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Biography Yuri KAMORNY
photo Yuri KAMORNY
(8.08.1944 - 27.11.1981)
Kamorny was one of the most talented and disciplined students LGITMiKa. His sociable nature allowed him to be everywhere and the instigators and soul of any company. He was surprisingly musical and play various instruments: from the guitar and harmonica ending. It is no accident that, while still a student, he attracted the attention of filmmakers ...
Yuri Kamorny was born Aug. 8, 1944. After graduating from high school in 1962 he entered the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography (LGITMiK).
. His first noticed the director Julian Panich, who in 1965 invited the young actor as the lead role in the film "Seeing the White Nights"
. Kamorny journalist played Valeria, a measure of cynicism, a measure of conscientious Playboy. Unfortunately, this film had the difficult life: from the departure of director of the West put on the shelf and showed only two decades later. Therefore, the film is practically very few people saw, and the debut of the Chamber in the film was crumpled. But soon the actor once again lucky. In 1966, director Michael Bogin invited him to have a central role in the Soviet-Polish painting "Yosh". In the film had great box office success with viewers, . a performer starring Polish actress Pola Pascal (she played Marusya in "Four tankmen ..."), . by the readers of "Soviet Screen", . be named the best foreign actress of 1967.,

. By the way, idle rumor ascribes Kamornomu role of seducer this Polish beauty
. Allegedly, during the filming of the picture they had a passionate affair, which nearly ended in marriage. This legend seems quite plausible, because the actor really was a huge success with women and not accidentally acquired fame in the artistic circles of the first lover.

. After Institute in 1967, Kamorny got in the Leningrad troupe Spectators behalf Bryantseva, directed by his teacher on LGITMiKu 3
. Korogodsky. By Yuri he treated with great sympathy, many even felt Kamornogo his pet. True or not, is difficult to judge, but one thing is certain: that Kamorny combines active play in the theater with filming a movie, Korogodsky winked. And then he was shot very active. Here is a partial list of his paintings: "Liberation" (1968-1971), "Quarantine" (1969), "The Kremlin Chimes" (1970).
In those same years, he married a young actress Irene Peter. In 1967 they had a daughter, Paulina.
In the 70 years of creative life Kamornogo evolved much more successful in the theater than in film. On the theatrical stage he was lucky to play various roles in such productions as "Boss", "Our circus", "drink of freedom". The best is his role in TYuZe will Rizpolozhensky in the play "his people - numbered."

In the same movie roles scale, worthy of his talent, he has virtually no. Most directors invited him to play a beautiful and successful young people, a kind of supermen, and the conquerors of women's hearts. Here are some pictures in which he had appeared: "Rudobelskaya Republic", "People on the Nile" (both - 1972), "The door without a lock," "Everyday the criminal investigation," a TV movie "To be a man" (all - 1973), " Arrows of Robin Hood "(1976).

. In the early 70's first marriage broke up artist, and he had some time lived alone in a close grimubornoy Spectators (apartment Suvorov, as it should be a real man, he left his ex-wife and daughter)
. In 1972, his life entered a new woman - a student of law faculty of Leningrad State University, with whom he met while filming "The door without a lock". This woman, . apparently, . Kamornogo exerted a beneficial effect - after meeting her for the first time an actor to think seriously about their own health, . stopped drinking (before that he had already suffered two abdominal operation: he had a hernia incarceration and adhesive disease),
. She settled the administrator at Lenfilm and for several years was accompanied by Jury in all its kinoekspeditsiyah.
. Despite the fact that the cinema did not disclose fully its possibilities Kamorny still chose him, not a theater - in 1976 he resigned from the Spectators
. By the time he already had a cottage in Pine, own boat (he bought it in the director BDT G. BDT), a rich collection of cold steel. Collect it, he began back in time a student (he had even worked in a police armorer), and the described period, it consisted of about three dozen pieces, among which were and are rare instances. As it should be Superman, actor perfectly possessed these weapons, and could easily pierced with a knife throwing accurate aim, located a few meters away from him
. After retiring from the theater, Kamorny settled in the State Theater Studio actor in Lenfilm and soon got his new housing: they gave him a 12-meter room in a communal house on the street Saltykov-Shchedrin
. Nearby are famous in those years the pub "Surf", and Yuri began its patrons. Beer parties Kamornogo liked for his cheerful disposition and juicy tales from the life of cine. Even the local police almost all went through his friends.

