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Kalyagin Alexander

( Actor)

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Biography Kalyagin Alexander
photo Kalyagin Alexander
One morning the seventy-fifth year, the country woke up huge in a buoyant mood, despite the continuing struggle for peace: the day before on television showed the film "Hello, I'm your aunt, who was immediately taken away to quote. "I'll kiss you. Then. If you like ". We received a wonderful gift comedian Alexander Kalyagin, and charmed his sky-blue eyes, rushed to the place where "a lot of wild monkeys, but which actually turned out to be not so serene, as promised we aunt Charlie from Brazil.
. "Well, you, Globe!" - Screaming like a superintendent pioneer leader
. Boy looks out the window. "I appeal to you!" - Komsomol badge a red pupil shines on the perturbed breast. The boy slowly turns away from the window. This is him! Boy, probably really like the Globe - round-, round-faced and - something already there - not skinny. Then he will put on airs in front of my mother's dressing table, pose different faces, to represent a Chaplin, then Raikin, and one day forget about the fear of being ridiculous, and learn to laugh the other. It will be a comedian. And tragedian. And the theater artistic director, and chairman of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia, and just a good actor. But after 46 years do not forget the humiliation of Child: Well you, Globe!
Meanwhile, "Komsomolskaya goddess" almost right. Alexander Kalyagin, like any talented person, really Globe. Whole planet. With its seas, oceans, underwater reefs, dark depths, transparent rivers, impassable forests, swamps, deserts, volcanoes.
"When nervous, a lot of eating. Just swallow, like a crocodile. All there, in the fire throws. People came: 'Play, excellent look! Bursting with this ... You have all horoshoN '-' All is well. Normally ' ".
He has in the archive somewhere a stray black and white card, his first fotoproba for "Unfinished Piece", at which Nikita Mikhalkov cut a bold felt-tip pen inside a round kalyaginskogo person desired outline. Nikita was strict. Vlezesh in this size, you'll play. Month Kalyagin sat on buckwheat. He climbed. Played. Perhaps his best film role.
But in fact he believes that writing about it is not interesting:
- What's new, I opened a professiiN Nothing! I opened myself. And! I was tortured Q: Tell us some funny stories. I do not remember! They exist, but they are not interesting to me. Because I have already lived them - then I'll tell. It is better to talk about something else. In general, if you do book, it all could have been built on letters. So much I have them in my life wrote ...

