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Smirnitskii Valentin

( Actor)

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Biography Smirnitskii Valentin
photo Smirnitskii Valentin
(genus. June 10, 1944)
Many of the ladies, putting a gentle hand on heart, must confess that not refused to find himself on the spot heroines of Dumas. But on one condition - that in place of Porthos, he would just - Valentine Smirnitskii - courteous, charming, and imposing terribly smelly (in the sense of delicious flavor of tobacco, for which the presence of the actor is calculated on the sidelines of the Theater of the Moon). Yes, damn it, musketeers do not age, but only add charm ...
Born June 10, 1944 in Moscow. In 1965 he graduated from the Theater School. B. Shchukin. Worked from Anatoly Efros in Lenkom and the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. In the film debuted in the film M. Goddess "Two". For 35 years, starred in nearly fifty paintings, . including the "Seven old men and one woman" (1968), . "Shield and Sword" (1968), . "Premature Man" (1971), . "D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers" (1978), . "One day, twenty years later" (1980), . Fathers and grandfathers "(1982), . "Prohindiada, . or jogging on the spot "(1984), . "Visit to the Minotaur" (1987), . "The Musketeers Twenty Years Later" (1992), . "Don Quixote Returns" (1997), . "Love is evil ..." (1998) and others,
. Currently theater actor of the Moon ( "Journey dilettantes," "Tender Is the Night"). He was thrice married, has a son and a daughter.
- Valentin G., you've found in the Pike in a very good kompaniiN
- Yes. But not on the same course, . but at the same time with me to school and Andrei Mironov, . and sisters Vertinsky, . and Valya Malyavina, . and Inna Gulaya, . and Nikita Mikhalkov - he was younger than me (his, . true, . expelled for bad behavior, . and he then went to VGIK and became a director),
. In general, the talent shortage ...
- And your kursN
- Was not very happy. The profession continued very few. The most famous actor from our course - Sasha Kalyagin. But our teachers have been legendary personalities - the students the second Moscow Art Theater School, the founders of the Theater Vakhtangov - Rusinov, Mansurov, Andreeva, Rapoport, Koltsov, Lviv, Shehmatov, Etush - then just a young teacher, now the rector.
. - You were the first zahodaN
. - Surprisingly easy.
. - There was opytN
. - In school I was attracted to the drama section
. I've successfully made his debut in the role of the inspector. I crept a stray thought: Do not become me artistomN And I began to engage in polusamodeyatelnoy studio together with Sergei Shakurova Vasya Bochkarev. Customize went and did quite easily. Although at the time all work in the creative universities, especially in the pike. There was tremendous competition - almost a thousand people in one place.
- And what chitaliN
- I'm so skinny, funny, read no more nor less than Mayakovsky - "A cloud in trousers", which caused the host committee a ticklish reaction. All the material on the resistance. I did everything very seriously - read prose, in my opinion, Gogol, Krylov's fable, of course.

- Filming began during uchebyN

- In the end.

- It's not privetstvovalosN

- Well, forbidden. But we have scholarships were very small, and we always worked part time. Either on the stage out of three rubles in the crowd, or worked in a crowd scene in film. How zheN live something had.

- Nikita Mikhalkov, then offered the role of "on znakomstvuN"

- On Friendship. And I was an actor. We are with him one time in a close contact, and he offered me, then a young Levet Durova and a few actors weigh in his thesis film "The Last Day at the end of war". We as friends gladly accepted and went with him on an expedition to the village of Oka Voznesenskoe under Tarusa.
- Today would have him snyatsyaN
- I would love. He confesses his school, he has his actors. He is very strong, talented, wonderful artist, very original, different from all, confessing his principles, his art. In general, a wonderful director and actor, I think.
SCHOOL genius
- How did you get in the theater EfrosaN
- I showed. After college I took three of the Moscow theater and more at the city council to Vladimirov (he sent me a request). But to go to Leningrad to me, Muscovite, there was no sense. But Efros - it seemed tempting ...