. Meanwhile, . Despite its periodic spree, . Kamorny continued very actively removed, . and almost every year on the screens out of the country, his film: "Birds of our hopes" (1977), . "Poseidon" to the rescue "(1978), . "Blue Lightning", . TV film "Ring outgoing summer" (both - 1979).,

. By the early 80's as creative and personal life Kamornogo evolved quite nicely
. Anyway, apparently it looked exactly. In 1980 he finally received the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR. Despite the fact that a close relationship with a student at LSU ended in 1979, she continued to maintain business dealings with him and conducted his financial affairs. A communal troubles coming to an end: he firmly promised to allocate a separate apartment (a warrant for her will November 15, 1981). The number of directors who want to shoot him, was not translated. In 1980-1981 he starred in two main parts: in the feature film "True Lieutenant Klimova and the television movie" The Game without trumps ". The roles were excellent: in the first he played a naval officer, in the second - the leader of the gang. The latter role he was particularly successful: in it he looked like a real superman with all the necessary set of attributes: the possession of karate, good luck in the cards, love women, and t. d.

It was while working in the last scene (shooting took place in Lithuania) Kamorny met a young local makeup studio and brought her to him in Leningrad. On the last day of his life it was she was with him in an apartment in a house on the street Saltykov-Shchedrin, and has become a major participant in the tragedy. But, first things first.
At noon on Nov. 27, 1981 Kamornogo neighbors in the communal apartment suddenly heard a women's heart-rending cries coming from his room. When they opened the door and looked inside, they saw a gruesome scene: a girl, her head in her hands, sitting in a corner, and their neighbor stood on the bed and held both hands on the dagger. His face was disfigured by a terrible grimace, lips whispered some wild words: "... they will kill you ... You should not go ... I would rather kill you myself ... "Deciding that the actor fell into a delirium tremens, the neighbors immediately summoned by telephone narcologist. That, in turn, took along with him and several policemen from the police department Dzerzhinsky. When they arrived at the scene, Kamorny went on rampage, brandishing daggers, one to never let yourself. Today it is impossible to determine exactly what the real danger he had represented and whether it was possible to neutralize him without the use of firearms, but the police decided not to risk and weapons used. And at first, as it should have done two warning shots up. One of the bullets ricocheted and hit the girl in the arm. It is heart-rending scream, and it probably brought the police from a. The third shot they did on the actor. However, labeled on the legs, and fell into the femoral artery. From the fountain of blood gushing wounds. In just a few seconds Kamorny died.
As established later examination in the blood of the deceased was not a gram of alcohol. Do not see him, and no changes in the brain. Then what happened to the actor at the denN This now can only guess. Whether really suddenly auknulas it zagulnaya past life, or sanity for some time clouded for some unknown reason. This mystery is covered with darkness.
It may seem strange, but the death Kamornogo passed almost unnoticed by the Leningrad and Moscow, and many do not know that in the city on the Neva died famous actor. Partly to blame for this was the authorities who banned the publication in print obituaries. In the morgue, Botkin Hospital, where lay the body of the actor, to say goodbye to him, came only a few people. Among them was the mother of the actor, who then took away her son's body home - in Staraya Russa. There he was, and buried. They say that today it is very difficult to find the grave because of its neglected: no plates on it either, nor the cross ...

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Yuri KAMORNY, photo, biography
Yuri KAMORNY, photo, biography Yuri KAMORNY  Actor, photo, biography
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