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Biography BRAZGOVKA Irina
"His room was an unusual smell: acerbic, anything not like. I could not understand what it smells like, until he found a little bottle on the table without a label. When it became clear that he was about to leave, I have this bottle ... stolen, carried away. That smell - the only thing that brings me back to those days. Surprisingly, I still remember it ... "
- Person you have a rare. Brazgovka - is as perevoditsyaN
- The Belarusian version - "a drop of dew, which shimmers in the sun". What does not correspond to my image. In fact, a Polish name, it sounds like Brzozowski. In Belarus, we have Brazgovki. Sometimes people think that this is a nickname for some. Asked: "And the name kakN"
- In Moscow, perhaps, learn to come ...
- Yes, come to VGIK. Got into the studio to Sergei Bondarchuk, who studied together with the stars - Natasha Andreichenko, Andrei Rostotsky ... The course in general was good. But after the release was distributed not in the studio, and Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble.
One day someone invited me to his concert at the Polytechnic, and the first time I heard the sound that I was bewitched. I'm just mad from the sound, from what they are doing, and knew immediately that I should be there, inside. I do not know how, and my voice was not special - however, it now is not ... I never learned to read and write music, I do not know solfege. But that's worked there for twenty years and this totally happy.

Pokrovsky, the eternal memory of him, was a remarkable man. Complex, of course, and very susceptible - in love all potential participants of his ensemble, but it is certainly very normal type of relationship of master and disciple. And I'm in love with him immediately - on stage he was not equal: waving black hair, a furious energy - as well, this is not poddatsyaN short, after the release of the Institute of Cinematography, I was at the Intercession, which aroused great dissatisfaction Bondarchuk. He thought that I changed the movie. But I'm sure that just won: always was outside the relationship okolokinoshnyh and okoloteatralnyh. And our group was invited to the theater and film, we articulated cartoons, working with artists.

- Probably not for nothing Konchalovsky in his book, calls you "beautiful singer". But the story of your acquaintance, he describes quite succinctly: "To me it brought Sasha Pankratov-black". Not very clear, as it - the hand that liN

- Everything happened on a particular scenario, though, maybe I only think so. Once I came to the House of Cinema - wanted to go to a movie, and since I'm a shy, ask for an extra ticket was hard, so I just stood there and waited until one of my friends will. I remember I was on the old-fashioned black coat, which I am very proud, because the collar is already forty years old. Shalev collar from a mountain goat with such a long hard bristles. He kept his nose crouch. And here I stand, sneezing, Kut in this collar and cover any holes in the coat. The sight must have been very touching. Miss me much held all the actors, directors, and Konchalovsky, frankly, I did not even notice.
. A few days later I call Sasha Pankratov, with whom we learned VGIK on parallel courses, and invites you to a restaurant:
. - Since you want to learn Andrey Konchalovsky.
. This form of dating - a secretary - I do not understand
. Why not the most pozvonitN I refused. A minute later, of course, sorry - because I'm the same actress, suddenly it's my sudbaN Then He called again. And I did, I must say, terribly afraid. I thought it was some gangster. In fact, he very good man, we sometimes meet with him. In general, I again said: "No.". And the third time already called himself Konchalovsky. The implication, I think, was this: "Well you red, we'll call, invite, and tyN" It came through in his voice.
- We are sitting here, - said - and it would be very good if you came to us.
- And that I'll be there delatN
- Nothing. Let's chat, something to eat. Let's look at each other ...

