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MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)

( Actress)

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Biography MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
photo MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
Michele Mercier (real name Zhoselen Yvonne Rene Mercier) was born on January 1, 1939 in Nice (France). Jocelyne childhood dream to dance in the ballet and took dancing lessons. All her childhood the actress carried the burden of unloved child.

This Michele Mercier, her younger sister, was the favorite in the family and, as often happens, the complete opposite Jocelyne. They even look different: Michelle was angular, shy and quiet as a mouse, and the beauty of Jocelyne prevented the passage of neighborhood boys.

It is Michelle, so obedient and accurate, the parents placed great hopes - Monsieur Mercier owned in Nice big pharmaceutical factory and had no doubt that, having matured, the youngest daughter will continue his work. Or at least not fill up. At the senseless Jocelyne in the family long ago given up: this anemone went clearly not in their breed. All that interested her in life - a wide swath in front of the mirror so kicked in the dance machine: Jocelyne childhood dreams of becoming a ballerina, but her desire to have caused the parents only irritation.

Michel, on the contrary, a step does not leave her mother, all helped her, and above all - never contradicted senior. "From this sense will, the mistress of growing" - lovingly cooed Madame Mercier, weaving colored ribbons in the braids Dochkin. Jocelyne her hair herself, ribbons are not tolerated, and from labor service in the home in every way tried to escape. One idea that will forever stick in Nice among these apothecary jars, sklyanochek, family sets and dressers, directed at her mortal anguish.

. Madame Mercier, domineering person and close in relation to the eldest daughter not particularly delicate
. Yes, and her hand was heavy. Jocelyne will never forget how once her almost grown-up young lady, mother slapped a resounding slap in the face directly in front of everyone at the door of a fashionable shop in Nice. And just for the fact that her daughter expressed a desire to have "won a beautiful dress with a fluffy skirt ... In tears, Jocelyne cried mother that her sister she would never have raised my hand!

When poor Michelle died, the parents seemed to have been orphaned. Their grief was so debilitating that it seemed as if there is no family elder daughter. At the first opportunity Jocelyne fled to London and tried to start it dancing career. Alas, the ballerina of it did not work. Jocelyne had no choice but to return under the parental roof. Madame Mercier, . sure, . that her daughter spent all these months in frivolous amusements and cheap intrigues, . in the hearts uttered the phrase, . which later will become Jocelyne kind of "parental curse:" Because you'll never get to say nothing Artist, . even respectable wife and mother! You're just a whore and will always be a whore! ",

. Jocelyne - girl though and coquettish, but quite respectable, and (whatever she thought his mother) is innocent, to hear such "blessing" was unbearable pity
. In them through all the same fatal reproach - you will never replace us, Michelle.

Mercier and did not even notice how she became an actress. In spring 1957, she was walking with her father in the city park, where she saw two men - director Denis de la Pateller and screenwriter Michel Odiar. The two immediately realized what she needed them for comedy role in "The Turn handles". Zhoselen did not like the producers and Zhoselen become Michelle. The official version of the name was borrowed from Michelle Morgan, who played in 'turning the knob' main role. However, the coincidence, the name of Michelle also once wore a younger sister Zhoselen, who died in childhood.

After the film, Michel never experienced a lack of proposals withdrawn. Her bright, sensuous beauty, photogenic and a rare ability to naturally stay in the frame attracted directors and producers as a magnet. However, strangely enough, Michelle has been slow to accept the flattering offer. Hurtful words, abandoned his mother, again and again sounded in her ears. Michelle is not interested in neither fame nor career - it is much more important to organize your life, start a family, to prove the mother that she is worthy to wear a chaste name - Michelle.

. With family, however, turned out not once - the first novel, Mademoiselle Mercier was very strange.

. Beloved Michelle, a young dark-haired and romantic Gee, in all keys repeats her what she is unearthly, divinely beautiful, insists that she was born to love, but love special
. Michelle is waiting passionate recognition offers hands and hearts ... Instead, GM days and nights reading aloud to her eastern mystics, leads to admire the sunrise, hours looking at her body and lingers, lingers ... Michelle increasingly caught myself on the fact that she might not be averse already experience the extraordinary, divine love, which expatiating Ji ... Madame Mercier immediately smiled unkindly in her head - and Michelle fright drove away seditious thoughts.

In the end, GM tortured and got it finally. Michelle goes to the shooting of the Italian film "Nights of Lucrezia Borgia". In Rome, it represents the Iranian Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Shah, are looking for a new young wife, saw a photo of Mademoiselle Mercier in an Italian newspaper and at first glance - there he is, a gift of fate.

