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Biography Bette Midler
photo Bette Midler
(genus. December 1, 1945)
He woke up and was dumbfounded: hospital ward was not to know. Everywhere - on the windowsill, on the floor, even on the blanket smelled flowers. Roses, lilies, irises and even some exotic plants, whose names he did not even know. Nearby, on the bedside table, lay a postcard. Small impetuous hand it was written: "What are you - hurt sobralsyaN Do not even think. I'm on my way. Always thy Divine Miss M. ".
. Fred Midler, hereditary mechanic in the third generation, scratched his head in bewilderment by the hour is not easy! What these doctors and are withdrawing dark eyes, as if he had some twenty-year young lady, and not man, changed his seventh decade
. That nurses whispering behind my back about some kind of tumor, and say out loud that all is well and he is recovering. Now hell is going on at all. What kind of Divine missN wife died many years ago. Friends are not inclined to draw, but they have no money for such luxury flowers. SynN Fred even coughed from such thoughts - and the weird kid was born with five years bezvylazno sits in the clinic for the insane, there glues boxes. Maybe dochkaN But she long ago moved to New York, and since then about her no sign. Wife, however, something told me ... Could it really BettiN Fred lay back and plunged into memories.
Glorious was a little girl, obedient. Not grown. Words will not say too much: cursing her, and she just looked at the floor, folds in the skirt tugging yes curtseys ago. Beauty, of course. God has not given - was ugly, God forgive me, and the stout to the same: sweet painfully fond. Well, it's not the happiness. She cried often only - daily resorted from school in tears, "Daddy, why are they so I do not lyubyatN 'the Pope, though not up to it - spate of work, the neighbors were carrying repair any utensils - stoves, kerosene lamps, old clock. So it had to bo: Dare you walk away, my father works. And it is - nothing shmygnet nose, take a sandwich and - Shasta in the jungle, walking. Jungle, yes ... Beautiful still place Honolulu.

... Mr. and Mrs. Midler and even met in New Jersey, but then, even before the birth of the baby, moved to Hawaii in the outskirts of Honolulu. All childhood Betty was among the plantations of pineapples and orange groves, . She climbed up on the coconut palms, and sometimes herself jealous - not because everyone is brought to live in such п╨я─п╟я│п╬я┌п╦я┴п╣: bright colors, . unusual odors, . Sea yellow, . red, . orange flowers,
. Little girl on the background of the sunlit orchids and fragrant acacia - so the ancient engravings depicting paradise gardens. Why, only to live in this paradise, it was quite grim.

. Betty was born the first of December 1945 and was the only white girl on the street: Midler lived in Chinatown, . homes in the neighborhood occupied by color - Hawaiians, . Polynesians, . Japanese and Chinese .., . The school girl was as a prison: children are often cruel, . and a young Betty teased how do nothing and for, . that white, . and for, . A fat, . and for, . that ugly,
. However, she did not forgive insults and enjoyed every opportunity to drive foes abacus. Nicknames that Betty bestowed upon them, were remarkably well-aimed - the whole school with happy repeat her phrases, so that soon with Ryzhikov nobody contacted: our own peril.

. On the street she never gave the slope, but Betty had to be home with his gentle and docile - Fred Midler different rigid
. Bore and a pedant, he forced his daughter every day to report that she had done a good day, mercilessly flogged for bad grades and did not tolerate joy in your presence. Life its prohihikaesh how do nothing! " - Fred spoke clearly and acted accordingly: Betty was forbidden to go on holidays that suit the local community, and even put the Christmas tree in his house he would not allow. Father's notation always boiled down to one thing: "The main thing in life - to choose the right road. Correct, ponimaeshN Otherwise, little need to pay for everything. "
Neighbors not very fond of Fred and stealthily Full Tilt Bette - the girl grew lively and cheerful, it spared everyone in the neighborhood. In the house of an elderly Portuguese Betty first heard folk songs and soon knew them all by heart - ukulele girl sang unexpectedly strong voice. She learned a few Christmas hymns, secret from their parents participated in a school singing competitions and won first prize - for the performance of a song "Silent Night".

