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Samokhin Anna

( Actress)

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Biography Samokhin Anna
photo Samokhin Anna
My childhood can not be called a cloudless. I grew up in Cherepovets. Industrial area, solid works. My father worked for United Steelworkers, drank, like all around, and thirty-two years turned into an alcoholic. Can you imagine what living in a family where my father sleeps eternally drunk, and waking up, begins to build poryadokN!
. Father did not beat us, until then, thank God, not income, but with a hangover, he was overcome by a wild rage, and he was taken to "educate" us with her sister: check diaries, to find fault ..
. At first we lived in a family hostel. Photos of the time left, but I remember how my sister and I slept in the kitchen. On the floor, twelve rooms, shared kitchen, in the corner - two mattresses, which sleep two little girls - one of five years, the second just over a year. We, as sobachat, who fed than he. Horror, of course.
I'm just now from the standpoint of his present age, I can understand how hard my mother. She was so nervous, often frustrated, crying ... Alternative accommodation, we did not give a very long time, but in the end she managed to "knock out" the room - probably because of amusing coincidence. Last Pasha - Podgorny. Then my mom decided to send a letter to the Central Committee of his namesake. Ironically, it had its effect, and we were given a room in a communal apartment.
Parents worked at a factory, my father - in the foundry, mother - in the design office. Sometimes they change coincided, and then my sister and I stayed home alone. Once, I remember, was a case. Parents left the night shift, my sister and I are asleep and suddenly wake up from a terrible noise. In neighboring apartment started a drunken brawl - you know, like the working class otdyhaetN cries, the shrieking of women ... I hear the sound of breaking glass: a man from a neighboring apartment climbed into our own, breaking the glass in the kitchen, apparently, they have it came to stabbing. He jumped through the window, climbed up to us and began to knock on all doors. People were so scared that no one, certainly not out. And he began to knock at our door. How do I then byloN Probably five years. I remembered that my parents somewhere under the bed lay the ax. She ran, pulled him and stood by the door. Some of the neighbors called the police, two hours later came to dress, the man took, but I was so scared she sat with an ax in his hand until the morning, until the parents came, and I kept thinking: what if he comes back and break our dverN

. Many things happened ..
. We had a neighbor in the apartment, Aunt Valya. She lived with her husband and paralyzed mother-in-my sister and I were very fond of her. Husband's aunt Wali drank heavily - indeed, they all drank. Because of insecurity, poverty ... One day she came home and hanged herself in the bathroom. I do not know that it happened. Her husband broke down the door to the bathroom in the apartment except for him - just my sister. And then her nine-year-old girl, had to help him, until he saw in the rope. I came out of kindergarten, when my aunt Valya been removed and placed on the bed. Such are my memories of happy childhood.

I have always been very independent. One came home from school - seven years I was then - and no one at home, and the room is empty. Neighbors say: "Your all gone". Parents finally raised the money for the condo, and now it's probably time to move. And I myself was at a meeting of the cooperative, when deciding who will get what floor. They dragged the tickets with the numbers of apartments, and my mother said: "Pull you, you have a light hand". I pulled out the first floor, and my mother really wanted a third, with a balcony ... Ever since my blue dream - to live high. But somehow it always had bad luck, first floor haunted me all my life. And in Cherepovets, and in St. Petersburg, where we later moved with her husband.

And I stand at the door and think: "Aha, so it is necessary and in my new apartment to go". (I was taken there once, but I remember the address.) Money I had, I went out and asked the uncle, three penny. And calmly and confidently, like a person who has the right. He only asked: "Why tebeN" I explained, took three kopecks, sat on the tram, got to the new buildings and there had found his home. I remember the door opens, and shaken mum and dad exclaim: "My God, how did you nashlaN us!"
- Children have always come up with a different reality. What you liked igratN

- The Princess. Wore a head veil of the curtains, tulle skirt was making. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought: what am I beautiful!

- And dreaming, perhaps, to become an actress ...

- No, my life was to emerge in another scenario. My mother has planned everything for me. In the seven years I bought a piano, I studied music at home, then in the music school. And so, intended mother, I finish school, enter the music school, then getting married, and necessarily for the military, because it will immediately apartment. ( "Whatever happens as we have with the Pope.") We're going somewhere, and I work as a music teacher in kindergarten. Such a happy life here ...