Bride not wondered. Michel before evaluating embarrassed by this, frankly lustful gaze of His Majesty, that was quite lost and have full nonsense. In general, behaved like a schoolgirl. And then for a long time shedding tears on the pillow in a modest hotel room. Why her a check with his scary gleam in his eyes? Is it gave rise both to look at it? Whom do they see in it? Who for? "This girl clearly kissed the goddess of love, only she does not understand. She ahead - a big future "- as the Shah replied to Michele Mercier.

Any other in her place would have been proud of such a beauty, but after the story of the Shah, Michel began to treat his appearance with a painful suspicion. When she was invited to Hollywood to audition - with himself Elvis Presley! - Michelle will appear on the magnificent reception in the stiff dress - blank, leaving no space fancy black dress, with a modest hairdo and without cosmetics. Still Mercier now and then caught myself admiring glances at the men.

Producer Hell Wallace immediately lost his head during the dance lightly pressed Michelle to her ... Open your mouth for the compliment he had not - Michelle sharply pushed bugger: "Who gave you permission to hug me?" The next day, Mademoiselle Mercier in a panic ran out of Hollywood, which had heard and so, as a nest of debauchery. It is prepared without regret forever farewell to the career actress. Flying over the Atlantic, Michelle thought: there once, as a dancer in London, she avoided the society of men, was reputed to be a pleasant, cheerful companion and dear yoke. Now the idea that everything in this world perceive it as a yes-girl, she looked hideous.

Back in Paris, Michelle is getting married - so rapidly, as if somewhere in a hurry. In cramped apartments on the island Michel Mignot diligently begins to twist their family nest. Her greatest concern to them and William was "like all other people". Two shepherd maid, paintings on the walls, vases, knick-knacks ... Michelle enthusiastically engaged in household work - preparing, busy in the garden. She has a lot of enthusiasm, that's just all get is not very clever. Somehow it occurred to Michelle "podmolodit" trees in the garden, and she began to cut the branches vigorously in the midst of flowering. The maid was horrified: "Madame, you will ruin the whole of nature around you!"

Mercier appears again on the set - in the intervals between watering figs and cooking spaghetti. The most beloved of the work of that period - a picture of Francois Truffaut 'Shoot the Piano Player ".

"Well, you have talent! - Amazed William. - Day playing a prostitute in the evening - the very virtue ". His voice came through clearly puzzled. Stimulation William is growing day by day: he did not expect that his sexy wife will be only a chaste housewife, thundering dishes in the kitchen. He wants to coquetry, passions, whims, follies - but never boring accommodation on. Michelle was in bed, stiffness, and like herself was afraid. And yet this woman - William realized it at first glance - concealed erotic power of the volcano. But while he could not get any more or less impressive sparks.

In the early sixties at the film festival in Locarno Michel Mercier won his first in the life of a prize - for best actress in the film "roaring years". Her career was clearly in the mountain, but the actress did not seem to take it seriously, and much more happy when neighbors praised her neatly trimmed lawn. One sunny morning in 1963 - with William, they just drank morning coffee - in the apartment phone rang. Michelle picked up the phone - it was invited to sample pictures "Angelica".

She had just read the famous novel, Anne and Serge Golon and quite unexpectedly for myself literally sick to them: "Angelica aroused in me a storm of delight. I felt it from the depths of the soul ". Of course, it goes to her role. The first two films - "Angelique - Marquise of Angels" and "Great Angelica" - are removed simultaneously. Morning Michelle plays an adult woman and mother, and in the evening - the heroine, which only seventeen. For the first time in her life she is not up to the family and not to the economy. She was possessed by Angelica - sometimes it even scared her.

During the triumphal premiere of "Moulin Rouge" in December 1964, Michelle is on the scene drowning in flowers. But if you take a closer look, her smile was forced, as in the eyes of hidden despair. For some time with William was to happen that something was wrong. It started when her husband first saw the footage "Angelica". Its like a submenu: William gave up work and a week left in booze. And yesterday, the eve of the premiere, he had a epileptic fit. Looking around, William said that an attack - the first water simulation. Michelle has demanded an explanation from her husband, but in response I heard some nonsense: "You will see, along with the brandy, I soon begin to swallow Valium, barbiturates, and very soon go mad. And you never let me leave - by law can not be divorced from a madman! "

Since William happens that from now on will somehow happen to all of its men - he simply had the misfortune to fall into this trap of the first. In the image of Angelica Michelle was the one person he always was looking for it - a symbol of beauty and sensuality, teasing, the object of desire of all men without exception,. Henceforth, no oath and the arguments are not forced to William to believe what she likes, like a normal woman to cook him dinner, buy clothes, met only by his caresses in bed ... And before some of its house-proud he thought some false, but now! ..