- PochemuN

- I liked his performances, it seemed to me that this is what I need. And I was very happy when I was invited to Lenkom. My first role was sufficiently serious - I played Treplev in "The Seagull" - sensational, scandalous at the time of the play, staged in defiance of all the classical canons ... Then there was Andrei Prozorov in "Three Sisters" - the performance was 30 times, banned it for distortion of the Russian classics. Played Moliere's Don Juan, Cassio in Othello, Mercutio in "Romeo and Juliet", Kochkareva in "Marriage", in many plays Arbuzov ... What perechislyatN many roles was. Theater biography I have enough rich
- Efros was strict, but spravedlivN
- Yes, quite. Is requiring. The main thing - he was director-teacher. He raised his artists religion, ponimaeteN He played Nikolai Volkov, Lev Round, Alexander Shirvindt, Valentin Gaft, galaxy of artists. While it was possible to distinguish the actors theater Contemporary artists from Efros or Taganka.
- Then why ushliN
- In the 86-m theater had collapsed. Efros then went to Taganka.
- He will not go zvalN
- No, Taganka he was not invited - took one Yakovlev. And in the abandoned theater began Disorder. It's like a living organism - childhood, adolescence, old age and dying. All this and the theater is. This can be found in the records Nemirovich. With the departure of Efros theater began to fall into the abyss, in fact, there continues to steadily decline. We have nothing from him and left - some recollections and Legen
- On the set of "The Three Musketeers" in Lviv in 78 th year so far are legends. Well, actually there reigned Musketeer bespredelN
- The atmosphere we have created themselves. Our friendship, which survived until now, ensued during the filming. And our fervent gay relationship with mutual podkolami automatically transferred to the screen. And probably, it infects the spectator: to be seen - everything is done very sincere.

- Are not you surprised when Yungvald-Khil'kevich invited you to become PortosomN

- Surprise. Very. I did not expect. When I got a call from Odessa and I was invited to come to make a test, I even did not specifically say who. And at the time I broke my leg and was two months on the ballot. And I had nothing to do. Although it has signed a contract with the Riga Film Studio - director Alois Brench going to shoot a very interesting two-part detective story, all shooting should have been held in Germany and Poland. And here I am happy to fly to Odessa. It turned out that he was me trying to Porthos. I was surprised and seemingly frivolous to the treated. Said Khil'kevich: do you see, I'm in this state ... He: nothing better, we dress you ...

- You're not very consistent and the build ...

- No not really, but quite. But he had some of his director's arguments, something in me he "thought". So I removed the waist, I told some text, he was behind the camera, he answered me, and then I left.

Then, strangely enough, I was approved at the highest level of ideological television - this TV movie was made on the order of the Public Broadcaster. And I had to abandon the contract with the jingling - match shooting.

I started acting in this film, no regrets. Time as it has placed everything on their places. The film is popular until now, ironically, and not funny ...

- And who saw themselves in childhood, when read kniguN

- First of all, D'Artagnan ... In an extreme case-Athos. AramisomN Well, he's a little poprotivnee ... But Porthos himself not quite seen before.

- It still had this nice valyazhnostN

- I have done all sorts of artificial lining. In general, it was difficult. I was the first time a movie had to play a distinctive role - that the theater is often pulled by makeup. But the film is always very dangerous. A more realistic screen "sells" make-up, lining. If you do not play convincingly, you can immediately reveal themselves.

- Hedonic philosophy of Porthos affect your vzglyadyN

- Actually, my philosophy of life in many things in contact with his. So I was probably not difficult ...

. - You do not hurt that many viewers still see in you PortosaN

. - What delatN This is not just my fate, and many very good actors, who came under press serial popularity
. Not only. A stunning, brilliant actor Boris Babochkin life took place as CHapaev! Most serious artist, great teacher. It must be philosophical about ...

