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Petrova Natalia

( Actress)

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Biography Petrova Natalia
photo Petrova Natalia
Natasha Petrova, became a star after the movie "Love," relinquished three serials and cloning of its darkness heroine roles, she graduated from the Advanced Directing Courses and is now withdrawing its movie. This is all to the same question, whether the outrageously beautiful woman the right to be smart. It is always a bit suspicious. And why should she need it? She's all their life problems can be solved with one stroke of incredibly long eyelashes!

- Complete nonsense! - Said Natasha Petrova, whose lashes in this case and taken as a sample. - Complete nonsense! No one simply never considered the problems that you yourself these strokes to create.

. And so people are not distracted by nonsense, Natasha Petrova deliberately disguised in gray and the little black and many years in a row was turtlenecks and sweater XXL
. Although there have been in her life and other times ...

Time flannel raspashonok

Perhaps it was, of course. But I do not remember it at all. I was born in Kiev, and then we moved to Kharkov

Time oborochek and kruzhavchikov

My grandmother sewed me unspeakable toilets. Some casing, thingies, bows to match ... My grandmother was a very good dressmaker. She ordered the most fashionable of fashionable ladies toilets. She sewed them on the sewing machine Podolsk. When I was 5 years old, I wanted to sew a skirt. And for that, cut off a piece curtains. The blind was yellow-sand, hung in the living room. I thought that if he cut off a piece, which for a sofa, nothing will be seen ... Cut. And even nearly sewed. Scandal in the house was a monstrous. Sewing machine Podolsk - hopelessly ruined. I got a good spanking - this art, as well as tailoring, my grandmother aristocratic bloodlines fluent in. She tucked between my legs booty out, took a rope and gave it to me on the first number. But the hunt did not sew recaptured. I did some time wanted to be a fashion designer, and in the 6 th grade, I hired a tutor for physics, that I, for all his bad relations with the exact sciences, can pass the exam in the Textile Institute.

. Recently I found myself in another and Italian blood
. It turns out that my great-grandmother was Kavedani. I found her picture: a velvet hat on his head-tail braid and - bang! Supermodnitsa was my grandmother Kavedani.

Time black apron

Generally I come across a number of misdemeanors. In particular, for not quite a white collar on the form. Its content is in immaculate whiteness was part of my personal responsibilities with first class. If he was not quite boiling, followed by whipping. Or buckwheat. I stood on the buckwheat! She poured around the piano and put on her knees. By the way, often for what I did not want to go to music school.

Then I began to sew itself aprons. Sewed black and white, of course with wings, a huge bow on the back and winglets on the casing. Seams, of course, sikos-nakos, but still - against the backdrop of Soviet class, I almost felt like a schoolgirl.

Houses I had to read. And then checked for the night. And for 14 years I read all of Dostoevsky. Of course, I did not understand any-thing. In vain - not in vain? In my opinion, still not in vain. Of speech, a system of thought are you granted. Do they absorb like a sponge. Then during the life of understand about.

Time boarding coat

It so happened that a 5 th grade I was in boarding school. They attended either orphans or children of directors of restaurants - and I do not belong to the one nor the other. All wore the same coat, gray, with a beaver-lamb collar, and in the same kolgotochkah, brown, forever garmoshaschihsya. After the first visit to the orphanage, I came home, took off mutonovuyu coat and said: "I will walk like everyone else!" I received a gray coat, felt comfortable and after a while became a tear!

. Behaved quite rudely
. Homework is not done, in principle. Found the girl, whose handwriting is like mine, took her notebook, changed the cover, wrote "Natasha Petrova" - and received five. Always rushing to the dining room first and, so far no one came, ate five hamburgers from the total pot. One came last of all, the village - complete silence - took the first spoonful of soup ... I nearly choked: there was more salt than in the Caspian Sea. So I retaliated.

The teacher of literature I just utterly love. She knew very well that I had not learned the poem, and when you call me, turned away to the window. I read everything from books. And she put me "five". One class has risen: "She spies!" That said: "I did not see!" At graduation photo album of our class, she wrote me: "Or a star, or anyone!"

. In general, with the features that I was given at the end of my boarding school, in the words of my mother, I would not have taken even in prison.

. Time Mama Astrakhan coat, my grandmother's diamonds and Italian patent-leather boots for 320 rubles

. In this form, I went back in high school in a boarding
. Well, a veritable nightmare! Italian boots gave me one of my fan. And another fan was waiting for the end of my lessons under the windows of the school in his "Eight". At the time "eight" was approximately spaceship. I had many adult fans, which I was brought up in strict rules do not allow, but has. (In general it's funny: I was all happened as it should be. The first man - he was the first husband, wedding, baby ... This is not a matter of pride, just as it was.)

After school I worked in the House of models fashion model, and then decided to become an actress and went to Moscow. I went to the pike on high heels at 11 inches, the skirt is short, the Polish T-shirt with pink poppies, with shadows, which I made with his own: he took a simple pencil and grind it and that graphite dust impose itself on forever ... Looked - all dressed as something different. The next day in the Post Exchange "I bought myself sneakers and pants.

I went through a creative contest in Pike, and in GITIS. It was at the Kalinin and thought: "Where to do?" Pike seemed to me closer.

And then I married her classmate, and we had a little girl, Pauline. It turned out I was completely crazy mama! I never could think of: I wake up at night to kiss her. Now we have girlfriends, she was 11 years. It sometimes leads to me: "Mama! Cold outside, you can easily dressed!"

Time military boots

Once I fell on the success - in his third year three paintings at once! - I was all matter. Suddenly. I began to walk on all parties and social events in sweaters size XXL and present military boots. It was a defensive reaction to the fledgling body straining glory.

I did not have complexes puberty. On the contrary, to a certain moment I considered myself quite irresistible, very stylish, very smart and very talented. But if you have brains, then sooner or later, this period ends. And you realize that everything in general, relative in this world ... Then subjected to inventory in general quite a lot. I realized that I do not like the current husband, the current image, the current situation in the cinema. And I began to consistently refuse everything: from the roles restless beauties, her husband, with whom lived up to that moment, seven and a half years of ... In general, from all over themselves - last. I myself made the stop. Just shut the door, broke up all the old and not admit new. But then went out and acquired the ability to observe everything that happens, a little bit of ... As in the window to look at life. Very useful quality

Time of beautiful lingerie

Then I fell in love. It was a real first love, and a real thrill, and a real flight ... In fact, the first true marriage of love. I wanted to wear luxurious lingerie and stockings. I was amazed to myself: I wore stockings under jeans and belt. Nobody, of course, did not know, I did it solely for themselves and behaved like a woman in stockings - you noticed that the clothes changing habits? And surrounding saw a girl in jeans. It was deliciously funny.

He was a famous rock musician ... Strictly speaking, why was "N He and his stayed just love ended.

Time one and the same clothes

Now I shoot film and do not think about clothes. Two months wearing the same leather pants, black turtleneck and felt boots. They do not attract attention and not distract me.

The time has not come

Maybe someday come a time when I want a respectable clothes. I already have a feeling it a little. Sometimes I go leafing through the windows and see the thing pleased to wear ... five years.

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Petrova Natalia, photo, biography
Petrova Natalia, photo, biography Petrova Natalia  Actress, photo, biography
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