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Biography Ingrid BERGMAN
photo Ingrid BERGMAN
For the role of Joan of Arc was canonized her almost. For the love of Roberto Rossellini - almost crucified. And it was neither holy, nor whore, nor a righteous or sinner. It was just a woman with a lifetime looking for love and not afraid to pay the bills.
Of course, she was also a wonderful actress. Not imagine himself outside the theater and film, without suffocating roles, sad, when due to pregnancy or the whims of Rossellini was forced not to work. Even agree on the role of third-rate paintings, which - strange to say! - Ennobled themselves so that critics treat him leniently than they deserved. A good films transformed into masterpieces. She co-starred in a huge number of pictures, played in many productions, seven times nominated for an Oscar, and twice - for "Casablanca" and "Autumn Sonata" - it received.
Still, Ingrid Bergman remained women seeking love. And for the sake of this could have sacrificed much. And sometimes - everything.
Her first husband, Peter Lindstrom, was in all respects a positive person. Any respectable Swedish girl - and Ingrid Bergman, in spite of the passion for art, a love of whiskey and all the Hollywood glamor to the rest of his life remained a respectable lady of Swedish - should have been happy to have such a husband. Promising young doctor, in 20 years, graduated from university and obtained a first degree, at 24 years became a professor in the field of dentistry, an excellent skier, swimmer, boxer and handsome!.. At their first meeting (she was about twenty, she was at stage school and courted her professor Lovelace), Peter said: "I like your hair!.. And what you have a wonderful voice! "
In truth, after these words, it could already be considered solved, but he, as expected, thoroughly courted her for four more years. Her family watched the progress of the pastoral novel with bated breath: they understand, . that such a brilliant young man with serious intentions - simply a godsend for Ingrid, . it guaranteed the future wife of a long and happy, . cozy and cloudless life.,
. A IngridN Ingrid, too, had anything against Peter Lindstrom
. With him, unlike Lovelace professors and students, admirers of the drama school, she felt calm. Moreover, it was the first man in her life, with whom Ingrid could talk about myself. They walked on the Stockholm, . and she told, . told, . told me: that, . both two years old his father made the house a camera and filmed her without respite, . and cinecameras rustled and remembers everything - what she was pretty, . plump, . happy girl, . what a cute and happy she had a mother ..,
. As three godika mother suddenly disappeared, and it turned out - it is nowhere, there is only monument in the cemetery ... Aunt Ingrid explained that such a death, but she did not understand anything, just scared ... As another aunt Ingrid explained that the Pope affair with the maid, and Ingrid again did not understand anything ... As in high school, she recited passages from the play, and all the girls listened to their mouths agape in amazement, and the teacher reprimanded for disrupting Ingrid penmanship lesson ... How then suddenly died and Dad. My aunt, her favorite aunt, the one who always smelled of perfume and she laughed merrily, - also died. And then the grief almost died herself, Ingrid. She already had a large, knew almost everything, and for a time it seemed to her that she was to blame for what happened to my mother, father and aunt. Perhaps, she thought the girl, she should not love anyone, because if she were to love someone truly - and man must die.

Peter listened to it almost from the professional attention - both good doctor listens to the patient. He generally was a good doctor and a noble. And he was so fond of this sweet, serious girl! Peter felt: she did not like the others, because it never pretends to. He explained to her: she was not guilty in death of mother, father and aunt, because they have, judging by the symptoms, a history of cancer. If people do something and blame, it is only in the fact that hitherto powerless against cancer. And he is not afraid, if she love him. He is not going to die, on the contrary - will live with her happily ever after.

She believed him, allowed herself to fall in love and parting, wrote him a letter: "My darling!" My only, I am happy only with you ... Come and Stay. Your forever Ingrid ". When they finally got married, he was 30 and she 23. Ingrid has played several roles in theaters in Stockholm, even became a rising star.

