Mijares
. In fact, they met in 1987 while working on another TV films Lucero "Escapate Conmigo". At 18-year-old Lucero with the already well-known singer Manuel, which is older than her eleven years, immediately formed soft, but extremely friendly relations. And almost a decade later, their friendship grew into a great love. According to Lucero, she fell in love at first sight, this powerful, handsome, but a long time could not admit him into his sense of. Oh what happened during work on the series "The bonds of love ', is not known, but at the end of 1996, coinciding with the end of shooting, they announced their engagement. And in January 1997, married.
It was one of the grandest weddings in Mexico. TV Company "Tetevisa" not enough that aired this commemorative event in all Spanish-speaking countries, so even offered to pay most of costs. In total, the wedding was spent 383 thousand pesos. Visitors numbered about fifteen hundred, among whom were actors, singers, politicians. Even the Pope John Paul II sent a greeting from the Vatican. Otgulyav to fame in the 45-day honeymoon, the newlyweds went to the other end of the world - in Japan.
. In his spare time, the most famous in Latin America, the couple prefers to go to the movies (especially fond of movies with Sean Connery and Mel Gibson), sunbathe and play tennis
. Lucero daily aerobics and running no less than 30 minutes to maintain an already perfect figure. Although primarily it is proud of her hair. "I never made a short cut, only cropped split ends. Never dyed his hair and is not like it when they need to be tied to the tail. I always go home only with her hair, "- says Lucero.
After the resounding success of the series "The bonds of love" Lucero nevertheless continues to be primarily a singer, not an actress. Her favorite singers - Sting, George Michael and, of course, Manuel Mijares. Only when her husband, Lucero has not recorded one song, her biggest dream - to sing with the legendary Latin American singer Pedro Infante - have not yet been realized.

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HOGAZA Lucero (Lucero Hogaza), photo, biography
HOGAZA Lucero (Lucero Hogaza), photo, biography HOGAZA Lucero (Lucero Hogaza)  Actress, photo, biography
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