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Lidiya Smirnova

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Biography Lidiya Smirnova
photo Lidiya Smirnova
(p. February 13, 1915)
From childhood she was incredibly amorous. Once, for example, was so absorbed insignificant bug-eyed classmate that secretly covered with kisses the whole of his party. Already in the 12 years girl seeking a meeting with young people went to the Boulevard in anticipation of adventures. First, spoiled little boys, and later - very different men, including well-known and titled, swarmed around the snub-nosed charmer. And so until her old age. Smirnova quite came to the title pozhiratelnitsy hearts, but who owned her own - a question neritorichesky.
The history of youthful marriage, the future actress looks very romantic. As if it were composed by the current image-maker. Lidiya Smirnova a young man fond of sports and ski for one day at her eyes met with BAT. The young man immediately pricked up his skis in the direction of rosy-cheeked girls with dimples on her cheeks. He was a journalist, a polyglot, and the first of the men who wanted to marry her. Said - done, and now a happy family is already climbing the mountains and traveling by canoe. All good was Sergei, but I never appreciated the new Lidochkinogo Hobbies. That threw the work of economist and went to study in the studio of the Chamber Theater, but - alas! - Husband always fell asleep as soon as the budding actress was taken to sharpen it a monologue Phaedra.
. Meanwhile, the girl was admitted to the troupe Tairov and immediately got the role
. And soon she was summoned to act in films - in a comic melodrama Korsch-Sablin's "My Love", which wrote the music for the famous Dunaevskii. But a separate conversation about the composer. As for the husband, do not forget: The imminent war ( "My Love" came out in 40 th year). In the 41-m Sergei Dobrushin went to militia. His unit landed in the environment and was forced to leave quickly. Later, friends told him that Sergei returned for a forgotten tablet - and disappeared. Missing ... Before leaving for the front, he warned his wife that, if mutilated, she did not see. And throughout the long life of Lydia Nikolaevna haunted feeling that her first man is somewhere nearby, and closely monitors the creative impulses of art romantic and charming zhenush
. Example Dunaevskogo shows how unbearable the true love in the manifestations of his exalted sense
. After the filming of "My Love" composer left his native Leningrad and there subjected debutante-temptress heavy bombardment: daily, she received a letter and one or two cables. Love fool demanded the same amount of response epistle. Besides Smirnova, from childhood not had a passion for reading, was forced to do the same self -. (In the expression of emotions Isaac Osipovich relied on the classical examples, . so he had to conform.) This correspondence so exhausted girl, . that sometimes, . not able to squeeze out a single line, . she sent to the e-mail buddy - Artist Shishkina, . so that he himself composed and sent on its behalf love dispatch,
. Not that Lida Smirnov was indifferent to "Shani" Dunaevskogo (ambitious Isaac Osipovich signed love letters the nickname of the popular film of Strauss' Great Waltz "). But most of all for the love it had its own excitement because the intelligent, talented, and secured a famous musician has fallen at her feet. And even going to shoot a new film and engage in her career.

Smirnova like to receive flowers from him and visit a luxury hotel, when he was superintending in Moscow. But the chance to become the wife of a living classic, she thoughtlessly underestimated. That is left for another expedition, the first thing in love. So the tone of her letters Dunaevskii something suspect. But it's not so bad (communication with sailor was fleeting). Worse was something else: when the maestro decided to make a proposal, the girl refused to lightning. She had no intention of a) to part with Sergei, and b) lose the charm of secret relationship with a celebrity-Union - all those passionate letters, baskets of white lilac, secret meetings, and other nonsense, so valued by young ladies. But Dunaevskii incredibly offended. Novel has cracked and soon stalled.

It seems, "Shani" was pretty unforgiving and the end of life is a failure. This is evidenced by an unexpected meeting between former lovers in the Baltic cafe just before the death of maestro. When the band suddenly struck up a song from "My Love", Smirnova, accidentally has reached a cup of coffee, gratefully waved musicians. "You think they'll uznaliN - instead of greeting Dunaevskii sarcastically remarked, sitting down beside her table. And smugly added: - That I's order
During the war, Smirnova went to the evacuation of the Alma-Ata, where she acted in the movie "She was defending the country". Directed by Frederick Ermler and operator Vladimir Rapoport (ex-husband Zoya Fedorova) vied for the favor of cheerful pretty actress. Meanwhile untitled litsedeyam lived in the Kazakh capital rather poorly, at one time Lidiya even starve. A Ermler and Rapoport received laureatskie soldering. Once in the room to Smirnov, who work alongside Maretskaya came Ermler, brought the lamp and two hard-boiled eggs as a present: "Here you have lights and food". Then the door burst open, flew Rapoport, put on the table all fifty pieces of a similar product from soldering and silently withdrew. Then Marecki dropped significantly: "And you still dumaeshN He and his life will be for two soft-boiled eggs, and this will give all he has."

