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Buster Keaton (Buster Keaton)

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Biography Buster Keaton (Buster Keaton)
photo Buster Keaton (Buster Keaton)
(4.10.1895 - 1.021966)
He was a famous silent film comedian and the only actor to whom the contract was forbidden to smile not only on screen but in real life. And the life of Buster Keaton п╡я▀п╢п╟п╩п╟я│я▄ such that laugh he did not want.
. "Mr. Keaton, you do not mind if, instead of three wives, you only odnaN You see, your women are so different - hard to believe that they chose one person
. It will completely ruin your image! "-" Damn you all! - The reply was Sidney Sheldon. - Why do not we do without zhenschinN Let me be misogynist, or at worst impotent! "" I'm afraid, . Basseterre, . that this fact is not just destroy your image - it will bury him! "- It was evident, . that Sheldon with great difficulty managed to maintain composure.,
. "We are still with him nahlebaemsya!" - Thought Sydney on the way home
. Perhaps, in vain, he was delighted when the studio Paramount invited him to become director of a biographical picture about the great comedian Buster Keaton. By the mid-50's in Europe and America once again flared up interest in silent film. Already been shot films such stars as Mary Pickford, Harold Lloyd, and Mack Sennett. But they gave their consent without a moment's hesitation. With Keaton also had to suffer: sexagenarian actor obstinate and long traded. In the end, Keaton studio bought the film rights to his life story for $ 40 thousand, with the authors, of course, were obliged to agree on a script with his hero. And then it started having problems. Paramount wanted a sweet tale about the harmless and amusing the audience favorite, and the lives of real Keaton on any items on the fairy tale did not resemble. Moreover, the authors of the film and did not suspect that encounter with the man who will not hesitate to spit in what light he will appear before the eyes of viewers around the world.

. Initially intended to concoct banal and touching story of how a gifted boy from the environment hereditary actors thanks to the efforts caring parents received an excellent education, married a noblewoman and ..
. "Stop!" - Was hoisted in this place Keaton. - What kind of crap you are about my predkovN Old Men was totally indifferent to my education! They themselves barely able to read! But they could do other things ". And right in the office of the Paramount, where day after day, Sidney Sheldon and Robert Smith struggled with the script, Keaton was in the faces and colors to tell and show what it was taught by his parents.

. ... In 1894, eighteen Worldwide Cutler, the daughter of a traveling troupe director Frank Cutler, appeared before the handsome Joe Keaton in a cheap, dirty restaurant in Kansas, and reminded of his promise to love her till death
. For this, fleeing from their parents, a tiny, truly pocket size. Worldwide overcame a long way from Lincoln to Kansas. Since she met Joe a couple of years ago, when he attached himself to the troupe Frank Cutler, and was subsequently banished in disgrace for having deprived the youthful innocence Miru. When finally the World once again reunited with Joe Keaton, who was unable even to feed the bride dinner: in the pockets of hapless actor did not have anything except hole. But the world was firm and promised to share with Joe all the ills of life. Born from them a year later - October 4, 1895 - Joseph Frank Keaton this promise is not given, but all the joy of wandering and wretched life he had to taste the full. Spouses Keaton in imitation of the troupe Frank Cutler played out for a pittance so-called "medical show" - a very popular entertainment in America, the late XIX-early XX century. Cast out to the audience in tatters and the brightest unthinkable under all sorts of jokes, jokes, tricks, unpretentious and a harrowing play the saxophone touting some miraculous Indian medicine, the alleged retreat from all the diseases in the world. Family tirelessly moved from city to city. Sometimes they managed to settle for the night in the basement of a church, but most often they were located directly under the open sky. Main educational task Keaton was to teach the baby to behave quietly, so it is usually in the morning instead of milk the boy was given ... beer. But this is bad help, as the temperament of the child clearly take after their father. Since, he crawled around wherever he pleases, falling from ladders, tents to collapse on him, he has damaged his hands and feet with sharp or sharp objects, burns, scald - in short, do not understand how he managed to survive. Infinite series of misadventures, constantly pursuing Joseph Frank, and led eventually to the fact that he became known as Buster ( "strong back"), and the nickname stuck to Kitona Jr. for life. In three years, a curious and, as always, who was without any supervision Buster stuck his finger in a primitive drum washing machine, and the case ended with what he had to be amputated upper phalanx.
. ... Only now, when Buster Keaton spoke about this case, and Sheldon Smith, the first time (!) Noticed that the actor really does not have half finger
. Keaton never cared about how to hide that his weakness - perhaps this is why even those who knew him closely, did not notice. Six-year old boy in the trio, a black hat and a cane Buster made his debut with his parents on the stage of a modest New York theaters: by the time the couple Keaton had to retrain in vodevilytsikov. Mira and Joe have already realized that their gutta-percha boy not only has mastered the mass of acrobatic stunts, but still possesses a natural gift and make people laugh. This discovery has allowed couples to dress up, rent a decent apartment and pay for an ad in a New York newspaper. The crowd poured on the shaft "boy-insensitive-to-beating-downs-and-other-misadventures" and Joe Keaton happily rubbing his hands together in anticipation of the coming prosperity.
... "My father beat vasN - cautiously asked Sheldon. Buster's eyes lit up pride: "BilN! Yes I received from a parent to a hundred blows with a stick in the day!" Once I got to the hospital, and I found a long-standing vertebral fracture. Think, what matter! This is in the order of things. But my father taught me the profession. "
Himself without knowing it, Keaton Sr. gave his son a really trouvaille. "Do not you dare big rocks on stage!" - Joe once ordered the little Buster, noting that when he maketh his tricks with a serious, straight face, the audience burst out laughing much louder. The lack of a smile would become the trademark of a great comedian.

