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SEROVA Valentina

( Actress)

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Biography SEROVA Valentina
photo SEROVA Valentina
(23.12.1917 - 12.12.1975)
Real life Serova was different than her on-screen heroines. "She could not wait, though" Wait for Me "was written just for her. And the last line "Just you know how to wait, as no one else was unquestioned approval for the thousands of foreign women. For Simon it was the conviction itself, first and foremost, what he wanted to believe and believed with his usual stubbornness.
According to official figures, Valentin Serov was born December 23, 1917 near Kharkov. (Although, according to her daughter - Maria Simon - In. Serov purposely added a two years to be admitted to examinations in the Theater School at the Theater of Working Youth (TRAM). Love the theater Serova passed on from her mother - actress Claudia Polovikova. In six years, little Valya moved to Moscow, and two years later with his mother first appeared on stage at the studios of the Maly Theater Sretenke in the play "The time will come" to play F. Rolland. The girl went to an unusual role: she played a boy - the son of the heroine of the play on behalf of David. It took a theatrical debut in. Serova. And from that moment the girl literally sick theater. Because of him she even left school at 14 years was admitted to the Central College Performing Arts. Been studying there for only one year, and it immediately invited to the theater Working Youth (TRAM, now - Lencom). In it she worked for almost 17 years.
In 1934, the young actress Valentina Polovikova invited to act in films. Directed by Abram Room planned to withdraw now "Strict boy" and offered her one of the roles - a gay YCL. The film was removed, but members of a look-committee found him "little substance and harmful" and banned access to the screen. So Valentine's film debut was a success.
His birthday Serov not always noted on December 23 and February 23 - in the Soviet Army Day. And her first husband was a military - a famous test pilot, hero of the Spanish Civil War, Stalin's brigade commander Anatoly Serov. Happened in 1938. But their life together did not last long. In May 1939 the commission of test flights on the "Teach-4" A. Serov crashed. And in August the same year, Serov had a son, who was in honor of deceased father was called Anatoly.

It is ironic, but it is sad that in 1939 Serov became famous. On the screens of the country went out the feature film "Girl with a character," where she played a central role. This film and brought her fame-Union. As later recalled actress L. Pashkova: "Cinema, where showing the film" Girl with a character ", were taken by storm, in theaters on its performances it was impossible to get tickets ..."
. In December of that year, Serov was invited to the Kremlin, which celebrates the 60 anniversary of the birth and
. Stalin. For 22-year-old actress was a significant event. She quickly broke into the then-fictional life, and it was impossible to say she had felt himself there uncertainly.
. Meanwhile, another resounding success could be expected Serov two years after that - with access to screen the film "Heart of Four" (1941)
. However, he was forbidden to be shown as "shoddy and ideologically empty, and its premiere took place only at the end of the war - in January 1945.
One day in 1940 to play TRAM "Zykov," the play by M. Gorky, which Serov played the role of Paul, came 25-year-old Konstantin Simonov. Young actress has made him the impression that within a few weeks he came to her every performance and always sat in the front row with a bouquet of flowers. After the performance, usually flowers were given to her. This happened to familiarity. Probably, because for both it was the second marriage, they are in no hurry to formalize their relationship official and several years living in cohabiting. However, the sincerity of their relationship is absolutely not affected. For many years, Serov was the inspiration for the young poet and novelist. The most famous verse Simon's dedication to his wife was "Wait for Me," which appeared in print in winter 1941. In 1943 - the year on the screens of the country left the film with the same name, whose script written Simonov. In the main roles (the pilot's wife Lisa Yermolova), of course, withdrew Serov, the film tells about fidelity in love and friendship, pronesennoy through the ordeal of war.
Meanwhile, real life Serova was different than her on-screen heroines. According to Maria Simonova (her daughter): "She could not wait, though" Wait for Me "was written just for her. And the last line "Just you know how to wait, as no one else was unquestioned approval for the thousands of foreign women. For the author it was the conviction itself, first and foremost, what he wanted to believe and believed with his usual stubbornness.
. Early in the spring of 1942, Serov of a concert performed in front of the brigade hospital patients, which was in the walls Timiryazev Agricultural Academy in Moscow
. In one of the individual chambers of the hospital lay the future Marshal of the Soviet Union's 46-year-old Konstantin Rokossovsky, which several days ago, was wounded by shrapnel. Serov was asked to speak to him, and without hesitation she walked into his house. This happened to an acquaintance which grew into a great sense. The actress suddenly came a new love, from which she literally lost her head. For the sake of this love she was ready to throw it all: her husband, theater. However, unlike her future marshal understood the fragility of their relationship. While the front-line commanders hobbies Kremlin leaders condoned, . However, this case was special: it acted as the mistress of a famous actress (before the next marshal met with luxurious blonde, . surgeon, . moreover Major rank),
. In a similar case, actress Alla Tarasova in love at the front of Major-General Alexander Pronin, and their relationship in 1945 led to a wedding. In the case of Serov - Rokossovsky not the case. If Serov not officially married, the commander had a legitimate wife and daughter. Therefore, it was clear initially that their relationship into anything serious vylitsya and will not. Apparently, therefore, in 1943, Serov finally decided to officially register their marriage with Simonov. Here is what this actress. Makarov:
. Pavel Shpringfeld, . her longtime partner, TRAM and "Heart of four", . told me, . Serov once offered him a bet, . that at five o'clock, . the minute, . beneath the windows to stop the government "ZIM", . he will make war, . that within a few minutes of idle time under her windows at attention ",
. "I think you know him in person". With that she pushed the curtain, and Pasha saw the sidewalk lacquered limousine rides, a representative of it goes a tall man, who, as promised, and Serov, did not move, just stood and stared at her window. Pasha had time to consider Marshall's shoulder straps and a long sad look from under the lacquered canopy. Rokossovsky! "