. House scandal - the father shouted, . not tolerate, . his daughter singing on stage rubbish, . and slyly asked: "Can, . you want to become pevitseyN twirl backwards for the amusement publikeN Yes on you, no decent guy will not marry her! "Mom just sighed: she was sorry for her daughter, . Yes and innocent the songs she did not see anything wrong, . but to argue with her husband has long ceased,
. Once Fred clearly explained to her that the role of women in this house is determined once and for all: cooking and wipe up children ass. She knew in advance what will end next skirmish: her husband prooret posited truth, Betty meekly listen to every word, with her eyes in some Scherbinka in the floor, just silently make a curtsey and run away to her room.

. But this time, obedient daughter if replaced
. "Maybe the singer - said Betty, surprised at the sound of his own voice. - Or an actress. But certainly in this hole will not stay. She told me I'm sick. You are all fed up with me! "The girl has never objected to his father, especially in such a tone, and is now watched in horror as his eyes flashed fury. Betty for a moment that she has done something irreparable and now life goes quite differently - she was turned out of the house, will deprive the parents' blessing, but you never know ...

. But, interestingly, this feeling she even liked it.

. Betty several times and then thought: why is it suddenly vzbuntovalasN it was strange feeling - resentment mixed with contempt
. Maybe, . because, . that she had fought for the prize, . And parents are not even good word nashlosN Maybe, . she suddenly had the same one "right way" - tedious study, . Work secretary (his father thought it best profession for women), . happy marriage with any clerk or at best, a professional soldier, . that Hawaii had the pond prudiN measured life, . gossip-neighbor, . dismal set of entertainment - TV serials, . women's novels in cheap covers, . once a month trip to the intervention of a touring comedian,
. And Betty vowed: in her life everything is not so.

His father gave her a good spanking and forbade week to touch the sweet. But something has really changed: the next day, Betty brought home his girlfriend, and solemnly entered into a bet with her: "I'll bet, . I'll be rich and famous, . me know the whole world! "A day later she announced that he was looking for girls with good voices to create a musical ensemble,
. And six months later and at all left home - forever.

The vocal trio "Pyridine" quickly became popular. Three young girls toured American military bases that are located in Hawaii, and dazed from the lack of women Marines staged their unprecedented standing ovation. Betty was not very nice and well knew this, but the greater was the feeling of success - for men in the room and slapped her too. Sometimes even brought flowers and waiting at the door hastily arranged grimerok - Betty sent away unwanted suitors, realizing that they really need ... Yet her something to hide, it was damn nice. However, a few months the trio broke up: he had finished high school, and her partner dispersed in all directions. Betty And she leaned to the University of Honolulu, on the separation of stage skill: before leaving the house she vowed that never again would not return here - and kept his promise.

True, she wrote a letter - at least initially. Each of them, Fred willy-nilly, to learn by heart: his wife enthusiastically re-read them out loud ten times, showed all his neighbors and even tried to hang on the wall. At this point the head of the family resisted: not enough even to this nonsense blisters in his eyes. However, it was evident that over each letter daughter worked hard - the pages were adorned with some bright clippings and funny pictures homemade. The first letter begins: "My God, how I hate pineapples, I slaughter them from morning till night, I cut and put in the banks, I smelled of pineapple thoroughly. Every night I pour on a ton of shampoo, wiped out all the water supplies in the district, a lot of money I spend on perfume and still stinks like pineapple compote. Mom, if I come back, you can use me as a fragrance for laundry ". From the letters really was barely perceptible scent of pineapples.
One, two, the bank for a jar, cut and place, all simply. Father did not give her a penny, not even to speak with her daughter before they parted, so I have the most to earn a living - Betty got a job at the cannery. Eight hours a day, seven days a week and holidays. Thirty minutes - for breakfast, ten - on vacation, move, baby, we pay you a dollar twenty-five per hour, no time to dally. And so for three consecutive seasons: summer - at the factory, but then a year can live on the accumulated money, learn, play, Chekhov and dream of glory. At the first training performance (it was just "The Cherry Orchard") accidentally hit the film's director "Hawaii" - the film crew arrived in Honolulu to shoot a couple of scenes. Betty he liked, it was something - stout, slightly vulgar, and at the same time, an unusually touching.

