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Victor Avilov - actor famous for all of Moscow's Theater on the South-West. In the fixed gaze of his kinogeroev - Lord of the designer, Dr. Katzel, Count of Monte Cristo - wrapped up an exciting mystery, fancies something supernatural. Such a person would like to call the devil, regardless of whether or not the matter of sympathy, once seen, it already would never forget.

After a long illness Victor Avilov finally released from hospital. "Nine months spent. Now go, and everything seems strange and unfamiliar. I have no idea where to begin, what to catch. So many cases have accumulated. Just crossed the threshold of his house - went calls: from television, from the editors of popular publications. I'm still not completely adapted in neponyatke some'm ". Recent developments in the creative life of the actor: to shoot at a German film on domestic tale "The Tinder Box" in the role of Koshchei Immortal (witch there, . incidentally, . played Nina Haggi), . participation in shows ( "So far, all the houses", . "My Family"), . and the rest for now - at the level of assumptions,
. Configured to Viktor optimistic. Asked about the state of mind today, he replied: "Quiet. Do not pry, though there are small, clean everyday problems, but they do not give a reason to go mad ". Well, the rumor that Avilov left the theater in the Southwest, of course, was just a rumor. Soon the audience will see the beloved actor on the stage with an unforgettable face and charming voice.

- Victor, with which it all began?
- It all started on the outskirts of Moscow, in the village Vostryakovo that the Kiev railway. I was in a class with the younger brother of our director Valeria Belyakovich - Sergei. At that time, Valery Romanovich got the idea to create a theater. Future actors he scored there, in Vostryakovo. They were mostly younger classmates Belyakovich. When the elder asked about me: "Why Avilov?" - Junior replied: "And he tells great jokes". Today the team of classmates who began visiting the studio, there were only two: Sergei Belyakovich and I. First little production of Gogol, Sologub, Krylov, we showed in the clubs, even managed to build an auditorium in the library, where he worked then our director.

We have not played in a club initiative. We decided to make a theater. And they did.

- Where did you learn acting skills?
- Here, in the theater. Best School. I've been playing a very important role, such as Bulgakov's Moliere, when I suddenly decided to read Stanislavsky's book "The Work of the actor on himself". He began to read about the super-objective, step-by-line ... In the end, only to find out the name of what I do for ten years.

- What were you doing before you hit the theater?
- I am returning from the army, not even thinking that I would be in the theater. I had two professions, rather serious. I am a professional driver, worked for years on "MAZ", took the sand from the ruble on the Moscow new buildings. This profession was fun. Another more boring - installation and adjustment of control systems and automation. He worked in various research institutes.

Actually I was a flier. Each year, changed jobs. Research Institute through the winter to sit - well, just zachahnesh. In the summer had left, walked his amateur vacation. Summer's gone, again I go settle down somewhere. Had five research institutes and five motor depots. And after work, ran a drama studio. We must pay tribute to our director: he was from the outset set the bar so high that there hihanki-hahanki not pass on serious had work.

- What you closer, cinema or theater?
- Of course, theater. Actor in film, in my opinion, less interesting work. He said three sentences, you say: "Stop, withdrawn. Go smoke ". It is quite another thing when you come out and three hours to do everything in one breath. If the movie does not get double - his reshoot. There is no double. And, of course, you need all in one fell swoop issue.

- When was your debut in a movie?
- In 1986-1987 in the movie "Mr. decorator". Then there were pictures of "On the grass barefoot," Agape ". They almost no one knows, often I was there, they say, on the second screen ... About ten to fifteen percent of the total work in the film falls on the films that have become popular. It is normal for the actor's work. And that's the paradox: I am a part of his life on Vernadsky Prospekt, "Mosfilm" in two steps, and was filmed in Odessa, Kiev, Leningrad, Sverdlovsk,. On the "Mosfilm" came only in 1986 when filming "Lord of the designer."

. - Which of those roles that you played in your opinion, can be called significant?
. - Nobody knows what I weighed on the Leningrad television movie "Masquerade" by Lermontov
. Arbenina played. Classical higher order, and nobody will know. It happens, remember "Humble cemetery," and basically learn to "Prisoners of the Chateau d'If, where I play the Count of Monte Cristo, still Мордаунта remember from" The Three Musketeers ", the doctor from the Petersburg Secrets". On the tapes now go "Safari © 6", "Civil bet" and other films.

- How do you series "St. Petersburg secrets"?
- I honestly did not look. Several times, however, saw himself on the screen ... My wife cried: "Oh, You know, your show!" A completely failed. It would be interesting, but no time.