- But the role of something then suggested "Musketeer" N

- Well, tried in a rut, but I refused. Incidentally, when the directors saw me personally, very frustrating. I deceived them in the picture ...
- And you radovalisN
- And I'm glad.
- Now in a different way to play PortosaN
- Probably. Sure. But I played it in quite other, younger years ... It is now in the position of their age and their age I would have something else interpreted. By the way, Depardieu is it trying to do in the movie "Iron Mask" - I recently duplicated it. There are several amusing finds. I turned bright blockbuster.
- Here's why: "Twenty years later," called "Twenty years later, Sleeves" N
- I'll explain. Unfortunately, the film is not. First, weak script. The first script he wrote Mark Rozovsky, participated Mark Zakharov. The second scenario Khil'kevich wrote with some Nikolayev. Secondly, the very novel at all boring itself. Is there such sluggishly growing intrigue. We Misha Boyarsky - it went everywhere with folio - trying to somehow sharpen its. In this movie, many scenes that we have devised and set up, and Khil'kevich us agreed. But all the same to save the general situation we could. Then there were difficulties with financing, and so on. Much has been against. But the main thing - it was originally not very successful.

- Is there is the sense in the idea of Boyarsky continuation "Musketeers" N

- I, incidentally, was also one of the initiators of this idea. I do not want you to disclose the secret. Generally a good idea ...

We've taken that Dumas' musketeers killed almost all - except Aramis. And what has brought all sorts of historical materials ...

- And what zheN

- This defaults to 98-m us and I lose. And we had a producer and a very good prospect.

- And now there nadezhdaN

- I do not know ... Misha is all assumed and this is worn ... But we the people are a little creative scattered, can not concentrate, but these must be dealt. Need a producer who would become seriously pushing the idea. And Misha creative man, he has a lot to do besides this, a theater, concerts, movies ... It's hard.

- Will musketeers meet vmesteN what a laugh, they say, in America now zhivetN

- Yes, he basically lived abroad. He was in Germany, Europe travels. Teaches, staged performances with the students ... But in principle, such an agreement with him was.

- Is it true that after the second film you are so mad at Khil'kevich that vowed never to him not rabotatN

- Oh no ... Although we had conflicts. But in the process of filming a few scandals byvaetN creative process. But we Khil'kevich after the movie and talked, and met, and I even managed to withdraw from him in a silly picture together with Sasha Pankratov-black ... So there.

- Then again HilkevichN

- It is difficult. Misha wants it. Some of us - other. After Khil'kevich in his time set a condition: I am so sorry for the characters, I can not make a film about how they are killed. He sort of has its own principled position on this. Let
- Any role for the actor (I speak truths) - when he begins to work, whatever it was, deserved, experienced, with regalia - is for him an exam. Can not get away. I got the role, and with all your luggage - the experience, skills - for me it's like a white sheet ... Well do not know what happens. It's like an exam in the first year. This profession. It is why some nerves and exhausting.

- When most volnuetesN

- And I do not know. I am excited for each role. Eventually, when you start to play, excitement, of course, runs, but only when you start to work. This applies to movies, and television, and theater, and even meetings with the audience ...

- What are struggling with etimN

- This is my trade secrets. Experience is still there, and do not get away from this. And then, if not excited - it means that you do not care. This actor can not help but worry. All the same, a poet at heart flutters.

- Some actors have resorted to using alcohol. Or drugs ...

- No, they relieve stress ... Well I have had problems with alcohol. Well chtoN tried to win it and won some extent. All what we said, it gives a precipitate on the psychophysics. In order to be discharged, stress relief, many turn to alcohol in our midst. Unfortunately ... It is truly a time helps, some in the West famous artists - drug addicts ... because they relieve stress. A potomN

Recently at a meeting with the audience, one woman asked an unexpected question: "Tell me, please, that you work a lot ... It has not gone umaN "I thought. Indeed, serious business. As I have not gone mad yet porN Not in vain actors go crazy. If someone play a hundred percent - is a direct path to that understanding can blur.

So many actors Wacky. And the actress-zhenschinyN They have all of that is even stronger. And old age psyche is strained very. In general, female actress - worst case. They are said to be weaker in this sense, the psyche, they are more prone. I've watched.

