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Tatiana Tsiplyaeva

( The leading news programs TVC)

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Biography Tatiana Tsiplyaeva
Tatiana Tsiplyaeva leading news program TVC, queen Bala Russia press-99, has an official title of "most charming domestic TV presenter". It is not surprising, since an early age she was a soloist at all festivals, sang, acted as the Snow Maiden in kindergarten, but terribly afraid of Santa Claus. It looks like Tanya had always wanted to do everything as best as possible: studies on the "excellent", a music school, ballroom dancing ...
- Tatiana, was not whether you have a complex otlichnitsyN
- Do not know. I have never had such an excellent student, who did not like the boys and which girls are uncomfortable. I have always had many girlfriends, and the boys looked after me since kindergarten. But do everything as best as possible and me, though, wanted it out of my parents. They are wonderful, still helps me to live - in all senses. Pope, Boris, Professor of MAI, the author of many works on his specialty, a real scientist. My mother, Nina G., engineer, aviation industry for many years worked in the Research Institute Zhukovsky airfield. True, I did not follow in their footsteps, I thought I was the humanities. In the tenth grade, I had left all his enthusiasm and began training in the University: taught the language, literary criticism, all these crazy rules on the Russian. Received the Faculty of Moscow State University. Then he left work as a lecturer at the Department of "Russian as a foreign language" natural faculties of Moscow State University. There came people from all over the world to learn Russian language. And I was only twenty-three years, often the students were twice my age ...
- How do they have nazyvaliN
- Tatyana. But I do not particularly flattered, this is a common university practice. So I worked for about three years, then decided that self-respecting teacher should have a degree, was admitted to graduate. Now in my immediate plans dissertation on the text as an illustration of the world, people who studied together with the foreign language
. - But Philology graduate from the university to presenter seemed to be "huge distance" N
. - The Administrator of the Directorate of entertainment programs RTR found me just in the university, just asked me if I wanted to work on television
. I went through a competitive selection and got a job in the game program "Zigzag of Fortune", which was to talk with the audience on the phone. However, I have never "sat on the phone," I have entrusted to pay out money prizes to the winners. So I was Tatiana Borisovna at MSU and at the same time, smiling, gave money to spectators. Seriously this occupation I did not take, although I liked the atmosphere of the program - everything was so fun, easy, unusual, like at a party in the kindergarten. Then there were the "Money" on NTV, an information channel for business people, business and financial news. Of course, I delved into what I read, but was not the author of the program.
- And finally, the channel TVTSN
- In the News Center TV work since its foundation. With this work I live. Unfortunately, today our issues by almost eighty percent are composed of any emergency messages. When you read such news, we can not worry how it is transmitted to spectators - do not know. And. When completing issue with the words "Thank you for your attention, . you was Tatiana Tsiplyaeva ", . always want to add "And also ..." - And list all, . who makes our news: chief editor, . producer, . our reviewers, . Analysts, . Correspondents, . producing, . assistants etc.,
. Injustice news program that it has no subtitles, never says who it does, remember only the lead, and he is working as a team.
. - It's true that her husband you met in universiteteN
. - Yes, on the second day of my studies: I have just received, and Alex had finished university, an economist on international affairs, an experienced, veteran student, almost post-graduate
. We chatted on the way to the dining room, he treated me with orange juice - and met. A married that day, when I was eighteen. Our son Sergei is now twelve years old, he was a talented child has recently moved into a new special school English. Sergei - my great friend and assistant. He - a man who was about all you can ask, if I do not have time or not cope. He can do everything: cook dinner, bake a cake, write a crossword puzzle for my guests and even knows how to embroider. This goes to karate and music school. And in general, Sergei - creative nature, reads a lot. This year we had a rest in Sochi, I left early for work, calling them every day: that you delaeteN - read on ...

. - They say you're passionate avtomobilistkaN

. - Yes, I have a car "Peugeot", I love him very much, I have it for three years and I have never failed a
. Driving try gently, in the "traffic" does not get nervous - ether teaches not to waste energy in vain. When I understand that you can not change anything, I stop worrying, start to paint her lips, and view the paper.
- Ability to give an autograph facilitates zhiznN
- Course. But actually I do not like it when people recognize me. Private life should remain private life. Well, imagine if I was going, I think his - and then suddenly turned to me a stranger invades includes all of my work history - there really have to forget everything, to make another person say: "Yes, I am". By the way, I very often say: "No, you're wrong". Of course, if it is not traffic police. However, after last year's Bala press my posters hung all over Moscow, and now know is very often. But I have a big, black glasses, with which I am not parting. Maybe I'm not too vain man. Or just do not like to mix work and life. My life is different.
- What zheN
- Very different. I come in different moods at different periods of life. To me there is no consistency in short-term things, though, by and large, I'm standing man. This happens. There are some instant things - and in them I have to change, but in the underlying category is even constant.
- And what of the women's weaknesses, you will most svoystvennyN
- All of which just happen!

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Tatiana Tsiplyaeva, photo, biography
Tatiana Tsiplyaeva, photo, biography Tatiana Tsiplyaeva  The leading news programs TVC, photo, biography
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