I must say that many of my classmates at the music college really married to the military. We in Cherepovets was a military school of Radio, elite, so to speak, the institution. Along the school was alleyka, and all the girls in the evenings they walked, looking for suitors. But I'm with anybody and not met.

When I wanted to become aktrisoyN about fourteen years.

I then experienced his first love, strong enough. Seems the parents of my boyfriend, as they say, were against. My own mother treated me with understanding, although the whole school was excited about our stormy romance. More actively discussed, and the mother had repeatedly warned: "Look, they dogulyayutsya!" But we do not, even the first kiss. So, they wrote each other poems, but I'm still composing music. Romance was the story ...

- And why the parents were cavalier protivN

- They said that the need to undertake the work, get an education. Obviously, I seemed to them a girl giddy (as many thought), although the round was an excellent student and a portrait of me hanging on the school honor roll. However, in the eighth grade, when I became a Komsomol organizer school, I was criticized for being wrong look, as it should be Komsomol secretary. By the time I was beginning to paint the hair and use curlers. Wetted hair peroxide, wrap them around at night and come to school with a smooth hair, like all the other girls, but with a curly mane, which all showed white and showed white. The last straw was robbery garden plot, after which I was expelled from the Komsomol organizer.

- OgrablenieN

- Well, yes, this is called. Summer in a camp we all had to collect tons of blueberries. We were told that it is very important, then the blueberries will be sent to the city, on the jam. And suddenly, quite the case but I found that most of the harvest is in the barrels in the garden of the guard. In retaliation for cheating at night we gnawed his strawberries. The morning after an emergency meeting of all of us lined up and angrily asked: "Who is sdelalN" I made a step forward for me two more (although only "guilty" of eight people). And we were sent home, all three. The rest we do not pass. On this, my brilliant career ended Komsomol.

- And what about your novel, your first lyubovN

Herman's parents had forbidden him to meet me, and soon he went to Moscow and became a hockey player: played in Moscow "Spartak". Then, it seems, went to Germany, and more, I never saw him again. Were terrible suffering, tears, and her mother, too, for I was going through - we wept together over my unrequited love.
It was then that I decided to become an actress. I wanted to make sure he knows what lost, leave me. In Cherepovets was a national theater, rather, by the way, noticeable in. I tried to do it. In the samples read poems Asadov, I was accepted - but determined to malyshovuyu group, where children are involved in seven or eight. And I had already turned fourteen. I was deeply offended: I mean, not so talented, so unworthy to enter the stsenuN! To accept that I could not and decided to act after the eighth grade in the Yaroslavl Theater School. (At the time the first course received with incomplete secondary education.)

In Yaroslavl the examinations I almost did not listen: read two or three lines and I hear: "No, thanks". I'm terribly surprised.

- Usually it is considered a bad omen. Not doslushivayut - means not like.

- I was feeling that will not take. I even refused to read the lists received. But I was, strangely enough, took.

- And all the suffering, of course, immediately had zabytyN

- Instantly. Furthermore, I fell in love again. Alexander Samokhin was the most handsome young man in our course, no one had no idea that he can draw attention to me. Around all the girls are bright and much older than me, age eighteen or nineteen. They and hairstyles, and makeup, and they knew how to dress. And I - a small, thin, dressed very poorly and felt ugly.

The first time Alexander I noticed when my sister brought me some things their. Green velvet skirt and sandals, high heels made a strong impression on my classmates, for me, immediately started to look. And Sasha as well.

In the summer we were sent "on the potatoes". In the evenings, of course, dancing, rapid communication. And here we are with Sasha one day dancing to some slow music lyric. I could not utter a word, so it seemed to me beautiful and good. Suddenly Sasha (he's very serious, thoughtful) admitted that he really likes me I that I sweet and nice. "And most importantly, - said - stupid, in his fifteen years behave as a perfectly adult". After this dance in the village club novel spun. Upon returning to the city we already have official "uhazhivatelnye" attitude.

- How did he uhazhivalN Flowers probably armfuls nosilN

- It is somehow not in this part of. You know, there are fans that immediately with flowers and perfume, and Sasha - just a normal, reliable man. Husband. And I immediately felt this. Flowers, gifts and everything else was on the other, and Sasha differently courted more seriously. Gradually, he pushed all of my admirer, we became an official couple. Again, everyone was excited, the whole school, because I - fifteen, he was - twenty-four, and both still have to learn ...