I remember it was winter, I walked down the street, and I'm shivering with cold and excitement. Konchalovsky then there seemed to me the size of the otherworldly. He could no more lift in my life, except for "Asi-cripple, and I still would have considered him one of the largest producers.
Of course, they sat in the House of cinema - where else! Some big company was, and I was very confused. I thought that he longs to see only me, but here such a lot of people ...
- None of what role, that weigh in his film, of course, no slovaN
- No, no, I immediately felt that he had to me the other interest. And it was clear that it would end soon, I'm just a small episode in his life. I did not know his relationship with women, but realized that I was not the quantity that a long time to interest the man.
- As it was such a osobennogoN
- Yes, all. And in the eyes of the lights, and her smile absolutely amazing, and the voice - bland, velvet ... But most of all I liked that he is intelligent. You know, I still consider him one of the most remarkable men of our century. And I think he would be a good doctor. I remember once I came to him, Andrew put his hand to my face, and I suddenly felt the heat. His hands emit any biocurrents - a doctor from the exact result would be. Psychiatrist.

I knew that I could tell him anything. Advice, cry. Once complained that riding the subway and on the escalator guy latched on to me - explicit gay. I was scared - is it in me some patologiyaN And he said: "Yes, you rejoice that you are there". - "A chtoN What is in me estN" - "Well, that is -" Come here ". In the eyes of every woman must be an expression ". Then I sat in front of the mirror and tried to rehearse these views: "Come here" or "go away".

With him it was possible to share their torments: it all felt very thinly. It is also like a man. Always wanted it to be you and a friend, and girlfriend. Now I know that this is not strictly necessary: a man and a woman - just a different planet, but then I do not seem. I thought that he understands me and he has no equal in anything. Such a beautiful, mature, generous ...

- Gifts delalN

- Of course, I'm a student, just short of funds, and he gave me some things that are brought from abroad. Brought all - Andrei was distributed in advance: it is - Aunt Masha, is - Uncle Pasha, and so on. I have his gifts were still. There is a dress is very beautiful, timeless, regardless of style, hangs as a museum piece, it is now my daughters are rarely true. Another dress - also outside of time, the shirt, which was quite wore. I do not think he bought them for me especially, perhaps, simply choose from a total heap that suited me. Andrew felt very good style.

- And the size of something as your zheN was razmerN

- Yes, we were all then thin, slender. And things - dimensionless.

- You have never experienced with his other zhenschinamiN

- No. I always knew his place. Never found him alone on the other - God forbid! But in public he is very nice with all the talking, sometimes very intimately. It was a little sad, but I realized that I had no right to make his remarks. Glad that there is.

In fact, we rarely appeared in public. I even thought: maybe he stesnyaetsyaN me one thing - to come to the WTO, say, Elizabeth Taylor, another thing - to me ... But I even liked. Sitting somewhere together, or go by car to the cottage, and a number no one else. If you were to visit, then in a very narrow company, on the day of the birth of his old friend, where people are elderly, very pleasant - not what this cinematic subculture.

. Just a few days after we met, we went to his dacha for the Christmas tree - was New Year's Eve
. Then I first saw Natalya Petrovna Konchalovsky. Andrew has always talked a lot about my mother, very good, warm, so I was proud of the fact that he introduced me to her. Although introduced me as his girl, but simply: "This is Ira". Still, it was nice. Natalya Petrovna was very friendly, has great reviews. I remember they had visited some lovely old lady, cute chirped in French. Drank famous "konchalovku" ... It was kind of another life, which I liked and strongly attracted. I wanted to stay longer in this atmosphere, but always had to come back ...

- Do not look like you're on a wordless humble establishment.

- And with Konchalovsky I was never a natural. He emphasized his superiority, kept simple, but everything connected with his family, fate, the name, of course, gave me to behave as usual. It was for me a distant star, and in intimate relationships is very prevents. It should probably be simpler, quarreling, or something, sometimes with his foot to stamp ... But everything happened as it should have happened, and I, you know, absolutely do not regret it.

. - You knew it was going to leave in Konchalovsky AmerikuN

. - Yes, he told me about this in great secrecy, asked not to issue, and what I was is owned by its mystery, I was inwardly pleased
. He married a Frenchwoman, I no longer remember, here or there, and for a month or two before his departure he said to me: we'll soon parted. I knew what to ask any questions is ridiculous and foolish, so anything not asked. And when it was learned that the person leaves, we finally calmed down: so the reason, but not me.

