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GARD Greta (Garbo Greta)

( Actress)

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Biography GARD Greta (Garbo Greta)
photo GARD Greta (Garbo Greta)
(1905-1990), born September 18, 1905 in Stockholm. At eighteen, entered the drama school of the Royal Stockholm Drama and soon it 'open' outstanding Swedish filmmaker M. Stiller (1883-1928). Invited in 1925 in Hollywood, Stiller put the condition of his contract coming to America, his young protege.
In his earlier films Garbo made sensuality and emotional expressiveness. After the sensational success of the film Flow (1926) was followed by nine silent films, including Flesh and the Devil (1927). In 1930 she played her first role of sound reformed prostitute in Anna Christie YU.O 'of the Nile, in which viewers and critics were charmed by her husky, seductive voice. In the next decade, Garbo withdrew in 13 sound films. Imperfect technology and second-rate direction is not prevented speak spirited passion of her nature. Of the later works Garbo remember the fading ballerina in Grand Hotel (1932), the queen in Queen Christina (1933), Anna in Anna Karenina (1935), the courtesan in La Dame aux Camelias (1937) and her first comic role of a Russian agent in Ninotchka (1939 ). The latter did not have the audience success, but in the Lady of the Camellias on the novel A.Dyuma-Garbo was a worthy son of his great predecessors, be radiant in this role on stage - Sarah Bernhardt, Eleonora Duse, and others.

In 1941, concerned about his age and the harsh criticism of the film Bifacial woman (1941), Garbo left the cinema. Hidden from all, she lived mainly in New York and in Europe. Four times nominated for the prize of 'Oscar'. In 1954, the actress received a special award 'Oscar' for his contribution to cinema. Garbo died in New York on April 15, 1990.
From 2000, almost everyone expects at least a little, but the miracle. A film scholars expect incredible. They finally become available to invaluable archive - collection of letters great actress Greta Garbo, transferred to the Philadelphia Museum of her best friend. With the condition that no living soul can not touch the letters within ten years after the death of Garbo. Term expires April 15, 2000. In these letters, the researchers hope to find the key to one of the amazing secrets of the century: the mystery of flight Greta Garbo from glory, happiness and love.
In 36 years at the peak of a brilliant career, Greta Garbo, suddenly and without cause abandoned cinema. And not just movies - the whole world. Under the alias "Miss Garriett Brown, she hid in a hotel suite in New York to permanently become a ghost, legend, myth.
. Journalists uncovered the secret name and showered with money hotel maids, pleading to tell how she runaway star
. That's what the press reported one of the girls: "When Miss Brown in New York, she rarely goes out of numbers. To her no one comes and almost no one calls. Because of its doors have never heard any sounds. Curtains on her windows are always drawn ". Only remains to assume that Miss Brown simply does not exist, and occasionally for variety materializes out of thin air "- bitterly joked one of the newsmen. And so all that is connected with Garbo: curiosity, scientific interest and adoration always bumping into a tight veil of secrecy.
The last film with her participation was completed in 1941. She lived until 1990, the. Did not appear at a public event, without giving any interviews, only once allowing the magazine "Vogue" to publish your picture. What zheN Somewhere in the mid-sixties she think up to go to the museum for exhibition on the life of Mexican Indians. Press tracked her way, and all visitors to the museum, almost swept the exhibits, ran through the halls in search of the great Greta Garbo. She never found and decided that the reporters were mistaken. Halls were empty, and then the eyes of stunned museum attendant Garbo got out ... of the layout of the cave of the ancient inhabitants of Mexico.
. What was in it, . that ten, . twenty, . Thirty years after the end of her stellar career, forcing people to turn around vsledN What made photographers scrambling over ledges to her window, . and journalists to bribe the entire staff of the hotel for a pair of lines of neyN,
. First, it was simply beautiful
. That is just not easy. Oh anyone, and handsome men and beautiful women movies navidalos with an excess. But Clark Gable glued tape protruding ears, Marlene Dietrich had to cover the top to hide the broad cheekbones ... Greta Garbo was created for cinema. It could withdraw at any time, from any angle and in any light: the result was magnificent.

