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Comments for Cary GRANT
Biography Cary GRANT
He was irresistible: tall, dark-haired. He was ready to surrender to every woman. As drafted several months ago, the list of the most prominent men of XX century Cary Grant came in third place.
. Four scandalous divorce, . lawsuits for assault (as the victims appeared ex-wives), . accusations of moral sadism, . alcoholism and uncontrollable swearing - Women Grant hastened to tell the world about, . with what a monster they lived,
. But he got away with it. He dazzling smile, raised his right eyebrow in bewilderment - the good, courageous, defenseless, dear, dear, dear!.. A half-baked Mrs. Grant ran away after a few months. After every scandal fans sent him hundreds of letters: they expressed their condolences and offered their services - and who ate not one star Hollywood reporter biting tongues. Cary Grant belonged to all American women at once, and the owners of magazines, not one drunk a pint of blood from Chaplin, has the status of sex symbol, did not want to lose podpischits ...
Grant considered myself a hundred-percent American. In difficult situations, he weakened his tie, take a deep breath, put it in his waistcoat pocket a hundred dollars - and went to a shrink. He spent per patient not less than two hours. When Carey talked about his childhood, at the doctor's eyes flashed: he was sure that a person's character is laid up to seven years, and the child's relationship with her mother has always projected on the personal lives of men.
. The money Dr. Grant Schneider bought a lot of beautiful things: the blue Chevrolet and sable fur coat for Mrs. Schneider, oak suite in the living room and carpet in the bedroom, decorated with gilded bronze clock English XVIII century ..
. However, the warmth with which the psychoanalyst treated his patient, was, of course, and purely scientific properties: Mr. Schneider, firmly believed that man-phantom can never be happy.
. And the actor Cary Grant, from whatever angle you look, was being elusive
. First, in fact, the patient's name was Archibald Leach, Alex. Second, . unknown, . whether he was a son of his parents in general: their first child died of gangrene a year old, . and the birth of a second boy, they have registered for some reason, three weeks after the baptism - apparently, . Leach took the couple adopted child,
. In addition, swarthy, dark-eyed Grant absolutely no resemblance to the Englishman, in his youth was taken for an Italian or a Spaniard.
When the child was ten years old, Elsie Leach was mad, and Mr Leach sent his wife to a lunatic asylum. Saying the child that my mother died, he brought into the house of another woman. The boy was almost on the street: he was nailed to the strangers, hang out backstage and cheap vaudeville theaters. The way in which family relationships are formed, it remains a puzzle to him. For twenty years Archibald turned into a handsome young man with obnoxious character - the young Leach became suspicious, nervous, jealous, quarrelsome. It a good upbringing did not shine - it in fact, in fact, no one brought up. And on the screen and in life he played the role of a charming man, and only those who choose to associate with it fate, an entirely different side of his nature ...
. Dr. Schneider makes a corresponding entry in his diary, putting aside the pen (Parker with a gold pen cost him $ 150, received from the Grant), and smiled softly
. He had an affair with a clinically clear case: advice given by the patient, had no special meaning. And he continued to hope for the best: he had only one life, and Carey wanted to live it as human beings.

. Confessions of an actor always began the same way - in England the early twentieth century polubezdomnym boys had a hard time, and the doctor already knew the text by heart
. Archie was living on a shilling a week, depressed, hungry and often disappeared for days on end in the music halls: they were joking and laughing, there always was music and beautiful people were intelligent conversations. He helped the props, scenery and dragged dreamed of becoming like their idols. Small roles in pantomimes, touring in America, immigration - a long string of domestic and professional humiliation - all survived the grant before it came to success.

. In poverty in England was not so bad: they need sanctified long, sanitized habit and tradition in literature
. In ordeals little Archie was something Dickens: smoked chimney smoke of the sky, the huge red-brick houses, indifferent crowd, baby, make their way to the brightly lit entrance music-hall ... In America, everything was different - joyful, rich life tormented by his apparent accessibility.

