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Aroseva Olga

( Actress)

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Biography Aroseva Olga
(p. December 21, 1925)
Youngest daughter of a Bolshevik, writer and diplomat Alexander Aroseva was born in Moscow but grew up abroad. Incidentally, the first three days the newborn was enjoying life under the name Barbara - so it has registered a happy dad. However, at the request of my mother Barbara safely turned into Olga, and it remains to this day. In the genus Aroseva was a Polish aristocrat, was a repressor of freedom-loving Poles Murav'ev-hanger, there was first a merchant guild, and certainly not without its actors.
Father Olga and still loves immensely. With pleasure recalls the atmosphere in the house on the waterfront, where they lived on his return from abroad. In the apartment there were Nemirovich-Danchenko, Romain Rolland, Tairov with UNC, the young Boris Livanov ... All this ended in a 37-m, when Alexander Yakovlevich, feeling around him, and in the country, there is something irreparable, he went to Ezhov, whom he knew from the civil. Apparently, he wanted to talk "as a communist with a communist". Not returned. Olya then decided not to join the Young Communist League: it was required to renounce his father - "the enemy of the people". She even beat up her sister-Komsomol member, was forced to do so.
Frivolous, eccentric and naive, our heroine's mother was descended from Polish nobility. Olga Goppen graduated from the Institute of noble maidens and although not experienced hostility to Soviet power, but also to adapt to it could not. (Aroseva recalls, . in the hungry years after the war spells over a salad of cod with potatoes, . and mother, . lying on the couch, , . that after the arrest of her former husband gave her daughters, . who formerly lived with her father,
. I think she even got on his knees before senior Chekists. I begged: an orphanage for girls are not sent.

FIRST JOY. Ever since his childhood in Prague showed that Olya Aroseva - a born actress. Once, . watching "The Threepenny Opera", . She cut up her dress in tatters, . like the poor performance figures, . and together with his girlfriend-of Czech went begging, . telling the astonished bourgeois touching legend, . if their mother left, . Papa money does,
. It almost ended the diplomatic row: in the newspaper published an article about the daughter of the Soviet ambassador, collecting alms. (The poor in those years in Prague did things like that.)

Arriving in Moscow, Olga made her debut in the school theater. She played a Japanese spy, which retards vigilant Pioneer. Together with the first role and started the first fan, he is originally courted - regularly tore the object of worship winter hat and threw in a tree. But once paid: Strong Olya poured on his blond head bottle of ink, and the hapless boyfriend had to go to school with blue hair.

Referring to the first role and the first fans, and deserves to be told about the first fee. Ironically, the hypocrisy, he had no relationship. Once, on the way to the stadium, where our heroine was engaged in gymnastics, she was approached by a short man is not very remarkable appearance and offered to write her portrait. He paid her a present of models. It was Nicholas Romadin. The result of their friendship were two paintings, which then, as adults, Olga scratched from the artist with great difficulty. The old man attached to his model, and feared that, having obtained the portraits, it will cease to visit him.
Her early youth coincided with the war. It was at this time, serious young girl came ... a circus school. True, she dreamed of being a rider, but horses, as a sin, mobilized. Their new-found tsirkachka do not panic - with enthusiasm juggled and walked on a wire. In parallel with the circus school she managed to attend school, landing, and who knows what would have ended, but the typical Aroseva childhood fear of heights, peacefully dozing in the arena, woke up during training for parachute jumping. The girl literally fainted with horror and was excluded. But the second attempt took place in the theater.
Delicious adventurism characteristic of our heroine, played a pivotal role in her fate. In Moscow en route from the evacuation of the Leningrad Theater of Comedy tour led by a wonderful director and artist Nikolai Akimov. Aroseva, even without completing the course, had to show was met favorably and, presenting a diploma nurses, already graduated from the theater, "fraudulently" was leaked to the troupe. Went to Leningrad, where she spent five happy years, has mastered the basics of the profession, partnerstvovala with amazing actors. Here, she first married and here ... pleased by the court - when the misunderstanding was not a performance, and thus it tore.