The letter, from which it would be good to start a book - in the trunk. Chest dacha. A cottage ... No, to her Alexander today does not get. And tomorrow, too. Morning-evening - dress rehearsal of The Merchant of Venice "with Robert Sturua, and still plays in his theater Et Setera, and the role of the Moscow Art Theater and the Theater Union ... Reach the day after, find a couple of hours at dawn
. Letters from afar
. The first letter (and only) from his father, Alexander Ivanovich Kalyagina was written May 25, 1942 purple ink, stationery and sent to the village Malmyz that the river Vyatka, where his son was born in the evacuation
. And less than a month later, on June 17, Alexander died. Heart attack. But his son managed to give the name. "Well, let's call it like this: Alexander - a good name, nice and has a heroic past. Abbreviated Alex. Also great! So, we decided - Alexander Kalyagin! "
Director of the Moscow Regional Pedagogical Institute, Head. Department of History, where he worked on the famous creator of "Napoleon" A. Z. Manfred, Professor A. I. Kalyagin know what to say. Alexander means "winner". "Well young man are you, dear Julia, - he wrote in a letter to his wife - that gave birth to a son!.. It is really important and a focused. Well, this is good in itself will not give offense. "
He did not give. Although at the time and circumstances in which it never should have been. The war, evacuation, and my father away, my mother 40 years old, wise doctor, advised: mug! Malmyz, hut, a baby's arm was paralyzed at birth, country doctor, who returned it to the other world. Then Moscow. Petticoat. Small room - pencil case, which does not fit a second bed. Mommy's window to the world - dictionaries, dictionaries, dictionaries. Eyed teacher of French, perfect knowledge of five languages, fall asleep to the BBC, C, and had never been abroad, you will win then her son, staged performances, teaching students in London and Paris.
- Mother's paternal unknown to me. And on my mother's - there all the intellectuals, professors. Women are mainly. Women aura. Actually, I was a good boy in childhood. Eyes shining, tihenky such. Chameleon. Still Waters Run Deep, you know.
One morning the seventy-fifth year, the country a huge wake up smiling. The film "Hello, I'm your aunt" becomes a cult. We melt it on the quotations. "I'll kiss you. Then. If you like ". Nation-wide admiration, color, light, prosperity. One painting, another one interview, second, third, tenth ... As expected, the duty question about the family. Yes, family. ZhenaN Yes, wife. Daughter ... Yes, everything is fine, "I'm Aunt Charlie from Brazil ... And nobody, nobody will know that for several years he lived with his daughter one. With over 11 months has buried two of its most beloved women - his wife Tanya and her mother Julia, down to the pit from the same fatal disease, whose name he could not easily pronounce, even now, after almost 25 years. And in the theater no one will know that the five-year Xenia, he educates himself: she cooks borscht-broth, leads to a kindergarten, washes clothes.
. - Alexander, is on earth someone whom you can talk about yourself vseN
. - A zachemN! You can write volumes on any man, and me in particular
. Can not write anything. But no one ever you do not understand really. And is not obliged. My wife is not obliged to know me before the end. Children are not required. I have no right to hurt their own pain. That stands before me, son, Denis, still a kid at all, is the daughter. Even if she was already thirty, to which his heavy load of sostoyaniemN There are things that a man should handle himself. One.
Kalyagin tells how as a child, received an F, the second lesson out of school, leaving the briefcase at his desk (as if he was here, and it is not - well, right next character from "Prohindiady"!). How sorry for himself. And, sorry, went to the bakery. From there in the open window pairs, and if you glance down - oh! - Walking, worried the dough on a large baking. In the bakery, bought hlebushek. I asked them to cut. In the grocery store next to sausage. Good, amateur. And then - at Chistoprudniy. At the monument Griboyedov expands newspaper. It sausage. Sasha Kalyagin eating and crying. Well if more rain fell and. Comfortably self-pity. And be free.
As a child he was taught to play the violin. He has perfect pitch. Good Technology. The mad man, the best music school teacher a couple of hits with a bow on the fingers - not so, not so! Everything! Music ended at this. Soft case. Tender shtuchka. He ... sat on it! Crushed violin. Chased a kick in the wardrobe - a tall chest fat.
- Any suppression - and with that I still live - my assault on the holy. I can not stand no alternative life! If there is no choice, it hurts me. No, do not hurt - just kills!
"Do not laugh at me ..."
Actor he would always be. With seven years of conviction thought: sorry, I Raikin not see, he would have fallen, he would have been shocked and cried like: here is my change! When decided to enter the Shchukin School, he was told: bring a certificate, you seem to nodules on cords. No nodules were no. Just as a child badly imitated Arkady Isaakovich, and his voice broke. Broke - received such ... specific, the pot, with kalechkoy rustling. Voice Volchok from the famous cartoon Norstein "Tale of Tales" and a good soul cat Leopold. And in 1955 he wrote Raikin: "I, a boy of thirteen, long pondered, before you write these lines. So I decided. I must confess that somehow even scary ... not laugh at me ". Idol said, as befits idols. About that talent - it is work. What we must learn, learn, learn. This letter is also preserved. Much later, a brilliant artist of Soviet music Kalyagina call Sasha his pupil.
But even before such a long time. While on the council's home mom and aunt decided: it is necessary for a good profession. It should - so should. I went to medical school. And in his life are two completely crazy at the "fast". 50-I Gorbolnitsa, Timiryazevsky District. Students. Blood, dirt, sweat. And the conclusion: Eighty percent of ambulance calls, except for chronic and cores - from the love. Finally arrived: Shchukin School. They took just. No cronyism. And in the second year it expelled as incompetent.
- Once in a review I read: that, with such appearance he would sit at the table, to be, say, the scientists ... No, I'm not offended. So it is - a fact. And the institute is very good about myself understood: the meter and seventy-two, not social, not a lover, not a thin, balding - true, without complexes. I have a humorous attitude to her. But others, there is no. Heroes can not play, the pioneers could not, old theaters, and so full of. Where egoN I should have been expelled for inaudibility Role. For me, no one wanted to rehearse. That I was a goner Number. I turned to the wonderful freshman, who, through all, Luba Koreneva. She, poor thing, did not know anything about me. I agreed.

