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Novikov Boris

( Actor)

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Biography Novikov Boris
photo Novikov Boris
(13.07.1925 - 25.07.1997)
In 36 Peter was a hair from the highest gospriznaniya. I almost won the Lenin Prize for theatrical work, deemed by critics innovative. "Actor amazing virtuoso on the verge" legends "and" were ": he enters the stage of genuine Russian nation, which lacked our theater in the years of the cult of personality. For the image types of people often came down to show "massovndnyh simpletons", next to which stood the monumental "advanced workers" Full metal forging ". Since the 61 th year wrote an authoritative Gregory Boyadjiev Terkina role in the performance of Boris Novikov.
Viewers' recognition of this work come instantly - the day of the premiere at the Theater of the Moscow City Council. Former soldier in the hall crying, and Twardowski joyfully embraced Novikova behind the scenes, repeating a line from his own poem: "This was, of course, he is!" However, the reward of the hero did not find. It is possible that members of the Committee of the Lenin Prize bred its own counter-considerations, but probably appropriate processing brain has glavrezh Theater Yuri Zavadsky. Seems to believe that his actor for his age such an honor. Novikov was quoted Yuri Aleksandrovich: "I do not Lenin, . Faith no more, . Glory not have any ... "The implication Marecki and Plyatt - actors of the older generation and, . importantly, . neighbor to Zavadsky range, . to what Boris Kuzmich never belonged.,
. In general, the premiums had not been received, but the jealousy of his partner provided
. His widow, remembering those years, calls does not occur except as baiting. One known, . on the right audience favorite actor grew Novikov's a tooth of this size, . what, . When two years later he went from Zavadsky, . "well-wisher" did not disdain ring up theaters, . which a colleague was planned alliance, . and coolly to discredit a fellow craft,
. It was, for example, destroyed an agreement with Michael on the tsar's transition to the Small. But Valentin Pluchek was not susceptible to slander and took our hero in the troupe of Satire, where he served from 63 th to 72 th year. However, the second Terkina fate he had not planted, but worked decent, talented, inventive. When Vysokovsky after Novikov was introduced to the role of the pharmacist in the "Intervention", then asked permission to play with those remarks, which Boris Kuzmich for himself dosochinil. Novikov was not opposed.
While in the early 60's artist became a theatrical legend of the capital, the cinema has brought him more fame and all-Union. He made his debut at Yulia Solntseva, 55-m ( "The auditors involuntarily"). Then Vladimir Basov approved it without a trial on the role of Vityenka Shubnikov in dilogii "First of joy" and "No Ordinary Summer". And then it started-rolled. His kinouniversitetami Novikov considered shooting by Gerasimov's "Pacific Donje '. By the way, Master liked to say that actors are just good, but there are - interesting. And, presumably, Novikova attributed to the second type.
Boris Kuzmich was filmed at the Dovzhenko, y Reisman, who was very fond, outplayed many Picturesque cunning, fools, and even the villains from other directors. Suffice it to recall the picture "story of the Don", "Cossacks", "probationary period", "My Friend, Kolka," "French lessons", "White Dew". On account of film actor more than a hundred roles, . but the general public closer all remember and, . strangely, . fell in love with a werewolf Taras - Ilya from the television show "Shadows disappear at noon" - sort of a worm, . ready to adapt to any life circumstances (the definition of producer Krasnopolye),
. Exordium "zagremim fanfare" is proverbial; Novikov met on the street, artless astonishment, the audience murmured: Buy & Sell gone ... Incidentally, . Boris Kuzmich was not an actor is modest: if it's with a group to submit a picture to the public, . usually arises in the hall revival, . heard laughter, . yells at him, . and he, . as though ashamed of his fame, . hiding behind the backs of colleagues.,
. As for the legendary character from the "Shadows ...", artist came up with it from the" A "to" I ", painted the image of the nuances - from mild stuttering, constantly moving eyes to the need to look around - out of fear that an attack
. His mimicry of the major plans is strikingly diverse, it was totally organic in its notion - not afraid to turn away from the camera, pochesatsya,. peredernutsya. On the platform brings not only dosochinennye replica, but sometimes the director's decision to stage. (And sorry, that was never seriously engaged the directors.)

THE ESSENCE OF ACTING Boris Novikov prevailed even over the instinct for self-preservation: he was ready, if necessary, climb in cold water or crawling through the snow, it is not sparing himself. But most importantly, amazingly able within an expressive, often Distinguishing external image to play the drama, using polukraskami, halftone. No wonder one of the sensations of the television series "The adjutant of his excellency" was a five-minute monologue jeweler Liberzon - a small masterpiece of a great artist. Ridiculous appearance and distinctive accent of the old Jew, which robbed his own secret police come for advice, only underlined Novikov hopeless drama of this man. Drama, which Liberzon almost reconciled. Bolsheviks eliminated the cause of his life, Petliurists casually murdered son ahead - the infirmities of age, quick death in poverty. He is alive, it only remains of tenderness and compassion for his wife, the consciousness of the need to brighten up her wintery sunset. If the cost and make up a school of Stanislavsky, it is probably just for the sake of such piercing and definitive works when the person just sits and talks in the frame, and meanwhile, its past and future show through before the audience as on the palm ...
. The last twenty-odd years Novikov suffered from diabetes, that's why I left the theater - though some erroneously claim that he left the scene because of addiction to alcohol
. However, with regard to alcohol - a Russian actor without grehaN But the filmmakers seem to be on the Novikov did not mind: at the site failed a. Another thing, being under shofe, could call in his spare time, say, Krasnopolie: "Arkadyich, let's go with a dog or something, take a walk". (Given the distance from Moscow, Vladimir Arkadevich sometimes answered: "Yes, There should I take, your dog is described ...") Because drinking problems did not go to artist with performances by country: Falling afraid. In all kinoekspeditsii he was accompanied by wife Nadezhda Antonovna, except to Uskov with Krasnopolye let go quietly: a group they had malopyuschaya.
. The posthumous ARTICLE of Novikov in one of the major newspapers have written that in the last years of Boris Kuzmich his family badly needed
. However, Yarmolnik sent from the "L-club" for $ 200 a month, but it is enough only for food, but for this treatment was not. Then the wife of the actor, hoping to prolong his days, asked the Union of Cinematographers in advance to give the money owed to the funeral. But back to the life of Boris Kuzmich this was no help. His departure is almost no one noticed them: fanfare resounded in Moscow International Film Festival.
Can not say that Boris Novikov now forgotten - his film is played on TV, even removed the program from the series "To Remember". However, as the transfer is not very marked his identity, and place in the hierarchy of actors has not clarified. And yet this place professionals on a national scale. Or simply - People's Artist. Without exaggeration and exaggerated posthumous complementarity.

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Novikov Boris, photo, biography
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