- Please tell us about the most memorable day of the shooting.
- He was linked with unpleasant feelings during the filming of "Prisoner of the Chateau d'If". Imagine: the water in the sea - twelve degrees, and they told me: "Dive, Victor". We filmed a real castle d'If in Marseille. So, the director said that as soon as it gets dark, go shoot a scene shoot. Castle built in the sea, on top of a small rock. The walls of the prison immediately transformed into a rocky cliff. Height there be healthy ... And already in November. In the sea out - there wind blows cold, the French sailors in jackets. We are all on pot-type pleasure boats, which go along the Moscow River. Cutter stood at anchor opposite the castle, illuminated searchlight. I say: "Come on, you swim directly at us, and we'll shoot you". Floated. The clothes of the prison, with a beard ... Sailed meters at fifteen or twenty, turned - and back. Hard to row, the wave of high. They took off! And I again: "we exhort: suddenly the marriage of the film - scratches ... We are now another charge, a new. Well, please understand that it's difficult. Come on! "What do you need so necessary. Sail tired already, and suddenly erupts in mind the following question: "Interestingly, and in this sea there sharks?" Night. Holodryga and thoughts about sharks. I went cold all ... And I was soon on the ship! And his side of the wave rather high. On the boat hanging the container from the machine - the docking. I grabbed for the bottle, just want to get up - a sudden wave as nahlynet, and I hang ... Those on board, too, until I can not reach. The legs go under the board, and he is a small shells ... Somehow I pulled. Following the shootings in my feet were all in the blood. French sailors looked at me like an idiot.

- And why the backup was not?
- You know yourself, to travel to France, need decent money. We could not afford to carry stunt. They left only me and Alexei Petrenko. In my opinion, even Anya Samokhina not go.

- Is it necessary that the main character played by two actors?
- Edmond Dantes in his youth played Eugene Dvorzhetsky. Having spent fourteen years in prison, he changed into a so ugly mug. In this sense there is a stretch, but on the other hand, this explains the fact that it did not recognize ... For fourteen years he has changed from Zhenya in me. So all logical. And if you take a French film with Jean Marais - how he sat down, and went so. What no one knows? Here Khil'kevich deeper thought.

- Have time for your work in the theater is that curious thing called the theater?
- In the theater, as elsewhere, is not always all happens smoothly. Once the stage fell. This is when we are on tour in Japan were. "Hamlet" played. Closer to the finale - a sword fight with Laertes, Hamlet. Here he must besiege me ... And everywhere the scene as a scene, and then with beveled corners. I go and just forget about the beveled corner ... Take a step and feel that somewhere flying ... Do not even had time to realize that this. He fell back on the scene, fortunately, was low ... In doing? Such an embarrassment! Just at that moment Laertes had hurt me. I grabbed his arm, though he did not just fall, but from the injury ... In principle, all normal beat. At the right moment he fell.

Not everything always turns out so well. We have the spectacle of Gogol - "Passing", "Morning business man" and "lackey". All three things in one performance. Played it Sobachkin. This is such a dandy, well, in general, features of snuff where I have to say: "Could you give me two tyschiN" Then: "It took ... Shawl even once took ". And the devil pulled me say instead of just "handkerchief" handkerchief ". I say "Platova toe" and then "oh, no, sock Platova". Partner told me: "Ah, well, okay, not important, more". I drove farther. It was such. One thing, something else happens ...

- Obligatory question: your creative plans?
- Now going to unwind the transfer of television. I do not want yet to say what, touch wood. And I want to do staging the film as a director. I have tried to run "Caligula". Took the play Albert Camus, sat down, shook it and made an interesting screenplay. I began to finance. According to the play all the scenes take place indoors, but the film needs fresh air, and some of the episodes I brought to the seashore, in the caves. Went to the preparatory period in the Crimea with his movie camera, the whole nature photographed. Estimated began with twenty-six thousand dollars, and as a result turned into a tremendous amount. The sponsor told me: "Sorry, but I can not breathe". We all stood still.

- What do you do with your kinogeroyami?
- There is something, of course, to my way of my demonic characters, such Мордаунта. True, I did not like that the director is forced to play something that I did not like. Although, when we talked before shooting with Yungvald-Khilkevich, he told me: 'Victor, you understand, four healthy goats killed your mother. How you should treat them! Well? With your hand, this noble act, especially in those years - to avenge the murder of the mother ". That's all to justify. Methods of killing - this is the second question. People do not understand and say: "Wow, Мордаунт!"