"You run the risk, Peter, - said to him before the wedding, someone familiar. - Well, you know these actresses. Moreover, it babe ... "But he ventured.
And beginning in general, was cloudless. After a wedding trip to Norway and England, they returned to Stockholm and began to live in his large and spacious apartment, enjoying each other and arranging frequent parties for friends. For such methods Ingrid usually invites au pair, because she could not produce strong. In this, perhaps, and yet manifested its difference from ordinary Swedish women: "to prepare for dinner" meant to Ingrid Bergman, you need to change clothes. And the rest - although in 1937 the Swedes had unanimously called it the most popular actress - she was like everyone else, even knitting a fine.

I listened to Peter throughout. Moreover, if he is not, Ingrid would have never gone to Hollywood. While Hollywood would call her a long time - the rumor brilliant Swede rolled to California, . and producer David Selznick now and then dispatched in Stockholm agents messengers, . Ingrid explained to order in English, . but if you do not understand in English, . then at least in Chinese: in Europe - the war, . and in America - money and fame,
. Ingrid has fluctuated, but Peter had already thought through and everything figured out: $ 2500 per week for his role in the remake of "Intermezzo"! Even Vivien Leigh in "Gone with the Wind" has received two times less. Refusing simply unwise.

"But, my dear, but what PiaN - asked Ingrid. By the time they already had a child, a wonderful little girl, like her mother. - I'm not able to immediately take it with me! "" Nothing, - said Peter. - Go. For Pia, I'll find a nanny. And then we'll come to you. "

. When newspapers in all languages of the world will blame Ingrid Bergman that she threw the child to its fate, I forgot about him, wiped out the life, no one will remember that she did not want to go to Hollywood ...

. And then Peter, of course, was right
. He led all of its business, enter into contracts, negotiate terms of shooting. The house they bought in Hollywood, near Sunset Boulevard, she liked: a real Hollywood mansion with a swimming pool. And David O. Selznick was an honorable man and unbloody, though earned at each picture twice as much as it. And Pia was a wonderful girl, and Peter - a great father.

So why did they rasstalisN Because dried up love ...

Of course, not immediately and not suddenly, but their marriage moved to the stage of chronic disease with complications in the form of depression. It is bored in the marriage, well, like an old tweed coat, long outmoded. She wanted love, not the welfare. Talk about feelings, not about contracts and fees. Flowers, but no checks.

Peter just did not understand decisively to. He had nothing against her long absence because of the shootings, gave her the maximum freedom and a blind eye to certain liberties. Even a fleeting romance with the wife of photographer Robert Kapa. On the one hand, it was very generous, but on the other hand, given the profits that it brought the family - quite sensibly. And she probably would have gone to Peter, but only a new boyfriend was no better. He was vague talk about that marriage for a creative nature is injurious, and Ingrid, frightened by such profundity, at that time remained Mrs. Lindstrom. Even tried to somehow establish a family life. He and Peter had planned to start in earnest the second child and placed on the unborn baby savior role of the family ...

But in her life broke Roberto Rossellini. I blew up this life to the devil.

Outwardly, it looked like an ordinary meeting of the famous director with a famous actress to discuss a possible scenario. Peter also attended, gave advice and set the conditions. And she drank wine, smoked cigarette after cigarette and watched Rossellini as a schoolgirl because it has long loved him for his film "Rome - Open City", not unlike any Hollywood concoction. She even wrote him a letter: "I, Ingrid Bergman, admires you and I dream to withdraw you ..." Now the restaurant of the chic Paris hotel, George V ", she saw him and realized that saved - not realizing that had already died. This, incidentally, was on her birthday. Ingrid turned 33.

But Rossellini, as usual, had no idea what the film will be filmed and what should be the scenario. He never thought much about such boring things as scripts. I photographed by the Spirit, and if it was not - left from the set all day, leaving the group in an angry ignorant. And now he saw before him a Hollywood star, under which, perhaps, they would give him money for now. However, the star that he liked. There was no arrogance, and it is so erotic sip wine ... He took a rose and, as chamomile, broke off all the petals: Deactivate the film - without taking off ... Deactivate the - without taking off ... "" I would be honored to play in it, "- said Ingrid and immediately received a poignant view of her husband: she could not talk because they have not yet discussed the conditions!

