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Biography Eugene KRYUKOVA
photo Eugene KRYUKOVA
"Some actors claim that there are roles fateful, dangerous. Natalya Varley, for example, often said: "As I lay down in a coffin in the film" Vij ", my whole career have gone". I think this is wrong. I, too, lay in a coffin - in Petersburg secrets ", but I can not say that this is a negative impact on my future life."
- I heard that when filming "St. Petersburg secrets" with you, there was absolutely incredible story. You caught the car and ... met a man who became your husband.
- Well, this story has a lot of writing. I caught a taxi, he drove me and then some, he was my personal chauffeur. At each performance brought by hundreds of roses, I fell in love and married him. That's all.
- And what he zanimaetsyaN
- He financier. The theater has nothing to do - except that now he has a wife - actress.
- Do you believe in happy sluchayN
- I believe in fate. Just like that, I think, nothing happens. Although in my life a lot of chances. For example, I'm not going to become an actress
My parents, engineers, actors in the family has never been. I predicted a career of the artist, architect - I'm not bad draw. And somehow by itself was defined: "You go, Zhenya, the Architectural Institute. Zhenya obeyed. Before exams, . true, . beginning to doubt, . but my mother said: "Yeah, . afraid, . not sdashN "I passed - almost on a dare, . then realized, . that the case for me someone else, . start skipping lectures, . overwhelm exams and finally picked up documents,
. Mom then six months with me not talking. And I thought: I will be at the theater artist to learn. "Go to artist" - this idea was not. Until one day I met a young man who studied in college Schepkinskom (MARCHI and "Sliver" series). He invited me to a student performance, and there I was unexpectedly offered to act in films. During the intermission came a stranger, introduced himself as an assistant director: "You probably studentkaN" - "No, I have nothing to do with the theater did not have" - "Well, it's not important. Come to the sample ". That's ...

The picture was filmed at the studio Belarusfilm. True, I have found no role - a village tractor Valka. Then, after a conflict with the director, my scene was cut from the film altogether.

- And because of what was konfliktN

- Standard situation: a young actress is not reciprocated by the courtship director ... As a result, I had some trouble. Then I had wanted to enter the theater, the director would not let me from shooting at exams. And we just ran away to Moscow: I have two boys. Traveled to the chaise, with adventures. I remember how the night went home to the chief of station at Orsha station, begged him to put us on the train. We arrived in Moscow, followed by poured damning telegram: the failure of shooting, a penalty of fifty thousand dollars ... I was advised: "Sit down and do not withdraw". I did just that. Then he had another telegram came: "Please, come back!" In the end, all of our scenes from the film cast, the director suffered a heart attack - in general, the story came out nasty.
On examination at the institute, naturally, I was late. Designed by the artist to Spesivtseva. The theater had not quite normal - montirovschiki go to the audience, actors, scenery put. It all ended so that I once went on stage. But the professionals looked at me indulgently, but I myself knew that I could not work with them on equal. She left the theater, was preparing to institute. Well Received ...
- And what about that student "Splinters from which all nachalosN
- He became my husband, though unofficial ... I was seventeen years old, desperately wanted independence, like as soon as possible to escape from the house, and I'm generally not for long pondered ... But we have not undersigned. Already applied for, but for some reason I was scared to go to the registry office, perhaps, felt that it was not for long. I came up with the version that you can not marry without the rings - that's when they ring, then go. Money for the ring we did not have - both as students ...

Four years later, we parted. I could not live with him: his eternal whims, the desire to please, to hear compliments - all that was unpleasant for me. It seemed to me that this man does not fit me - or I him. Then I do not understand.

- Meryl Streep, it seems, once remarked: "The actress - more than a woman, an actor - less than a man."

- I agree with it. Ready to confirm that their experience, because it was twice married to actor, and both times unsuccessfully. I understand (forgive me that my colleagues) that artists - not just men. Actor - always an actor. This is a terrible selfishness, the desire of all to be first, wild jealousy, if you have something to get better ...

