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( Actress, People's Artist of Russia)

Photo Gallery ROZANOVA Irina (18)
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Biography ROZANOVA Irina
Irina Rozanova was born July 22, 1961 in Ryazan. Love of Mummery - disease that can not be cured, she had inherited from parents. Once having received the offer to work in a Moscow theater, mother Irene - Actress Zoya Belova, however, was followed to the periphery of the director who, in her opinion, was very similar to Stanislavski. There she met her future husband, also an actor, Yuri Rozanov. Their daughter, Irina, one might say, grew up backstage.

Ira grew very independent child. She was strong-willed, non-female character: perhaps because their parents are waiting for the second son, a daughter born. As a child she played with boys only. One winter, on the hockey ground in the yard, Ira stood at the gate and did not let the puck 41 in a row! And once in the spring she and friends climbed into the tub and went swimming in a water-filled ditch. They're almost drowned! For mischievous and independent character of the boys respected Il, brought her armfuls of wild flowers and piled at the door of the apartment.

. In six years, Ira, having learned the role from the play "Jennie Gerhardt", came to the theater director and invited to play Vesta
. So Rozanova - youngest first made it to the stage. Firsthand knowledge of all the darker sides of the profession, parents tried to protect her daughter from acting and tried to forward the interests of his daughter in the musical mainstream.


Few years tormented by her mother Irina a music school, then forced to go to music school. However, black and white keys do not become her destiny, the world was drowned in the sound of music all the colors of the rainbow. But the craving for reincarnation called and beckoned, "diagnosis" let them know about myself: before finalizing the school for 2 years, she ran away from there to Moscow for examination in the Theater Institute. The first attempt failed and Irina Rozanova returned home. Worked in the Ryazan drama theater costumers, make-up artist, participated in the crowd.

For the second time GITIS resigned - Irina Rozanova said, and took to his course Oscar Yakovlevich Remez. Katin-Yartsev doubts, and believe Remez. And the kind of filmmakers he brought to the course! Pyotr Naumovich Fomenko, director of the famous "Boris Godunov", Kama Ginkas, has made the course "blonde", which in general, and related acting birth Irina Rozanova. With this performance she came to Mayakovka.


For some time the actress played in the theater Mayakovsky. Then there was the theater-studio "Man". She invited there Sergei Zhenovach, then still a student, in the performance of "young mistress". And after "Pannochki" had to choose and she chose Zhenovach, because the actress could not understand the long, Stoic expectations in a large theater. Actress closer to the company, team work and its director. So then they were all together at the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya - the director and his team. Now it is already in the past.

A real discovery for most actresses became a unique performance of "King Lear". How it was great! It turned out that this is not rattler epic canvas, and is very quiet, family, poignant story - a tale about a foolish old man and his clever daughter: At this performance, the actress suddenly keenly realized that she - the Russian people.

Movies. Rapid Start

Start film career Irina Rozanova had to perestroika and post-perestroika times. She debuted the role limitchitsy Lucy in the social melodrama 'My Girlfriend' (1985) - First, it is a mature and independent, directing the work of renowned actor Alexander Kalyagin. Subsequently Rozanova starred in the lead role of Natasha in melodrama Valeri Isakov 'Scarlet stone', as well as in the paintings' End transaction 'Resident' and 'When you open the door'.

It has its good work in the comedy 'Where is nofelet? " (1987), where she played Valentine - wife of the protagonist jovial Hencky (Alexander Pankratov-Black). The actress appears in the frame for a few minutes, but for a short time, manages to create a solid, rich image of a woman, tired of the countless amorous adventures of her husband. Incidentally, this way, strong, slightly coarse woman, not once used subsequently Irina Rozanova.

The end of the 80's brought the actress a lot of interesting roles. In 1987 it apart 'Nofeleta' co-starred in the psychological drama by Vladimir Bortko 'Once lied:' in the role of Tanya - mistress of the protagonist (Yuri Belyaev), student, nutty palmistry and horoscopes. Remember the Irina Rozanova and roles: Marguerite in a remarkable kinopritche Vadim Abdrashitova 'servant' and Marousi in musical tragicomedy Vladimir Alenikova 'drayman and the King'.