Then I went on tour, but when I came back - he was no longer. By that time, we rarely met: he did everything to numb separation. Still, I was very worried, it was a feeling that I was deprived of my beloved world. Worldwide patriarchal family, peace and comfort - I found myself in it briefly, and suddenly everything is taken. Nuances I do not remember, because the birth of Dashi and her terrible disease ousted from the head of all clean
- He's gone, and you, as usual, learned that beremennyN
- Probably, because usually happens. Actually, I love children and always loved them. Even remember how I long dreamed of such strange dreams - the field, summer, birds are singing, flying mosquitoes, flies, all buzzing and I was lying in a broad dark dress, and red around me five children, they climb on me, like a tree. Brown-red, although no red-haired child I could not get, unfortunately, but the instinct of motherhood was very strong. Nevertheless, the first thought, associated with pregnancy, standard: what now delatN Because no husband, no registration, no shelter - nothing.

- And where you live, the way govoryaN

- From friends, on the Arbat, a temporary residence permit. Naturally, I panicked, frantically ponder what to do in this situatsiiN And now our whole group was invited to a film Larissa Shepitko "Farewell to the mothers.

. We arrived in Ostashkov, the hardest thing: Shepitko and another five or six people riding on the choice of nature, and the driver fell asleep at the wheel and the car crashed into a truck or a refrigerator, just do not remember
. Finished painting Elem Klimov, he renamed it the "Farewell". But the state of the group was a shock. Larisa - a colossal man of inner strength, for many it was a teacher, a guru, and when the tragedy occurred and Larissa lost, no one could work. Decided to call the shooting of a famous psychologist, he met with all of the queue, talked, and people have gradually come to life. I thought he was, perhaps, suggest how to solve my problem, because on the one hand, is not terribly like to have an abortion, she felt that it was wrong, wrong, and at the same time as giving birth, if you leave the land under their feet ...

. I am so with him and did not talk at the last moment something stopped
. When we went to the shooting, he approached me and said: "You are a very strong man, and the problem that you are oppressed, unable to resolve themselves". I understood this phrase as a sign - must have a child. And if not Dashkina disease that took away so much energy and she and I have, everything would have been quite good.

- And what it sluchilosN

- Cytomegalovirus - a new, unknown disease. Doctors know about it, but could not cure. The virus eats or brain, or liver, or nervous system. We got off relatively "easy" - was struck by the liver.

I'm still in the hospital felt: something wrong with the child. Tormented by the doctors, they soothed: "Come on you, everything is fine. Zheltushka - so what will take place ... "It turned out that there was. For six months we spent in various hospitals, mainly in Filatov. Baby being fed antibiotics, I was horrified - they also kill all ... In the hospital I was baptized Dasha - itself. It is believed that in extreme circumstances it can make any man. During the baptism was so worried that instead of "baptized servant of God" said "crowned" ...

A year later, the disease seems to be gone, and then everything started over again. A blood transfusion infected with hepatitis Dasha several types: one and a half years she contracted hepatitis one, after some time - the other ... So we get out for very long.

- And you had no idea as something to inform the father rebenkaN Call, say, or pass through znakomyhN

- No. I have deliberately closed to everything that was before. What transmit, zachemN And what would izmenilosN

. - Perhaps he would come to see the girl who would help you survive this time ...

. - Then, when I started asking why I have not asked him, I thought: but really, pochemuN was a clear feeling that this is my life, my problems, they do not blame nobody but me the most
. What have KonchalovskiyN His own problems.

It was hard, of course, now I remember this situation as totally unrealistic. From the hospital they took me friends with whom I lived. Pokrovsky found some people from the KGB, they helped me with a registration. Rented a room in Yasenevo, there I was, and brought the child. And already then I bought the condo, too, in the backyard. That so little by little ...

