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Comments for DRANOVSKAYA Lydia
Biography DRANOVSKAYA Lydia
She played in the comedy, which is not like Stalin. And cinema forgotten this actress for 50 years ...
She came to the movies in fifteen years. Jacob Protazanov - classic Russian cinema, the creator of the famous "Bride", for three years before the war took "seventh graders" - tape, particularly fond of the young audience. In one of the main roles - Lydia Dranovskaya. It was a noisy start.
Then after the war, she was shot by Pudovkin in Zhukovsky, a Roshal in Rimsky-Korsakov's ", but the name brought her graceful comedy Julia Reisman" The train goes to the East ". The film was released in 1948, in the most seemingly inappropriate time for love stories. But the story of the novel which has arisen between a naval officer and graduate of fascinating biological faculty in the train on the way to Vladivostok, attracted the audience. Crowds besieged cinemas. Lydia Dranovskaya was a huge success, she captivated the sincerity, purity and rare beauty.
. However, the band brought the wrath of Stalin and was brutally abused official criticism.
. Less than three years since the victory in the Patriotic War, people still remember well the fire mortars, bombs, lived all the years of brutal
. "The train goes to the east was vent, it looked ten times in a row. Especially because it was raging around the madness.
Campaign cosmopolitanism was in full swing. People were afraid of each other, listened to the elevator and the steps outside the door at night; newspapers consistently reported an attempted anti-patriotic forces. Already been humiliated Zoshchenko and Akhmatova, circle "cosmopolitans" broadening: the theatrical critics attached poets and filmmakers, much anti-Semitism, began to expose the "rootless cosmopolitans", hiding under a pseudonym. Arresting people caught up in captivity, who had not managed to evacuate voluntarily returned from exile, the repressed in the 30 years, having relatives abroad. Arbitrariness was truly comprehensive ...
As described later Reisman, Stalin while viewing pictures impatiently: "I'll go to the next station" - and left the room viewing by. Film iznichtozhit. A young Lydia Dranovskaya was subjected to deafening criticism. After 50 years, these days the tape was shown on the sixth television channel. I happened to see her again in the Central House of Arts at the party dedicated to Lydia Dranovskoy. The film does not seem outdated. Game Lydia Dranovskoy and Leonid Gallisa completely up to date and accurate. Ideological signs of the times seemed naive, but this did not prevent the audience to watch a movie with obvious pleasure.

. The picture is a perfect comedy, Dranovskaya brought to her a rare artistic truth, touching purity of feelings
. Both she and the now deceased, Leonid Gallis (he played for many years at the theater named Yermolova) were alive, honest people.

Lydia's face became familiar Dranovskoy new era in film. It was a time when the standard of female beauty were considered Lyubov Orlova and Marina Ladynina who starred in the tapes of what did not happen in this world. Maybe this is what irritated the "leader and teacher of all time". Who znaetN
But the cinematic fate Dranovskoy was broken. She still occasionally shot: that the "parasite" by Turgenev, in the film "In the days of peace, but an ominous shadow had haunted her. Man surprisingly modest, kind, like today would say, neprobivnoy, she starred in the crowd, in trifles, duplicate western belt. And for many years was listed in the company suffering Theater actor, never annoying, not annoying and not expecting anything. Her great fame in the late 40-ies with time out and walked in the past.
In 1993, the New York Museum of Modern Art held a week of Russian cinema. I remember walking up Fifth Avenue, and turning to the Sixth, I saw on the front of a huge portrait of Lydia Dranovskoy. In a touching beret, in curls home-whipped hair, her face was a dear, but look - natural and understandable. It was the film "The train goes to the east, it was impossible to get a ticket. Crowds besieged the American cinema. At that time I worked at New York University, and friends with the faculty were asked about the movie Lydia Dranovskoy. But I do about it then nothing, unfortunately, did not know: her name is not in the encyclopaedia, it has no titles, does not act the scene with memories, does not write memoirs. It has long been accustomed to inattention to his fate and had no idea that in New York in magazines sometimes have her face as a symbol of new times occurring in Russia, despite the brutal Stalinist regime.

. In 1997, the director Igor Apasyan decided to make a film based on the novel by Ray Bradbury's "Dandelion Wine" with Lydia Dranovskoy starring old Mrs. Bentley
. The director was conceived eulogy on behalf of children, the anthem of humanity, kindness, love and kindness. To solve this problem and was called the image of her grandmother, the young characters in the film.

Dranovskaya half a century later reappeared on the screen and again struck by the beauty and cleanliness, impeccable craftsmanship. Mrs. Bentley was once young, now it shows the children the ring, which bore a child, a small comb, which once was combing her hair, her baby pictures ... And understand: the consciousness of children are constrained, they can not imagine that too will be old. Sooner or later, youth is released from its own illusions. But in this release are always enclosed some anguish, pain neboltlivaya - neboltlivaya because the youth are no words to express the pain and the ultimate wisdom of adults - to feel the silent suffering of growing up. Lydia Dranovskaya plays Mrs. Bentley's death with incredible force, the basis of skill - the intensity of the tones, gradation. It is an amazing analyst most irrational states.
When she came on stage Central House of Arts at the party hosted in her honor for the first time in its difficult and very unhappy cinematic life, the hall applauded her for a long time. By some mysterious way, it has retained its charm and its vitality. Innate cinema actress, . essentially, . lived a life without cinema, . but unlike the others - the talented and successful colleagues, . removed without stopping, . Lydia Dranovskaya remain in the history of world cinema as an actress, . whose on-screen image as it heralded in our country, . that the inner freedom of feeling and play vital forces can not repay.,
. We have admired for many years, and still admire Audrey Hepburn, which "created" Hollywood
. Lydia Dranovskaya on natural gift would be a Soviet Audrey Hepburn, but she was not Hollywood and there was nobody who would be interested in her fate. She had to endure a lot, even though this talent no one disputed. Lyrical work was unnecessary in the Stalin era, and watercolor actress caused only stimulation of the dictator, who was accustomed to the cinematic tales, which he encouraged.
But talent has survived, it has shown the film "Dandelion Wine". And one can understand the audience for creative evening Lydia Dranovskoy when they staged a modest ovation, no longer a young woman, which appeared on the scene after years of neglect to give them the joy of meeting with a talent in her youth and in our days.

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DRANOVSKAYA Lydia, photo, biography
DRANOVSKAYA Lydia, photo, biography DRANOVSKAYA Lydia  Actress, photo, biography
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