In 1989, Rozanova starred in his debut comedy Anatolia Eyramdzhana 'for beautiful ladies! " (he, incidentally, was the author of the script for the film 'Where is Nofelet? "). In the picture the director assembled a wonderful ensemble: Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, Alexander Abdulov, Elena Tsyplakova etc.. Largely thanks to its comedy turned out quite good and had the audience success. Subsequently Eyramdzhan take off a couple of good pictures, but more taste, more and more it will change.

But back to Irina Rozanova. Also in 1989 she starred in the famous picture of Peter Todorovsky 'Intergirl'. It is now the subject of prostitution is hardly someone to be surprised, and then the cinema was just beginning lifts the veil of this side of life. The first swallow was Todorovskaya 'Intergirl'.

Irina Rozanova created a complex mental image. Its heroine - vulgar Sima Gulliver did not seem the personification of vice, but stumbled weaver, which in other circumstances could have raised and the production and five children. And what a selection of actors in this melodrama: Yelena Yakovleva and Anastasia Nemolyaeva, Valery Khromushkin and Vsevolod Shilovsky, Larissa Malevannaya and Lyubov Polishchuk. All this taken together that the film is markedly different from the modern 'fakes'.


Irina Rozanova loves to work with interesting people. And she's lucky to have a good director and great actors partners. Or here is not in luck, and that talent attracted to each other.

In 1990, the actress co-starred in the film, which later became a cult - tragicomedy Nikolai Dostal 'Cloud-Paradise' - heartfelt, true-incredible history of the Soviet 'superfluous man'. Stories - so recognizable to native pain, fill the soul with aching sadness.

. In this movie, Irina Rozanova paired with Sergei Batalov created a charming duet couple - friends of the hero Kolya (Andrei Zhigalov), . will accidentally thrown replica forced to leave his native town and disappear into the vast expanses of our country,
. The picture also appeared aspiring actress Alla Klyuka, as well as the already eminent: Vladimir Tolokonnikov, Lev Borisov, Anna Ovsyannikov.

Subsequently, 15 years later, Nikolai Dostal again gathered all this great team to create a continuation. And the new film 'Kolya-tumble field of' just do not get any worse, becoming the logical culmination of the amazing stories.

New meeting with Todorovsky

In 1992, Pyotr Todorovski, whose Irina Rozanova already starred in 'Intergirl', again invited the actress in his new picture. Its retro-drama 'Encore, Once More Encore!', Which tells about the life and morals of the military camp, where everything in sight: the family squabbles, love, death, betrayal, human baseness and cowardice, the actress has played a key role nurses Luba. Once again, stunning surroundings: Valentin Gaft, Yevgeny Mironov, Yelena Yakovleva, Sergei Nikonenko, Vladimir Ilyin, Andrei Ilyin, Larissa Malevannaya, Alexander Pashutin - partners, one can only dream of!

. Work actresses in this film was highly appreciated by specialists - the prize 'for best performance of the main female role' at the film festival "Constellation-92 'and the prize" Golden Aries-92'.

. 'For thee'

. In the same 1992 Rozanova starred in a picture of his old friend Helen Tsyplakova - psychological drama 'for thee'
. The painting, depicting the fate of the unhappy young woman (Eugenia Dobrovol'skaya), on the mandate father going to work in an orphanage, a directorial debut Tsyplakova. Debut has turned out not very successful, which is not surprising - 'lift' such a complex topic is not always a virtue and experienced directors.

But Irina Rozanova role worked just amazing. It happened csgrat governess of the orphanage - a woman brutal, heartless. When mom actress read the script, then the first time in my life Irina advised: 'Do not play. I'm afraid, because this is a terrible wretch kind: '. But Rozanov still took up the role.

She recalls: 'There, boy Pasha, whom I beat a shovel, a wooden toy in ass, it's a terrible scene, her play was terrible. Because the boy children's home. How to do it is unclear. They planted a large number of notebooks, such, you know, I'm beginning to beat, we see that the hand stops. I can not do with myself. I begin, another double, I understand that I stop again, because well, I'm afraid I can not. He turns around and says, Aunt Ira Bey. And we had already talked so that was called Aunt Ira, all there is, you know, an actress and educator, all together. You know, we have until the end and not withdrawn, as I would like, because that would be seen. But then it is articulated, then we have articulated it harder and sharper, so that was an illusion of beating. Frightening '.

