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Biography Basil MISHCHENKO
photo Basil MISHCHENKO
Actor's Contemporary Vasili Mishchenko, too, I think, twenty years, being relieved on the stage playing the inspector general, the audience remembered on the first domestic detectives - one without arms "Vladimir Khotinenko and" Fools die on Friday, Rudolph Fruntova. A. too far as "cool," we can assume that a police trinity honest investigators - Kruglov, Tynyanov and Ermash (Steep - an acronym of their names) - just stood still at the beginnings of the idea of "cops".
. - You learn to ulitsahN
. - Recently learn
. We often is played on television movies with my participation, sometimes a month and a half with the screen not losing my. However, when people in the metro show on your finger, it is not too pleasant. But there are situations very funny. Then recently dart into the traffic police, traffic cops and so hospitable hands bred. "Oh," Fools die on Friday, came to us! " And the next time the police stopped the car, asked: "You blotter igralN" - "I" - I say. I to this question was used. We Vanya Bortnikov, who played in the series "Meeting Place Can not Be Changed", often confused, and since we are on very good terms, I am pleased his popularity among the people support it.
- Many of your films - Detectives. Becoming sorezhisserom movie "Steep", you too have chosen this genre. You close a criminal temaN
- All genres are good but boring. Cartoons always dynamic. Plus relevant - criminal time in the country, bespredelschina. Now many people talking about it. Movement for the better, of course, there are but small steps, millimeters. That winter I had an accident, the car to pieces, and realized I was between two millstones. It seems there is a law that should be on my side because I'm right. But it does not work. And I'm not only about his accident, but in general - for what the theme of nowhere, problems.

- In your "cool" a lot in the legal profession shows just the way must. What is it - mechtaN

- Ideally would like to be so. We would like the Criminal Investigation Department was looking for, but the law operates. We tried to draw parallels with our legendary TV series "The investigation led Connoisseurs' supposed to revive this genre. Let until it resembles a fairy tale, albeit from our film breathes romanticism, but in principle, to the cinema and it is desirable to represent it as necessary, as it should live. Cinema - it's the same story. And if the tales are Koschey immortal, then there are heroes who win it.

- This same film is shown, and everyday family life of your hero. It is as though something similar to realnuyuN

- In real life, just like in the movies - a wife and adult daughter. By the way, my daughter, a student at Moscow Art Theater School, and just starred in "cool".

- When your daughter said he was going to become an actress, you have not tried to restrain her poryvN

- Tried. But her live. My food the body can not digest it. I can not prevent it, as at the time my parents let me.

- Why prepyatstvovaliN

- They're very simple people. Dad worked all his life in construction as a bricklayer, and mother - a cleaner. And I like this sudden itch to become an artist. Mom-it was for, and the father more suited, so I went to the mine - I did from the Rostov region, we have the whole town was a mining. Incidentally, when I went to do in Moscow, the whole village for me and ill. Once we were drinking beer in a local boozer, and we there was a little man-frequenter, the fierce of the "elusive ..." very similar. So he told me: "Well, Basil, let us learn, and that was like Kramarov". Why "as Kramarov, still do not understand ... But even before I was able to thwart Moscow's exams Theater in Krasnodar, after which the pope said harshly: "Enough". And all my mother interfered in his behalf: "And suddenly it's his sudbaN" That's how I now think about his daughter. And suddenly it is sudbaN
- Are not you afraid that after the institution it may be left without rabotyN
- Of course, frightens. What can I sdelatN What can I do, I try to help. In the acting profession, the word "suddenly" very significantly. When I asked Al Pacino, as he managed to reach the top, to become one of the best and most famous actors of the world, he told me frankly admitted: "I was just lucky". That's all.
- Are you familiar with Al PachinoN
- Yes, I met him in New York, on Broadway, during tours of The Contemporary. We were playing there "The Cherry Orchard," and Al Pacino and Vanessa Redgrave came to see the play. Then we went together to a restaurant, and I have about two hours, you can say, borrowed from Al Pacino interview. He said he was very interested in the Russian theater, that the Russian theatrical school, in his view, a leader in the world. Even allowed himself priobnyat.
- And what he obscheniiN
- As he spoke, I kept watch for his reaction. First impression of a strange one: it seems that his nervous system is shaken, the eyes of some mad. But when he answers questions, once you understand how powerful nature is and how it still unrealized energy. After we kissed, parted, the interpreter just threw up my hands: "You are Russian, of course, crazy. On the one hand, some strange, on the other - simple, open. Such a person had the chance to talk and to win ". Found that in general a very private person Pacino, does not go to communion, is a rather secluded life. Someone else, he and a couple of seconds did not let himself to be, but with us sitting at the table is in a hurry, talk on any topic, and it was evident that he was bored. Now he takes a picture as a director. Recently, the money shot a documentary about how the theater to rehearse "Richard III". It was awfully nice when the next day after our conversation he had with the driver handed me a tape to the hotel with this film.
- Do you have any planyN
- There is one television project is popular entertainment peredachki. I do not know what happens, we have not yet decided on the channel. And the essence of the transfer just from this and will depend. Either it will be politically, musical entertainment, or purely political hue, something like "Puppet" on NTV, the only living leader - monkey. We want to make her a kind of parody of all broadcasters once: edakii chedovekoved the third millennium advises people how to live and be human. And if the transfer is purely musical, monkey will play the role of a DJ, will talk about the new clips. So what are possible options.
- Prior GITIS year you learned in Volgograd for puppeteers. Do not go there if this goes back ideyaN
- Inadvertently, perhaps. I really never thought about.
. - Well, what with kinoN
. - Continuation of the "cool," movie-melodrama based on a story by Vladimir Makanina Booker prize winner "The river with fast current and the third big project - a film on my script, which is called" Where we did not have "
. The history of our soldiers who fought in Ethiopia. Generally, a film about the wars, about which we still know little, albeit some way participated in them: Angola, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Cuba.
- Will be shot samiN
- No, I will only director. The main role looking actor with a good physical preparation. The script I wrote with a genuine person. There is such a man, Eugene Sakura: went to Ethiopia, and now runs a stunt on "Mosfilm". I would like to offer this role, but dared not: again dip it in the terrible reality
- And you yourselves about what role mechtaeteN
- Vaska Ashes in Gorky "At the Bottom. Not ozhidaliN I think this play is modern again, and because our theater is called "Contemporary".