Betty suggested to play the wife of the American missionary, who with her husband returns from America to Hawaii. The role was small, . besides, her character suffered from seasickness, . and Betty wrote home: "I thought, . that trolling here acting skills - in vain, . that there, . taught StanislavskogoN (Here Fred asked: "And who is this Stanislavski, . Professor of, . that liN "My wife just shrugged her shoulders.) As a result, spent all the time hanging over the side,
. I have already nicknamed "blyuyuschey beauty". But I was shot two months without a break, made friends with all actors - Mom, they're so cute, and everyone advised me to go to New York: there is a lot of theaters, maybe I'll go somewhere so'll get. Once paid the money - I promise that amount, and that you would not believe - certainly will do that ". The letter contained a photograph: Betty in an embrace with a pretty girl. The inscription on the back reads: "This is Ellen, my girlfriend. In New York we'll go together. "

A couple of days, Ellen hit by a car ...

She was the only person to whom Betty sincerely attached. She cried all eyes locked in his room, and nobody wanted to see. But New York still went, thinking that now simply required to get their - in memory of Ellen because she had such faith in it.

. Betty took off her room in a cheap Manhattan hotel, more like a dive (it was packed to overflowing by pimps, prostitutes and petty drug dealers), and began to look for work
. Without money, without friends and support, she rushed to the city as in a whirlpool. She worked as a typist at Columbia University, . saleswoman hats and gloves in a big department store, . danced in the bars of soap and glasses, . and all his free time devoted to, . had tried in every known her show - requested, . left Summary, . watch for producers at the service entrance,
. After a long ordeal Bette offered a small role with no words in the musical "Miss Nefertiti Regrets". Then - the role of more. Sparsely for a few years. And then Betty went for broke.

She appeared on the samples of the new musical "Salvation" - it becomes known to the director, even before the premiere of it written all venerable criticism, and Betty always needed to get it the role of. Then she wrote home: "Imagine, Mom, in front of the hall, where the breakdown begins actresses, gathered a crowd. All as on the selection model, all legs from the neck. Stand angrily at each other their eyes Well, I think, no chance. And then I got some enthusiasm to understand: it is good to all of them to pull your nose! I introduced myself to the place of the director, . which she selects, . - Standing so a day, . girls think about, . and they all resemble each other and all do the same: come out, . backwards Revolve, . any fragment with the expression to read or sing a song, . moreover eyes sostroit strive,
. No, I think, should somehow different ... "

Betty entered the room with head held high, at no one looking. Stood for a moment looking around and suddenly threw herself at the feet of the director musical. Taken aback, he frantically tried to move away, but could not - Betty tightly around his knees and breathy voice: "I know you in my life seen a lot of young persons. But such as I - never! "The trick Betty, strangely enough, did work: it seemed to him funny, and he publicly declared that the selection is over - the role goes to Miss ... As your imyaN ... Bette Miller! Betty stood up and looked around triumphantly his former rivals, who with the long, people walked to the exit.

Fred then even glad for her daughter: she grasp that it is necessary, all in the father. Would throw out that foolishness out of my head yes to business - far to go. A week later astounded Csete Midler brought a mysterious parcel, covered with crimson velvet. Inside lay a folded four times picture, audio cassette and a letter. The photograph was of Bette in an elaborate dress, gently embracing the microphone on the stage of a bar. "So there!" - Only hissed Fred. - Sings the taverns! This she had been taught at the university, that liN Meeting of the Stanislavsky - should drop off his head! "The footage was recorded some applause mingled with the noise, clanging cymbals, and someone's votes.

. In a letter to the enthusiastic Bette explains it: "Mom, I'm on the scene bar" Hillis "
. Its in New York all know - there are going to all sorts of show business, directors, and sometimes quite well-known personalities caught. And in this bar, imagine, I was invited to sing! More precisely, not so much invited ... In general, I came by myself. Week protorchala in New York's music library as cursed, picked up a repertoire. I thought: modern songs will not surprise anybody - and climbed to listen to all the old, well, how do you like: country, gospelz, blues different. These melodies dug - where there is present! And I took on-ho-ho like - do you hear on the tape aplodismentyN This is me clapping. A friend wrote on a voice recorder.