. "That is I had education, gentlemen!" - Said Keaton, ending with an impromptu presentation, during which, and Sheldon, and Smith did not just roar with laughter, while Keaton talked about things, not so comical
. "But let us at least send you to school - pleaded Sheldon. - You're able to walk while in shkoluN "" I could not - cut Keaton. - I have from 5 to 17 years had four shows a day ". "But someone has taught you in fact hold a pencil and read!" - Out of a scriptwriter. Raymonda - the answer. - A chorus girl in our troupe. When I was 13 years old, she called me a dressing room, undressed and allowed to do with it whatever pleases me. And in between these entertainments taught me to read and write. "

"Proper" version kitonovskogo childhood collapsed on the eyes, and count on the help Buster clearly not accounted. But Sheldon at least not lose hope to extract anything from the handsome 12-year marriage with a beautiful aristocrat Keaton Natalie Talmeydzh, . sister of two dazzling stars of silent cinema Standards and Constance Talmeydzh in the hands of Sheldon got an amateur film, . which was captured luxury, . downright royal "Italian Villa" couple Keaton, . acquired by the spouse in the mid 20-ies,
. ... Here Keaton receive guests in the courtyard of his palazzo, designed exactly for the Venetian style. Here's Natalie in a bathing costume, accompanied by guests grandly held among the cypress and palm trees decorated with stucco to the stairs of 60 steps leading down to the laid out a pink mosaic swimming pool surrounded by classical statues loom. Other staff have kept the interior of this palace with marble floors, checkered and expensive Oriental rugs, twisted arches and antique furniture. Natalie amid this luxury is clearly felt like a fish in water, can not be said about Keaton, who at the screen all the time looked as though he lost in his own twenty-room mansion. Not bad for the metamorphosis of the boys in the early years of their lives sleeping mainly in his suitcase on the street!

"Oh, come on you really! - Waved Keaton. - What is there to hell metamorfozaN! Just lucky ... "

When Buster turned 22, one of the familiar actors gave him the deposit of his movie camera. Results for one day. But Buster fell in love at first sight and forever: "None of the female body in all my life is not brought in me a hundredth part of that passion, as cogs and levers of this machine. Confess ". Since that day, Keaton never again spoke in any show, despise them, just as his father despised "stupid moving pictures for idiots". Buster maniacally devoted himself to his new passion: he began writing scripts, he put himself has played in 19 shorts and 10 full-length silent comedy film. It was so organic to the screen, that success came to him almost instantly. Not surprisingly, Natalie Talmeydzh belonged to a very legible family in more "old money" ancestors, without much hesitation agreed to marry a newfound celebrity. "New money", which began paying a Hollywood movie stars of the first magnitude, could easily compete with the family states. Marriage Keaton-Talmeydzh known as a successful financial transaction, like the marriage of Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford.

"If that rascal Keaton agrees that his life with Talmeydzh was cloudless and happy, then, consider, the script is ready. They were with her, seems to have given birth to two sons, that is, everything seems to be the honor to honor, "- with the hope Sheldon Smith said.

But here they were waiting for a surprise. To tell in the picture of Natalie Talmeydzh, it was necessary to obtain her consent. Sheldon intended to present Mrs. Talmeydzh in such a favorable light, that no doubt: no objections followed. Unless, . barely heard, . we are talking about Buster Keaton, . old lady snapped icily: "Sir, . in my house for the past 30 years, no one dares to utter that name! "Both adult son Keaton, . middling businessmen Jim and Bobby Talmeydzhi - Natalie wanted to give them your name, . - No less resolutely refused to mention them in the picture, . saying, . that any relationship with the father they do not support,
. "Lord, what Keaton, whether it thrice discord, has managed so that dopech semeykuN" - annoyed thought Sheldon. Ver beautiful marriage was falling apart as well as a safe version of childhood.