. Two such dissimilar men as Peter Lindstrom and Roberto Rossellini, find it difficult
. One was a Swede in a square, flat and smooth as a lawn, the other - an Italian in the cube, unpredictable as a forest thicket.

. Peter had been a good family man, Roberto never knew exactly how much he is currently wives, children and mistresses
. In the summer with Rossellini had at least five women: Miss America-46, . he for some reason he took off in his paintings, the great Anna Magnani, . he loved, . although it looked like a suicide - it could easily put him on the head with a plate of hot spaghetti, . start steaming pizza and go to sleep,
. There were also a dancer from the strip, a blonde from Hungary, and, finally, a legal wife. And he loved to race cars ...
Spouses Lindstrom invited the Italian genius for Christmas to her in Hollywood, so everything should agree as. And there happened one event ... However, not even an event as well - a trifle, a trifle. But we all know that life is full of such trifles, subsequently determined to be signs of fate ...

Decennial Pia asked parents to buy her a bicycle for Christmas. Peter (in this family, the wife earned money, and the husband of giving orders, so it was opened) allocated the necessary funds, and Ingrid and her daughter went to choose a gift. And there, in a shop, stuffed with hundreds of bicycles, Pia suddenly saw ... inflatable cow with her apron and a broad smile from one ear to the other rubber. "Mom!" - Whispered Pia spellbound. - Mummy! I think I already do not want a bike ... I think I like this cow. Mommy, please! "

Ingrid was in disarray: the cow just lovely, but the money is allocated on a bicycle ...

"Nonsense, - Peter said angrily, when his wife told him about the sudden passion for the daughter of an inflatable cow. - Nonsense and nonsense! It is a big girl! This cow is worth $ 75. You're in my mind, IngridN! "

In general, Christmas Pia got a bike. And about the cow could easily be forgotten, if Roberto Rossellini, who had come to them through the week, decided not to please hospitable Swedes gifts. He bought for Peter luxurious tie for Ingrid - an elegant handbag, but for Pia ... the very pleasant cow. "She is so beautiful, - he said, handing her a girl - I just could not resist ... And what about you, something nedovolnyN - he turned to the speechless astonishment, Peter and Ingrid. - She will not nravitsyaN .. "

The money for these gifts - $ 300 - Roberto Rossellini borrowed from Peter Lindstrom: at that time he himself was not a penny. But Ingrid is not had absolutely no value.

. ... She went to him in Rome with a suitcase in which were two dresses and linen change, and no one could think that it goes not just to shoot another movie, but leaves his past life
. She herself did not know, . but after a few days, . held in Rome - a rapturous reception of the Italians, . Federico Fellini with compliments, . newspapermen microphones, . fans with flowers, . Roberto with adoring eyes, . - It became clear, . that to Peter Lindstrom, she would never return.,

. Also in the journal "Onions" was published snapshot: Ingrid and Roberto, . holding hands and hugging each other heads, . stand on the ruins of an ancient castle in the Albergo - and all of America with sobs and curses, good-bye to the myth of the holy Ingrid Bergman,
. Their marriage seemed to Lindstrom public exception to the Hollywood lifestyle, role model. Legend ... Yes it posmelaN! But who she is, at the end kontsovN!

Maybe then she could renounce her love. But not want. And then America, for her - Sweden, followed - the rest of Europe disowned her. She realized that neither one of the dirtiest sinner does not condemn as passionately as the former holy. There is always sinful way up. We Ingrid Bergman, a recent icons, there was only one way: down. She took him to the end and not repented of their deed.

Ingrid wrote to Peter: "I would like to explain everything from the beginning, but you know everything, and so. I would like to apologize, but this is ridiculous. And how can you forgive what I want to stay with RobertoN .. "

Peter decided that he put a fool the whole world. He was offended, angry and behaved far better: the divorce process stretched over several years and banned from seeing Pia Ingrid.

. And she gave birth to Rossellini's son.