. - And how you have lived these four godaN You had such a typical student's family: sandwiches for breakfast and dinner, the guests each night and the next morning the battery empty bottles on kuhneN

. - Approximately how it all was
. I remember how he first time I announced: "Today, my friends will come". I was glad. Our family loved the guests: my mom baked pies, all played in any game, joked, danced, was always fun. I thought that this should be so and I, my husband. His friends before I had not seen, but was somehow convinced that they are all wonderful: I was in my first year MARCHI, and they were finishing Theater. People from the world of art, adult, intelligent, talented ... I baked pies, waiting for them all night ... And they piled six in the morning totally drunk, and my cakes were they really do not want. And clean linen too, no need. So it was a shame ... Since then, not like when somebody stays the night with me.

. - How do you then thought better not to enter the theatrical world GITISN They saw the reverse side, horrified ...

. - But the thing is how you will exist in this world! I have never been interested okoloteatralnaya tusovka
. I went to GITIS, in his third year already rehearsed the main role in the play, which is placed on the stage Mossovet French director. I can not say that this is my best work, but for me it was then important. I stayed in the theater and the end of the institute has already played three main roles.

- I got married again, and again for the actor.

- It happened. Silly, perhaps, twice to make the same mistake, but ...

- Why did he have porazilN

- It was not that impressed ... He seemed unhappy, lonely ... We began to rehearse together - he studied directing at the higher rates and offered me a job - and for some reason I suddenly, desperately wanted to feed him home-cooking. You probably know, this is the eternal desire of the Russian woman - to pick up, warm up, feed ...

. - Well, yes, he's a genius, and in doing so misunderstood, neglected, hungry ..

. - He often told me how he is talented, and I gradually began to believe it ..
. What can you say, it really a good actor. Then he was over seventeen years, cleverer. In general, I have spent with this man for two years, and now, when I met him and look at the past as if from outside, I'm afraid: I understand that she could just die.

You know, in astrology there is a concept - vector Marriage. Actually, I'm not very keen on astrology, but recently I came across a book in which I finally read the explanation of what happened to me. Most interesting is that when I tried to tell someone about their feelings, no one believed me - thought that I was making this up.
. - In my opinion, marriage is a vector - is when a lot of love, a lot of passion, but absolutely uncontrollable attitude.

. - Exactly
. But this unequal relationship in which one plays the role of the host, the other - servants. The man paid his energy master, and voluntarily, he accepts it ... In history there are examples of such pairs, mainly artistic: Gumilev and Akhmatova, Musset and George Sand ... Such novels as a rule, does not stop there: the people can suffer all his life, not realizing that they. Or it ends in suicide. Breaking the vector ring, part is almost impossible: it's like cutting off his arm. It is believed that in very rare cases, the servant can get away from this relationship: if he does, he expects a very strong rise, because releasing the energy that he spent on the master. But still the gap - a tragedy for both, and who will be stronger than her experience is difficult to say. Here is what I read in the book, and realized: this is about me.

- And how it looked in the family zhizniN He tried to break you, podavitN

- We had no family, life. All the two years we have met two or three times a week: I sat and waited for him to call and call out: "Come". At the same time he gave me time to time offer hands and hearts, but to live with me could not - say that he must be alone to relax, to think. I could not understand it, did not know in what light I who should feel himself. To his mind, and he never let me close: he had his own life, somewhere, far away. I also needed to ensure that they admire, to appreciate his talent, to get nervous when he was not there ...

- And you two whole years meekly endured, waiting for something to change ...

- I forgive all. I was told: "Behold, he saw something there ..." Yes, I understood everything very well, knew that he had another life, but he always found one excuse. My friends told that I'm crazy, my mother just got up on his hind legs when she learned about our relationship, shouted that the man does not love me ... But I did not listen.

- You said that such relationships sometimes end in suicide. Do you ...

- No, to thoughts of suicide is not reached, because I always remembered that I have a mother. Well she will live, if I'm not stanetN But I really was very hard. I stopped sleeping, lost weight, I started having nervous breakdowns, tantrums. I do not know how it would have ended if I had not met Sasha ...

- I remember: you stood on Tverskaya Street, caught a car ...