Teachers and friends advised him to search a girl a little older, not a kid. And my mother warned: "With a baby in her arms I will not let into the house". But Sasha is very tenderly treated me, waiting. And when I turned sixteen, met our parents and we decided that now we live together - we have a family.

Three years later, we finished college, played a final show. I remember, sat before the mirror in grimubornoy and thought: what dalsheN Further, as it turned out, I was a great disappointment awaited ...

. Sasha and I went to work in Rostov, but a year later I went on maternity leave.

. With the birth of a child, I began light psychosis: it seemed that life was over
. In the theater, my role was another actress, while at work, I jumped when Sasha was only two months. Maybe I was not so professionally, to make a bet on me ... In short, I am disappointed in the theater. I wanted to go abroad in Czechoslovakia, for example, and pleaded with Sasha. He just shrugged his shoulders: "What are you going there delatN" - "I will work as a driver trolley". I'm so tired of this struggle that eventually decided: whether that be. And at that moment the fate suddenly made me a gift ...

It was a nightmare evening, came the rain, the glass rattled in the wind - in the same range of the steppe, in Rostov, - and here in this wild weather in our dorm came assistant director with the Odessa Film Studio. He was searching for an actress for the role of Mercedes in the film "Prisoner of the Chateau d'If". I walked down the corridor with some pots, in a dressing gown - imagine, looks like a woman who is sitting with a small rebenkomN Suddenly the man stopped next to me and asked: "You - Anja SamohinaN" I nodded. I see his face a little distorted: he obviously did not expect to see such. When I realized that we are talking about the shooting of the director, who directed "The Three Musketeers", screamed with excitement: "You do not look at me, I do not like that!" I have some photos, I'll show them to you now! " It was a chance, and I seized him with both hands.

. My pictures were sent to Odessa, and I received an invitation to sample
. When it became known that I was approved for the role, gathered half the hostel. On the floor spread a new clean towel. There's an old actor's tradition: before starting work on a role for him to wipe his feet - then you will succeed. New towel - it is like pure, bright path. With light hand on my girlfriends dorm he started.

- How many remember, you always played women passionately in love. They say that when removed a love story, romance between partners is almost inevitable. And you take her fate, so to speak, with the best men of Russia Movies: Nikolai Eremenko "Imperial hunting", with Mikhail Boyarsky in the movie "Don Cesar de Bazan" ...

- You know, I have a special relationship to the male actors. I love them just as his family. But the novels on the set avoid. By the way, Mikhail Boyarsky, in my opinion, does not like women. Refers to a large degree of irony to their intelligence and ability of something to seriously address. I was afraid of him: he is very harsh language. Before painting, we always coordinate the days on which can be removed, because each one usually for two or three films, a tight schedule. Remember Boyarsky called his time, and I said that at this time to come I can not - going to the Festival. He is absolutely brutally looked at me and said: "You have not yet graduated to festivals!" I am so offended him, I think, what is it for me at all and not an actress I schitaetN it is still a little afraid.

. - Valentino GAFTA, which you were shot in "thieves in law", too, according to rumors, the character of a difficult ...

. - Valentine - very touching
. With all its gigantic stature, intelligence, humor and sarcasm is the absolute child. And more professional. He plays doubles, but I stand and watch her mouth open ... They Zinovy Gerdt so supportive of each other, I kept laughing at their jokes.

. Once we had dinner together at a restaurant at the hotel - do not remember in what city - three of them sat at the table, and Gaft said: "Well, Zinovy Yefimovich, we can arrange for konyachkuN" Gerdt shakes his head: "No, no, sorry they wait
. Well you toropitesN See menu in peace ". Exactly ten minutes later the waiter brings a bottle of champagne and put on the table: "This is for you - from the table". Turn around - there bow. "Thank. Thanks ". Then there is champagne. Followed - a bottle of brandy for her - a bottle of wine. And an hour later polstola packed with all kinds of bottles. Zinovy Efimovitch: "Well, Valya, and you're going to order!" This is now nation-wide love for the actors somewhat subsided, and then for us all the doors were open. We fell into the elite private clubs, which were sleek ladies with thin cigarettes in long fingers. I wondered: "Look at what the terms of an interesting life!" and asked: "Excuse me, please, and where there prostitutkiN" I said: "Yes, all except you."