Secondly, it was a great actress, no matter how trite it sounds. Garbo played queens and orphans, played Anna Karenina, and Mato Hari. And no matter how far from the character of its transformation are absolutely reliable. Incredible intuition led her, prompting what one does not know any writers or directors, or she. However, this happened not only on the set. In the thirties Hollywood visited the Swedish Crown. And, of course, wished to dine in the company Garbo. Lunch is organized like a king: Garbo was sitting on the right hand of the monarch and absolutely no idea what instruments to use. Some dishes were piled many strange instruments, most of whom had never seen Greta. The actress decided to follow the crown prince and take the same knives and forks, and that he. The participants began to meal ... Secular commentators then died with laughter: Shaken beauty and charm Garbo Crown scared and took the instruments are not those that have relied for the first change of dishes. And Greta Garbo just forgot to look at it. And accurately select which ones should.

And thirdly, it was something ... Yes, deep blue eyes with violet precipitate eternal sorrow in the depths. Yes, fantastically long eyelashes: worth it and re-open the closed his eyelids, heard a distinct rustling - though butterfly flew close. Yes, an increase of almost seventy-meter, an amazing figure, long fingers and narrow feet. But besides all this, she was incredibly and indescribably sexy. Sensuality broke through in everything: in the turn of the head, in a manner to sit down on the sofa, legs crossed ... Moreover, these impulses of passion faultlessly acted as both men and women. And the movie screen served them not a hindrance, and amplifier. In an era when shots ladies in neck risked to fall victim to censorship, each film Garbo was absolutely erotic sight in the highest sense. Directed by George Cukor once said: "It may tempt you at a glance. It may even be with you night and morning to set out. Still, their true sensuality she cares for the cameras. "
Lovis Greta Gustafsson was born in September 1905 in Stockholm. In family is not something that is not rich, but very poor. Parents are still able to arrange a girl to school, they are his last strength tried to give his three children as much as possible. But their anguish felt too keenly that children can truly enjoy, even Christmas gifts. Little Greta hardly sleep at night. She wandered around the room with a sense of impending disaster and prayed to the unknown forces to spare her family.

The prayers were not heard. When she was 14, his father died. School had to leave and seek at least some earnings. Greta took a job as a model in millinery department store clothing. There she was, and noticed one of the assistants maestro Mauritz Stiller. Stiller was the most venerable Swedish filmmaker, local kinobozhestvom. And immediately saw a hesitant debutant actress. He also suggested that she change the name on the sonorous and mysterious - Garbo. Soon Stiller received an invitation to Hollywood. He, of course, took with him Garbo. But the triumphant conquest of America did not come. The proposed contract provided for Stiller shooting two modest paintings already defined the main star. Reluctantly, he signed the papers. And Greta has lost - its main asset. Movies have gone unnoticed, Stiller died in obscurity.

But Garbo, plainly and not knowing English, was left. Six months mayalas of samples, yet caught the eye of the director who saw its European work. It is approved for a role in "The Stream". The next day after the premiere, she was a star.

Her partner in the film "Love" on the novel "Anna Karenina" was John Gilbert - one of the most popular silent film actor and the first Hollywood handsome. It was late in the first day of shooting. Heated ran into the pavilion. Garbo looked at him with fathomless blue eyes and said softly: "Where have you been so dolgoN" The next day she moved into his estate, but a few weeks later he proposed to her.

. And even consent has been obtained and has been appointed wedding
. A long-awaited day in the morning, waking up later than usual, Gilbert saw a car out of the gate leaves. It sat Greta. John, sensing evil, rushed into the room Garbo, opened the cupboard - and saw the empty hanger. Until recently, not believing what was happening, Gilbert did not cancel the ceremony and appeared in the church. But before the altar and left alone. Trying to comfort him, MGM studio head Louis Mayer Gilbert slapped on the shoulder: "All the better, old chap lain with beauty - and even get married do not!" The next moment he collapsed on the floor, felled blow Gilbert. The same blow actor broke his fate finally. Meyer vowed to destroy his career. In 37 years, Gilbert has since never played with, died of alcoholism.

Even then Garbo would not tolerate interference in their lives. Friends joked that it makes even the mystery of what to eat for breakfast. Only under pressure from studio bosses Garbo agreed to be photographed and giving interviews. A little later, still adding to stardom, do not agree at all. And at the slightest attempt to put pressure on it thoughtfully, saying: "I think I'm going back to Sweden". Then the whole Hollywood was falling down and crawling to beg for forgiveness.