. On the question of true love and imaginary add that in Alma-Ata Smirnova nearly perished from epidemic typhus
. And when miraculously recovered, Rapoport re-taught her how to walk, baked apples, exported in the mountains where they laid her head favorite with remnants of hair on his knee, lubricated with kerosene, and brush off the dead nits straight nails (otherwise it was impossible). However, he never tired of repeating words of love ... Ironically, even such vigorous self-sufficient women, as Lidiya, need a sense of security. And Rapoport was the only one of those days fans who made her psychological comfort. No wonder the actress insists that the second husband was all for it - dad, mom, the whole world. His hobbies Smirnova Rapoport brought a lot of pain, sometimes in the eyes of public opinion, he looked like a submissive sufferer, it - the treacherous anemone. And yet in the main it has not betrayed. When the husband fell fatally ill, Lidiya has done the impossible: instead of three years, zaglazno tempered his doctors, her diligence Rapoport lived entire thirteen.
. Obscuration
. Should not think that his life Lidiya Smirnova sang as a grasshopper, dragonfly
. If she really fall in love, then in most cases, still contrived to keep one's head and control the situation. But it abandoned Ermler with Kalatozov could feel avenged, when once planted the fate of our heroine hefty pig. In the role thereof made by someone Rudnik Lev Sergeyevich. It was a born playboy with the makings of Alphonse. Mine arrived from Leningrad BDT, which made happy his favor at least a dozen actresses and was dismissed for moral decay. Since the outbreak of a loud affair with Smirnova, suffered the same fate of Lev Sergeyevich in the theater actor, where he served glavrezhem. Posh man flew from the governing seat, landing in Rostov. Smirnova frantic: ran to the CC to defend him, while straining to Rostov, but little was really not gone - thanks, friends kept.

. In the theater, hated it, because mine was a good professional artists and anticipated future, and here at you: amoralka
. In addition to all Smirnova, which mine has vowed eternal love, learned that her beloved shamelessly walks to the side. This whole extravaganza ended the conversation with his constant mistress, she told Lydia Nikolaevna, like mine for 30 years regularly returned to it, she sold the same property, so that it contains. Our heroine sobered the words of this woman: "They have not died to save". And she was saved. Broke with the monster, which experienced a very strong feeling in my life.

It demoralized, discouraged, Smirnova remains one. But understand that it is impossible to live well. Then she goes to Peter and doing everything to get back Rapoport. As a result, the status quo restored, but life - in ruins.
In the mid-50 Smirnova, finally met "her" director. And, of course, did not let go. It was Konstantin Voinov, whose debut short film "Sisters" (at the box office - "Two Lives") Lidiya manifested a completely new. After a series of trembling heroines she played the vulgar waitress who comes to his native village to brag to relatives beautiful city life but flirt with strangers peasants. And with amazement begins to suspect that its existence is worthless, that the village of regret. Warrior expertly built for the role of Bugs Smirnova (so named in the original source - the story of Paul Nilin), in the end the audience felt about her Nonna Pavlovna very mixed feelings - from disdain to compassion. In short, there was an unconditional victory, there has been a new twist in the career of actress. And although in the future Warriors held Smirnov was not in his every film, but six or seven times it had played. Among these works - hilarious matchmaker in the brilliant "Marriage Bal'zaminova."

From the beginning, even the "bugs" Smirnov was not slow to use their female charm. Warrior carried away, and she herself enjoyed the state of love - it seemed, it gives a special impetus to creativity and charm. One trouble: Konstantin Naumovich not bear a lie, do not know how to live a double life. I told all Rapoport. Rather helpless in the home. Warrior nonetheless left his wife and beloved daughter to live in a communal apartment, and waited for his muse to join him. However, it turned out that the beloved is ready to visit him, but her husband does not leave. Although all of his life to the director and the actress had maintained good relations. Voinov, it seems, her indecision and not forgiven ... However, when ill Rapoport, a Smirnova formed a legitimate reason not to leave the family nest. And after his death was too late to start again
There is nothing more vulgar than that, from childhood to sin, a spent life, when the mischief has no strength, loyalty in all repent. But still, God forbid, to stand in a pose of Mary Immaculate and was pleased to judge others. Fortunately, Smirnova a hypocritical repentance is not inclined, and though sorry about the pain inflicted a lot of men, but his amorous adventures depicts, not without pleasure, and with irony. By the way, she is convinced that for many of the mistakes have already paid the price. It can bet on anything: the youth come back, she would have ordered it the same way.

. Loving, typical of an actress, perhaps due to the fact that the child Smirnova suffered shock after learning that her parents - not relatives, and adoptive
. (It turns out the real father was an officer of Kolchak and lost in the Civil War, and his mother graduated from the short life in a shelter for the insane.) Relatives Lidochka kept in a black body, exposing tonguelashing and total system of prohibitions. Sirotskaya need for parental love and affection sublimated into the unconscious desire to please all and sundry. Any costs (primarily coquetry) girl wants to "earn" attention to the delicate relationship strangers. It is significant that every one of whom failed to impress, her muffled irritated. Perhaps that is why, even fell out of love in their time Rapoport, Smirnova was not left. Felt: whatever happens (and why would she not vytvorila with their own destiny), her husband any way she needed him and always. However orphan injury was, apparently, so real hard, that her healing was a little love Rapoport ...
More than anything in life Smirnov wanted one thing: to act in films. To make it happen sbesprimernym enthusiasm. It would seem an idle question - zachemN But the answer is not so predictable. It seems she wanted to become an object of desire is not so much to their own husbands, as to the countless masses of audience. To become the beloved of millions - that unconscious desire, which moved it permanently. That it owes him so successful careers and, therefore, long live ... children's psychological trauma - mortgage life success
As for the current of loneliness, of which there now and then breathe resilient actress, then in her 85 this state though sad, but it is quite natural. Moreover, loneliness - a rather modest price for a long cloudless life in film and unconditional love viewers. People are not less talented, happened to pay for these lovely trifle more expensive.

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Lidiya Smirnova, photo, biography
Lidiya Smirnova, photo, biography Lidiya Smirnova  Actress, photo, biography
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