. Merry post-war decade, "prohibition", the Great Depression: millions of small investors were ruined, brokers on Wall Street threw from the windows of their offices, but the owners got rich studios and actors become national heroes
. People like fairy tales, and Hollywood gave it: yesterday's chorus and the waiters, hitting the cinema, made his career and fortune.

. Together with two friends Archie takes a room in the attic: one of his friends painted neckties, and Archie sells them on the streets for $ 3 per unit
. He knocked at doors of music hall in the hope of getting the role in some vaudeville and working on his speech: Archie Leach said at the strongest cockney and tried hard to get rid of the accent of the London grassroots. Mingling with the language of English high society, which the young man sought to master, cockney gave totally unexpected effect - he moved to the Australian dialect. Friends began to call Archie "kangaroo" and "boomerang."

Exotic accent become his hallmark - he fits in the face of noble, eccentric and a bit strange hero. The time will come, and women will be thrilled by his long, swallows consonants voices wafting from the screen, but so far that Archie Leach is afraid of them to tremble in the knees.

He plays in the show "Boom, Boom". After seventy submissions show removed from the repertoire, but Archie and his partner Jeanette MacDonald invited to audition. In Hollywood, as a result remains one of Jeanette. Those who watched the sample, showed that good-looking Englishman is too thick neck and crooked legs. As a result, Cary Grant, Archie Leach was only two years later, when he was twenty-eight years.

In Hollywood he was "through the back door": Archie was a partner at the screen test for an actress and the producer liked. "Paramount Pictures" offered him a contract for five years, and at the same time a long list of names, from which he chose the most resonant: "Cary Grant".
The first film, the first successes, the first money, the first fan. Girls go away mad, but the role of men age, he has clearly drawn. At the Paramount Grant already received thousands of dollars a week - for 1933 is a lot of money, he is lucky, charming, stylishly dressed. By Grant is a sober life: he is absolutely clear that he is his own trademark - the young man carefully maintains the perfect tan, watching not to get into the lens photojournalist with a cigarette, and smiling all the time. Carey charming - and soon it appears the same charming wife.

Virginia Cherrill was considered a budding actress: a wonderful figure, beautiful hair, a high - standard thirties - the growth ... She played the blind flower girl in "Lights Big City", but, once refused Chaplin, it stopped shooting.

Romance, romantic trip to England, wedding, honeymoon, new car, new clothes, new house ... And the scandalous divorce: Virginia man accused of abuse.

. Judging by the fact that she told his lawyer, Grant was completed neuropathy: a young man was mortally afraid of professional failure, and the mood had changed to twenty times a day
. He was jealous of his wife to her old friends, new friends, and even to cook a Chinese. Virginia waved outside school friend - and her husband once hit her in the face, but loved the house, banging his head against the fender. Grant beat his wife on occasion, and without cause, and the next day phoned her from a friend, swore that about yesterday can not remember anything and still loves his dear Ginny. A few months later she ran away from her husband to her mother and by his uncle, a lawyer sued for Grant decent alimony. The morning after his court could not wake up: a servant came across a few empty bubbles from under a sleeping pill, called the doctor and the actor was taken to hospital. When journalists asked Grant about the incident, he bitterly smiled, raised his eyebrows and replied that he was very bad, and drunk. On the real state of things known only to Dr. Schneider ...

. ... Back in his deep leather chair, Grant told him about what he wanted and what happened: he dreamed of a family, but a woman living with him under one roof, remove it from itself
. He had no idea what his difficult character and how he is afraid of women. Grant could not forget the mother who frightened, and attracted him at the same time. It did not take a child's eyes and was ready to defend it from the whole world. Childhood seemed forever lost paradise, an island of peace and security: as the mother, Grant did not like anybody.

Arriving in England, he found Elsie's father: nevertheless confessed to him, where he sent it. At her mother's bed Grant sat the whole evening, but she turned away when he tried to kiss her: Elsie was immersed in their shadowy world, where for him there was no place. Carey has always felt for her acute helpless tenderness: he too felt like an outcast - a normal life, wherever he waited for his wife and child, was unavailable to him ... Dr. Schneider was turning the pencil in his fingers and nodded his head thoughtfully: he knew how to listen, and it is always reassuring the patient.

