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Biography Valery INKIZHINOV
Son of the Buryat teacher, Valery Inkizhinov to 20 years enrolled in the Petrograd Polytechnic Institute. While studying in Polytechnic Institute, started in the studio Meyerhold, over which assumed "patronage" A. Block, in. Bryusov, A. Scriabin. "Inkizhinov conquered all of us, especially Meyerhold, his virtuoso acrobatic and plastic machinery. Flexibility and agility of movement he had supernatural powers, resembling plastic tiger cat "- recalls a. Smirnova-Iskander.
FIRST FILM called "BURRESPUBLIKA". From high-profile films "Mother" and "The End of St. Petersburg's director Vsevolod Pudovkin wanted to show that the ideas of the Revolution win not only in the center of Russia, but also in Asia. This pattern is clearly visible, removing scenario by Osip Brik, . Although the basis of his story lay plain Gain Siberian writer Ivan Novokshonova: partisans of the Mongol detachment Kalandrashvili escaped death only because, . that was taken for a descendant of Genghis Khan.,
. The main role the director has invited Valery Inkizhinova; this fact largely contributed to the fact that the film formed otherwise than was intended
. While at the premiere of paintings, many surprise inquired: "Where is Pudovkin found such a talented aborigenaN" - 33-year-old Valery Inkizhinov was not a novice in the world of theater and cinema.
. SON TEACHER BURIAT, Valery, 20 years enrolled in the Petrograd Polytechnic Institute
. While studying in Polytechnic Institute, started in the studio Meyerhold, over which assumed "patronage" A. Block, in. Bryusov, A. Scriabin. "Inkizhinov conquered all of us, especially Meyerhold, his virtuoso acrobatic and plastic machinery. Flexibility and agility of movement he had supernatural powers, resembling plastic tiger cat "- recalls a. Smirnova-Iskander.
In 1920, Mr.. Inkizhinov moved to Moscow, became a disciple of Lev Kuleshov, who convinces him to "devote himself to cinema". However Inkizhinov continues to work in the theater of Meyerhold, assists him in staging the play "Death of Tarelkin, who had great success. On the posters name Inkizhinova stood next to the name of Eisenstein - director assistant. They met in public higher workshops, where the couple Inkizhinov-Eisenstein in class biomechanics was the best "in the application and decision-knife". "We were going to have Kuleshov, in a large, cold room - recalled Inkizhinov - doing everything: movies, physical exercise, lectures, cooking ... In one corner Pudovkin played pantomime. Another Eisenstein did assembly experiments. Kuleshov come and go, give advice here, correcting a mistake there ... "

Having accomplished at L. Kuleshov small role in the film "The Merry canary" Inkizhinov started filming his first independent film scenario D. Alexandrov and C. Eisenstein's Bazaar lust ". For several reasons, tape has not been completed.

In 1927, Mr.. Inkizhinov went in Primorye to make a film scenario with. Alymova "Thief". The shooting took place 18 km from Vladivostok in the Korean countryside, on the Gulf coast and the sea. "The film shows a fascinating ethnographic material ... life of Koreans, their hard work to catch fish in the Pacific Ocean, the oppression of the Japanese, fighting guerrilla groups against the foreign oppressors ". (Komsomolskaya Pravda, 4.07.1928 g.).
PUDOVKIN OFFERED INKIZHINOVU not only the main role - he insisted that he was sorezhisserom film. Inkizhinov, in turn, requested a full-scale survey in Buryatia.

Nature and dobila plan Brik - scenario scheme collapsed under the onslaught of exotic impressions of the crew. Pudovkin and operator Golovnya, first came to the taiga and steppe, taiga, could not hide excitement. Every now and then stopping the car, the director asked the operator to withdraw struck his landscapes, yurts, riders. Looking for friends, Inkizhinov glad that they both liked it homes, and smiled enigmatically, introducing their faces when they see datsan and worship of lamas. Clad in Buryat boots, degel, he completely went for aboriginal. Therefore, it is spoken to by his countrymen when he ran down to the outlandish car. And it is in their own language to explain why Muscovites came here, and that the brethren should do.

Valery himself put some episodes. A witness shooting. Tarasov recalls that in an episode of bargaining furs "Inkizhinov often gave advice-replica Vsevolod Pudovkin ... The work went on quietly, smoothly. They understood each other at a glance ". Rented from the city Verkhneudinsk (now Ulan-Ude), then in Gusinoozerskaya datsan and Borgoyskoy steppe. Personnel Buddhist festival in Tsam datsan are unique to the history and shooting the final film turned into a holiday. In Borgoyskuyu steppe, on the border with Mongolia, arrived residents Seleginsk, Kyakhta, Dzhida Ayman. Two thousand horsemen swept across the steppe, personifying the revolutionary storm that sweeps away everything in its path.