- Stopped probably three - all with specific proposals. Time, then later, the play was long over ... At the corner stood a crowd of girls, looking at me with hatred: I'm not from their clan, why here too golosuyuN I already brutalized simply. Inhibits fourth car, I threw angrily: "I'm home!" And I hear: "Yes, you calm down, for God's sake. Sit down, I'll take you. "

Actually, I do not like to talk with the driver, when asked some stupid questions, I try not to answer. But he had to talk. It proper look, behave with dignity. It turned out that he visited us in the theater, saw the performances. Cheerful, open person. I caught myself thinking that I was with him for some reason it is very easy and calm.

- And you gave him his telefonN

- No, he did not ask the phone. Simply said: "I will call tomorrow for you, off to the theater". And the next day, waiting at the entrance of my house. And I was embarrassed to leave when I'm waiting ...

Evening Sasha came after me in the theater. And from that day was by my side always. The first time, all were shocked at the theater: at my every play he brought a hundred roses. They carried to the stage in huge baskets, remember, the whole dressing room was filled with buckets of flowers. Sometimes he passed on to the stage some great toy, taller than I.

- And what in the theater govoriliN

- All were looking forward to when he will. Then already, when we lived together and gifts were modest, because it had to take the money, I asked questions: "Where is rozyN"

- And how much he gives you so zavoevyvalN

- Year. I do not know whether to say this, but ... our relationship for a long time remained platonic. In this no one believed: "How takN" In the theater every day, asked: "Well, what else did he podarilN" and wondered: "Look at so fond of - and asks for nothing in return!"

. - And he knew that you are close with another chelovekomN

. - Yes.

. - And do not persuade you to him rasstatsyaN

. - To persuade, but did not insist on this
. Sasha saw everything, knew that I needed time to gather strength and make the step that I finally did. Now I realize that does not behave too nicely, and the fact that he courageously endured it ... Like any man, he was unbearable to know that I'm going away to another. At first he did not want to believe it, thinking that I'm spending the night at a girlfriend. When I said: "Do not you ponimaeshN .." - He was upset, gloomy. Of course, it was very hard, and I thank God that he could stand it.

He did not insist, just a number. Ever. Helped, supported, solved all my problems. For example, when the theater celebrates the Jurassic (he has put to his 60-anniversary show), we, the actors have made him a gift: removed some pieces of rehearsal, then mount them on tape. Remained dosnyat fragment premiere, but suddenly refused camera. What was delatN At half past six I was in despair, I called Sasha: "Help!" He said: "I understand". Fifteen minutes later brought the camera. Sasha just went into the first shop, left to pledge his watch, took the camera and brought it to me. In the theater were all just fighting.

In our house, he entered a very peculiar way. Walked me home - first to the door, then to the apartment ... The struggle was literally in every meter. Already at the door, I say goodbye to him, opened the door - and her mother. She's a very welcoming, hospitable. I saw behind me, Sasha: "Oh, yes, you go, go!" Sasha was delighted: "You see, I was invited to a cup of coffee."

We have a dog, an American Cocker Spaniel. As long as all this scene on the threshold, Matt ruffled rubber ball. And suddenly we see that our cocker strangely shakes his head: in short, he choked on a ball that. He became short of breath, fainting ... I cry, my mother yells - the horror! Sasha climbed into his throat to get this ball - and the dog breathed, alive. For my mother after that Sasha has become the most welcome guest. She was totally against my former marriage, and Sasha just took ...

- What is your vector satellite ... he knew that he appeared sopernikN

- He was very frightened when I heard about this. It did not occur, that I can leave it. And again talking about marriage ... We have applied, but the registry office and not go. I realized that I should take a decision, but I had no strength. This lasted for several months.

And here I have been called to the shooting in Budapest. Sasha decided to fly with me - his daughter was studying in England, she fell into a bad family, and asked her to pick. He went after her, and warned me: "I'll be in London, but if you need anything - call, and I'll come."

In short, we had to fly an airplane. My husband (I call him my husband, although legally married, we spent three weeks) learned about it and at the airport stole my ticket. Until I went to buy a new, planting is over. Sasha saw that I was not, returned the ladder and out of the plane. We flew the next day. That such things occurred.

- You mentioned that three weeks spent in wedlock ...

- I do not understand how it happened. He came to me and announced that the postponed wedding day: our wedding day after tomorrow ... I could not refuse, and went with him to the registry office. Nobody knew about it, only my sister and his friend. Mom, I said nothing - it was terrible to imagine her reaction.