Over the years, Grant has changed: the face was rigid, his lips appeared a harsh fold, and in her hair - the first gray hair. She left the sweetness - now it was the face of strong men, and it benefited from quarry. Along with the new image came to him a real success: now it feels like the game full confidence limit naturalness - Grant became one of the most organic actors in Hollywood. After the "horrible truth" and "Bringing up Baby" he was earning $ 150 thousand. year and invest in securities, together with friends Carey opened the boutique, which he himself had advertised. His next novel with a light hand sarcastic Hollywood hronikershi Luelly Parsons received the nickname "Cash & Carry". But in fact, "cash" Grant did not interest him enough, and his cash, and his second wife he loved not for the fact that she was the sole heir to a millionaire Woolworth.

. His twenty million Barbara Hutton was when she was only five years
. Grant met her in 1940 - at that time she divorced a second husband and she felt unhappy. Mrs. Hutton was lovely - small, fragile, nervous blonde with big eyes, thin wrists and blue veins on his temples. In addition, Barbara was so bewilderment and unsettled, that next to her Grant felt big and strong. The fact that his beloved, too, need a psychoanalyst, he has not guessed ...

Barbara Hutton (the second husband - the Countess Reventlow) relationship with reality was not so easy. Grant met her during hard times of America's richest people: the famous aviator Lindbergh was kidnapped and murdered child - and millionaires were shaking over offspring. But so far, as Barbara did not go one: it has strengthened the house, surrounded by a son, an army of heavily armed bodyguards, and took out a small Lance for a walk in an armored car. Grant could see that she does not find a place of fear for his life, and tried to cheer her. The image of a strong, worldly-wise men did their job - winner of the twenty million seized in Cary, seeing in him a savior.

All that could adorn his life, she certainly did. However, Barbara hesitated long and hard: Is it worth it to go for a British citizen. In the end, the former Countess Reventlow nevertheless became Mrs. Grant - and then suddenly discovered that she can not do without companion, secretary, butler, chauffeur and six servants and a cook. In addition, Barbara always gave parties and invited guests, and Grant is laid out on paper and most in need of rest.
If he should be stabbed her as he possibly would be lighter, but it was absolutely impossible. Hands tied recovered from Britain of the social hierarchy: the twenty millionth possessor states can not beat him - a small bedroom Archie Leach decorate pictures with scenes of a royal reception. Besides Grant really wanted to watch over and protect his wife-aristocrat. Something he really succeeded: little Lance attached to him is stronger than for his own father.

. Playboy Grant, a man of restless and nervous, prone to depression, very much wanted to become a father - this observation adorned Dr. Schneider's record
. At the filming of "Penny Serenade," which dealt with a childless couple who wanted to adopt a child, he burst into tears - the story of the therapist said a red pencil and used it in a scientific publication.

. With Lance Grant got along better than with Barbara - he felt that he really needed a boy
. It was the Second World War, and although the military air fleet of the Grant have not taken, he still managed to become a national hero. Lance was something to be proud of: the film "Goal - Tokyo" Cary Grant played the commander of U.S. submarine: a strong-willed chin and kind eyes, tightly embracing the powerful shoulders leather jacket, a cinema, two-thirds of the breathless women. After seeing the film, Lance began to call Grant "General". Still Cary Grant's second marriage ended very quickly.

At Christmas break, Lance went to his father. Returning to the regular shootings Grant dreamed of a quiet holiday, and Barbara invited forty people who remained at their weekly. After the holidays the boy did not return home: Count Reventlow Barbara filed for a court. He accused her that she swore at a child. Grant, in his opinion, too, had on a small graph bad influence, his father demanded that the court forbade him to approach the Lance. Then the house began chaos: Grant gave a scandal, went home and washed down, four days later, sober and thinking better, he returned and begged Barbara to forgive him ... A few months later they divorced, and fallen into another depression, Grant took the blame. A hearing on the divorce lasted four minutes: Time magazine wrote that Barbara would have missed three, if not the photograph. Grant was friends with his ex-wife until her death (her friends were very few), and Lance took care of until his death in a car crash.