- In this story there is one man - one who believed her father Dasha. How poluchilosN

- This man, the father of my second daughter, appeared immediately after the departure Konchalovsky in America at the beginning of my pregnancy. It turned out that he never doubted that Dasha - from him. I'm not going to deceive him, he took it personally. With him went a ridiculous story - a man took a television at the box office, delayed and did not return, he became interested in the police ... In prison, he certainly would not be imprisoned, fined, and all would, but I thought that must be put. What delatN And then I decided: "You tell them that you have a pregnant bride, suddenly it will help". That's how he got in my life and stayed there for fifteen years.

Marry him, I did not come out - he, as soon became clear, was married and did not intend to sever relations with his wife. This is one of those men who like all. When Sasha was born, I have, of course, appeared to him a lot of claims. I wanted to see the man beside him, but he was not there, he went to his wife or to work. Then they, too, baby ...

But I have in no way blaming the other hand, grateful for all. Alexander - wise man, active, cheerful. He taught me lots of things: skiing, make money, engage yuvelirkoy. If Konchalovsky - a very beautiful theory, then there was a good practice. I think you have to be grateful to all people who meet on your way, because any experience is invaluable, and the negative even more useful than positive.

- It's in honor of his second daughter, you nazvaliN

- No. Simply the best name is not found. The name is great - Sasha. So all sorts of derivatives - Shura, Shura, Sanya ...

- And he never your girl did not compare, not prismatrivalsyaN

- You see, Dasha told Konchalovsky, and he wrote about it in the book that she and her sister were given different toys. I do not know ... Perhaps he really more like Sasha. They generally were very similar. And Dasha is always felt some other breed.

Sometimes we quarrel, and then he shouted: "Generally it is not clear who is father of a child!" I said: "Calm down, it's my baby, and nobody's more. If you are worried, worry, please, in another place ". Perhaps he felt something. Or maybe just say this to hurt me. No, I still felt, I think.

- What's in Dasha another, not vasheN

- It has always been quite selfish. She liked to socialize with people active, beautiful, cheerful, a bit off our circle. For me this was unusual.

I'm indecisive, suffer from complexes. All it seems that I do not know that this, could not do it, not worthy ... Dasha knows everything. And always goes ahead. After America it has become even easier to relate to life. No problem - well, there is a problem - it solves it. It must be smiling, to communicate with people gaily, cheerfully, and then you will have lots of friends. It's great, right, but I do not know how. And Sasha does not know. It all looks for the truth, the truth. Generally they are very different, although both in its own way remarkable.
- Konchalovsky wrote that you are in poverty, it is very difficult to live. This pravdaN

- I think now many so live. Someone, of course, in those years a beggar, but I still was actress ... Money, of course, not enough. Girls on porridge money was, and I myself could not buy anything. Children's clothes were given the familiar. Well parents helped, but they help make me ashamed. I also own the story twisted, so I try to cope on their own.

. The first few years I have sang in the ensemble Pokrovsky, even the children participated in some concerts and then they went to school, and I was hard to go on tour
. And in the ensemble during that time much has changed ... In general, left. Became involved yuvelirkoy. She did such thin rings of nickel silver with pearl inlays. Payala, ground, sliced shells - has mastered all. Then sold. We went with the children in Izmailovo, the Arbat and in Bitsa, put an easel, hanging rings ... At first it was embarrassing: as I will prodavatN

- Ibid many artists were.

- Artists have been many, but few actors. Not too nice when you learn and begin to gloat: "What, do not remove bolsheN Trading prihoditsyaN" In the end, I stopped paying attention to this. Sometimes, though, happened in a different way: "How do you and this umeeteN must be the same, what a talent!" Then it was nice. I internally somehow lifted and joyfully continued to trade.

