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Valery Nikolaev

( Actor)

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Biography Valery Nikolaev
photo Valery Nikolaev

So early I still uninvited to the restaurant. With actor Valery Nikolaev - bourgeois of the acclaimed series NTV - we were supposed to meet in the restaurant Club Theater, at 11 am. Five minutes before the appointed time, I pulled the handle massive door aforesaid institutions. The door did not budge. Nailed to her plate read that the restaurant opens at 12.00. I am prepared to get wet in the rain, but soon came to a guard took pity on me and admitted into
. Ten minutes before the official opening came Valery and was surprised:
. - What is not kormyatN immediate withdrawal!
. So we find ourselves at a table in the cozy cafe Kamergersky Lane.
. B L U M E D A Z I E N V E N D S
. - I usually punctual, honest
. Somehow it is now the neighbors flooded our apartment, and have Irki premiere (wife Valeria - famous actress Irina Apeksimova. - "Voyage"), I had to deal with flood. Now, on the ceiling around the chandelier great spot. However, God is with him, still in May, our family moved to a new apartment!
- Driving around with roditelyamiN
- No, the parents live separately. At my apartment on the Leningrad highway, near the metro station "Water Stadium. A mother-in-law settled in a certain area of New York - Brooklyn.
- That is why in America you go more often than in Moscow!
- ShutiteN I go there in films and relax. Well, when you can connect the profession with a passion for travel. Paintings, in which I participated, were shot in a wonderful country where a child wanted to go. I started acting in the West since 1995. Now built up a dozen films. The first and largest work - in the action movie "Saint". I've played the "bad Russian", is the second main role. The first game, Val Kilmer. The shooting took place in London and lasted more than six months. During this time I managed to fall in love with England. I visited there many times. The British are much friendly and heartier than one might think about them. And the weather there is great. For all of my numerous visits rain dripped all double. Both times with me has not come under the umbrella, and I bought them from street vendors. That's what not to do so! These cheap umbrellas, it seems, are calculated for only one rain and one gust of wind, and then broken several spokes.
. - Nostalgia for the "holy" you brought in Phillip Noyce - Director, starring "Sliver" and "blind rage" N
. - He really can be fun to have a rest! Have you ever been in GurzufeN remember what a house there are sticky to goramN That's about a house and have Noyce
. Building multi-level, as if climbing the mountain. This house was built in 1928 for silent film star Rudolph Valentino. And there is the most beautiful pool in Los Angeles. It is not blue tiles, and dark violet. Philip loves music, she heard from him everywhere. Around the pool speakers camouflaged as a large clay vase pyramid with rounded edges. And even under the water column. However, music does not stray from the rhythm of life of West Hollywood.
- A West Hollywood something fundamentally different from the rest of gorodaN
- Hollywood - a district of Los Angeles, say, as Ramenki in Moscow. And it is the western part of Russian territory, our compatriots there in bulk. This is not Beverly Hills, there can not be isolated from the life. Noyce lives on a certain hill, and thirty meters below is another area. They constantly squealing police siren, whistle patrol, someone shmonayut, sold marijuana, cocaine. Despite the fact that they are under constant surveillance by the police, drug dealers do not change their place. And in the 500 meters - the boulevard to the famous old theater, where the star prints adorn Quinodoz. All in one bottle. But perhaps most of all I love America for what it was born, my daughter, Dasha.
- How is it poluchilosN
- We explain. Six years ago, I set the musical at Princeton University and filmed in Chile. Irina was left alone in Moscow, of course, it was sadness, because of its interesting situation. She flew me to America. We had return tickets with the exact date. Doctors argued that we have time to return home a week before delivery. No sooner. Exactly one week before departure was born Dasha. I was present at this remarkable event. Analogues sensations I do not know! This procedure lasted 19 hours, tired of all. We Irina is happening for the first time, and even interfered with the foreign language, I could not remember the terms in the right moment. But, thank God, everything ended well, and Darya, made his first trip from America to Moscow, when she was only a week old.
- Now your daughter is actually a citizen SSHAN
- Actually, yes - but she will decide whose it is a citizen, when the time comes. I think it will make the right choice. She did a very intelligent. Five months ago came up to me and asked: "Daddy, can you throw kuritN" "Yes" - answered. "KogdaN" He promised her that he cast on Monday, and the case was on Tuesday, thought it time to forget. Has come Monday. Morning runs up to me Dasha and asked: "BrosilN Bravo! Since then, I do not smoke. Not what I can brag, but the word given to a child, kept.
- Do you often take with them Dasha abroad. With her there most nravitsyaN
- Zoos. The first thing we do with her daughter - go to the zoo. She loves all creatures, even the terrible. By ugly she is particularly delicate, pity them. Was such a ridiculous case. A couple of years ago, fate brought me to New Zealand where I played in the horror film. They gave me a souvenir doll from the movie. It was like a lizard, a funny and frightening at the same time. About the size of a meter, violet-bluish color, with yellow teeth, with three toes, tail and nails, she ran like crazy, sticking to the walls. At home, we took it with Irina on the cupboard that Dasha did not see and not scared. But once, when the parents was not home, a lizard fell down. What was astonishing grandmother, when she saw that the granddaughter was playing with unseen monsters, stroking her and says: "The poor ugly Taki, nobody does not love you". And at the newly-made Taki (the so-called Dinozavrik from the popular cartoon) already sported Dashkina dress and brand new pointe shoes.
- Your daughter is engaged baletomN
- Not yet, she was only six years. But tutu, pointe shoes and Gypsy shoes she already has.


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Valery Nikolaev, photo, biography
Valery Nikolaev, photo, biography Valery Nikolaev  Actor, photo, biography
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