Films are not very successful and

90-ies many famous actors have been left without work. Fortunately, Irina Rozanova this period has survived, more or less well, though had to sometimes be removed in a frankly weak tapes. This eccentric comedy Valeria Akhadova 'Life Style Queen', where the actress played yardwoman Ninka Queen, who married King Uhotugo (Alexander Pankratov-black) and left with him in his tropical kingdom shag. This comedy Anatolia Eyramdzhana 'When all his', which Rozanov played cleaner on call Rita, which evoke the 'new Russian' and, pointing a gun at her, requires ... love.

Fortunately, good pictures, even in those difficult years in the life of the actress has always been more. In the first place - is a touching, almost naive melodrama 'Children of Monday'. Irina Rozanova created the image of a middle-aged, lonely woman, whose sister 'throws' her husband (Igor Sklar). The man who she once loved. And the old feelings flare up again: The film was awarded numerous prizes, and she Irina Rozanova at Film Festival 'Viva Cinema of Russia! " in 1998, received the award 'for Best Actress'.

. It is worth noting the role of Baroness von DцІring Natalia Alekseevny in the series 'mysteries of St. Petersburg' (1998) and its sequel - 'The denouement of the St. Petersburg secrets', had a huge audience success
. How wonderful actress in TV series 'King of spying for Russia' (1996). This is her babeha, has just committed a heinous murder of his benefactress, throaty voice and speaks with a lazy smile, the old man, her husband: 'And you, Grandpa, do not marry moloduhah'. Then it becomes clear that Grandfather is doomed:

Shot Abdulov

As already noted, the actress has always surrounded by beautiful partners. One of these was Alexander Abdulov. For the first time together, they weighed more in the comedy 'Over the beautiful ladies! ". In 1995 they met again in the erotic melodrama directed by Alexander Buravskogo 'Black Veil'. Actors played the police, he - operative, a kind of 'new Russian' Ural millionaire Andrew Rokshin, and his boss, she Alekseevna Olympics. Six years later - the new collaborations - serials 'fatalists' and 'Ice Age'.

After 'fatalists' audience was almost 'married' actors. In fact, Rozanov and Abdulova always enjoyed warm and friendly relations, but in something more, they never crossed. Later, after the death of Alexander Gavrilovic Irina Rozanova sadly recalled: 'We had a great relationship, it was the perfect partner. Sasha was a brave, strong, not the typical handsome! In men appreciate the inner beauty. To feel it - man. But looks are not important to the person not to drink water, as they say. A Abdulov was: '

New century - new roles

Irina Rozanova always preferred to fatigue from work than from a lack of. Because it is removed and much fruitful. With a powerful energy, Irina Rozanova always creates strong characters on the screen, while giving them a bright personality.

That is its Marya Petrovna, the wife of Alexander Akhmet'ev, in the drama 'savage'. Its heroine - is deeply unhappy woman, suffering from the indifference of her husband, but never for a moment showing its weakness

. I remember, as her work in drama Andrei Proshkina 'Spartak and Kalashnikov' (Snezhanna, the owner of the elite hotel for dogs) and in 'Diary of a Kamikaze' (mother of Vadim).

. Many Irina Rozanova recently appeared on the series
. The participation of actress sees as an inescapable reality: it is hard to deny that they now constitute the majority of domestic film production. In an interview, she even suggested that they had an actor is able to reveal no less successful than in the cinema. Indeed, . She is bright and shows his work, . glittering images: Lukerya Yakovlevna in 'Salome', . investigator and writer Tomilin in 'Kamenka - 2', . pilot-instructor Valery Astakhov in 'Russian amazons', . Katerina Vershinin in 'Linii fate', . saleswoman Claudius in 'plot', . Galina, . wife Nurali Aslanbekov in 'Gentlemen', . Elena Anurova in 'Mistress' ...,

. Interesting facts

. 'Real' man for Irina Rozanova - decent
. This is the most important quality in a man who appreciates the actress. It brings together and friendship, and respect, and understanding. Someone believes that marriages are made in heaven, but, for example, Maria Arbatov, once said that to be very happy to arrange a network. Then it is safe and present ... Although, of course, a person takes part in it, but happy marriage - it is beyond human.