Betty told the truth, but not all. It is nowhere suggested itself, . and simply shook the same, . it, . seekers of fame, . They dried themselves about which the bar, . literally burst onto the small stage and declared itself: "Ladies and Gentlemen, . I'll sing you some songs - and this you have not heard! ",

. However, first the girl no one paid no attention: there were chudiki and pohlesche
. However, Betty, . not embarrassed, . started singing, . and by the end of the first song clinking of glasses and animated conversation ceased: all eyes were fixed on the stage - Betty in a red dress with a giant cutout whispered into the microphone, the words of the old hit "I can not live without you", . gently stroking her magnificent body,
. Visitors fascinated looking at the outstanding bust Bettti and whispered: "Yes it is under her dress there is nothing", and she seemed unaware of these views, languidly swaying to the sounds of broaching swing. After the speech the audience burst into applause at the bar, in response to Betty nonchalantly sent to the hall a kiss - if she so bored applause, that she does not know where to go from him. (This gesture, she took over from Marlene Dietrich and a long time to rehearse it in front of a mirror.)

And in the end of the letter was written is, from what Fred knees gave way. "Mom, you just do not be surprised. I then made the concert such a strange suggestion - to speak at the baths!.. But they pay cash, and pay well, to give the same opportunity to do his own show - on such terms and I agree to act in hell! I think, by the way, among the devils, full of gay guys ". Below hurried handwriting, she added: "Only the Pope about the baths do not tell", but it was too late. Mother read the letter aloud and to poskriptuma reached at the same time, when Fred reached packages validol. "My daughter!" Speaking in front of naked aunts! God! " - He muttered ruefully. And from that time forbade him to mention in the successes Bette: "The next time she will write, how delightful striptease or what the taste of cocaine!"

If Fred learned the details "of bath contract", it would be like had a stroke. Speaking in front of "naked aunts" Bettti not have to, simply because of the famous Continental Baths "women were not allowed. Here gathered the most famous gay men in New York.

Betty heard a lot about these baths - there was talk that it could meet almost all the known producers and showmen. To inspect the scene for future work, she had dressed as a waitress: staff consisted only of women. Bette wore tiny yellow apron, barely covering her charms, and even more so ephemeral lace panties and began to berate a drink, looking around. She only had time to open your mouth: this is a well-known actor, plays a heroic lovers, and won a tolstyachka that she was even a guest in a friendly and chirped with his wife!
. Back home, Betty began to wrestle with - what you can surprise a publikuN I came up with ...
. Her first appearance in the baths remember many things: a couple of clubs fly fury - black corset lace-up, . shoes on high heels, . flowing red hair and bright yellow orchid behind her ear - and begins to let go of jokes, . wink, . to dance, . moreover, in addition to trying to disrupt the unwary gentleman towel,
. Two hours Betty manage to sing his favorite ballads, pobalagurit with the audience, to tell about his childhood in Hawaii and even read a little lecture about the music of the fifties. If the public wanted to relax - Betty sang soft blues, if it was configured pohohotat - shows funny parody of operetta pevichek and stars of world cinema. Visitors were delighted by Manhattan quickly a rumor about the rising star. Here, in baths, Betty made friends with famous arranger Barry Manilov, here formed a own orchestra. From here began her world fame.

. All of that Fred did not know how he did not know (and did not want to know!) That his daughter signed a contract with the legendary record company "Atlantic records", and her second album sold three-million copies and made $ 10 million
. profit. One wife, . beside myself with excitement, . invited him to the television: "There's Betty on a visit to David Letterman! God, . this is the most popular shows, . it now sees the whole country! "But Fred, and there has not changed me: stayed in the studio and the whole evening there undisturbed fiddling with some piece of iron,
. A few years later his wife died from a rare heart disease, and the successes of his daughter, he completely stopped to hear
. TV did not look fundamentally, rarely read newspapers, too - more digging in the little garden near the house so repaired all utensils, which as usual brought the neighbors.