- You have many friends?
- I have one friend, Dima Chubarov, who also often dynamite. But not because he dinamist to me, but because it is formed circumstances. He graduated from the Acting Department in Kazan, then worked at the Odessa film studio to the administrator's "Prisoners of the Chateau d'If". He took off even my movies. So we tried to deal with provernut. All have done what was necessary, now he sits in Kazan bezvylazno ... But in this country tuning, at least now, it is very difficult to work normally, because people are not accustomed to the normal economic relations. Probably seven or ten percent think only how to dupe partner. And we tried everything to be honest. But it turns out, apparently, only in very rare cases. The continuous throwing goes.

- How to enjoy a rest?
- My favorite kind of vacation - fishing. Unfortunately, the last couple of years, fishing was never. Winter does not like, somehow not roll. But summer love. Previously, went all the theater for a month, on the shore and arranged the tents. In the morning you get up, fish polovit. Hunt - girls fire. And now somehow all fell apart. These big companies did not get selected ... I was tempted to engage in extrasensory. At night, once jumped up and think: "What, why, why we live, where all this?" Then the psychics were deep underground, behind them came the police, the searches they have done. I was lucky, I met with one of them. He then told me many interesting things.

- You give the impression of a man with psychic abilities ...
- Dar, this is probably everyone. You just need to believe in. I even can not diagnose, but several people cured. One girl two days rescued from hereditary eczema. Although the deal, and threw it, but a few months ago Views: in the subway, on the floor in the transition to the Revolution Square, lies a girl of sixteen or seventeen years. People passing by, and my mother shaking her. I say: "Wait". By hand, not touching, pulled the dirt, the negative energy, as it should in the first stage. Then he seemed to be directed to the person all very bright, clean. When there is a cure - the hand was going up as much. This girl is nothing stood.

- What do you like most about yourself?
- I like that after all I am an optimist. Life sometimes beats-beats, but I always find the strength to say: "Nothing, Vitek, nothing ..." This is a whole string of misfortune falls on me, and I say to myself: "This is garbage, I'm afraid it gets worse. So now it is too early to cry ... "And do not like - it's my razdolbaystvo. Let It Ride. Do not know how to deal with cases. Do not know how to save money, unfortunately. I squander them immediately. This machine I have long been worth it, but my hands do not reach it repaired. Repair of a simple. A-ah ... subway ride. This, of course, abhorrent trait. I can not do anything. rernee I can, all I can, but lazy ... then ... nd it is now reluctant ... then ... then ...

To be honest, I'm very tired. There is a notion of "cumulative" - Kopian years fatigue. And I guess I was tired because he did many things through the "can not and do not want to, but it is very exhausting. Several times endured strenuous tour. I thought - I die. Seventy-four performances of "Romeo and Juliet". And before that - fifty-four "Hamlet"! Very hard.

- If possible, tell us about the family.
- I was married three times. The most recent wife, we lived for eight years.

- Last previous marriage happier?
- Time will tell. With me working in the theater, my second wife, we have two children, and I left them. The children are old enough. Elder in April of nineteen, and younger - fifteen. For me, this topic is soulful. Painful ... I am a penalty for all this, but nothing I can do.

- Your last wife also works with you?
- No. It is now out of business. But she has experience at the Odessa film studio. If we would send, we will do it together.

- How did you meet?
- In Odessa during the filming. She was assistant director. I led her from her husband. So who's going leaves a beautiful girl for six months and goes on a cruise? He returned, and she had me in Tallinn, on the set. The story ended with their divorce. He returned three days earlier. He, of course, immediately reported. He rang through the background knew where the film crew lived, in what room the actor Avilov. I was on set, and she in my room. My husband calls, her voice: "Alla". He: "Well, hello, my wife!" I imagine her condition.

- Devotees are obsessed?
- Different fans are. And generally to do with it depends on the mood. Sometimes - a man came up, asked for an autograph, simply, everything is fine, but next time you think: "Lord, well, at least nobody would have went! But do not ever pick. Here Misha Boyarsky at once can put a barrier once - and all. And I can not. Me inconvenient to offend people. It is hard to say a harsh word, so to repay for their love to me.

- Beautiful women often do you meet?
- Fine women I meet oh how often. Especially here in Moscow. In America, there is hardly any. There a hundred - a beautiful. In our thirties, no less. In the metro a lot.

- What do you think when you see a beautiful woman?
- The peasant, when he sees a beautiful woman, one's mind.

- You often fall in love?
- One thing - fall in love, and another - to love. Love - this is a clinical case. In my life this was three times - first wife, second wife, third wife. A love of light is always present.

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