But what is most valuable for Irina Rozanova in the family? 'When once is a passionate ardor, are respect, understanding. They are educated people who are connected. Often does not work, what to do? At my parents' fate is not easy, every life was, but they recently celebrated the golden wedding. Nowadays it is a rarity. It would be so '- reflects an actress.

At Irina Rozanova no secret diet. Favorite food - potatoes. She can eat it in any way, it is never boring. And for delicacies at ease, as well as for fashion. The actress does not hold in the stores all his spare time. Makes topologies only when necessary. She has two nieces and clothing are not lost, there is someone wearing. Prefers black, white, pastel - grinpisovskie color. Does not like shiny sverkuchee. Favorite clothing - trousers.

For Irina Rozanova important cleanliness and comfort. When riding with kinoekspeditsiey, takes necessarily with a set of brushes and rubber gloves. Armed with all this, it makes a normal hotel room house, where it can live for a month until the last survey. If around the field and there is growing tansy flowers, or some, all the collecting and decorate their homes. The only dream of Irina Rozanova - Apartment. Spacious and airy, with lots of flowers - and in bowls and pots.

There is a single process, which Rozanova can not stand - iron. And for that she has a helper. And everything else ... Wash the floor with his hands - this is a great exercise - hudeesh instantly! The fall of parents helping dig potatoes: pounds discharged, . pulled all - beauty! From communication with the ground, it gets great pleasure: something extra, . then, . that accumulates in, . leaves.,

. For actresses walk through the woods is much nicer than the city
. For example, mushrooms posobirat - for them is to lean right! Fishing loves - can sit for hours with a fishing rod. Sometimes she visits the idea to give up and settle in the countryside, live in subsistence farming. Maybe she realized closer to retirement. There you will not look in the mirror. Comes to the village: got up, washed, and went. The simpler the better - is very fond of this pastime.


Irina Rozanova with fans did not stand on ceremony with childhood. They had a class kid named Vorobyev - Hooligan is that. Teachers meet with him could not, and Ira calmed! Once he kissed her at all, but she grabbed his briefcase and threw a third-floor window in. Since then, he bypassed its side ... In Irochka in his youth was a cordial friend - Sergei Pantyushin.

Mother Irene believed that if she would stay with Sergei, then the fate of her daughter, she will be calm. But not happened: he went to the Far East to learn from the pilot Naval Air Station, she remained in Ryazan. The first time they were copied, and then gradually faded away feeling. But still good friends - Serge comes to their house on the rights of native people. Once Ira learned that he had long lived with a woman having two children, but did not marry her. This acceleration was made for him, that the next day they went to the registry office ...

The very same actress was first married to a third year GITIS. Her chosen name was Eugene Kamenkovich (he is now - well-known theater director, working in the theater 'Workshop of Peter Fomenko'). The marriage lasted only a couple of years. Most likely, their relationship destroyed the life: some have settled in the hostel.

Then, a new husband, Irene was Timur - a wonderful, nice person. They even got married in Israel. But he left with his head in the business, worked at Valentin Yudashkin. Ira had not seen him for weeks. She needed a husband, not a man, bringing the house money. When relations with Timur time has come disrespect, Irina walked away, leaving their property Timur. She left almost one suitcase.

Irina Rozanova - a proud, do not cling to clothes, was never attached to things. Most own things gives relatives. Sometimes we come to visit her niece, so Irina could take off his boots or suit and give them: 'Carry on health, I'll buy myself another'.

Perhaps because their children have no actress. It is her tragedy. Irina very much like a child, even got pregnant by Timur, but she had a miscarriage.

Now the actress is married to a famous cinematographer Gregory Belen'kiy (Andrei Mironov's shot in the 'Man from the Boulevard des Capucines'). They met while filming 'Children of Monday'. Fell in love. And, to be together, left their families. Officially, they got married recently - before that all the time there was. On the eve of New Year Gregory Ira made a surprise: met her at the ramp, when she returned from a tour, and took to the registry office. That was a wedding! The banquet was held at the dacha Eldar Ryazanov - a great friend of Irene. As an actress later confessed to her mother, when they shouted Grisha 'Bitter!', She kissed mainly with the owner of the house. Today one marred by their family life: they can not marry, because the church does not give consent to a divorce with Timur.