But the core of the picture was the role Bair performed Valeria Inkizhinova. Pudovkin later said: "The film is a scene where the guerrillas die. There sits Mongol (Inkizhinov), and after he died, he turns ... and did it as nobody could not have imagined. He just killed me with a sort of richness of expression ... "The art H. Jesuits noted that "the power of the image Bair depended not only on the expressive drama and an assembly building, but most of all - the game Inkizhinova. Episode shot Bair memorable Soviet cinema as one of the best.
PREMIER screening there was a resounding success. "A descendant of Genghis Khan" tore the screens in France, Germany, Hungary, Holland - and everywhere "choked with delight to the exotic". Only in England, the reaction was muted: film distributors bought the film, only to withdraw it from circulation - they say, the British never fought with the Mongols. But it was also recognition of the success of the film.

. It seemed that nothing could prevent the glory of "aboriginal" Inkizhinova.

. But a year later, his name disappeared from the credits.

. Valery Inkizhinov went to Paris on vacation - to get acquainted with the work on sound cinema "
. Holidays inhaled. Inkizhinov met with Alexander Kuprin, decided to make a film on his story "The captain Rybnikov". Surprised how much the French ex-colleagues in the theater and cinema, he went into their circle. We Inkizhinova even have the impression that the entire creative color of Russia - abroad: Bunin, Anna Pavlova, Diaghilev, Nijinsky, Rachmaninov, Glazunov, Chaliapin, Kandinsky ... Half million Russians left their homeland in the years 1917-1925.

From Russia came the terrible news: in the Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior was blown up, in Transbaikalia destroyed datsan, which were taken "descendants". Thousands of gold, silver, bronze Buddhas, along with musical instruments, who played at shooting holiday Tsam, sent to the facility, the sacred book "Gandzhur and Dandzhur" dumped in pits.

Inkizhinov decided not to return home. And survived: many participants in the film - Buryat and Russian, who played partisan dekulakized later arrested writer Ivan Novokshonov who gave the film a unique story. Valeria Inkizhinova have suffered the fate of thousands of his countrymen, shot and trapped in the camps.
His "Second Life is shrouded in a haze of myths and legends. In 30-ies in Irkutsk, a relative of the actor E.S. Abasheev saw her father Valeri - Ivan Nikolayevich - a bottle of perfume "A la Inkizhinov". Has the Valery perfumer or spirits produced in his honor by someone else - unknown. In fact, the founder of Fashion Issue actors perfumes and cosmetics can be considered Olga Chekhov. Inkizhinov knew the movie star and her granddaughter, Faith, which appeared in one of the films.

Until now, are not known precisely date and place of his death, the fate of his sons. Information sometimes mutually exclusive: it is a successful industrialist, a man who died in poverty and oblivion. According to Valery Kharaeva, sailor of the Pacific Fleet in 1952. his fellow sailors, bringing the San Francisco warships, taken from the U.S. Lend-Lease Act were met by a respectable gentleman who introduced himself as Inkizhinovym. With the permission of the Consulate of the USSR he invited them to the reception. In his studio in Hollywood Inkizhinov kept very simple, kindly ...
After non-return of the French actor and director Inkizhinov ceased to exist for our art. Films made them, were destroyed. His name, as already stated, was removed from the credits of the film, although in 1935. band won the Moscow Film Festival. Bad enough had his numerous relatives,. Only Bokhanov was about a hundred Inkizhinovyh. Their dekulakize, fired from their jobs, do not take in college. His nephew, Vladimir Inkizhinov, becoming a famous artist of Buryatia, was restricted to travel abroad.
. In 1994, a year before the century Inkizhinova matched with the anniversary of Russia's cinema, in Ulan-Ude was founded fund his behalf, which gave a new show "The descendants of Genghis Khan", had telethon
. It made of culture, Inkizhinova countrymen and relatives living in Buryatia, Irkutsk and Chita regions.
The Foundation conducts Inkizhinova search work not only in Siberia, but also abroad. Many of the facts presented here, mined efforts of his staff on a voluntary basis. To somehow make ends meet, the fund began to produce vodka Inkizhinov ". At a recent international exhibition in Paris, Ulan-Ude plant Livonia, producing the vodka, got a gold medal.

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Valery INKIZHINOV, photo, biography
Valery INKIZHINOV, photo, biography Valery INKIZHINOV  Actor, photo, biography
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