Michelle meanwhile absolutely no idea what was going. Accusations of William it is entirely attributed his sudden mental illness; reproached himself for having given up on the shooting of the house and husband. In the end, Michelle William solemnly vowed that cast film and become so, by whom she only dreamed of being - his wife and later mother. But, alas, fate had already played the finale of her married life with William, and the finale was frightening.

Once, when her husband once again drunk, Mercier asked his friend Michel Lemoine to meet relatives. He went to the airport for its brand new 'Alfa Romeo'. Suddenly a call from the police. Lemoine had an accident, have just bought the machine suddenly denied steering. Driver only narrowly survived. A couple of days, Michel, pribiraya in the room, William, saw the script, it has worked. When you open a folder, read: "It is going to throw. He does not want, and planned a murder. He rasp tree near the road, on which should drive her car. She's loves to drive fast. It is broken, that's for sure! "

Soon after William was in a psychiatric hospital, and Michel - on the verge of nervous breakdown. She was sure - blame her appearance: William is not the first, to whom her beauty obscures one's vision. Of course, Michelle and she realized that the "Angelica" and really looks great. But she drove away this Angelica, cursed devil's charm image - because in fact he has not brought her nothing but unhappiness.

But the real troubles were just beginning. The next novel, Michel (this time with a crazy in love with her artist) ended even more dramatically. Like William, she never changed her lover, never gave cause for suspicion. Like William, he refused to believe it, harass myself and her mad with jealousy.

. Michelle felt a rat when he showed her one of his new works: cut into pieces and stuck to the old square mirror photograph of Michelle
. Strange phantasmagoric allegory ... A few days later in a fit of inexplicable rage favorite attacked Mercier. The blow fell in the face; signet ring broken nose, cut his cheek - blood pours her eyes, Michelle is like that same picture ... Double fracture of the nose, the long months in the hospital, a few plastic surgery. When Michelle found herself in the mirror, she felt frightened - bruised, swollen lips, bruises under her eyes ... "Here you are, and lost its beauty, - gleefully remarked Madame Mercier voice inside. - Now on you not be tempted no man. You're like this? "" No, - she replied Michel and suddenly, almost against her will burst out: - I want to be Angelica, I - Angelica! Lord, make me again, such as Angelica! "

. The nature of the French Riviera, air and sea bathing had worked positively - Michelle again become the one at whose feet were ready to fall all the men of Europe
. And again, looking at her, anyone could bet that a woman in the bedroom fans do not change less often than flowers in vases. And Madame Mercier continued piously to believe that their life is Michelle and courtesan entangled with all sorts of riff-raff - and therefore missed all advantageous marriages. In 1969, the family Mercier enraptured: Michelle married a family friend, an entrepreneur and a very promising policy Alain Renaud. "I hope this time you're more preuspeesh in the role of wife" - poisonous admonished her mother.

Monsieur Renaud's wife all for himself agreed - it will dig in its heels in order to prove to her husband, mother, and especially so ...

"And what, in fact, prove?" - One day she asked herself, lying alone on the shore of the Adriatic Sea in Italy (Michel arrived there on full-scale shooting pictures "Scandal in Rome"). Husband in Paris, he has his own business. Every evening he calls her to the hotel, vows of eternal love - and does not come, although she pleads to see her. By the way, in contrast to her previous men Alain Michel convinces not leave work. And she was so tired from a young age to live in hard mode, samples, early awakenings, tedious surveys ostochertevshih nights in hotels ... Michel does not want to deceive ourselves - it is deeply and desperately unhappy. Neither fame nor the admiration of fans, no affection for her husband did not warm her heart truly. A chain of an ideal wife, which she again myself fetters, has long dig into her soul.

... Two hours director Carlo Lidzani hurts Michelle filming takes in cold water. Finally everything is finished, the camera is off and the director turns the boat to shore. About Michelle forgot. She exhausted, and she had no strength to fight with the element of water. Upon awakening, she discovers that lies on the sand, and saw the troubled face of a young man. "Beautiful - Michelle notes to myself. - Even a very ".

Her savior - casually appeared on the coast of director Peter Collinson. It is something subtly reminds her Gee - he has the same dreamy eyes. It is brittle, blond, for his negligence guessed impulsiveness and passion. Michelle so want to touch his hair, was in his arms. But as before, finding themselves in such desire, she is frightened to death of. She has a husband. She's not some kind ... Peter comes to the daily shooting and watching her from afar. During those days they talked scarcely more than a couple of minutes. But from that day, Peter, her angel, savior, has been dreaming about Michelle. Somehow, he always calls her to fly.