For many years later Sidney Sheldon caught the eye of the memoirs of her sister Natalie, Norma Talmeydzh. "Frankly, brilliant Keaton in the life of a man is only half or even a third - wrote Norma. - It is more like a sort of appendage to their animated movie camera ". May 31, 1921 Keaton hastily marries in New York - in an enviable bride, . by the way! - And the next day, . sour nodding his mother -, . dragged young wife in Los Angeles, . because there he, . You see, . an urgent need to build an escalator to the future of film,
. Thus, the first day of marriage, Natalie made it clear that her husband, she does not go to any comparison with the escalator. Natalie, however, merely shrugged her shoulders and began his routine - the endless trips to the most expensive shops and skupaniem quintals of clothing. Family dinners newlyweds were truly idyllic: Buster rapidly poured terms, which Natalie is absolutely not understand, and then silent. And more of a spouse was not possible to draw a word. In addition to the studio and filming, he did not know what can be said. But most importantly, he had no idea what to do with his wife and what she needs in general
. Shortly after the birth of sons Natalie fielded Keaton from their upholstered in burgundy velvet bedroom, . saying, . that he was "disgusting perform her conjugal duties": once confessed to his sister Natalie, . that Buster one hand it caresses, . and another picking his nose,
. Such severe punishment Talmeydzh Mrs. Keaton took with undisguised relief, and over the next 10 years of their marriage, apparently, never longed for the lost conjugal rights.

. Do not think that while he was an ascetic
. When Keaton, in his own words, "like sex", he was able to seduce any woman. As if by magic, from a closed-spoken man Buster turned into a real lady, charming and irresistible. But exactly at the required ten minutes. The next day he could not remember His former girlfriend and was terribly surprised that they are, it turns out, are familiar. Once, during an open house for their "Italian Villa" very tipsy Buster in front of everyone (including his wife) began to show an unequivocal interest in sitting at the card table actress Peggy Hopkins, . and for good twenty minutes, the audience watched in amazement, . as zabyvshiysya Keaton applied a vigorous effort, . to unbutton her dress.,

. Norma Talmeydzh made no secret of the motivations of her sister for so many years to endure such humiliation
. Natalie life desperately jealous of her sisters: those were real movie stars and famous Buster Keaton as her husband was at least some compensation for her suffering self-esteem.

. Returning one day from another trip to the shops, Natalie found her husband in broad daylight at home - a situation unheard of! When she looked more attentively at him, her astonishment was boundless: Keaton ..
. crying. However, he once pretended that she thought it.

From the standpoint of Natalie, the cause of her husband's suffering was very trifling - the case was merely that the era of silent film was completed rapidly. His latest film Buster Keaton photographed in the late 20's. And by 1930, no studio is not involved in the release of silent films. Not stand the "test sound" sisters Talmeydzh disappeared "silent" movie star Clara Bow, to 1936 lost Chaplin. And then Buster Keaton decided, whatever was taken by storm "speaking cinema". On the day when Natalie found him crying, he had just returned from the so-called "voice" test. In a special room of the largest studios "MGM" Keaton in half an hour denounced something into the microphone. The sentence read examiner-zvukorezhisssr Ed Bernds: Buster's voice is too rough for a bassist and the images of the victims, which he usually portrays kitonovskim characters much more went to the high and innocent voice. This meant that Buster Keaton is now Hollywood is not required.

Now Natalie has no need to pretend that their family life cloudless. Moreover, Buster her again disgraced. In one Los Angeles newspaper published an interview with the eloquent title "Great comedian forgotten the names of their children!". In fact, the kind Asked by a reporter, what was the name of his sons, Keaton suddenly embarrassed scratched his head and muttered: "One, I think, Rob, no, Jimmy, and though ... uh ... however, I have something today, not in form. "

Suddenly found himself free for days on end, Keaton became increasingly comforted huge whiskey. Once, . Believing, . Nathalie with children away, . he brought home a prostitute, . led her straight into the bedroom of his wife in a drunken fit of generosity, said: "Take all you want!" And dumped on the bed to numb female mink coat, . Dresses, . silk underwear, . expensive gowns,
. After that, went with her on a yacht moored near "Natalie", was once presented to his wife. Woke Keaton on what shook his shoulder: Buster were angry over Natalie, her sister Norma, a policeman and private detective. When divorced Keaton, Buster recklessly threw at the trial: "Yes, let not all the picks! Thus the ex-wife got 90 percent of their total assets. Keaton also remained almost empty.

