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Solntseva Julia

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Biography Solntseva Julia
(7.08.1901 - 28.10.1989)
"In Odessa, there was a turning point in my life: I became a filmmaker there, where I found my calling, where I met Solntseva, who became my wife."
A. Dovzhenko
Julia Solntseva and Alexander Dovzhenko loved each other all their lives
JULIA Solntseva born, as was written in the articles about it, "in an intellectual family". Needless to hide the fact that this wording is far from the truth. Her mother worked at the famous Moscow store "Muir and Meriliz" (current ZUM) senior cashier. On the same father in the family tend not to mention: he was the infrequent visitor, and his visits usually ended is not "intelligent" clarifying the relationship. As a child, Julia and her brother were virtually left to themselves. And yet - the book.
. In love with literature Julia after school comes to the philosophical faculty of Moscow University, but soon leaves in actress "- became a student of the Moscow Philharmonic (later - the State Institute of Musical Drama)
. After the institute immediately receive an invitation to work in the studio Chamber Theater. But out on the stage she never managed. Aspiring actress was invited to test the role of the maid in the film Protazanov "Aelita". Beautiful Alien was supposed to play Elena Gogoleva. But Protazanov, . looking samples, . quick to appreciate the exotic beauty Julia: regular features, . huge black eyes, . charming smile, . figure of goddess: A few days later she was summoned to the directorate Mezhrabpom: "You know, . Julia Ippolitovna, . we decided to conclude a contract with you for the role of Aelita,
. Not vozrazhaeteN complain about a Cinderella, transformed from the servant in printsessuN! Julia felt that she herself seemed to hit the fairy tale ...
The most famous role, ironically, turned out to be the most hated her. Whenever Solntseva questioned about this work, she fobbed off with a pair of standard phrases: I think that Aelita has turned her "lifeless, unconvincing. But the audience storming the ticket offices, have a different opinion. After the resounding success "Aelita" F. Cordoned off and A. Faiko wrote a script specifically for Solntseva - cigarette from Mosselprom ". Here the role the actress was very fond of: all the experience comic lotochnitsy Zina, selling cigarettes on the streets and dreamed of becoming a movie star, Julia seemed so familiar! Her vying invited to be removed, and not only Soviet film directors. But attractive offers from U.S. filmmakers Solntseva flatly refused. She lived remains closed, although its terms were the most interesting people of the time. Publication of poems Aseev Nicholas and Alexei Kruchyonykh. She was familiar with Bryusov, Balmont, Andrei Bely. Quite often met with Mayakovsky. All Places Mayakovsky knew about the tender, caring for Volodya to "Julia Ippolitovne" - so he called her.
Cinema brought her fame, and then made another generous gift. "In Odessa in 1928, filmed" Jimmy Higgins "- recalls Julia Ippolitovna. - I drew attention to the man who made several appearances in the studio it was during my shooting. He was sitting somewhere in the distance, but it seemed to me, watching me. I once asked who is. I was told - Dovzhenko. He had just arrived from Berlin. Two days later, I stopped at the exit from the studio with friends from work, to show them my audition of "Jimmy Higgins". Suddenly a hand from behind unexpectedly took photos, and someone said: "Let me see". I turned. Before me stood Dovzhenko. "This is good, but it is not good:" - very strongly, "he said confidently. Then he returned the photos (it seemed to me - rather carelessly), and, without saying another word, disappeared. All this I was somewhat surprised:
A few days later I was sitting at Shpikovskih and drank tea (we usually gather at them in the evenings).
And then came Dovzhenko. All surprised. He was not familiar with this family, never been here.
- You know, I brought oranges, - he said cheerfully. I became like a magician, remove from the pockets of his coat, out of a hat, from beneath his shirt huge oranges.
Everyone laughed. And they drink tea.
Then Dovzhenko said to me:
- I came for you.
We went from Shpikovskih together and went for a long time that night in the corridor hotels. He told me about his childhood, life in Kharkov, the work abroad:
So we met. And they often meet.
When he started making Dovzhenko, Arsenal, his trip to Kiev became mandatory. And then I myself went to Kiev. Then Alexander Petrovich began to appear there more often. Sometimes he went from Odessa "secretly". This I was told later of his assistants and helpers. First, they have not been able to guess where it disappears Dovzhenko on Sundays. But then realized that in Kiev. And once in the morning the whole company came to meet him at the station. So Dovzhenko was "exposed".
After Arsenal, together we went to Kharkov. By this time we were husband and wife: "
Julia Ippolitovna did not change the name, seeing it as a special meaning: before she was the sun, and now - just a companion at Svetilen. She enthusiastically entered into a new role. And a Moscow apartment and a dacha in Peredelkino - a simple village house - were objects of particular pride. The house is decorated inside Julia Ippolitovna simple planed boards: unpainted walls and floors, wooden shelves, benches, chairs replaced. Everywhere Ukrainian hung white towels.

In "Earth" Solntseva forever goodbye to acting career. Her new job was so necessary and so "silent"! Assistant director. More she never appears in the frame. As a worldly-wise Julia Ippolitovna well understood: in some external data does not go far. A great actor's talent is in itself not found.
The first filming of "The Rime of the sea" was set for November 25, 1956. On the eve of Alexander Petrovich went to Peredelkino, worked in his studio, preparing for winter trees in the garden. Coming to town, he suddenly felt ill. When the appointed hour the participants in the shooting appeared Mosfilmovskoy lobby, they were met by a wide black bezel bordered portrait of Alexander Dovzhenko.
No one at Mosfilm not agreed to take over staging the film, conceived by Dovzhenko. Poem of the Sea "withdrew Solntseva. This picture, of course, had nothing to do with the masterpieces of the director. But Julia Ippolitovna tried to "renew" his life at least through the cinema ...
In 1981. on the filming of "Julia Solntseva. Last interview with her, the man closed and taciturn, suddenly open up: "I was crying in the morning, a lot of crying. Loneliness. I have no one, I am alone, I do not care at all! In Alexander Petrovich, I was nobody. For 35 years I live alone: "Julia Died Ippolitovna Solntseva October 28, 1989.

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Solntseva Julia, photo, biography
Solntseva Julia, photo, biography Solntseva Julia  Actress, photo, biography
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