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Biography Alexey MAKAROV
photo Alexey MAKAROV
A lot happens in our lives despite. Here and in the passport film and theater actor Alexei Makarov contrary to the actual date of birth was listed on 15 April, although he was born exactly two months earlier. Makarov refers to this confusion with humor and does not exclude that it was thanks to the mistake and he became the owner of an unusually controversial nature
. - What you do not like to sebeN
. - Standing inner discomfort that has plagued me since childhood
. So I am not happy myself. Of course, there is a desire to work hard, but it must be at least a little Michelangelo, but I unfortunately do not know how to take the marble and cut off all unnecessary. I'm sometimes say one thing and do completely different, and are powerless. I'm sure many will understand me, because people always strife-torn. We are all equally made up of black and white, in our constant struggle between an angel and a devil, but who among them will win, depends on where and how we will direct our will.
. - What are the temptations you are haunted by increasingly vsegoN
. - Beautiful women and alcohol
. I do not resist - do not get. I gave, and equally to both.
- So you periodically make immoral postupkiN
- Yes, and then there are certain symptoms, called remorse. So, first I have something vytvoryayut, and then himself scolding, cursing last words and I feel very uncomfortable. But ... some time again come to the same rake. Wonderful feeling!

- If you are bad, there is a need to share with someone nibudN

- Required - call, speak out. I normally use for this one of my two friends, classmates.

- A mother - actress Lyubov Polishchuk - do not want to talk about sokrovennomN

- Sometimes, but increasingly I depend on her views about their professional activities. Here is her absolute authority. Recently, we discussed my role in the new movie "Check", she criticized some points, so I then walked a half-day is not himself, all the observations analyzed it.

- As a child, you knew that my mother - a completely different person than he whom you saw an hour ago on stseneN

- Yes. And now my mother on stage and in life - two completely different characters, and compare them is not worth. Some actresses life successfully play themselves, and others - are characteristic, as Lyubov Polishchuk, - anyone but themselves. Michael Zhvanetsky, when his mother asked him to compose something for her, said: "Luba, I write rude for men. Why do you overcome your own krasotuN "But still gave her a grotesque monologue conductor, where she was not afraid to be outlandish, rude aunt. I laughed with the audience, because he knew that five minutes in the dressing room, it will be very different.
- Today, being engaged in the profession for almost ten years, you have already encountered the notion of creative nesovmestimostN
- I do not understand this! For professionals such definition should not exist. There is a challenge to work, and even if a partner or partner full antagonism, he must play with friendship and love for the script. And the actor who allow themselves to statements such as "With that I will not withdraw it, I can not stand for the spirit, I think, it's all right with self-esteem, or he just does not like his work.

. - Have you ever envied the success of other akterovN

. - It's pointless, because each actor is unique in its own way
. And then, envy - too heavy feeling for me, as deep as hatred, love ... At such a feeling must be expended, but I have other problems in life. Not enough yet to get me something sharpener inside! First, I'm not interested, and secondly, too tiring, and thirdly, I'm too optimistic for this.

- Psychologists say that in many men make women closest ...

- Absolutely. Main, . they have their educational moments so cunningly presented with, . that the peasants correction is seamless, . on podsoznanke: just a moment suddenly start thinking, . but as if there has been a beloved woman, . what she said on an over, . and, . general, . even he begins to speak her words, . so even with her own intonations! I can not boast, . that his wife somehow influenced my career, . but taught include house clean - before, . now I am sure, . that the kitchen must be clean, . in operating,

- Your relationships with women is always built on protivorechiyahN

- My first wife was older than me by ten years, and our joint life is is one big contradiction. As I now understand, we absolutely do not match - twenty-and thirty-year-outer experienced woman with its concept of life. But nevertheless lived together for three years. I am insanely grateful to her for everything she gave me, and make friends with it so far.

- The exterior of your wives coincided with youthful dreams-idealamiN
- Yes, fragile, delicate, subtle, to the same smart, gentle, beautiful, good. But on closer examination they turned out abhorrent! (Hohochet.)
- You first pay attention to the woman who you nravitsyaN
- This always happens mutually. Of course, I shoot some fluids in the direction of the object of my attention, but as a man quite shy until you feel contact information, never make the first step. I need to be convinced that the woman I am interested, because failure to me death is like
- How do you think, why your marriage raspadalisN
- In detail some differences in both cases occur every second, and the last straw ... That's asking a wife to one, and in spite of it - from some women's resistance, illogical - makes a fundamentally different. And it infuriates! In other men, perhaps, the strength or wisdom enough to endure that, but I so love your opinion and myself that until I can meet another person as if I had not liked. I'm too selfish for that.

- Well, at least in something you women their ustupaliN

- Inferior, but I'm Aquarius, so unpredictable, even for myself. In one day could tightly rest against, and in some - to kiss his wife from top to toe and to offer: "Darling, lyubimenky, let us solve our problems together". So today I am a mature, generous man, and tomorrow - a greyhound puppy some who waves his arms, rolling his eyes and is a very unpleasant sight ...

. - Probably, know how to scandals with the smashing of crockery, bloody dramyN

. - Yes, easily
. The first wife in such moments closes, withdrawal, and the second tried to participate in the process and before carried away that she began to pursue the case without interruption. It is somehow not like it ...