. - And you do not take for Rita, the girlfriend of mafia that you played in the "thieves" N

. - Accept it, and very often
. Somehow I Vladimir Steklov, with the premiere of paintings arrived in Dnepropetrovsk. We sit in the director's office cinema, . drink tea, . suddenly rushes hostess Cabinet, . pale, . trembling, . and said "Oh my God, . Here he is again! "It turns, . all week, . There was a film, . cinema, a man in a white suit with a red handkerchief in his breast pocket (this is dressed hero Valentine GAFTA) and asked: "Where SamohinaN In the playbill says, . that it should be ",
. Knowing that I finally arrived, he demanded to be left alone with me. Glass like a true gentleman, stood chest to my defense: "Do not worry, Anya, you can talk to him, I'll stand behind the door". But then the police arrived, and the man in a white suit and cast him out. Then it turned out that this is a real prototype of the character of our film: he had a clandestine production, and at one time imprisoned.

Such oddities can recall many. Actually I'm very different from her character. Is this good, bad there - I do not know, can only envy, if a person is able to live my life so bright. But Rita was all over by a bullet in the back ... I would not want. So I prefer to avoid dramatic situations.

- And yet, like you like it or not, but this role is clearly influenced your life. Your character leaves her husband, a decent man, decent, but boring, and embarks on a dangerous adventure. And you, too, parted ways with her husband, with whom lived in one soul ...

- Sasha and I went, mind you, after fifteen years of marriage. Parted peacefully, without scandals. You know, I always have to move forward, I do not accept stagnation in any case - my first family, probably, and subjected to such a standstill. Sasha is very quiet, but I always need something, I rvus forward. So everything turned out.

- You unexpectedly for all to marry a man not related to the actor's world, and open a posh restaurant in St. Petersburg. In modern times such a business - a very risky exercise.

- Here, too, is not surprising: my second husband, when we met, was a small cafe. They made a presentation of one of my films. In the early evening I was approached by a very cheerful, charming man in his thirties, said hello and gave a banal text, which she often hear: that he respects my work and love me as an actress. No fluids between us was not felt, it was difficult to assume that this man will be my husband. As it turned out that we Dima decided to get married, still can not understand. Such hasty marriages are usually doomed to failure. We were given the strength of two months at most - six months. But five years have passed, and we are still together ...
As for the restaurant - it's my lingering dream. I love and know how to cook, I consider myself a good hostess and the house, and in restaurant. Itself engaged in a kitchen and interior design - in short, everything it should be, and I find it very interesting. First, of course, I was treated with irony. Was believed that I was only a figurehead for me there are some uncles with tight wallets. But three years the ratio has changed radically - now everyone understands that I am in bad finances apart, and in the specifics of restaurant business. Now, by the way, going to open a second restaurant.
. - Probably, you have bodyguards and poyavilisN
. - And what store-toN in which case the protection will not save.
. - Interestingly, a reputation as a sex symbol helps delahN
. - Of course, any man-bizesmen, to which I come with a business proposal, I willingly poulybaetsya
. But when it comes to money, then no matter what tricks women can not count: You do not help you no eyes, no eyelashes, no long legs. Men in this regard have changed a lot - came the hard times of business.
- And a movie you must have now offered the role of business lediN
- Not at all. Last summer, for example, I played the adventuress International class. The film is very good, with a detective story. In Nizhny Novgorod to celebrate the tercentenary of the Romanov is the steamer "Saint Nicholas". On the boat - a motley company: a certain Count Stroganov, which is sent to the inspection of the cities and villages; singer Voloshin particular favorite of the emperor, her lover, the Caspian tycoon, and so on. Singer Voloshin - it's me, as you know - all the time fall into a swoon and weep. Count Stroganov - in fact, the famous card cardsharper - found on a ship with its long-time partner. Two swindler going to play, but quite unexpectedly, themselves fall into the hands of a gang of young and talented speculators who "stripped" of both naked. And the result is that this entire team managed by none other than Voloshin.
- And you play pokerN
- Actually, I like to play in casinos. Sometimes the win, but a little. And lost - too little.
- And so you want to submit to the situation singer Voloshin.
- No, no, it's not for me. Adventurism - either for schizophrenics, or for very strong natures, and I - somewhere in the middle of a suspicious ...

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Samokhin Anna, photo, biography
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