The next few months Grant spent in complete isolation. Falling into depression for days he lay on the couch and stared at the ceiling, when he was released, called the studio and took up a job.

. Profession not fail him ever: in the fifties thanks to Hitchcock Grant was one of the most famous American actor
. In the film the wizard saw the very real horrors of the Grant: impeccable appearance, great charm - and behind this urge to destroy. Razdelyvayas with others, hichkokovsky Grant destroying himself.

... The records of Dr. Schneider's broken off - the patient experienced a doctor. Dr. Schneider was senior Grant thirty years (he died when Carey was forty). But further way Cary Grant confirmed the predictions doctor - aging actor increasingly attracted young woman. Rumor linked his name with Ingrid Bergman and Grace Kelly. Grant and Bergman history of world cinema required the longest kiss: according to the rules of the American Code of filmmaking, he was not supposed to last for more than three seconds, and the spectator it seemed that their idol ever clung to a divine Swede. Scandal, success, a trip to England to his mother - on board forty-four Grant meets his next wife.

-Old Betsy Drake, a girl of good family, was characterized by distinct intellectual predilections. Her father was a writer, she studied astronomy, yoga and wrote radio plays. They married, and Grant thought that he had found happiness. But soon the devil, who was sitting in a Cary Grant, he began again to push him in the side.

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During the regular shooting Grant falls in love with Sophia Loren, throws her flowers and tries to divert from Carlo Ponti. At the end of the film their characters should go to the altar, and a few days before Grant learns that Loren and Ponti were married in Mexico. Carey rushes to Betsy, but nothing more can be saved: "We loved and will always love and respect each other, but our marriage has not brought us happiness, about which we dreamed. In a statement to the press talking about the divorce was not involved, but everyone knew that it was inevitable.

He was sixty, and actress Diane Cannon - twenty-four. His fourth wife, Grant tried to turn into your own creation - it did not suit her hair, clothes and demeanor. Removing their tastes, Grant quickly returned to an old and tired even to Virginia Cherrill educational methods: he was jealous of his wife to all and sundry, forbade her to go out and hit a mini-skirt. When Grant turned sixty-one, Diana gave birth to his daughter Jennifer - and here he felt that life has acquired a new meaning.

. Grant was a wonderful father: he warmed up bottle feeds, putting the baby to sleep, and even decided to leave the cinema, to devote themselves to raising daughters
. However, he failed: driven to despair by Diane ran away from home with the girl, and Grant long otsuzhival right to see the child on holidays and weekends.
. All coming to an end: more in Cary was not cinema, the daughter grew up without him, and in 1973, before reaching the two weeks before his ninety-sixth birthday, died Elsie Leach
. Grant spent many years trying to find in other women reflected the mother, and was in no hurry to drive away the shadow of her: in his house he had built a small museum, where they kept things Elsie - her photos, rings, and even divorce. And the mother returned to him: in 1976 (he was already seventy-three) Grant met the one I was searching all my life.
Calm and friendly brown-haired Barbara Harris lived in London and was younger than Cary Grant in the forty-six years. He courted her for a long time, in 1978, Barbara moved in with him to California, and in 1981 they were married. ( "At first I was scared because of the difference in age, but later resigned - I was dear communion with him.")
In the fifth Mrs. Cary Grant, he felt really happy. The couple were quiet measured life - the morning swim in the pool, evening watching TV, Barbara knitted sweaters and socks ... Grant getting old, but did not become an old man: it is still looking with deep delight, women, and jealous wife. He died the death, which may dream of any actor: preparing for the speech to the fans, Carey felt a sudden weakness. Two hours later he was hospitalized with a myocardial. Before you ever close your eyes, vosmidesyatidvuhletny Grant smiled slightly - he coped with the complexes definitely a loser Archie Leach and finally got out of life what he wanted.

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