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Ines Sastre (Ines Sastre)

( Actress)

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Can a nice girl to refuse a contract for 100 000 dollars and a chance to start a brilliant career in the modeling business only in order to continue their studies at university? Yes, maybe if the girl is a character.
. So, anyway, today received one of the leading top models Spaniard Ines Sastre at the time of the beginning of its breathtaking and largely unexpected career
. Happened in 1989. Photos Ines caught the eye of the director of one of the largest modeling agency "Elite" John Casablancas, and he persuaded her to take part in the competition "Look of the Year", which is pretty well won. However, the main prize - a lucrative contract for a hundred thousand dollars - not Sastre won! "This huge sum would prevent me to learn!" - Said the girl, astonished by this response to everyone except their parents.
. And parents Ines - entrepreneurs average hand - have always dreamed of only one thing: to give their children (from Ines has an older sister and younger brother) a good education
. While contemporaries Sastre dreamed of beautiful dresses and the handsome prince, Ines most of the time spent on books. Ginny rarely managed to seduce Ines going to the movies or dancing. But one sentence it once interested in: Ines with her girlfriends went to watch teens for shooting advertising clip. As a result, she became a heroine video. "Let the girl be driven away - decided to parents. - Shooting will begin and end, and everything will fall into place ". But nothing of the sort!

Seeing the clip, the largest film director Carlos Saura unexpectedly came to the conclusion that it is Ines should play a little Indian girl in his film about the conquistador "Eldorado". Sastre was only 13 years old when she went to four months on location in Costa Rica. A year later, InцLs flies to Mongolia to take off in a film directed by Ulrike Berlin Otginger "Jeanne d'Arc of Mongolia". A year later invited her to the shooting of "Escape From Paradise" Ettore Paskulli. Three movies in three years was enough to make parents said Ines: "Enough!" It can no longer go on! " And, interrupting so unreal good start career, Sastre returns to normal life - for learning and books.

. Leaving the cinema, as it seemed forever, Ines vigorously take up the study of foreign languages
. Now in its arsenal - French, Italian and English. After the French school Ines entered the Faculty of the Sorbonne ... But this is only one aspect of life unmatched Ines.

Whether in 1989 on the site Sastre another, the road to the business model it would be closed permanently. Despite the rejection of the contract for 100 000 dollars, Sastre vying invited removed for advertising companies and to participate in the most prestigious shows. In 1992, Ines was elected the symbol of the Olympic Games in Barcelona. More - more. In 1996, Sastre signs a contract with Lancome, and becomes the "face" of famous perfume "Tresor", succeeding in this "post" itself Isabella Rossellini!

Slava top model Ines is not gone to his head. Not changed it and its principles of life: she still continues to lead a life worthy of respectable Catholic. Life Ines Sastre - the secret behind seven seals. All questions about the men she meets, that today are too busy to think seriously about it, but not serious - do not want. However, while Ines is silent, for her trying to talk the other: so whether it is innocent krasotkaN rumors, for example, attributed her love affairs with Jack Nicholson, with Brad Pitt and Hugh Grant. In this note, no it is not directly asks questions like "So it was or not?" However, Sastre all this care.

Ines talk about the big employment - not vanity. In addition to the podium Sastre in recent years can be found again on the set. In 1995, the cover of Italian magazine with a photo Ines caught the eye of the legendary Michelangelo Antonioni, ready to lift the film "Above the Clouds", which became his last work. 82-year-old Antonioni, seeing Ines, immediately understood: he needs only this girl. Employment Antonioni finally consolidated Sastre decided to become an actress. In 1997, the top model starred in the film Bullets Italian director Avati "Schaefer".

The last picture of her participation was the TV version of the novel "The Count of Monte Cristo" with Gerard Depardieu and Ornella Muti. Ines inherited the role of the Indian princess Haidee. Sastre delighted with the shooting, but as soon as the cinematic career, as well as her modeling career, she is going to temporarily suspend. PochemuN to continue ... their education. Ines has already picked out for this one of the British acting schools. When the model is asked what it all is, Sastre answers: "Probably, used. For all my life just doing what I study.

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Photos of Ines Sastre (Ines Sastre)
Ines Sastre (Ines Sastre)Ines Sastre (Ines Sastre)Ines Sastre (Ines Sastre)Ines Sastre (Ines Sastre)

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Ines Sastre (Ines Sastre), photo, biography
Ines Sastre (Ines Sastre), photo, biography Ines Sastre (Ines Sastre)  Actress, photo, biography
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