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Jane Seymour (Jane Seymour)

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Biography Jane Seymour (Jane Seymour)
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Dr. Quinn - one of the most famous in the world of doctors, social activist, the head of several charitable foundations, finally, simply beautiful - everything is on the 49-year-old actress Jane Seymour, who recently visited Moscow. This delicate and charming woman glows with happiness. But the reason is not in its star glory. And that next to Jane's favorite man. That's it - the actress's husband, himself an actor and director James Keach accompanies her everywhere. It is with him, Jane is not willing to give a single moment.
Only once in Moscow, spouses had to be separated. While the actress gave an interview, the husband has gone without a walk in our capital city with a video camera. "And he will not remain golodnymN" - Jane was worried, but it was assured that everything is under control. Later, entering into an exclusive boutique clothing, the actress was the first thing in the men's section a closer look something for James. What is more proof of her love must trebovatN
- How did you meet DzheymsomN
- Met, as they say, at work, were filmed together in the movie "Sunstroke". We played the lovers, and then fell in love truly and never parting. However, weighed in many movies and if I do not confuse, worked in the 20 series "Dr. Quinn". Soon again we shall work together in the thriller "Eclipse".
- It is believed to preserve the marriage, spouses often have to rest from each other. And you will not part, even on the set. We do not usually cry, and move away to the side and quietly agree about everything, but this happens rarely. I am well aware that James - a talented director, and he trusts me as an actress.
. - It's for the husband you have decided to more than forty years give birth bliznetsovN
. - Yes, I dreamed to give James a child, so when we were told that it would be twins, we were in seventh heaven of joy
. We have a very happy marriage. I love it when I asked about my twins.
- They are very similar to each drugaN

- Not at all. Joni - very funny as a clown, he is smaller and has a very big head. His favorite color - pink, girlish. Everything should be pink - from clothing to toys.

Chris flies like the wind, very sporty. In the five years he played tennis, golf, baseball. Definitely will ever be known athlete.

- They watch movies with your participation N

- Not only watching, they saw me they filmed. Particularly fond of "Swiss family Robinson" because Mom and Dad do they play together.
Family fortune smiled Jane only four attempts. And every time she married for love, firmly believing that it is forever.

First husband's name was Michael Attenborough. Young Jane played a role on the London stage in the play of his father - the world-famous film director Sir Richard Attenborough. The storm of feelings broke out between the young actress and her son living classic. Michael also wanted to become a director as great as the father. To rent a movie and then his wife and mold out of it his Galatea. Jane did not agree to such a role. She herself preferred to pave the way to the actor's fame, not waiting for someone will lead her to her by the hand. The two collided head-self-esteem, boyish did not allow any of the spouses to give. The marriage disintegrated ...

"More than any number of unrecognized genius" - gave a vow Seymour and soon married businessman Jeffrey Pleynera. This marriage was even more precarious. Husband could not grasp how it can work from morning till night and come home as a squeezed lemon. And barely opened his eyes, to grasp at once the script and cram, cram, cram the text of the new role, so that later, hastily smacking her husband on the cheek, to fly headlong into the studio or another casting. In short, the complete dissimilarity of character and way of life destroyed by this marriage, Jane.

Third marriage with manager David Flynn lasted ten years. My husband had nothing against the fact that his wife - movie star with all the ensuing consequences. And Jane came to the idea that family happiness is impossible without children. Thus was born the daughter of Kathy and son Sean.

- You do not fear for his career, when decided to become materyuN

- Not at all. And life has proven that I was right. Doctors told me about the pregnancy, when I was at the height of his fame. On Broadway, then walked the famous play "Amadeus" (I played Mozart's wife), at cinemas showing "Somewhere in time" with me and Christopher Reeve, and on television - TV series "East of Eden". When Katie was born, I once co-starred in three more films. Baby was with me at all shooting areas. So since then and has become a tradition, my children always accompany me on the set.

But David is not jealous of his wife to fame, suddenly began showering her with reproaches because of the children, he walked in her life to the background. Family quarrels followed one after another. Jane eventually demanded a divorce. And Flynn has done everything in his power to make this and so difficult procedure in hell. He sued for every penny, he divided the property up to the last floor mat at the door. Flynn did not require their children, but has ensured that the ex-wife still pays him ... Alimony - 10 thousand dollars a hedgehog
- Could you assume that all will end that way when he wrote his first book, "Guide to the romantic life of Jane Seymour" N

- Of course, there. Otherwise I would not devote its Flynn. Then I believed that finally I have a strong family, secure the rear. But ... Unfortunately, I was not lucky with David, he was a bad person. However, I have to communicate with him. I think that I have no right to deprive their older children to the father. They ever will understand all yourself.

- Child support you during razvodaN

- Yes, but not limited. When I was heaving a terrible depression, instead of crying, I got up to the easel. She remembered the school, while lessons in painting were mandatory, but today for some reason they did was expelled from the programs of American schools. By the brushes and paints I have not touched for a long time: all the forces first took up studies in a ballet school, then shooting. But in 40 years, began again to draw. And although to date very happy, not in a position to stay. Admitted the draw all their friends. We often gathers together, we bring those that have prepared and dedicate the weekend painting. You can not imagine what talents offered at a friends of mine, who thought that just do not know how to draw.