- But now, as a vosstanavlivaeteN

- Now I know how. Not resort to alcohol. Because, as it turned out, this is not a panacea, just the opposite ... trying to somehow recover. Relaxed nature, reading, socializing with friends ...

- A sportN

- I am engaged in sports all my life. If I had not turned actor's fate, I would become an athlete. I am very well played football, I had prospects.

- SeychasN

- There is almost nothing left. Well, love swimming, I try at the first opportunity to swim, play football, if not. Then the "Musketeers" especially a passion for equestrian sport. This is wonderful ...

- You had no idea myself do rezhissuroyN

- No, no. I often offered to teach - I've played in graduation pictures vgikovskih - and offered to do the directing department at the State Institute of Cinematography. Roamed this idea. But I did not dare.

- PochemuN

- I worked with so many different directors in the theater and movies ... In general, observed this profession with the actor's hand. She is a very responsible, if we're serious in this matter to go - it is a very responsible. I'm on this responsibility is not resolved ...

- Most come down with umaN

- Do not know. But I understand - you take the responsibility not only for their own destiny, but also for the fate of people with whom you work. In my profession responsible for themselves and for their partners. And here you are in charge of something more. This includes directing, and pedagogy ... I have not decided on that responsibility ...

- And you stayed role-mechtaN

- Yes a lot ... For example, very sorry I did not play doctor Astrov in Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya". It wanted to play. And we even started to Minor armor with Efros rehearse ... But something rehearse, put down, then began all sorts of trouble, he went to Taganka, and the idea of hanging in the air. A general idea of this was, and I am very sorry that I did not play ...
Smoke of the Fatherland
- In addition to the work that warms dushuN
- Podmoskovnaya nature.
- You ohotnikN
- No, I just love to relax with friends on the nature. Kebabs, tusovochka good ... I love Moscow summer. This winter, you want somewhere to go abroad to palm trees and ocean. Sometimes allow ourselves - seldom. In summer there is nothing better than the Moscow region.
- Garden work is not uvlekaetesN
- Well if you ask me - Get. And I love animals. I had a lot of dogs ... At one time the dogs was seriously engaged. Now somehow sadly - left his wife, two dogs, and one died, the other ran away.

- And what breed predpochitaeteN

- I have been a variety. Poodle, Dachshund, Mastino Neapolitana, Caucasian Shepherd Dog - by the way, she died recently from a stroke. It turns out that dogs are "human" disease.

- You are so many trains in the world. And if they stay in some "lilac Singapore" N

- No, I would not agree ... I'm started to go abroad very early. But always the case - festivals, photography, theater performances ... I traveled a lot of countries ... Chat with our emigration. And psychologically it makes me a very bad impression ...

- PochemuN

- They are all strangers in the country in which they live. It is very evident. Previously, they were few, and they somehow absorbed imperceptibly. Now wherever you come, you rush to the crowds of emigrants - in Israel, Greece, Germany, America, Australia, anywhere ... Our latest emigration - are unhappy, they are on my horrible impression.
Maybe I was the way. After all, there are people who do not care where you live. But I attributed some roots from which I can not tear himself away. And then, the profession. I do anything else I can not. All attempts are collapsing.
- And you probovaliN
- In moments of despair, thinking, at least on this subject ... But I understand that is untenable in the other. And because all of our creative people who left and tried to do something - almost all have failed. Except, perhaps, several prominent musicians balerunov. And they are quite dissatisfied people ... For all its outward prosperity. When you begin to communicate with them, it slips. But already those who did not take place - they look terrible ... ponimaeteN very painful impression.
- But there is a country where you want vernutsyaN
- Probably, everyone has a place that's liking. I - Italy. I do not know what's that aura, but it feels good, although I would not stay to live there ... But there's good ... These stunning combination of preserved ancient beauty with all modern. There, everything is in harmony. Nation, emitting some sort of joy and kindness. All there is in a different way ... But we live here and finish his life on this earth.

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Smirnitskii Valentin, photo, biography
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