Generally acting profession I greatly hindered. One time I worked as a cleaner in our neighborhood went to schools. They suggested that I go to the bank, but they learned that I am an actress, afraid, and refused: "Maybe you search something of drugoeN" We wanted, probably, the better, but I was disappointed: they paid something in the bank is well. Sometimes it came to that house was nothing but bread. For several years I would wake up in the morning, and I immediately piled on the horror. Start some setbacks, I went to a neurologist, was treated by acupuncture ... It was very hard one.

And then I got a job working at a pharmaceutical factory to his friends, has mastered a profession Secretary, manager, began to understand the medicine ... Children grew up, we were three of us, a friendly Semeiko. So call Konchalovsky I took it as a catastrophe: it was quite obvious that the family will begin if not the war, the complete confusion and vacillation.

. - So, someone still knew that Dasha - daughter KonchalovskogoN

. - The owner of the Arbat apartment where I once lived
. Intellectuals such apartment, which appeared Okudzhava, Galich sang. I was there for seven years, we even invented a kind of legend of my appearance in this family - I allegedly illegitimate daughter of the householder. Because he considered himself entitled to influence my destiny. By profession he is a director and, obviously, I am sure that in life there should be a drama, and then nothing happened. This he dialed Konchalovsky and said: "You, Andrew S., a fifteen-child. Then everything began to turn ...

For no apparent reason I got a call Konchalovsky. A man left on his answering machine message that I gave birth to a daughter. True etoN I do not know what to answer. Saying "the truth" - is to make a step. I said:
- Yes, I have a daughter. And another. A chtoN
- How chtoN I know that you have from me baby. And how do you think I should delatN

When Andrew realized that nothing coherent from me will not succeed, invited to see. We agreed to meet in a few days, but after half an hour he called back and postponed a meeting on the same evening. He probably was very curious.

We sat in the conservatory, listened to Mahler. To him constantly and some people turned, something from him like. Again I had felt at ease, because it was not clear where all this will lead and what will end.

. - And what you felt at that moment: the excitement strahN Or, perhaps, gloating feeling - at last he finds out what it was a scoundrel ...

. - No, nothing but the quiet joy that he was again beside me through so many years
. Nothing in the soul, of course, not moved, has not risen. I do not even know what to tell him, thinking, generally ask about anything not to ask - not that it was painful for me, but simply to anything. Here you work for yourself, Andrew, and work. I understand that this is selfish, I had no right to reason, but ...

- And he volnovalsyaN

- Probably. But this was not noticeable, it is a good command of their emotions. We listened to Mahler, escaped from the second branch, went back in a theater, where he was going to see one actress. Naturally, the talk in such circumstances it was impossible. Thus, exchanged a pair of replicas. "You now that delaeshN" - "Nothing". Then there was the restaurant where we sat together, played some piano, visiting, in my opinion, especially for Konchalovsky. I smoked a lot, because it terribly nervous. He told me for some reason said that this restaurant always comes with the most beautiful women. Two times is repeated, I'm thinking: I want to make a compliment that liN Another Andrew said that he remembered nothing, but I remember that was a big bastard, because the cast of many.

. I once saw: he does not believe that his daughter, Dasha
. Of course, he had a right to think so, although I was uncomfortable. He tried to verify any dates, the day of departure, the day of our last meeting, and this too was uncomfortable, I felt as a consequence. Then Andrew asked: "What are you hocheshN" I said I did not want. He looked at me like I was crazy and laughed:
- I just knew you were something п+я-п+п+я+пTяTя-. There was a feeling. And what, you do not nuzhnoN
- Nothing. I only wish that the children were happy.
- Yeah. Means we need to get a normal education.

And then he spoke differently. Became clear who study there, who many years. Offered to help, and at once both. Here, indeed, that's all.