. I remember that my sister and I were driving in the car and I suddenly blurted out: "I do not want ..." She said: "Maybe not poedemN" I admitted that I'm afraid ..
. - He told you so subdued sebeN
. - Maybe ..
. Apparently, I had to end all feel, then to nothing to regret. Ladies Logic. But when we started living together, I realized that my dependence on him was over - I love another man. Then I just ran. In the morning, while he slept.
- They say that a bad marriage, too useful - a good lesson for the future ...
- I have taught this story. I gave the pledge that my life will never lies, deception, innuendo. I know that Sasha loves me, and pay him the same. We were married in the Church of All Saints at Sokol: it turned out that both of us in him baptized. Wedding dress I thought of myself. My mother and I went to my father, and told us: very good, if the bride Lent she sews her dress. At the Red hill we were married.

The wedding, too, wanted to arrange things so that she remembered. All our friends - people are creative, they invented a scenario of abduction of the bride. In the morning, while I sat in a barber shop, over Sasha "bullied" by the full program. He was dressed in some sort of torn shirts and jackets - it's as if the bride has prepared. Then he had to find me. He was taken across Moscow, on poles little notes pasted with instructions where to find me. Honor him peddling - fake. Very funny happened.

I had agreed on "Mosfilm" about the horses, and on Tverskaya Street, the place of our acquaintance - it was the end point of his quest, - came in a carriage. We do it to the Falcon and drove.

- A wedding puteshestvieN

- Traveling was once: work, rehearsals, production of a new play ... Moreover Sasha ran so strong case for the year, until I won that much he had to start again. There were great financial difficulties, we bravely overcome.

- Roses, then zakonchilisN

- Yes. I had to learn to count money. There was a time when we awoke in the morning and thought: "To whom should we go to the guests for dinner, so at the same time, and dogs nakormitN" We also have two dogs, they can not explain that the owners of the crisis. In the garage were two cars, an old Rolls-Royce and a Mercedes without a roof, and we are wondering: what else petrol ostalsyaN "Today we go to the Rolls-Royce!" And sell it - to whom he nuzhenN We then on it went for mushrooms. Very funny, when the machine falls out of a huge pile of people with baskets.

- And Sasha fit in your theater kompaniyuN

- Very easy. It is generally an easy person, emotional, each person can find an approach. First, of course, it surprised some of the features of my profession. Sasha often visited me to shoot, and when, say, in Petersburg secrets "we were lying in bed with Karachentsov, could not endure it quietly. I turn my head and I see: he sternly looked at me. Like, come on, come on, Zhenya. Well, I immediately stopper, of course, I pulled the blanket up to his chin. Then he used. Perhaps, and remained some jealousy, but he understands that I have such. And then Sasha knows me, so calm. We're crowned ...

- Zhenya, and these terrible scenes, in a coffin, he also videlN

- No, we did not yet met. At first I was very frightened. I remember, all vying advised: "Jen, have a drink, you better be!" Assistant directors ran over a bottle of vodka, and we have to get some monument of its drinking. All that was then, I remember the bad. I remember as a director, Pchelkin, sat me on the stool and begged: "Come on laugh. I could not calm down - laughing, joking, amused by the people around. Nerves passed. In the end, he lost his temper, "Close the door to hell, maybe then it calms down!" But before the end of it still decided not to close - turned on me some cover, and the lid was on the edge.
- And often you have to ... such roles igratN
- No. I am now more in investigators prosecutors go, it's not scary.
- And from the theater home as dobiraetesN
- By car. They say I'm a good driver. Sometimes, though, our old Rolls-Royce breaks down ...
. - And then again have to stand on Tverskaya Street, catch mashinuN And suddenly you will meet again a pleasant, smiling man with good manners, will offer services of a personal chauffeur
. - You know, I recently thought about it
. I'm really in love with another, when Sasha and I met, and yet did not refuse when he invited me to come. And just a few days ago a young man that's just tried to make my acquaintance. Frankly, I was pleased, because he has said a lot of compliments, but on the other hand, I realized that I absolutely do not need it. I have my husband, a dear ... And I said "no". The young man asked: "I have that, no shansovN" - "No". At home I told my husband about this. He was so happy ...

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