. Hospital, where she gave birth, was subjected to this assault on photographers and reporters
. One correspondent, in order to get inside, even led to the maternity ward of his own wife, although she was only the seventh month of pregnancy. The second nurse had given a bribe equal to her annual salary. The third just climbed a drainpipe to the window chamber, . which lay Ingrid and the newborn baby, . - And all for the sake of, . to publish her photo, . attributing something stupid like: "She left her daughter in America, . to give birth in Italy, son! ",

. Tabloids struggled in hysterics, a Swedish newspaper called the former pride of the nation "a stain on the flag of the country"
. Some Los Angeles priest said in a radio broadcast that she "leaves behind a stench of filth and debauchery". The Salvation Army took away from their archives all records Ingrid Bergman, made it on the radio until 1949. It was a real transnational baiting. Films with her participation, especially crowds, is now going in empty halls. Distributors refused them. Rossellini, without too much trouble divorced from his previous wife and made a formal offer, Ingrid, still do not bother with such problems. And she Ingrid was still married to Peter, and therefore, by Italian law her child could be recorded only as the son of Lindstrom. As a result, Rossellini had to draw the boy himself, and in the column "mother" was written: "Temporarily not installed". While in the year, Ingrid Bergman, was undoubtedly the most famous mother in the world. Infamous ...

"My heroine, Joan of Arc was declared a witch and burned at the stake, - tired of thinking Ingrid. - But the fire burned the entire hour of power - and a half. I burned several years, and only God knows how much it still continues. Am I right bylaN Yeah, right. But, Lord, what a pity Piu! "

Over time, somehow calmed down. Roberto, Robertino, Ingrid and the baby settled at the Villa Santa Marinella on the high bank near the old Roman fortress. Rossellini raced with ideas of new films, spent money without counting, and from time to time disappear, to ride on their sport utility vehicles, without which life itself is not represented. She also meticulously followed the procedure unspiteful scolding the servants, and bargained with the fishermen and asked her husband about the role.

"Of course - he agreed - you shall be removed. But the film only from me! "With Ingrid would be happy to work and Fellini and Visconti, but it turned out that Rossellini insanely jealous, quick-tempered, intemperate, prone to depression and occasionally inclined to threaten her suicide.

. But she loved him and could not long be angry
. Especially that Roberto knew how to make amends. I had to just tell a funny story, . example, . he married the first time "for fun", . ie feigning wedding scene with a professional actor instead of the Holy Father, . because lady, . in which he was in love, . refused to live with him before the wedding,
. Or - even easier - run to the garden and bring a bunch of flowers, Ingrid. Or cook her delicious spaghetti ... And she forgave him, because it was not like a callous "I'm sorry, dear!" - So it is usually tolerated after quarrels Peter.

. A Pia, yielding to the entreaties of her father, wrote in her letter that he no longer loves her and does not want to even look at the map of the country to Italy ..
. Ingrid wrote to her, sent gifts, trying to see - in vain. When America withdrew the ban on entry visas for Mrs Bergmann, against the trip began to argue Roberto Rossellini. He said take it as a betrayal on her part, and she resigned. In the end it is always subordinate to their husbands ... At least for as long as I loved them.

In 1951, Ingrid realized that pregnant again. And glad. From all that has happened to her in Italy, the birth of children was the best. In addition, she wanted to prove to the world - and above all to herself - that she was a normal woman and a good mother. And June 18, 1952 she gave birth in Rome, two charming twin girls. One was named Isabella Fiorello, second - Isot Ingrid. And Ingrid Sr. would almost be happy, if not a few "but". First, Pia. Secondly, the debt ( "It would be nice to withdraw at some film - she wrote in her diary. - It would be money to buy children shoes ..."). Thirdly, creative failure Roberto Rossellini. Fourth. .. Ingrid was afraid to admit it even to herself, but her husband, for whom she threw her daughter, and family are worried about it less and less.

But Rossellini was unwilling to make concessions. Not want it seen with Pia. Not want it filmed by other directors. I did not notice that it is no longer amused by the story of how he married the first time with the actor in the role of the Holy Father.