So when an agent offers Michel role in the film Peter Collinson "bullies", she had no doubt - we must abandon. Peter even in a dream become a threat to her conjugal virtues. But this time, "should", said to herself, does not work. Filming "brawlers" take place in Turkey among the landscape, reminiscent of Dante's Inferno. The hotel - a few kilometers along the road winding between cliffs and the abyss. Only here, in this wild place, almost the first time in her life she felt almost free. Michel wrote in his diary: "Never in my life I had such a relationship with the director. Not a single argument. He is gentle, such a tenderness rare in men. I feel that he's drawn to me - and I can not resist this ". One day, Peter invites Michael to walk in the mountains and recognized her love.

... She had no idea that it is able to experience such a pleasure - to ecstasy, until exhaustion. Why did she not discovered that neither the incomparable happiness - to love? What else should a woman from life?

But the next morning Michelle woke up bewildered and broken. Mercier did not even went to the shooting - she had felt dizzy before his eyes alternately rose a sarcastic smirk mother, the gentle smile Peter, then infuriated face Alena. Her mind seemed to be forked - one Michelle was in love delight, another trembled with shame and fear. And between them - insurmountable gap ... "Who am I?" - Flashed through his strange idea.

The same day, Peter asked Michael a question that she had not often heard in a dream: "You uletish with me?" He begs her to give Alan and fly to London. But Michelle panicked suspense, and most importantly - she is afraid of yourself ... "Fly away without me" - she'd say to Peter, and his own words will tear her heart for many months. Inappropriately returning from filming, she found her husband on the table many letters, from which it became clear that Allen had long since it modifies. Divorce does not have to wait long.

By the mid 70-ies Michele Mercier left alone. Movie sets, she could no longer see. Tried his hand at the stage of the Paris theaters, Michelle realized that this is not for her. In 36 years, she felt absolutely devastated. The greatest suffering it brought the days when it was on TV "Angelica". Looking at the happy face of her heroine, Michelle thought about how unfair cost to her fate. With her and all who had the misfortune to be near.

. So when Adrian, a longtime fan of Michelle, finally dared to utter: "You always bring me happiness!" - She so wanted to believe it.

. In Adrian, big businessmen, who lives in Zurich, after his wife's death left two sons - Patrick and nine twelve Benjamin
. Surprisingly, the children immediately took Michelle. "Immediately after school, they ran to me, - says Mercier. - For this moment I was ready to sit at home all day. Benjamin shouted from below: "It's us!", It strikes me, climbs on her knees. Patrick is also right there. These children could be mine. "

Michelle is no longer act in films, it follows the Hadrian around the world revolves in the highest circles of construction and the oil business, the world's financial elite. And when this new life again break dreams about Peter, Michelle frightened. Wake next to Adrian after a sleep the whole night, she gave herself to caress the other, it was unbearable. A delusion, meanwhile, continued. Now and in the afternoon, sitting next to her husband and listening to his endless talk of stock quotes, Michelle could not drive away the memories of that single night ...
. Adrian, probably something guess - no, no, yes and asked her: "You do not abandon us?" In his voice Michelle heard the voices of all her previous lovers.
. Already been appointed as the wedding day, when Adrian first time had a dizzy spell
. And after this was followed by a terrible medical diagnosis: malignant brain tumor. Michelle almost kill herself: all repeated - it brings only misery to men. Adrian burned for two months ... Until the last second he held her hand and asked: "Do not leave me". How sorry if Michelle, that was not included in customized William disaster, died from wounds inflicted by the artist, not drowning ...

After the death of Adrian in Michel nothing left. Doors home in Zurich now been closed down for her - the mother of Adrian, was jealous of his son to Mercier, did everything that she did not appear in this family. The money thing - everything has vanished. However, Michelle did not care about these little things: every night in my sleep it came to Peter. "Well, fly away?" - Smiling, he asked, and these words more clearly heard Michelle call death. Mercier went to Nice, to the parents. My father did not recognize her at the station - she had aged and haggard.

In Nice, walking on the beach, Mercier met my old friend Franц╖ois Truffaut. He sensed the mood of Michelle decides its a little cheer. And tells about the script, which he recently proposed. The plot seemed amused by Truffaut: one person takes the name of the deceased relative, and since then his personality splits. Moreover, the karma of the dead man inevitably leads to its death and self-destruction. Francois talked about something else, but Michelle was not listening. The tragic chain of events that affect their lives suddenly lit up for it with new meaning

. "Michelle!" - At a moment Truffaut seemed that no one is near and he says in a vacuum - Michelle, you did not listen! "
. Jocelyne Mercier did not answer - she silently wandered along the shore and thought about something else ...