Thinking about eternal

When thoughts come about eternal, Irina Rozanova always tries to remember that there is one second, which should be cherished. If we forget about it, then it becomes bad. We are always in a hurry, we have a mad rhythm, a kind of madness. It is necessary sometimes to stop.

The actress - an emotional man, there are grievances, which hurt. But it has long been trying to educate themselves, learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness if she offended anyone. She was uncomfortable for a long time to be in conflict with someone.

. Awards

. 1991 - Prize Winner of 'Stars of Tomorrow' at the eponymous actor Festival in Geneva (for his role in the film 'Cloud-Paradise')
. 1992 - Prize Winner of 'Best performance of the main female role' at the film festival "Constellation-92 '(for his role in the film' Encore! More Encore!")
. 1992 - Laureate of the Prize 'Golden Aries' (for his role in the film' Encore! More Encore! ")
. 1995 - Laureate Award 'Seagull' (1995)
. 1998 - winner of the prize for Best Actress KF 'Viva Cinema of Russia! " (for his role in the film 'Children of Monday')
. 2002 - Prize Winner of 'Garnet Bracelet'
. 2006 - Laureate Award 'Nick'
. 2007 - People's Artist of Russia

. Cast work

. 1985 my girlfriend
. 1986 Scarlet Stone
. 1986 End of operations "Resident"
. 1986 When the doors are open
. 1987 Lucky
. 1987 Where is nofelet?
. 1987 Life of Klim Samgin
. 1987 Once lied
. 1988 Fathers
. 1988 Servant
. 1988 Seven Days of Hope
. 1988 offered his hand and heart
. Over 1989 beautiful ladies!
. 1989 Intergirl
. 1989 drayman and King
. 1989 Sofia Petrovna
. 1990 Gambrinus
. 1990 System nipple
. 1990 Hearse
. 1990 Death of Film
. 1991 Cloud-Paradise
. 1991 Flying Dutchman
. 1991 Cynics
. 1991 Shroud of Alexander Nevsky
. 1992 Oysters from Lausanne
. 1992 ... June 22, exactly at 4 o'clock ..
1992 Little Giant great sex
1992 Encore, Once More Encore!
1992 for thee
1992 Do you remember the smell of lilacs ..
. 1993 Alphonse
. 1993 Life Style Queen
. 1994 The Ghost of my house
. 1994 Zona Lube
. 1994 Prohindiada 2
. 1995 Small devil
. 1995 Black Veil
. 1995 St. Petersburg mystery
. 1996 Kings of Russia's spying
. 1997 Children Monday
. 1998 diva Mary
. 1998 Greetings from Charlie trumpeter
. 1998 At Daggers Drawn
. 1998 when all its
. 1999 Voroshilovskiy arrows
. 1999 Do not send us a messenger?
. 2001 Life is full of mischief
. 2001 Fifth Corner
. 2001 fatalists
. 2001 Undercover
. 2001 Two companion
. 2001 Junction St. Petersburg mystery
. 2001 Salome
. 2002 Diary kamikaze
. 2002 Russian Amazons
. 2002 Kamenskaja-2
. I died yesterday
. 2002 Spartak and Kalashnikov
. 2002 savage
. 2002 Ice Age
. 2003 Lines of Destiny
. 2003 Christ under the birches
. 2003 Land
. 2003 Russian Amazons 2
. 2003 Female in a game without rules
. 2004 Gentlemen
. 2005 Arie
. 2005 Kohl-rolling field
. 2005 Mistress
. 2005 Big Walk
. 2006 Communications
. 2006 Private Booking
. 2006 Enchanted plot
. 2006 Nine months
. 2006 Infidelity
. 2007 Loser
. 2007 May
. 2007 Gloss
. 2008 dudes
. 2008 Arms
. 2008 Tanker 'Tango'
. 2009 Catherine

. Theatrical work

. "Blonde" by A. Volodin (Ira)
. "Pannychka" N. Sadur (Pannychka)
. "Illusion" Corneille (Isabella), "
. King Lear (Goneril),
. "Abyss" (Borovtseva and Liza),
. "Wood Demon" (Elena Andreyevna)
. trilogy based on the novel by F. Dostoevsky "Idiot" ( "shameless", "poor knight", "Russian World") (Nastassja Filippovna).


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