- You are terrible at gneveN

- I am not afraid, I - disgusting. Any person in this state is repulsive: cries, spittle flying, bulging eyes, bared teeth, and I am no different from other. Sometimes I like to see myself from outside, I feel disgusted, and then I try to brake.

- We agree that women should balovatN

- Must. Once, about midnight, my first wife wanted champagne. It is just said, and she went to the shower. I jumped out from under a warm blanket, quietly slipped out of the apartment and Snд?е+ka ran for two quarters in a convenience store. When he returned, put the champagne and chocolates under the pillow, while he pretended to be reading the newspaper. I could hardly stop laughing after he returned from the bathroom, his wife could not get comfortable, something she always prevented. Finally, she angrily threw a pillow ... Her sparkling eyes to me were the highest award! Of course, girls need to indulge, but to the extent. They quickly become accustomed to a good start and become a bitch, but the woman he loves me least of all I would like manifestations bitchiness.

- Women ever tried to adjust your vneshnostN And you ihN

- They - never, and I always give some advice: what to wear, how to lose weight, where to look as close to me go. Especially for some reason I felt like a specialist in the field of make-up. Violet on the lips - type this in principle - I do not-at-vi-ju! Women around the world, listen to me, it gives the dead, it's terrible, just like platform shoes. Both my wife were probably so overwhelmed by my egocentrism that respond to all attacks tactfully. I was as tactless, and they responded - tactfully. Paradox! If someone started to advise that I wear and how to shave, I would be terribly psyched. Only now, put yourself in the shoes of these unfortunate women and understand how I was wrong all around.

. - Close the women were jealous of you to professiiN

. - Yes, his two wives, despite the fact that there were related to the theater and would have to understand everything, insanely jealous of me to the profession because she always had for me in the first place
. And what passions flared up because of the fans!
- Most men talk about: he settled down. You 28 years. It's about vasN

- No, no way. Perhaps I am too irresponsible, frivolous and flighty. A sort of still zherebun. It would be desirable, of course, comfort, nests, but, I think all this would happen closer to forty, not now. I've already had two marriages, and both ended in failure, so while I do not feel able to be in the family, meet the family and keep a family.

- When you love, other women for you suschestvuyutN

- Even as. If I walk down the street and see a beautiful woman, then, as any normal man, pay attention to it. Do not turn around, of course, very rudely, to assess its feet, but the imprint its image and get an aesthetic pleasure. Oh very beautiful women here in Russia!

. - You are inherent in the extravagant vyhodkiN

. - Yes, my whole life - continuous eccentric! When we, twenty-five people, only went to college for a course in the main theater director Mossovet Paul Osipovich Chomsky, he gathered us in an evening for new students
. I appeared there in a very extravagant form - a T-shirt painted with a skull and crossbones, and during the tea party for some reason he took a thin glass cup and began to chew. Bite off a piece and hrumkal. It was a prank complete idiot, and what I wanted to achieve this, still do not understand. Later, I remember, struck one of his wives that hit bare feet stepped on an empty bottle of beer. Midnight we pick out the fragments of my foot, and the next two weeks I was disabled. The years go by, and I still occasionally throw something like. Here after the Moscow Hurricane why you brought to the theater torn by the wind road sign "just right" - he still hanging around in the dressing room. And why am I doing this - probably a question for psychologists.

- Perhaps, as a man without complexes, you can not smutitN

- Very easy! I blush for any reason, may be embarrassed and for which some absurd. There is in my complex, a lot of shyness, I'm afraid of publicity, as it may sound strange for an actor, so in provocative situations try not to get.

- What to offend legkoN

- Very easy. I even can not talk, just to see how some "sideways, inclining her head low, and I spent the whole day I will think about it. However, if I have this man is understanding, then I'll go and ask, what is, in fact, matter, and if not, then he himself understands my feelings.

. - More tell me what you are naive!

. - As a child, sort of a child weighing 96 kg
. And play me easily, and to substitute, and deceiving - the main thing that it was convincingly. Two years ago I cheated near the exchange point. It was closed, and then approached by two Southerner: "We buy dollars at thee!" I looked up: a fifty years old, gray, solid, apparently a university professor - in a bad not tell. The most interesting - a pack of banknotes bend, as do lomschiki, they did not, count the money edge, and I watched. Then he got into a car and drove. When I double-check in my hand was the third of the total amount. Virtuosos!
- You are self-sufficient or you need the presence of several close chelovekaN
- I really need a number of woman, I should feel that someone like me, that someone like me - it touches and excites. And I work for admiring a woman's eyes. If your favorite woman says: "You're the best!" - For the sake of this life worth living. Yes, I am strongly convinced that all the men in my life is done for a woman, but a woman must live for men. (Sighs)
- Have you ever been in the company of several women who claim to your personuN
- Yes, it turns out so nice when you are fighting for. And slightly female condition. Me as usual always chosen one goal, and it wastes the full potential of charm.
- You probably think you know about women vseN
- Never did I not say, even in ninety years. About women, I do not know any-thing, this is some very mysterious creatures, which have ... be ... Yes, I do not know what you need!

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