- But this play has already played in the "Contemporary". Is it possible to put her second razN

- I spoke with Galina Volchek. She said she had thought about it, but does not know who could be replaced Evstigneeva. And I would like to play Lopakhin in "Cherry Orchard". I'm rehearsing it, but that the composition, which has gathered Galina, not quite fit. Although once played on tour, on Broadway. Volcheck gave me that opportunity.

- Can living the dream in entreprise. By the way, how you treat them otnositesN

- Good. I do not propose to hijack a car or to strip someone on dorogeN I offer work. Why not, if you can realize what is not realized, and not to the detriment of native teatruN Here I played Smerdyakov in the performance of Valery Fokin Karamazov and hell "in the" Contemporary ". Yes, if I had it outside the theater, would have raced without looking.

- What can attract today's audience in such a theme as "Karamazov and hell" N This is not a comedy - Dostoevsky!

- Eternal questions. What is death, what life, what path we choose. The viewer finds this performance, the answers to questions that can not afford not to ask. Now people are reading less, so the director and staging made distillation of Dostoyevsky. Performance only two hours, but it's enough to have time to ask ourselves questions "PochemuN and ZachemN.

- In the movie you are socially modern hero, and in the theater playing mostly classical pieces. You yourself in a fur komfortneeN

- I can play all. I say this without false modesty, if only because that tried different. Someone can not please myself, but this is a matter of taste. I am still a professional.

- Now many actors engaged in commerce ...

- Tried. Helped with the promotion of a restaurant, but my self in my actions are not enough, all had to consult with the owner. If I myself was able to solve problems, it may be, of that something happened.

- However, I know you write songs.

- Baluyus. When the accumulated "thought" and the theater and film do not give a chance to attach it to the case. I do not write specifically.

- You have to "Contemporary" generally fully talented people. For example, already well could publish a book "Poets Theater" Contemporary ".

- Yes, but I myself do not even compare with any Valentin Gaft, nor with Lyudmila Ivanova, nor with Boris Dyachenko, who also wrote songs. Well aware that there are people far more professional in this case, their songs - this is the meaning of life. Here's how it was Vysotsky. By the way, I wanted to meet him. We were supposed to play together in a film directed by Gennady shelves "Our vocation" ( "Republic SHKID", "Intervention"), but Vysotsky died, he managed to write for the film only two songs, but its role was played by Ivan Bortnik.

. - Your partners are your druzyamiN With whom are friends off the set ploschadkiN

. - Here with Vanya, enabled such Savvinov, Valentina Telichkina, Valery Zolotukhin ..
. Actually, I'm a flexible, all try to maintain a smooth relationship.

- Well, in addition to songs some other hobbies you estN

- I matchmaker.

- How etoN!

- I meet people. Sometimes, people ask me if I could they do anything to help, whether I have any ties. Sometimes, people need each other, but go on different sides of the street and may never meet. I associate them.

- These singles are limited to only business relationships N

- When a. Often the business grow in a very personal. Sometimes marriage ends. Here introduced a producer with a girl from our company, and something they have formed there ...

- And how acquaintance with his zhenoyN

- GITIS. I studied with Oleg Tabakov at the acting, but she was going to become a director platform, now, by the way, director at the TV. Wedding played directly into the basement to the street Chaplygin, in "Snuff-Box, and Garik Leontiev was witnessed by the groom.
- What have you learned TabakovN
- There are all the dishes from one dish. To the second was with salad. Taught to respect simple human food. But seriously, Oleg Pavlovich has taught me responsibility - no delays when it comes to business - and, of course, the profession. That he knows how dashing.
- Why did you not seen on fashionable actors vecherinkahN
- I do not like. You look on TV - the same people dances lead. "Shameful, does not mean anything, to be a parable on the lips of everyone". It is somehow ashamed. Although friends often accuse me, "You fool, why not tusueshsyaN!" A zachemN I am here once again invited to collect an award "The Seagull". Refused. I have so many happy times for their colleagues by attending such ceremonies, that this time offered to do without me. I am not against festivals and awards, in principle, but for me, it is better to give this money to orphans. Or rented a good movie. Our country has so many young talents who are just beginning, which is so difficult. That fund Mstislav Rostropovich and Galina Vishnevskaya as music helps talented children. "The thing to do, gentlemen," and the holiday will follow. When will that celebrate

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