... Sheldon was obvious that they are hopeless, as if in a bog, stuck in a miserable biography of the great comedian. Build script on the history of relations actor with his current wife, Eleanor would be absolutely stupid. Sydney Daily had the opportunity to see it a gray mouse, invariably accompanied by her husband in all their meetings and sitting quietly in a corner on the edge of a chair. Keaton married her when he was already knocked 45 and during its heyday was left far behind. Eleanor, once a budding dancer from a simple family, was 25 years younger than her husband and, despite this, was his faithful and silent shadow. As far as Sheldon knew nothing of the novel they had not: Kitona just needed a nanny, and he found it.

In Sydney remained the only hope: to try to somehow beat the story with the second wife Keaton - Mae Scriven. The devil, however, was that the presence of a second wife, of course for all documents, Buster desperately, foaming at the mouth categorically denied.

. Meanwhile, the story of Mae could get a very touching: actor out of gratitude to the nurse got married that same clinic near Los Angeles, . in which, after her divorce from Natalie unemployed and completely lost his footing Keaton was treated for alcoholism,
. Realizing that from Buster not get confused, Sheldon decided to talk to itself Mae. Furthermore, as is the case with Natalie Talmeydzh, he needed permission to use a picture of the true name of the former Mrs. Keaton.

Sheldon is not easily found Mae in New York. She changed her name and lived in a shack in the area of cheap hotels theater. Sheldon appeared before aging, vulgar heavily made-up woman with stale face and mouth, requiring immediate intervention of the dentist. The restaurant, . which invited her to Sheldon, . MOe, . not skimping on the details, . told a romantic story of their love with Buster: 12 days, as she did not leave his bed in hospital, . There he lay in a coma, . as he passionately in love with her and they married, . as Buster was gentle and brought her coffee in bed ..,
. Yes, he persuaded her to take off in his films, and even opened her talent in writer. Some of the scripts she wrote just for him. Why did they rasstalisN "Oh, just because Buster would not let me away one step, and I wanted to develop their talents, grow, and here are offered a very interesting work ... In general, the drama of two major creative people ... Well, you know what I mean ... "

. Sheldon was ecstatic: "Even if the old slut and nasvistela than half, anyway, here it is, history! Drama of two creative individuals, what can be nobler than a drama for our great akteraN"

. It was decided prior to the shooting script Kitona no longer show
. He got acquainted with only a few separate pieces connected with his professional career. Keaton grim reading about how he still found the strength to overcome the sound barrier and began to invite him again removed. More than just "talking" Keaton appreciated in Europe. In the French comedy "King of the Champs-Elysees" directed by Buster forced to change the principle of his life - and smile. For the first time he saw a smiling Keaton, in all cities where the film was shown, people jumped from their seats and began to whistle indignantly. "I warned this idiot - not to mix salt with sugar!" - Buster muttered, turning the page ...

In general, the work went. Keaton, of course, did not stop nudit and snap, and once even threatened to take away from all the film rights to Sheldon. Paramount had to increase his fee, as well as in the current state of affairs Keaton 50 thousand were for him more than a seductive amount, Sheldon was almost certain that more problems would arise.

. Certainly not! Exactly one week after, . the script was ready, . MOe Scriven filed a film company to court: she said, . that Paramount is going to "scornfully distort" its relations with "that monster Keaton", . who ruined her life and career,
. Scriven demanded that Paramount compensation in the amount of five million dollars. It was clear that while the picture is not photographed, and the script is not published, nor to pretend that it can not. But for the umpteenth time to change stsenariyN 'Sheldon and Smith sat in the studio office and cursed the day when they got in touch with Keaton.

. ... Private attorney Paramount John Milton found the actor in his recently purchased home in the San Fernando Valley, a small total of five rooms, with simple wooden floors
. Around no luxury. Eleanor embarrassment Milton said that her husband "a little busy and had a guest in the hall, where before the card table in solitude sat Keaton. He was sucking beer from cans and played himself in poker. So now he spent all day long. Milton explained Kitona goal came: in the interests of the script and pictures he needed to find out what really happened between Keaton and his ex-wife Mae Scriven. "Go to hell!" - Immediately responded Buster. Milton had to hint that if the script will collapse, then the fee Kitona not see. Thus, Buster had no choice as to answer questions.