But everything comes to an end. And good - a lot sooner than we would like. Akimov was removed, was accused of cosmopolitanism. Renounced it all, except two people: Boris Smirnov (he was later successfully played Lenin in Moscow Art Theater), and our disorganized, desperate, reckless heroine, is surprisingly faithful to those who "tamed". In Leningrad, it was nothing more to do, and she returned to Moscow.

Aroseva settled in the Satire Theater, where he works today. She - actress of a certain Role, but it did not feel, and, laughing, said: "At the first course because of thinness they gave me to play lyrical heroines, then the natural humor won". However, some of the critics offered to print her frustrated mourn the fate of large-scale dramatic actress, which are available and subtle psychology, and acute tragifarce ". Critics have suggested that it could play the play Beckett and Ionesco, Mother Courage and Vassa Zheleznova. Well, perhaps. Although, if Aroseva even think about it, but today, when it suits his own non-repertory and travels with the performances of the cities and villages, down to America, to organize production, it would be a snap. But, most likely, Olga understands that a grateful public is dearer in the form of eccentric Mrs. Monica and simple-minded heroines Ryazanovskaya comedies, so it breaks the framework of its own Role. Moreover, at different times it is allowed to work in plays by Ostrovsky, Erdmann, Beaumarchais, Griboyedov Calderon ... By the way, despite the unprecedented popularity, Aroseva long given the title: Diploma something she had not defended, not studied ourselves. However, in recent years, the actress befriended and power, and "oligarchy": from the President received the Order of Merit, and the generosity of LogoVAZ - silver "Buick" on his seventieth.

. Of the characteristics and features of our heroine's love for animals, we note, for preference, to travel, as well as to his dacha, where she spends most of his free time
. Aroseva differs incomparable charm, light bitchiness (within reason), an exceptional sense of camaraderie and tough character, which she explains the birth between the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn: December 21. (In the same day as Stalin, incidentally.) Appreciates the cheerful actress bath joy and swimming in the pool, smoking a Marlboro, would not mind a drink with friends after the play, biting is not foppish delicacies and traditional sauerkraut. Aroseva has a weakness for bright ornaments (jewelry not recognize), and is convinced that in a past life was a Thai jeweler. She never considered herself a beauty, however, and no doubt in his ability to turn a head to anybody.
ABOUT MAN. Olga redpochitaet blue-eyed blonds. Marry four. Her first husband was a musician, the second - Artist Satire Theater Yuri The fellow-cue, the third - the singer Arkady Pogodin, talking about the fourth OA. somehow avoids. Since the elected she always parted without a scandal that subsequently allowed to maintain most friendly relations.
. In the late 40's still obscure artist wrote wonderful letters to her enchanted Alexei Arbuzov - the famous playwright, author of "Tanya"
. He could share the delight of the new poems of Pasternak, . talk about football, . lament the callousness of "socialist romanticism", . mock at himself, . started a brawl at New Year, . but every time consistently broke off into the abyss of despair, . passion, . perplexity: Olga somehow did not answer.,

. "What you like, from which come in yarostN hotiteN What I do not know, I do not know
. Why the whole day thinking about vasN What chertaN! I am writing these silly letters long. I should have to apply for you in court for witchcraft. You're probably a sly, wicked, wicked. But how would I like to put my head on your knees. I wish I could forget about everything! "
"I then looked at you and wondered instantly arose proximity - and was surprised and afraid, he did not yet know what. And the autumn night when we walked through the desert, moonlight Leningrad, the bridge over the Fontanka, your warm hands and thrice cursed street, the one where you live. <...>
Ten hours ten minutes. And your lips, your wet lips trembling.
Ten hours and fifteen minutes. Your sweet hand that stroked my head. What's happening in the world in these mgnoveniyaN There was nothing except you. I felt your heart, he remembered nothing and going crazy ... "

Arbuzov bombarded her letters seven months. In the final message calling her only heavenly and earthly love, went into a frenzy of despair: "The closer the night, more terrible when I think of Leningrad. Enough. Do you have your being in the world, my damned vydumkaN! "

. ... Only in recent biographical book fearless Olga - not scared once, a girl wrote to Stalin, he does not believe in the guilt of the father - dared to explain his silence a man who is no longer able to hear it.