"Rendezvous while held, but ..." - The so-called fragment, which was recognized as head of the course Boris Zakhava best. There schoolboy, trembling before the first date, for the courage to buy ten bottles of beer. Stout, funny, touching a high-school student drank beer and losing his fate. Sophomore Kalyagin convincing "drunk" from bottle to bottle and its fate has won
His filmography on the Internet is almost three virtual page. But there was, among other different and equal one great role. Platonov. "Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano.
"Today, September 10. In the theater are plays, rehearsals, and I blow off on the route Moscow-Pushchino. Not getting enough sleep, tired, but in a good mood. Especially when I come to the set. Rejoice, played the fool, the other mixed media, looking for some myself. Do not give me grounded and mope. As can be fun! Just as it is! "
This is a small book-notebooks purchased in the last 7 cents at the newsstand.
- Never, in one picture is not a diary. Suddenly drawn during the filming of "Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano" record, ready to work in the evening. Drawn - here in this little book.
September 18, 1977 ended in shooting. 19-th Moscow Art Theater went to Bulgaria for tour. Sofia. Kalyagin entered the hotel room. Located. Took shower. Slept. I woke up ... a day. Colleagues were concerned, knocked, opened the door. Useless. Artist slept.
He wrote then: "I took half a lifetime Platonov. Half-life ". And again: "I burned my Platonov. We passed completely for me not pass. "
In the booklet-note-book - something like ECG - a graphic representation of the work on Platonov. Acute high battlements - the role of the peaks: "Prayer," "fainting," "hysterical", "fate". Four years ago, doctors will see a similar picture on the monitor and tape-millimeter print. This is called to be "transmural infarction"
. Just for the sake of which all etoN the sake of what famous actor, two months after becoming chairman of resuscitation STD - has taken on the back this cargo, . of which can drag all the veins "N For what, . spit on earned reputation and public opinion, . coryphaeus Theater, kicking with the students of the school-studio of a youthful thing - live theater, . not easy rapprochement slavyN,

. - I called Michurin, which is not entirely successful - stress - a kidney graft from a tree
. Here's the trunk - an actor to the bone. By all measures, the horoscope, by affectation, in life, humor, the mood of resentment, conceit - for everything! This kidney. Frail, but alive. Maybe it would grow a magnificent pear belle piano, but it turned out, the Chinese apple. STDN I am an actor, I was worried I was concerned, and I hope that something can be done. TeatrN Yes, I have to some extent dictate the style, invite filmmakers, artists, playwrights, composers. Galin, Sturua, Kancheli, Kochergin, Borovsky - not so bad, aN!
His theater Et Cetera - delicate Chinese apple in the concrete jungle of New Arbat - living and breathing, despite the icy breath of criticism. A pity that does not go to this wonderful stage actress Evgenia Glushenko. To her eternal Kalyagina rear, where he would not let anyone. "It can not be imposed on the family people!" In order for the wife worked in a theater with her husband, must be Meyerhold and Tairov. I - neither one nor the other. "

Everyone remembers how she ran for her Platonov, stumbling, to the river: "Misha, Misha!" How then hugging knee-deep in water in a sea of tears. "Sasha ..." Then, during the filming of "Unfinished Piece", they met for the first time - actor and actress Kalyagin Glushenko. Only a couple of years later, his eyes accidentally stumble on her phone number: "Jane, hello, this is Sasha Kalyagin. Let's go to the theater ... "
No, about his personal life he says:
- Interview of personal property - is always a problem. Or we should ignore, or too soon to write a novel. And then let them guess. ZhenyaN She is a Saint. DetiN Jr., Denis, an intellectual. With ten years likes Dostoevsky. Also on the Twin horoscope, but gravitates towards Cancer. So, as long as no one bothered him: to leave, to close. The eldest daughter Ksenia - Virgo. Here everything else - is accurate, intelligent, logical. They are in America. Son learns daughter is already working.
Two cities - Annapolis and New York. Third - Moscow. In between the ocean. Well what okeanN And sometimes so depressed ...
- I knew a doctor in Australia after a heart attack said: "Sasha, you have the energy resource is exhausted. You already live in NZ. Well chtoN How do I know how much of it, this emergency reserve. Earlier, in his youth, we all woke up in horror: how is it - I live and I do not budetN! And then time goes by, you lose friends, lose friends and suddenly you understand: the way ahead. Let him very brief. Or long. God knows. I am a former medic. I am an actor. Which, of course, must deal with human nature. And it becomes clear: everything is so mixed. To begin to treat the death is simple: life goes on, all natural, it is - a step. They say that in eternity. Or maybe not ...

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Kalyagin Alexander, photo, biography
Kalyagin Alexander, photo, biography Kalyagin Alexander  Actor, photo, biography
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