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Kurly Yyvan

( Actor)

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Biography Kurly Yyvan
(17/03/1909 - July 1943)
At work watching the first episode of the film "Road to Life" - a raid on the street in the basement of a ruined house - a barrel stuck out funny guy: east face, naughty eyes, unthinkable bonnet. And yet - a wooden spoon, tied rags to cheek. When sly smile, he said, "cuckoo" and once again dived into the shelter room burst into laughter and applause. "Here he is, Mustafa!" It is better not to find! " And the film's director Nicholas Eck, which foresees another actor for the role of the leader of street Mustafa Firth, immediately asserts the State College film student (later VGIK) Mari Yyvana Kurly.
. The current generation of young people are unlikely to see the "start in life" (tape almost 70 years) and can hardly imagine what a resounding success had fallen to the lot of the first sound film game - on labor commune former street
. In Moscow cinema "Colossus" "Passport to Life" was more than a year -1200 Session. At the end of 1932 the film was shown in 27 countries. Reviews of the foreign press - rave. German newspapers wrote: the picture has a tough skin and a gentle soul. It is highly artistic ... ". "Among the artists participating in the film, stands a young Mari J. Kurly playing Mustafa ... Can not forget Nikolai Batalov, who in the role of educator former street ... shows remarkable intelligence and kindness. "
The film is based on real facts - the history of the 1926 Bolshevo labor commune OGPU, the organizer and leader of which became prominent Chekist ms. Pogrebinsky. (In merciless struggle against counterrevolution Pogrebinsky was awarded the Order of the Red Banner and personal combat weapons.) Innovative pedagogical experiment Pogrebinsky said in his two books: "The labor commune OGPU" (1928) and "Factory People" (1929),
. Of course, street children was declared a terrible legacy of the First World War and military intervention. Before rolling "start in life" in Paris asked the French censor ECKA make a small correction in the text: homelessness in the Soviet Union - the result of the October Revolution. "With such a distortion of facts to accept it was impossible, and the premiere banned" - recalled the director. But help came from the progressive French public opinion, under the pressure of a demonstration of the film was allowed. Alas, . progressive public had no idea either about the surplus-appropriation system, . doomed to starvation, tens of thousands of peasant families, . nor about the bloody suppression of Kronstadt and the East Siberian riots, . neither of the revolt against Soviet rule in Eastern Ukraine, . in Tambov and other provinces ...,
. Yyvan Kurly grew up an orphan
. He was born March 17, 1909 in the village of Mari Kupsola. His father, kombedovtsa killed his fists, his mother was left with three children at the hands. But Kurly managed to finish school and enter the worker's school of Kazan University. Yyvan shine in art activities, and teachers noticed his outstanding artistic ability, gave him "free pass" - the direction of Acting Department of SCC.

. After the on-screen film Nicholas ECKA young actor Yyvan Kurly (Ivanov Kirill Ivanovich) became a real national artist, although the honor was not
. His Mustafa loved, because it differs from many single-color characters of the then Soviet cinema. (Chapaev "will be released three years later). On the screen was a man - bright, incredibly charming and complex (how terribly contracted through a crack in his eyes in an episode of thieves "raspberry"!), With initially crippled by fate, but broke with the past and those who died for the right to become a worthy citizen. Spoken Mustafa replica literally "pilfered" by saying: "Sleight of Hand and no moshenstva", "Apple Hotz!".

After shooting Eck came up for Kurly concert program, in which the actor appeared in costume and makeup, Mustafa. "Viewers smashed doors cinemas ... They wanted to see live Mustapha! "- Recalled Kurly partner in the film, who played Zhigan Mikhail Ivanovich Zharov.

Since Kurly it was impossible to walk the streets of Moscow - it immediately surrounded by a crowd of fans. "Did you not kill ZhiganN" - once asked in surprise Kurly some guy. A Yyvan fooling around, then telling people that it is not him, and his brother played Mustafa; that portrayed themselves as an alien and was delighted as a boy when he was mistaken for Japanese. He was a cheerful, good-natured and ... love. Love the movies, the poetry - Kurly write and publish a childishly naive, artless and sincere poetry. But the largest and most sublime love was an actor for the Soviet motherland, to the great Lenin and the revolution, "Let's live!" Our age - Gromada, We in the name of the new life must always remember Lenin's words! ". One of the books Yyvana Kurly that came in his life (in Mari), called "Voice of the Revolution I sing for joy."
. After kinotehnikuma actor worked at the studio "Vostokfilm" in 1934-1936 years was shot in the movie "Vicar of Buddha" - played a role Lama
. In early 1937 Kurly moved to Yoshkar-Ola and became an artist Mari State Drama Theater. But suddenly Yyvan Kurly "somewhere long vanished" (composer Sigismund Katz). "Then the traces Kurly lost ..." (Nikolai Eck). "There were rumors that he died in the war" (Mikhail Zharov).
. No, Kurly was killed in the war - two months after his arrival home, arrested the director of the theater and the authorities that I was invited to work as public enemies, and after some time April 23, 1937, Mr.
. I was arrested as an accomplice and counter-revolutionary group. During the investigation I have nothing to confess he could not because I have nothing to blame. After sitting in jail for five months, I was sent to Camp B.B.K., where he declared to me that I was convicted NKVD troika Map. Republic Wed. for 10 years, Art. K.R.D. (counter-revolutionary activities) - Kurly wrote in the petition addressed to Beria. Answer Yyvan Kurly not wait. According to official figures, he died in a camp in the Urals in July 43rd ... A Pogrebinsky shot April 4, 1937-go, being in the position of head of the NKVD Gorky region. On the "factory of people" he was raw ...
Yyvan Kurly was a real Soviet man, utterly devoted to the Soviet government, which gave him all. But all and took. Even the life ...

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Kurly Yyvan, photo, biography
Kurly Yyvan, photo, biography Kurly Yyvan  Actor, photo, biography
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