. In 1984, after two divorces Mercier leave the cinema to fully devote personal life
. On the screen it reappears only after 14 years. In 1999 the financial crash will cause it to sell personal belongings and clothes Angelica, once purchased from the studios.

Mercier, continues to appear at film festivals with a retrospective of films about Angelica. In 2006 the French government awarded actress Order of literature and art.

"People are always talking about me as Angelica, though I played half a hundred different women. For many years I tried to forget about it, but now it seems to me little sister, who is always ready to support me. I learned to live next to her. "- Michele Mercier

. Filmography

. 1957 - Turn knob
. 1957 - Give me a chance
. 1959 - Nights of Lucrezia Borja
. 1959 - The only angel on earth
. 1960 - Devil's Dance
. 1960 - And here's a brunette!
. 1960 - Shoot the Piano Player
. 1960 - Marine Avengers
. 1961 - Do you like Brahms?
. 1961 - The Adventures of Aladdin
. 1962 - roaring years
. 1962 - Captive devilish island
. 1963 - Baby Doll
. 1963 - Summer Madness
. 1963 - Thursday
. 1963 - Symphony of the massacre
. 1963 - Black Sabbath
. 1963 - Senior Fersho
. 1963 - Monsters
. 1964 - High Infidelity
. 1964 - Love in the fourth dimension
. 1964 - Angelique - Marquise angels
. 1965 - Via Wynette
. 1965 - Angelica in anger (Great Angelica)
. 1965 - Casanova-70
. 1965 - Thunder of heaven
. 1966 - Black Sun
. 1966 - Angelique and the King
. 1966 - The second truth
. 1966 - How I learned to love women
. 1967 - The oldest profession in the world
. 1967 - Unrestrained Angelica
. 1968 - Angelique and the Sultan
. 1968 - Lady Hamilton: A way to higher light
. 1968 - The Rope and the Colt
. 1969 - Golden widow
. 1970 - All is not pleasing
. 1971 - The Macedonian operation
. 1971 - In the arms of the spider (Mask of the Red Death)
. 1971 - Scandal in Rome
. 1972 - Le Viager
. 1972 - Call of the Wild
. 1977 - The World's Women
. 1977 - The iron hand
. 1977 - Gin and tonic
. 1998 - La Rumbera
. 2003 - Beauty
. 2004 - Red Orchestra (TV series)
. 2005 - Paris Love Bone Gumankova

. Interesting facts

. Knowledge of German, English and Italian languages Mercier allowed to withdraw in a variety of foreign and international films.

. Movies 'Marine Avengers' and 'diabolical Captive Island' were filmed simultaneously in the same scenery.

. Actress made several plastic surgeries to repair a broken fan face.

. A pair of Robert Hossein / Michel Mercier appeared on the screen seven times: four times in the 'Angelica', and another three times in the film 'The second truth', 'Thunder of heaven' and 'Rope and the Colt' ( 'cemetery without crosses').

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  • MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
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  • MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
  • MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
  • MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
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  • MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
  • MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
  • MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
  • MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
  • MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
  • MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
  • MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
  • MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
  • MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
  • MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)

Photos of MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)

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  • Alla for MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
  • stylish
  • Larissa for MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
  • The most beautiful woman, extremely obayatelnaya.Ya her fan from a young age, I dream of seeing her.
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  • I watch your movies endlessly and voshischayus.budte always strong, not pokaryaytes fate and do not panic, be healthy
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  • If this fellow is reading Michelle Sait I'm ecstatic lifelong dream to touch the great and eternal beauty, and I want to communicate with her. Who knows?
  • Lara for MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
  • The wonderful woman and actress. "Angelica" will live forever in our hearts.
  • Alla for MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
  • You are a wonderful then and NOW!
  • Ilona for MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
  • you the most beautiful woman on the planet! even close no one can put for comparison
  • Dora for MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
  • Michel Mercier, a talented actress and just a beautiful woman. I admire her. But what is written in this short article - is nonsense. The author apparently did not bother to read properly autobiography Mercier, otherwise he would not have allowed such frank gaffe. Those who are really interested in real biography Mercier, can learn about her book "I'm not Angelique", published by ACT.
  • Alla for MEPC Michel (Michaele Mercier)
  • Extraordinarily beautiful woman! eye is not just withdraw!
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