- Photos of something you have to soboyN

- No, of course. I even think this was. He was so surprised ... He showed me pictures of his young daughters, girls are remarkable, marvelous. When learned that Dasha blonde, said: "It must be the same, I have never had children, blondes". Another shot ... Several times that I am good, kind, and from this a lot in life lose. We must be good, but the active. I could not understand what etoN
And then there was this celebration, an anniversary of Moscow, the show on Red Square, which puts the director Konchalovsky, and we discovered. He invited us, all three, we sang the ancient pagan song - I am, Sasha and Dasha. Here began what I so boyal
- You said something about the confusion and roaming ...
- In the end, it all ended by one Dashko. Konchalovsky suggested that she studied in America. I also wanted. He said: "Well, I'll give you money". But that Dasha had to learn English. We found the best language courses in Moscow, Dasha began to learn, harassing me with questions: "Where dengiN" At some point it just cornered me against the wall. I realized that my silence is strange and funny, and told her everything. She immediately ran with the news to Sashka, did not spare his sister. That came to me in shock: "Mom, this is pravdaN" We had such a long, long pause in the evening. Instead of joy - consternation: that dalsheN How we zhitN

After that, everything became more complicated, because the Dasha, naturally, wanted to communicate with his father. A distance-it was very great. It then she started to decrease, and then ... Konchalovsky, she confessed: he does not believe that she is his daughter. Not often, but a couple of times talked about. On the other hand, he was pleased to represent it to his friends: "And this is my daughter. I recently found her ". Once Dasha heard one of them smiled: "Oh, come on. Do you all verishN "Dasha said:" You know, Mom, I'm not even offended, I understood that this is the logical response. She can not delve into their feelings, to treat all easy.

But you know, if you look on the other hand, I would have this story put a little monument Sashka. For her, of course, it was a terrible blow, I just broke out of pity, of compassion. Initially a wild jealousy and resentment on all. Starting with the fact that Konchalovsky something gave Dasha. "And why he did not podarilN"

When I realized that soon my family completely disintegrate, has made such a pedagogical course, said: "Sasha, now everything depends on you. If you do not understand that everything in your hands, it does not work ". Until then, I cared about children, and then decided to transfer the responsibility for her. She asked him to take care of me, about Dasha. And at some point there was a turning point: I felt that Sasha was a grown man, came to her wisdom.

- Why Dasha remained in MoskveN

- First, she was sent to San Francisco, to improve English. There was a lot of adventures: landlady was mentally unstable and particularly after the next suicide attempt landed in the hospital. Dasha, instead of studying at university fussed with her five-year-old daughter. Then she was looking for another apartment, then she was robbed by the negros ... In general, the experience gained rich. As a result, she found herself in the remarkable family of a priest of Russian origin, been studying six months and returned to the next year to go to college. Usual any college in Santa Barbara, she chose the legal department, then going to transfer to a university, but it turned out that Dasha has stood there for only four months.

. Santa Barbara - not San Francisco, is a provincial village, there was no communication with anyone
. Moreover, it became clear that the college does not have the desired category, and she happily returned to Moscow, Konchalovsky, explaining that he wanted to study here. We both take entrance examinations.
- So, now you have a direct bearing on the family Mikhalkovs. Members of the famous clan, as a reaction to the emergence of a new rodstvennitsyN
- Dasha met with Sergei Vladimirovich, went to him. He seemed very calm to the whole treated, realizing, apparently, that in life anything can happen. Darya, it was very nice. Returning home, she happily, proudly told me so, as Mikhalkov Sr. said to her:
- You have a wonderful mother. Amazing. And that, she really never nobody pohvastalasN
Dasha was delighted: "Mom, you have to meet him!"
- And your family, znakomyeN
- First, no one understood. When the newspaper "Top Secret" was reported to Dashkina photograph and the headline "Konchalovsky has found his natural daughter, all thought it was kind of duck, or a joke, or a legend. Mom, I did not say - maybe not read! But she brought this newspaper, and she immediately called me. The reaction was roughly this: "Are you crazy soshlaN This pravdaN" My friends also stayed in some perplexity. No one rejoiced.
However, there was one case. Grandmother-neighbor came to me and kissed him and said: "Irisha, congratulations! Finally, the happiness you rolled!" What she really meant, I do not know ...

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