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Kachalina Xenia

( Actress)

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Biography Kachalina Xenia
photo Kachalina Xenia
(genus. May 3, 1971)
Try to talk with the actress in the absence of roles, filming and rehearsals. This, for a moment, attempting marathon, he came down from a distance. Well, if not send ... Nevertheless, the lack of cinema in the country, she sees not as a tragedy, but as a "period of introspection". Banal actor vanity, it seems, it is not typical: human, you know, the values for Xenia Kachalino more important than professional.
Actress Film. Born May 3, 1971 in Saratov. Mama - Engineer. She studied two years at the acting faculty of the Saratov Conservatoire. Lst, then VGIK (workshop C. Solovyov and in. Rubinchik). The first film - "Dislike" In. Rubinchik. She starred in the leading roles in over a dozen films, including-"Arbitrator" And. Okhlobystin, "Darkness" and. Maslennikov, "Above the dark waters D. Meshieva, "Circus burned, and clowns ran" in. Bortko, "He who tenderly A. Karpykova, "Three Sisters" C. Solovyov, "Man's revelations" S. Grymov "Crowned Romanovs' G. Panfilov (not finished). Three prizes for best female roles. including the "Constellation". Just finished shooting a new picture Garik Sukachev "Holiday". Married, husband - actor and director, Mikhail Efremov.
I'm generally a sin to complain: it is always unlucky for partners. In the first movie I had Lyubshin. He helped me a lot on the set. My first day of shooting was with him. He turned always only by name and patronymic: "Ksenya, let's go! Ksenya you gotovyN" And I was then nineteen ... The second partner - Jankowski, third - Abdul in the movie "Above the dark water". It was easiest to work with him. He was a remarkable man. We are always happy to meet with ...

Apart from the fact that I'm an actress, and I'm an ordinary viewer who watches Russia movies. It is somewhere a little bit better, somewhere a little bit worse ... But everything remains on the same level. PochemuN not know. I can not say. Like, it seems, and technology already allows. And the money is. But it seems not the money ...

Of course I am sad that now there is no work. But Aby participate in any work I do not want to ... Suggestions, of course, come, although I was not inundated with scripts ... They exist, but so ... vyalenkie. With advertising relationship is not formed. And I think that not too many lose ...

I prefer those features of the bulls, as stubborn and calm ... But in any case - not materialism. Hence - a passion for reading. I read different books. And detectives, and Esotericism. I want to keep abreast of new trends ... I for the life of the reader. I have a talent: I quickly read. And bad memorize. Therefore, in one sitting book for me to swallow is not a problem. The problem - to find a good one.

It all began in the village with the Tatar name Uvek, where my parents were deported for "exemplary" behavior. In my childhood I was very calm, quiet child was. Dreamed not of the stage, but about something else. That just can not remember what ... But years from thirteen to sixteen, I am actively assert themselves in the company. Every were. Even put on record the police. Could reach the court. Were referred for spetsPTU - it is actually a soft version of corrective labor colony! But parents have taken care and time sent in care of aunts and uncle. There I was crying at first, but then began to read books - from Chekhov to Castaneda. Engaged in farming, taking care of goats, ducks, chickens ... A year later, still ran home and returned to their home school. Village forge me. I became a model girl. I entered the conservatory.
By the way, I do not like since adaptations. That's "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" I first read it, then saw the film - very good ... But all the same book - better.
In Kazakhstan, three hundred kilometers from Alma-Ata, and a hundred kilometers from the border with China, the Tien Shan, there is insanely beautiful canyon. About no one does - in contrast to Arizona in America, which is protected as natural monument. A Kazakh - even more beautiful, and the size of the same. There is the steppe, steppe, steppe ... And suddenly - cliff about two kilometers. No worse than in America!
We lived there for several months in the former observatory while filming Abaya Karpykova "Whoever tenderer". I played a translator from Arabic. Veli subsistence farming - were slaughtered sheep, caught trout, hunted for grouse ... I even tried to shoot.

There's something I was once a horse and suffered. We had to ride - I was the first day of quiet village. Two days normal departure, felt just a great rider, and ... Horse galloped two miles, then within a reasonable limit on the precipice stopped. I hung it on the shoulder too ... I was told: if you will show the horse that you're afraid of her - you are at it will never sit down. Therefore, wiping tears and snot, I got up and gave her a couple of times in the face and shoved a carrot ... A hamstring still shaking. Then he had another two months for her to go ...

Various directors - how different men. They are very different from each other. Since someone was interesting to talk to someone it was interesting to watch someone, on the contrary, very much like to show themselves ...

. Here with Rubinchik the first time we met at such a candid picture, and all quite carefully happened to me
. Therefore, the shooting was very quiet, friendly atmosphere ... Although I had no understudy, and the entire team was present when shooting sex scenes.

And in "Darkness" by Leonid Andreev general story is this: meeting a revolutionary and prostitutes. Therefore eroticism was a lot ... What is very difficult. Moreover, there was my partner Jankowski, the monster of Soviet cinema.