. - Do you receive personal vystavkiN

. - Not yet, but I received an offer from the two dealers who want to sell my paintings in galleries
. Incidentally, when I first sold one of them at a charity auction for two and a half million dollars, my husband James just lost for words. He came to himself only the house and immediately demanded that I immediately drew anything else in the same spirit.

. - Recently the House "Escada" put one of your works on silk scarves.

. - Painting, vending designers "Escada" is called "Tears of Joy"
. I wrote to her immediately after it almost died of dengue fever during the filming of "Swiss Family Robinson". A few days lay in a delirium, the doctors could not vouch for my life. Funds from the sale of these scarves will be used for treatment of seriously ill children. My bright flower arrangement placed on the fabric first, before they were on credit cards and labels, Californian wines.

. - In Russia, you know more as an actress on the TV series "Dr. Quinn, a woman doctor," I heard that many things are you doing without a backup
. This is not opasnoN

- Every time I fall off a horse, a camera crew breath. After all, if I seriously maimed, all lose their jobs. Once coach riding just saved my life. He walked up and without saying a word, took my horse to one side. Just look at his feet, I realized what was going. Directly beneath us rolled up in a ball rattlesnake. If the horse sensed it, it could wind up and suffer: I'd have died.

- Your fans that simply would not have experienced. It is better to share with them merry incidents during the shooting.

- During the breaks, I always have lunch with a group at the table. No time to change clothes, so I try not to drip on her dress. And in "Dr. Quinn, if you remember, I was covered with a tight corset and a neck of a strict dress. And here we sit as a table, and suddenly I jump up and everyone's eyes begin to literally tear off his clothes. My colleagues were numb from such a striptease, thought for sure that I'm crazy. And I was just at that moment the wasp stung in the chest, and I had to urgently pull out the sting.

- And on the action movie "Live and Let Die another, where you played a girl James Bond, vspominaeteN

- Course. My partner was Roger Moore - kind, nice man. But he makes me laugh so that sometimes we simply could not work. Once we look at each other, as we began to choke with laughter. Then one of us deduced from the set. A replica of another filed an assistant director.

- Who is your favorite partner kinoN

- Joe Lando, and not just because we experienced a delightful beautiful novel. He is a very talented actor, even if the camera shoots me, he played at full strength, not sparing the emotional energy. I am from it is always charged.

This romantic story began on the set. Jane was flattered that a handsome man, 10 years younger, which entered the top 50 most beautiful people in the world, had won the title of the most sexy men on TV, looking only at her.

But friendship with Jane was not so, Joe dreamed. He, like a boy, tried to attract her attention. Once, on a plot he had a running start, jump on a horse and jump. Trying to look like can be spectacular, Lando jumped with such force that it flew over the horse and nearly broke his neck. "If you finally do not answer his feelings, he was crippled," - has warned a close friend of Seymour. And Jane said ... But before the wedding, it never came, appeared in her life, James Keach.
- You do not write memoirs sobiraetesN

- Someday, perhaps, will issue its revelation. But I grown old enough for this. Now with James, we are writing children's books. Humorous stories we take from our family life.

One of the books is called "The one and this" - so we call each other twins: "Take the hands of this, and I'll carry this". The boys love our work. Recently, Johnny suggested me the idea of a new book. It will be called "My" and tell you that the twins are not obliged to share everything with each other in half, as erroneously believed parents.

. Even I am working on a book for pregnant women twins, share personal experiences.

. - How do you manage to look so good in 49 letN

. - Helps ballet history
. Besides, I try to limit themselves in eating, doing in the gym. In Russia it is impossible to comply with the diet, because Russian cuisine so tasty.

In Russia, in love, and my son Sean. He visited here last summer, along with the famous Dr. Patch Adams. Patch long time and involved a lot of charity. He socialized with children only in a clown suit, because he believes that laughter heals better than drugs. They have traveled many hospitals and orphanages. Now his son often calls 14-year-old Russian girlfriend, and say to me in good English.
- Who helps you to hozyaystvuN
- Fourteen years will come to us one cooks, who cleans and prepares. I have a personal secretary. Sometimes we invite a nanny, when engaged on the set. But when not working, then with James are engaged children.
- Do you have pets zhivotnyeN
- Cat and fish. Favorite dog, unfortunately, last year died. Children are asked to buy a puppy, but we are not yet ready.
- Many have heard about your clothing collection.
- Sew I learned long ago, when unable to buy expensive clothes. Very fond of embroidery: stitched all my things are preserved. And buying antique clothing. She is in America in a big fashion, but I got very cheap. Decrepit things I restored and is now sometimes wear. Imagine how spectacular look at receptions toilets of different ages. In addition, the contract, I usually leave with a costume, which starred. That's gathered a collection. Sometimes selling these dresses for charity auctions.
- What will bring gifts from Russia detyamN
- An eye on those wooden dolls, they are hiding each other. The children should be like.

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Jane Seymour (Jane Seymour), photo, biography
Jane Seymour (Jane Seymour), photo, biography Jane Seymour (Jane Seymour)  Actor, photo, biography
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