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Madsen, Michael (Michael Madsen)

( Actor)

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Biography Madsen, Michael (Michael Madsen)
Cool guy
Born in 1958 in Chicago, the son of fire and screenwriter, Michael Madsen, before becoming an actor, tried a lot of far from art professionals. He worked as a painter and an auto mechanic, nurse at the ambulance and working at gas station. Hippoval, used drugs, alcohol to excess, driving like a madman on a motorcycle and car conceiving a fight. Many friends of his youth was no longer alive: who died in a car crash, who - from a drug overdose, who - in prison. By the way, Madsen visited in prison, too, but on the subject refuses to speak with reporters.
. But recall with pleasure, as he adored as a child black and white Hollywood movies with Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney and Robert Mitchum and dreamed to be like their idols
. Next was the sister of Virginia, which soon began to take acting lessons and just dreamed of cinema and theater (now Virginia Madsen - a famous film actress). Nearby was the mother, carried away by the scenario work, and having achieved success in this area: Elaine Madsen, was awarded numerous prizes, including the prestigious "Emmy". Father, despite the fact that he and his wife divorced, his son has always been supported in difficult situations. Moreover tough guy Michael is not only found himself in different revisions, but still managed to write poetry, and theater to go. And finally realized that he wanted to play, only seen on the stage by John Malkovich. His he calls his godfather.
The dream
Tried his hand at the theater, a young man set out to conquer Hollywood. First, make some money, was attached to a gas station in Beverly Hills, then found himself an agent and began appearing in small roles in television shows and movies. Played a lot, but large parts were still ahead.

First noticed him in "war games" with Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. And once, in 1991, he starred in Ridley Scott in "Thelma and Louise" with Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis and then to the "mad Psakhie" Quentin Tarantino, it was seen as one of the leading actors in Hollywood. Since then, Michael Madsen has played more than forty films. With his particular temperament and charm, he was an equal number of stars such as FEA Kilmer ( "Kill me again"), John Cusack ( "Money for Nothing"). Nick Nolte ( "The Rock Mulholland), Kevin Costner (" Wyatt Earp "). The only thing that did not suit him - Role is a bad guy, which stuck to him, even though a positive role in the cult film for teenagers "Free Willy" and its sequel.

. In response to a question, when he believed in its success, Madsen laughs: believe it when his mother, a big fan of crossword puzzles, I met one of them addressed to his son on the phone and told him that now he is a real celebrity
. Sister, Michael is very friendly, but they have not worked. Actor still recalls with a shudder, as the director Bernard Rose had an idea to remove him from Virginia in the roles of lovers. Madsen then almost beating Rose, on the director, pretty struhnuv, said that it was just a joke. Such "jokes" Michael Madsen did not understand.
Batman without the costume
Successful work in film continued. In the film "Donnie Brasco" it just was not nominated for an Oscar in the category "Actress". And suddenly, for many Madsen has agreed to appear in the television series "The Revenge without limit" and gave this work for almost two years. PochemuN Just because the actor wanted very much to get rid of the stereotype of the bad guy. And in "Revenge without limit, even though he was the avenger, but restoring justice, a kind of Batman in the usual costume, coming to the aid of desperate people. "Finally, my sons will be able to see my work - then said Madsen. - After all, what I did before, except the "Free Willy", was quite unsuitable for children. "

His four sons, Michael Madsen, who is since 1996 in the third marriage, just loves. All four live together with him in Los Angeles. However, for the custody of the three of them born from the first two wives (Dzhordzhanny La Pierre - incidentally, the sisters Cher - and actresses Jeannine Bizinyano), he had to wrestle. But, really getting custody, he tries to be the perfect father. This, according to Madsen, is best obtained when you see children every day. Since shooting the series took place in the same Los Angeles, every day he returned home and spent much time with sons. And sometimes he took them with him and onto the set.
A man without a gun
With age, Michael Madsen oats. It is not so impulsive: "I realized that sometimes it's better to wait and think before doing something". From youthful vices he managed to escape almost completely: no drugs, no cigarettes, no liquor. Only beer. And the more he does not fight. Although said that if the need to protect children, nothing will stop him. True, he still loves speed. But in cars and motorcycles are no longer rides, he just collects them and remembering their past automotive, likes to disassemble and assemble. It is used in a race he could rush at speeds one hundred sixty-five miles per hour without a helmet and belt pristezhnogo. Now he prefers to watch the race on television with their children.
. Since stunts in his films, he makes himself, . from work in the movie he still had the original "booty": the index finger on his right hand had lost sensitivity after the movie "Kill me again", . "special", he dislocated his shoulder, . during the filming of "Man with a gun" has broken his ankle.,
. This risk a person believes in reincarnation
. Its main meaning is of the view that the new return to life gives the opportunity to correct errors. He has many friends, but when asked whom he would like to gather at home, says: "I would invite Bob Mitchum, Jack Kerouac, Jacques Cousteau and Abraham Lincoln" (a reincarnation!).
He continues to write. Already published three collections of his poems, wrote a book of prose, where he assembled his thoughts on life, recorded in different years. He believes that this book conveys his image accurately and his sons will someday be interesting to know her. In fact, for them he'd written. Resting this hard living life without the phone and TV in Hawaii, where often the rain and nothing distracts him from the poetry. Finally, he married a woman who understands it, and happy that she took care of all his sons. But the greatest pleasure for Madsen, whom viewers perceived primarily as a "man with a gun, you know kakoeN Watching as his wife, whom he idolizes, busy with children.

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Madsen, Michael (Michael Madsen), photo, biography
Madsen, Michael (Michael Madsen), photo, biography Madsen, Michael (Michael Madsen)  Actor, photo, biography
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