When removed bed scenes, everything should be based on the credibility of the director. If you sign up to this - do you trust ... Of course, the result is all very different - not like in your head ... It turns out quite the third movie.
Therefore, on first viewing the movie I was strangled emotions - from hatred to adoration ... All the pieces: somewhere like, somewhere - not at all ... Seriously can say after some time. Then comes an adequate assessment of what has been done. Must pass at least a year ...
I for the life of a loner. While attending any place. Perhaps, because by nature I'm a night. Night - sleep. I prefer night: she retouches all the bad stuff that day laid bare ...
But when you get to the center of secular activities - I have a feeling that the pieces of broken. You do not have time to focus on one person, but there is already another. There is such a meaningless Brownian motion ...

Although I have many good friends. The distinction between them and the friends, of course, for me there. As for any person. I like open people, who call a spade a spade, regardless of the threat of losing their job or something else. But still try to keep people a little bit at a distance - that they often did not fit, not fiddling and not offered a drink of the fifty-gram ...

Here Misha (Efremov) as it pulled me into its orbit. He is so egotsentrik! V had so much energy that I was ... companion. V has more weight category. It raises serious things: "Maximilian Stylites" in the Moscow Art Theater, "Demon" in the "New Opera" ... Perhaps, when you love, takes some people have ...

But with his colleagues - in another. I am quite harsh in this sense, people. Because if the work is shit - then I say that shit. It is more difficult when the actor at the same time - a good man. Here with this dilemma, I can still can not understand: how can so bytN.. And it occurs often enough. But then you can hide behind the phrase: "Do not judge, and he be judged". Fact, nothing more and nothing remains.

If a person like me, you like. If not - then make himself hard.

This fact of such amorousness-spirits ... I try to be optimistic, as far as the forces. I'm not a specialist and a big love-dislike. But in any case, as it inspires love. In this state want to do everything better, amazing ... All is well perceived through the prism of a dear person: mother, lover. When a favorite like - then and she rejoices.

The second Kinotaur, ten years ago, I received the prize for Best Actress and a monetary prize, big enough ... She called the next day after the closing of mom in Saratov and reported. She, in my opinion, clutching her heart. My mother has a mother. She is, like all mothers who worry about me, worried. I sincerely watching to something going on in the cinema world. Not advised, but divided emotions after work. Mame like everything, but my mother and best critic. She came to the shooting in St. Petersburg - on maslennikovskuyu now. Once a year I go to it in Saratov.

In August and September, we worked with Garik Sukachev - make a film under the working title "Holiday" (studio of. Gorky). There are busy Sasha ball, and other good theater actors. The shooting took place in the Kaluga region near Optinoj Desert - 7 miles. The village is surrounded by three monasteries. Place blissful, elegant. Lived artists home. And so - and a half months. Rest turned noble ... If it were not for the weather: a fortnight harping rains, and was very cold water - it is in August and then! Locals say that it is expelled from the monasteries of the demons here are operating ...

. A story - the real story that happened to garikovskimi grandparents on the first day of war
. We tried to show how people lived then, how happy and how it was destroyed in one day. All eyes would be seen as a girl, whose date of birth - 5 years - June 22. I'm playing her mom - it seems that some grandmother Garik.

In the rough, "caretaker" Gleb Panfilov's film "Crowned Romanovs" I'm playing the king's daughter Tatyana and Sasha Galibin - Nicholas II. The picture was shot in Prague and at Lenfilm. Panfilov, apparently, wanted to finish last year - failed. No money to pay debts (with the artists promise to pay after the film's release), there is no money for scoring the finished material ...

And he chose me, I understand, because we with Tatiana very similar visually. In addition to compliance with ambitious talents, portrait similarity played a role in the selection of actresses on the role of Olga, Maria and Anastasia. They played a brand new girl. And Misha played Kerensky - a selection of invoice. And, strangely, was too like crazy ... Empress Alexandra, we had an English. They say star. But I think that our Churikova could play it better than ... But apparently, it was necessary to play a foreigner.

Our cinema is not about the king, not about the shooting - about the family. This is an attempt to describe the relationship in a family. It was very interesting. We raised a lot of materials. We Gleb - wonderful archival collection. Everywhere he went, break all ...

I dreamed strange dreams then. Time passed such a juxtaposition of the real historical. Heroes of the film came in a dream - but do not suggest the. Well, that is not cursed. Results do not tell. And not only me, it was - many in the group ...
I am not fond of shooting up the topic, and then ... It seems to me, read the entire archive. But clearly knew: stop, play canonized person, holy, I will not. It should be a living person.
But! Somewhere in the middle of shooting me all came to be called Tatiana. I was very scared that. Place some merging of image and actresses. And when winter still trying to congratulate Tatyana's Day (and we just filmed a scene being shot), said: Stop! I can not! I Xenia Ksyusha!.
Trainers and diet are contrary to all laws of physics. I get up late. Sleep a person needs as much as he wants. Yes - too much as you want and what you want. Must. And in a good mood. Then all this quickly digested. God still saves on diets ... And from something already seriously-fatal.
In the future you can rely. Can you - no. Where it will lead - to go there and bring. And nothing to be done. What to be - there is no escaping. But God helps those who help themselves. I'm probably a mixture of Christians from the heathen. In Russia, because culture has always been a pagan ... Now she just put on a Christian foundation. But we all mixed quite freely. That's what she and Russ ...

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Kachalina Xenia, photo, biography
Kachalina Xenia, photo, biography Kachalina Xenia  Actress, photo, biography
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