Meanwhile, in America, she finally forgave betrayal Peter Lindstrom. And Ingrid took from the company "XX Century Foca" an invitation to play in a movie "Anastasia". "The film will fail! - Warned Roberto, entering the room at that moment, when she signed the contract". "Let, - she answered. - What you raznitsaN "" You scum! "- Shouted Rossellini.

But Ingrid is not afraid. And when he again recalled his classic reception, promising to break her death in a car, did not say what changed my mind - just poured a cup of tea.

The film did not fail. Ingrid again were ready to worship those who only yesterday defied. Offers poured from all sides. Rossellini was jealous, and she discovered that he could be miserable. Noted this to myself (almost indifferent) and launched in Paris to work on the play "Tea and sympathy.

Performance was its triumph. She returned to the people. But Rossellini's got himself a mistress. Sonali Das Gupta was a younger half and seems to have given birth to his child. Ingrid just smiled: 8 years ago so she just took him with Anna Magnani, and now ... She was not hurt. She no longer loved him.
Her third love and the third was the husband Lars Schmidt, a tall, handsome, blond, a European producer, successful impresario, whom she at first meeting took some reason for the waiter. The second meeting, she had refused him under some pretext, and she went for a walk. And - I had to this to happen! - They ran nose to nose! She blushed and asked him to call back. After the third meeting, they had never parted.

Ingrid was exhausted from his two marriages. Lars Schmidt just buried her son and divorced his wife. She did so, that he again wanted to live. He did so to him she lived well and peacefully. And gradually returned to square one. Even Pia forgave her mother and a whole summer spent in Italy with a little brother and two sisters. Even Peter agreed to meet with Ingrid, saying that he no longer keeps her evil. Even his new wife, somehow she managed to smile ... And as Roberto Rossellini and his twenty-seven beauties, then Ingrid promised that easy to give him a divorce, and there is nothing to worry about. She did not want to work from morning till evening. She did not want anyone to enter into long-term contracts. She wanted to withdraw, only when you have the desire, and live with Lars Schmidt.

He guessed her thoughts before she expressed their. He was a Swede, as she and Peter, and at the same time - a creative person, like Rossellini, and it seemed to her that this is exactly what she searched in vain for life. Although - what zhiznN! Sometimes Ingrid seemed that everything is just beginning ... Because she once loved.

"I love you more than anything else, - she wrote to him, feeling like a schoolgirl. - Beloved, I thank you for your love. I thank God for you, because you met me. Here it is I, your old lady, your troll, your misery ... The burden will always be hanging on your neck. "

And Lars Schmidt, seemed to have nothing against such a burden had, the more so because, despite the age, "troll" looked amazing. Envious people could not understand the secret of her beauty: a lot of smokes, drinks whiskey, late falls, get up early and - shines! And she just was in love again. Together they went to Sweden where Lars was the case, he showed her Dannholmen island off the west coast, which has acquired several years ago. "You are here nravitsyaN" - "I like it here!" - "Well, perhaps I would have married you, Ingrid ... But on one condition ". - "At what usloviiN" - "You're going to spend here with me every summer!"
Although the tiny cottage Lars Schmidt saw no electricity or running water, no telephone, she agreed to this condition. I wandered among the huge rocks, sat on the beach, staring at the sea, razuchivaya regular role. I was happy.
"How long liN" - she thought. As it turned out, not too long.
A few years later, Lars Schmidt confessed to her that he loved another woman. Her name is Christina, she is still young and may give birth to a son.
She knew how to hide their pain. I have an incurable disease, with metastases in the spine, has continued to play. I continued to love Lars Schmidt, but gave him freedom. But he did not take it. Specifically, he took, but did not abandon Ingrid. He traveled with her to the hospitals, and when she could no longer leave the house, brought her to the doctors. And Lars took her to Stockholm, where she was IMO the Royal Dramatic Theater, and then on their island, Dannholmen.
Some days she did not get up from bed. Gradually, step by step, beginning to leave the house. Finally, managed to descend the steps and leaning on his arm, to reach the boulder on the beach, which once sat and taught the role of. "You know, Lars, when I ... when I was ... Is my ashes over this sea, "- she said. He nodded. Three days later she was gone ...

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