... On the basis of alcoholism among Keaton developed a severe form of amnesia - sometimes he even forgot, as mentioned a moment ago. Even in the clinic Mae was quietly making his shots, which took off alcohol dependence and brought temporary relief. In practical Mae, the daughter of impoverished farmers from the south, were smart enough smeknut that, whatever a wreck not look now, her patient, he - Buster Keaton, and it mean something. She tried to play him in front of a passionate love and devotion at the same time - so much so well that in another moment of enlightenment Keaton took and made her an offer. Upon leaving the clinic Keaton (not without the help of regular injections) felt so much better that even managed to get a contract to participate in several comedies. MOe, had already become Mrs. Keaton, led them to a small farm and built the Napoleonic plans on how Keaton's star will rise again, and they make a fortune fairy. In addition to her (as it seems, all nurses in the world) dreamed of becoming an actress. Naturally, DOE hoped that Keaton would have her in this full cooperation.
. The first clash occurred when Mae found that Keaton is going to take a new picture of his parents - Joe and the world, and his sister Louise, the idea to invite the role of his own wife does not even occurred to him
. Then Mae first refused him a prick. Keaton walked her around the house begging, crying and cheekbones like a puppy. No stimulant Buster could not play. In another time (when they stopped at some hotel) Mae was witnessed "horrific" scene - when Keaton, . again, they want sex ", . paying no attention to his wife, . with very clear intentions of pulling the corner of a pretty maid,
. As a result of injections Kitona was denied for a week. Seven days actor soundly drunk, tormented and one fine day suddenly realized the full horror of their dependence on Mer. Still in need of her injections, Keaton nevertheless became attempt to get rid of his wife. Increasingly, she saw him desperately flirting with other women. Once, while in the hotel Santa Barbara in bed with his girlfriend on the evening Klempitt Sewell, Keaton begged her to call the number of wives under the guise of a maid and asked to come to him. A few minutes Mae opened the door and found her own husband and Klempitt on the carpet, completely naked and fused in a passionate kiss. Opened one eye, Keaton watched the reaction of spouse: bewilderment, anger, rage, the deafening sound of the door zahlopnuvsheysya. Similar scenes played with variations Keaton before Mae is now regularly. That scandal, screaming, but the divorce was not a hint. And injections, albeit with interruptions, in the end made. Keaton went so far as that was seriously thinking about a plan how he could kill Mer. On offense he was rescued from the case - Buster accidentally spill the beans about his old friend's idea to producer Joe Shenk. He grabbed his head and immediately sent Keaton of harm's way - now in another clinic for treatment for drug dependence. And with the former nurse Shenk undertook to explain to the other, understandable language. What he had threatened her - God knows only by Mae received at the hands of $ 20 thousand and vanished forever from the life of Keaton, signing a document saying he did not have her in a divorce.
"That's so we went with this love ... sanitarochkoy "- finished his story Keaton, tossed in the corner is the fourth in a row the empty jar of beer. "By the way, since nothing but a beer in your mouth not take" - he added, catching a meaningful look Milton.
. Tired of the endless squabbles and find out about the damned script and finally got their money, . Keaton waved his hand at all - let them shoot what they want! However, under the terms of the contract he was obliged to appear at the premiere, . held in Los Angeles in May 1957,
. The fact that the filmmakers presented as the history of Keaton's life, had nothing to do with his real biography. Keaton played the role of the Donald 0'Konnor, musical actor, who could passably sing and dance, but had no comedic talent. In scenario spouse Keaton, not a bit like any of his three wives, played a 27-year-old actress Ann Blyth. And all the plot about the great silent film actor Buster Keaton came down to how he fought all his life with a bottle. When the room lights came on, something happened unscheduled. Keaton jumped from his chair and rushed to the scene. "I have something I want to tell you, gentlemen - very, very quickly he said, and his famously gloomy face was even gloomier than usual. - The fact that you have seen, there is no word of truth ". The audience, thinking that this is another trick of the great comedian, burst into laughter. "I want to say that I'm not an alcoholic, which I then presented. And I do not go jumping up and down like a grasshopper, like this ... - Keaton mimicked gait 0'Konnora. - That is, I want to say ... "The audience laughed louder. Keaton confusion stamped on the scene and suddenly fell. Was applause and more laughter. However, for the first time in the life of gutta-percha Keaton fell not on purpose, not to laugh: he suffered a heart attack.
... Buster Keaton lived another ten years. Shot it very rarely and mostly was busy writing his autobiography, denying "vile slander" Sidney Sheldon. The hours when Buster was working on a book, his wife, Eleanor often heard from the room "that-who-never-was not smiling" heard a loud joyful laughter.

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Buster Keaton (Buster Keaton), photo, biography
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