. Fred did not know and that Betty is riding with two singers with concerts around the country and always produces an unprecedented furore
. And thank God he did not know - Betty and her friends behaved as if they are not the devil's brother: the stage shouting obscenities, rude joke. Patriarchal inhabitants of Central America and bohemian guests "Carnegie Hall felt the same feeling - shock. But by the end of the evening and they both knew that this shock is wasted money: the most vulgar, the most expressive of the girls - Betty Miller - singing old blues and pop ballads with such feeling that the presence of ladies at his eyes dimmed with tears. And their husbands would not hesitate cackle over her jokes, which Betty let go between songs: "My friend here told me the other day:" Darling, if you learn to cook, we can dismiss the cook ". Then he paused (the audience died down, anticipating another joke), and continued: "Well, I chtoN I agreed. Well, I say, but if you learn to make love, we can dismiss the driver. "

She managed to surprise even worldly-wise audience who had met in Lincoln Center, new, 1977. This all came together elite: Congressmen and their wives, the big industrialists, the stars, Centerfolds. Few of them could then say, . what songs she sang Bette, . but all remember, . as at midnight she appeared in the beams of searchlights, . elegantly plucked from his clasp stunning evening dress and launched her into the auditorium, . brought before a stunned audience with a bare chest.,

. Fred did not even know that, . that his daughter stands by his stage name The Divine Miss M., . - Of, . that he tore himself away from the world, . Betty did not suspect, . nor his nurse, . which, . fortunately, . was a long-standing admirer Midler and found a way to contact her, . to report his father's illness,
. And after two days in the House of Fred Midler appeared that same mysterious note.

. Seeing an old man, . puzzled scrutinizes Card, . nurse downright gaped in astonishment: "Are you, . never heard of Divine missN Surely you were not on any of its kontserteN I have not seen her filmovN God, . I gathered all of its wheels, . I know by heart every picture, . in which she starred, . and now my own father ... "Fred just smiled:" KontsertN! My dear, . Last time I was at the concert That way fifty years ago ... "And suddenly he heard a cheerful cheerful voice:" No, . Still the old man I just exquisite! Die Hard, . now-so do not,
. Look, what I brought. "

In the hands of the House wasted Bette was a book of memoirs. Fred opened the first page ... and suddenly felt his eyes welling tears treacherous. The inscription read: "Dedicated to my parents. Mom, I remember about you ". And just below: "Dad, I still love you". "In the eyes something horrible" - said Midler, frowning. And Betty broke into a smile: "Well, yes, yes. Okay, you shut up, I'll tell you herself. "

She told. About the long tours, about where and with whom she had withdrawn and withdrew, about multimillion-dollar contracts and countless awards. And about how she always had bad luck with the men, and then suddenly, as early as forty years, she suddenly fell in love, got married and now very happy.

"Here he. - Betty rummaged in her bag and pulled out a photograph of strong men in a light jacket. - My name is Martin. I followed him like a stone wall. Do not believe it - every morning I wake up next to him and pinching myself to check: do not sleep liN "Fred looked with suspicion on the photo:" Something's jacket it hurts irresponsible. We have such a walk about the guys who molested on the streets and offer to buy any rubbish - stainless knives or timeshare in the Maldives ". Betty immediately rejoined: "That's it, I too, when he first saw, so myself and asked: dear, are you going with this pidzhakomN It is, in general, and was a stockbroker, but very successful. Nothing - all tossed, to me now favor ". And her father held out another picture - the girl in a white dzhemperochke happily smiling into the camera: "I named her Sophia Frederica. Frederick - is in honor of you. "
And then, abruptly rising from his bed, Betty said: "Well, enough memories. Get ready, we're leaving ". Fred once frowned: "You probably do not know ...", but Bette immediately interrupted him:" That you do not know. Doctors have you there trash, reinsurers, they would only scare people. I brought her - great specials, gets me as much as anywhere else before that did not receive. He had already looked at your tests, shots - okay, in New York, we will cure your sore in the two accounts ". And carefully looked into his father's eyes, added a little more gently: "Yes, yes. Benign. And in the initial stage. Once my doctor said - no problems, everything will be fine. "
... In the run-up in 2000 Bette Midler has arranged a grand tour of "The Divine Miss Millennium". And each of her concerts can see the same old man. Dressed in a brand-new, brand-new suit, he sits in the front row and enthusiastically looks at the scene ...

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Bette Midler, photo, biography
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