Without a doubt, these special relations between the actress and the marshal were well informed and in the Kremlin. When the war went on, they did not attach special significance. It was common among military leaders (there was even coined a term - outdoorsy Regimental wife), but in peacetime they were not tolerate going. Therefore, in 1946, Marshal and actress have parted in different directions: Rokossovskogo sent first to the Northern Group of Forces, and later completely outside the USSR, in fraternal Poland as Minister of Defense. Serov remained in Moscow. Who knew about this hobby of his wife Simonov eventually forgave her. However, the family is never retained.
. Last official Serova success occurred in 1946, . she also was awarded the Stalin Prize and the title of honored artist of the RSFSR for participation in the film "Glinka" (though this creative take-off this small part can not be named).,
. Vspominaet
. Makarov: "1946 will further consolidate its reputation and position among the first Soviet stars ... In the summer, she traveled with Simonov in Paris. She has a house in Peredelkino and a luxury apartment on Gorky Street, where life is put in a big way - two maids, silver trophy "Willis" with an open top, which she drives herself, noisy feast, which collect "all of Moscow". Her name and the alliance with Simonov, as expected, surrounded by rumor, contradictory rumors, gossip. Both are too visible and bright people to stay in the shadows. They say that he is in love with her is not so, as before. It is said that she had affairs and he knows it ... "

Role "Glinka" was not the most successful kinorabotoy Serova, though for her, and she received the highest award in the country. Time of its romantic heroines gradually disappeared, and she was left out of work. But the actress at that time was only 27 years old. Apparently, from this lack of demand for creative, without love Serov broke. The real "girl with the character" of it did not work. As she wrote in one of his letters to. Simon: "... We lived in often difficult, but acceptable for human life. Then you began to drink ... I have aged over the years for many years and was tired, it seems, my whole life ahead ... "

. While Serov continued to play on stage Lenkoma, . then moved to the Small, . later - in the theater Mossovet, . played even in Noginsk Theater, . but these were only glimpses of the talent, . that once led to the stunning actress fame and popularity.,

. Almost Serova career as a theater and movie actress ended in 50-s
. For example, from 1950 to 1973, she starred in only 5 movies, all roles were sporadic. Rather, it was "handouts" from the directors completely descended, penniless actress. Therefore kinospisok Serova looks short: 11 films, of which only three of her going to the major role. But back to the beginning of 50's.
In 1950, at Serova and Simon's daughter, Maria. Many years later, she tells:
"When I was born, my mother on the phone told her father:" I gave birth Margarita Aliger ". As a child I was really on it is very similar. For the first time he saw me, his father remarked thoughtfully: "dark, mean - my". His dream that my son or daughter were like a mother - Valentine did not come true. Even before my birth parents decided that her son would be called Ivan, and if there is a daughter Masha ... "

In 1957 Maria went to the first class. In the same year her parents divorced, but on Sept. 1, along accompanied her daughter to school. Maria Simon walked in the footsteps of the mother and bound their lives to the theater. In the footsteps of the mother went and Anatoly (son of Serova from his first marriage), but he took from it the worst - to 30 years, he became a chronic alcoholic, had spent several years in prison for hooliganism. About how she lived in those years, the once celebrated actress, and again recalls. Makarov:
"Unhappiness harassed her and the last years. The illness, long, grueling course of treatment, the son Anatoly, a chronic alcoholic who had miraculously escaped the prison, the endless court with his mother, who per Simonov alimony bent on depriving Valya maternity rights. Masha did not select, but what she is worth it! What could save her - so this is some kind of a good part, the serious work. But the specter of scandal, invisibly present behind her, a bad rumor and a bad diagnosis, which all remember, closed its doors studios and metropolitan theaters. Also for anyone it was no secret that Simonov unpleasant any mention of the name Serova, any of its appearance on the stage and screen. This superiors knew about it knew it ". (K. Simonov will withdraw from all of his works dedicated to her, only the poem "Wait for Me" is the epigraph - In. C.)
In the last few years of his life Serov really dragged out a miserable existence. Since the money to drink it was never enough, she was selling their personal belongings on the sale of which had not been raised in her hand. For example, in one case it is sold on the cheap one actress from the theater-studio movie actor expensive ring, in another - a brooch, which she once gave Simonov.
. Boon companion and friend Serova was then a young man, who worked as stage director at one of the studios
. She trusted him all her secrets, even read the diaries, which are written in a few years.
In the summer of 1975 at the age of 36 years from a fatal addiction to alcohol died Anatoly Serov. Six months after that - Dec. 12, 1975 - die, and Valentin Serov. How to write later, her daughter: "She died alone in an empty, thieved unites its crooks apartment, from which they brought out all that give in carrying hand ..."
Coffin into. Serova put to bid farewell to the studio theater actor. Simonov, in those days was in Kislovodsk and at the funeral did not come, sending a bouquet of flowers. The mother of the late Claudia Polovikova the funeral came, but stayed on them for long - stood near the coffin, but did not go to the cemetery.
After attending the funeral of the L. Pashkova left bitter memories about:
"She looked at the dead, and his heart ached with pain. Is it really all that remains of the most feminine actresses in our theater and kinoN Kom stuck in my throat. Remove it for a long time could not. She put the flowers and left the theater. Three hours walking through Moscow and cried ... "

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SEROVA Valentina, photo, biography
SEROVA Valentina, photo, biography SEROVA Valentina  Actress, photo, biography
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