In the late thirties Greta Garbo starred in the comedy "Ninotchka", revealing new facets of a brilliant talent. And in 1941 her contract ended. And although the last film Garbo "Two-faced woman" event did not, everyone was waiting for the new contract, talked about the dazzling prospects. But ... "I want to be alone," - said Garbo director and producer. This was the last thing heard from her in Hollywood.

Then came the retreat in a New York hotel. However, bribed the maid still nedoglyadela. At this period fell from novel Garbo Cecil Beaton. The official photographer of the British royal family, . artist (among other things, . author of the first images of Prince Charles and the winner of an Oscar as the production designer film "My Fair Lady") Beaton met Garbo in 1932, . when trying to get permission to do her portrait,
. In parting Garbo gave him a rose, touching the petals of her lips. He loved her all these years, but again met only in 1946. And she brought him to his apartment. Beaton came a few hours later, drunk with happiness. Although embarrassed by the fact that Garbo did not allow him to turn the light so that he could not see her room and herself.

Cecil Beaton sought her hands 20 years. He lived in England, but as soon as possible raced in New York. And if you could not - showered with letters, kept ringing. Garbo is sometimes met with him. Sometimes the answer to the letters. Often - to avoid. I did not say "yes" or "no". Until then, while talking about the wedding of two old men on opposite sides of the ocean does not become ridiculous. Beaton died in 1980. On the wall of his bedroom hung, dried, the same rose.

At the same time and developed a strange relationship with a married couple, Garbo Russian emigres Shlee. Valentine Shlee was known fashion designer, dressed Katharine Hepburn, Gloria Swanson and other stars. In her shop and was an acquaintance of Garbo with Valentina and her husband, George (George Matveyevich), run a business couple. Once is not "painted role in this triangle hunters gossip! However, eventually all cleared. Garbo even bought an apartment in the same house as Shlee. Every summer, she and George was serving in France, and Valentine - Venice. While believing in the novel Garbo and unpretentious Shlee (nicknamed in the light of the "Russian sturgeon) was still not easy. But after his death, most of the state, he bequeathed it to Greta.

Garbo little read, not been in a movie. The names of Fellini and Antonioni about anything she did not say. Once in the cruise in the Mediterranean have taught her just published book about her. Mumbling words of gratitude, Garbo turned and threw overboard a gift ... Close friends have always found her like a child. It was like a child is selfish and cruel, considering that it is obliged to love the whole world. And giving nothing in return. She was not at the meeting, did not respond to letters. When one of the fans sent her a basket of roses with a bottle of wine and a note Garbo pulled out a bottle and a couple liked flowers. The rest ordered to return without reading the message.

And while Garbo was desired (though very rare) guest villas, Winston Churchill, Aristotle Onassis, the Rothschild. Members of the "closed" dinners, picnics and cruises with Greta Garbo testified as a sweet, sociable and witty was this woman. Or rather, could be. Most accurately described it in a letter to a friend, an English aristocrat. "It is not as good as before, and besides, sometimes incredibly boring. She is keen on dieting, home-grown search for God and other rubbish. But suddenly something happens - and you physically feel her charm, beauty and grandeur. Like a touch of a button, it includes the secret mechanism of its former power "
. As if somewhere in the skies Heard it sounded a team, "Action!" and clapped cinematic slapstick.
. After the death of Garbo state $ 32 million bequest to the departed its only niece
. The actress wanted to be buried in Stockholm. However, many legal complexities meant that the urn containing her ashes was kept for nine years in the funeral office in New York. Over the years, the Swedish intelligence declassified documents from which it became known that during the war, Greta Garbo traveled to Europe with a secret mission. And that is largely due to her connections and influence managed to establish a network of agents, which prevented the establishment of Nazi atomic bomb. Came out a few books about her fleeting romances and big roles. Out of the life of all who knew her personally. A mystery remains. Why Garbo left kinoN And all these years was going on in her mind, yet no sound came from behind closed doors and never swayed the drawn shtoryN
... All the formalities have been settled only in June this year. And again a huge crowd waiting for Greta Garbo: now at the Stockholm Cemetery. And again it never came. Star has remained true to herself and after death. At the last moment her niece, obeying a sudden impulse of the soul, which was later to explain something simply could not, postponed the date of the funeral. To the next day bury the ashes of the greatest film actress of the past century without extraneous. So alone.

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GARD Greta (Garbo Greta), photo, biography
GARD Greta (Garbo Greta), photo, biography GARD Greta (Garbo Greta)  Actress, photo, biography
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