. Dear Aleksei!
. It was only half a century, and finally I decided to answer you.
. Why has not done this before, though you both on this prosiliN
. You showered my unprepared mind a barrage of twenty tumultuous feelings, in such a highly artistic presentation, that each time, picking up the pen, I knew how misery would look like tongue-tied my recognition
. And - importantly - on my youth I was obviously a very sensible. Not that I do not believe in the sincerity of your feelings, but they, I thought, not very reliable. I was right. It is not afraid are you after some time away from me - not dead, not gone scrip, and then, as has developed further so your and my life, has confirmed that we are very interested in her and lived with other people.
. Yes, probably, we would be good together
. But not for long. And now you will stay with me forever in your letters.
When I have been in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg, I go to "our" places and I remember every day spent with you. They were so little ...
I know that feeling for you was the strongest and most beautiful in my life.
Good-bye, now - bye. Olya Aroseva. "

This seemed to have nothing to add. Is that a few phrases from a long letter Arbuzov, wrote from Batumi, 23 April 1948: "It is terrible to think, to what we all accidental. The case confronts us with each other, then he is also a repellent, and everyone could live with anyone, if this case zahotelN And how terrible this is hidden that wants to scream with fear.
. Lord, help me to live without hope. "
. Olga Aroseva - of his contemporaries
. Ranevskaya SICK
. "She was lying in a ward, similar to King Lear: gray hair scattered over the pillow, his eyes all the time go by for ever ..
. I asked him: "Faina G., how are you chuvstvueteN" And it is in a weak voice: "You start tomorrow, I represent the whole MoskveN" I sat next to her bed and began to cheer, praise: "You are such a brilliant actress, Faina G. ... After all, a beautiful young heroine is all about role. Big role does a brilliant actress. Do you have small roles, you - character actress - and still the heroine, the star. - Quite'm in the praise that it does not lay like so indifferent to the "stretching" the eyes: - You are the only, unique, more in the world there are none ... "
. And then his eyes opened, and out of bed so they heard menacingly:
. - And Anna ManyaniN .. "


. "Akhmatova made a strange impression on me
. She was in boots. And things were on it is not that old-fashioned, but some sloppy, as if she inherited from the past time. And the stockings are down. But the majesty, despite everything, remained. <...>
Ranevskaya me is: "This Olechka Aroseva, her mother, who helped me - by Polina Molotov - with headquarters in Moscow. And you, Lelia, do you know who etoN This Akhmatova. You poems Akhmatova chitalaN .. "I did not hesitate to answer:" Yes, of course ... "" Read Akhmatova. Will you then say that Akhmatova herself listening to you ... "
And that's me with some demon possessed. And today I can not explain his bullying. Then Faina G. said, thoughtfully, and seemed to feel compassion for me: "She's such an intelligent mother, French said ..." And. I said nothing more. And I'm here as Zaor: "Oh, I'm confused, mixed up, I now read you ..."
And some one poem surfaced in memory. There was a line: "And the only red tulip, . tulip in his buttonhole you ... "And then Akhmatova replied:" You are wrong to read, . because I wrote this poem in Tashkent, . to the tune of eastern song, . - And began to sing a long: - I-and-only dye-a-ac-tion tyulpa-a-an in your buttonhole ... "Then they went to the theater, . Ranevskaya and gave me final instructions: all cut properly, . and crust, and the key to give hostess,
. (In his memoirs Vecheslova and it is: how Ranevskaya arranged a banquet, invite some girl cut sandwiches. That girl was me).
A day Faina G. thanked me: "Lelenka, you all did very well, thank you". And I stand, mnus do not know how to admit: "I did everything, only one did not ..." She asked anxiously: "What do not you ChegoN sdelalaN" "I did not give brown ... I took them myself ... I ate them ... "She heard and wept."

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Aroseva Olga, photo, biography
Aroseva Olga, photo, biography Aroseva Olga  Actress, photo, biography
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