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Biography REDNIKOVA Catherine
Actress Alexandra Kalyagina "Et Cetera" became known to the public after the movie "Mistress into Maid", where she played a maid, Nastya, and the sensational chuhraevskogo "Thief", nominated for an Oscar. Kate is extremely her name. It is small in stature, her luxurious hair, a low chest voice and inimitable laugh.
How do you think, why Chuhray chose vasN
I do not know ... When I read the script, I realized that really want to get this role. After a screen test I immediately adopted. Tried many different actresses. I was the last. Chukhrai have not been clearly defined image of the heroine, but he needed a Russian type of woman - sweet, not mistress-hvatatelnitsy. Perhaps he was so tired of searching, that I decided to stay.
You had no trouble igratN you yourself so young, and the heroine of the film - a woman, battered fate: war, dead husband, childbirth in the middle of a dirty village fields ...
I already then the assistant said that when Chuhray asked how old I was, she replied: "Twenty-five". He figured: twenty-five and 6-year-old son - normally. And I was then twenty-three. But he learned about this when we already shot half the movie. I was pleasantly surprised. Of course, this challenging role ... But I very much benefited from the work in the theater and own experience.
From this point more in detail ...
Especially do not want to share ... But, in principle, the dramatic moments in the life of any actor - for his only plus. Especially if he remembers it and can comprehend. In general, for any man that's a plus. Experiences that cause deep suffering, develop a personality.
In the "thief" is a fairly explicit scenes. You yourself in them were shot or you did it statistkaN
Sama. Before filming I had a conversation with Chukhrai. He said that, if anything it may seem trite, it will cut it.
As a result, many vyrezaliN
No, mostly as a shot, and left.
What relationship do you have to MashkovymN
Conventional friendly. No animosity, no special love did not raise. Normal working relationship, and nothing more.
And it was easy to find contact with malchikomN He made a great impression on me - these naive, wide open eyes ...
Yes, the boy is really wonderful. With him was unusually easy. Although I was terribly afraid, because I never worked with children. First, he was also set up alert. But on the second day we ran with it, played. He is so gentle. All the time look after me: sit side by side, on the arm stroke. If I lie down to rest, he tells us: "Walk softly, there Katya resting". Terrific looking out for me.
Colleagues at the theater does not envy - they say, so young and so uspehN
First, I do not feel some special success. Well, I received the "Golden Aries" ... But the special significance for me personally it did not. Our people in the theater, of course, I congratulated. We love to celebrate all holidays and doing it in the family. As for envy ... Not know. I think I love the theater. And the youth, and adults. I am cheerful person, and the company can support, and trouble no one left. And then when I went to the theater, then immediately began to rehearse the play "Over the Horizon". This is such a heavy dramatic role that you have it either fails, or raise, pulling. Here we are with the classmate with whom he came to the theater, and "pulled". Since then, I know I am respected in the theater, and if they are jealous, do not think in black.

Kalyagin, artistic director of the theater, not jealous of you to kinoN

It seems to me a little jealous. In fact, in the theater, I now work there. It turns out the new show, but I it is not occupied. No Kalyagin me, of course, nothing prohibits. But recently, we have in the theater was a holiday and came producer of "Thief" I was very happy, went to him. At that Kalyagin, as if in jest, said: "Instead of communicating with you then you talk with strangers ..."

Can you leave the theater for kinoN

No. First, are different concepts. Cinema - a momentary thing, and the theater - it is always. In movies you played, and you can not fix this, but in the theater, if something does not like you to remember the next time you do differently. This matter, which always develops. Other fun. I deprive myself of this joy I do not want.

Becoming an actress - your child mechtaN

I am a child was timid, but I liked to speak. Therefore, when we came to visit, I crawled under the table and they began to sing something. Parents told me that I gradually sang louder and louder, and then he crawled out and climbed on a chair. That is the very moment of the beginning was for me very difficult. In the sixth grade I went to drama school and there once cheered. And in the ninth grade moved to another school, where she became like almost all the boys in the class, they all took turns to me fell in love, and it gave wings to me like a woman.
Remember your first lyubovN
I was 13. And the boy was older than I was eight years. First, I liked only. And to his credit, he realized that he was dealing with a child - the relationship remained platonic. However, when the feeling was mutual, it quickly passed.
. And what is happening now in personal zhizniN
. I now have some strange vicissitudes, which do not feel like talking.
. But the favorite person estN
. It existed for a very long time, but now we parted.
. What a man you would like to see next to a
. Clever, strong, with good sense of humor must be responsible, who can decide and for me too
. And warm ... In principle, this is one of the most important qualities to which I can not find another word. For me all people are divided into "warm" and "cold". From the "warm" person all the time is kind of good aura, with pleasant to communicate. And sometimes that people are sociable, but for me they are "cold". I do not know how to explain it.
Who among male colleagues seem to you in such a "warm" N
Recently in my life many concepts have changed. Previously, I would rather answer ...
I'm just trying to understand what kind of man you like.
Can inostrantsevN I like Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Jack Nicholson ...
Mature men with a devilish twinkle in glazahN
Well, not only mature. From young I like Keanu Reeves
Who are your roditeliN
Modest intelligent people. Mama - Economist, Dad - Senior Researcher. He has eight copyright certificates. There is also a brother, seven years older than me, he graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. So I have all, in principle, the technical people.
Proud of you, probably strashnoN
Now yes. And before even they did not believe that I will do it in GITIS. Now they go to all the premieres, mom call up relatives and friends, when I was shown on television.
Hobbies you have any nibudN
As a child I, like everyone else, collecting stamps, the fish was very fond of. Twenty years intensely wrote poetry. This was associated with a strong love. More than half of poems devoted to one person. It has long been, however, did not write.
Have you ever committed reckless postupkiN
Ill-considered ... When the mind realize that is not necessary, but still delaeshN Yes, it was. I can do something, then do not expect from me, and that may even seem indecent.
Oh, do not talk about it ... That's what concerns love, then, if I want to be with someone, I'll do this for anything, the influx of pride ... I think it does not matter - you're the first call without calling you first. If two people want to be together, then one of them should be wiser.
You are a hard man in lyubviN
I think not. If I like something soft and kind and I loved everything to do.
And what men mostly looking at you vnimanieN
Actually, I had two of the most-most "love". Quite different. One - happy and bright, and the other - and hard grind. These two men utterly unlike the others, which I liked, and do not resemble each other. Maybe this and attracted. And all the rest, probably, can be combined into one type. This charming, attractive hohmachi. Quite high.
You merkantilnyN
Now, when I myself reached some kind of wealth, probably, would not fall in love very, very poor man. As I have been in love and very rich people. But if I do not feel anything, then I do not care, he has palaces or not.
What kind of clothes you predpochitaeteN
Stylish. Dressed mostly not here but in France or Italy, when get there. On the one hand, I love the names. This weekend I have a lot of things from Cacharel. On the other hand, if something stylish, then I do not care from whom it. I love jackets. I have a lot of them
Do you have a cherished rolN
I would like to play Lady Macbeth. Any, even the Mtsensk. Previously dreamed Juliet. However, it seems, has come out of this age.
You like to break into GollivudN
In this world it is difficult to get, because there and their lack of. Difficulties with the language I do not - I graduated from the English special school, but because of the emphasis if the role will offer, either Russian or Slavic. And not too many such roles. Have not seen that at least one Russian actor or actress have the same height as Meryl Streep or NikolsonN So, on the one hand, to break through in Hollywood would like to

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