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Biography SOKOLOVA Love
photo SOKOLOVA Love
(p. 31 July 1921)
"After I lost my first husband, a very long time did not want Turns any romance novels. Neither marry nor give birth - did not want. Too many things I have seen too many during the blockade and knew that human life is not worth even a slice of bread ... But on the set of "Gloomy morning in 1958 was very active in caring for me Danelia. He literally walked behind me ...
Lyubov Sokolova was born in the city of Ivanovo, a working family. After ten classes went to Leningrad and entered the Herzen Pedagogical Institute, the Faculty.
. But in 1940 the teacher had to leave the field: when Lenfilm kinoakterskaya school was organized, and Sokolov decided to change profession
. Oh is she wanted to be an actress. And the data for that she had been removed: the eyes like saucers, two luxurious braids, beautiful figure. Since gaining workshop. Gerasimov once it is appreciated and took our heroine to her students.
His first Movie parts Sokolova could play while still a student in 1940. Then on Lenfilm shot now "Front girlfriend, and she was invited to one of the roles. But she tore shooting. Here's how she remembers this: "I came to the shooting, and suddenly the writer Sergei Mikhalkov, the film began to sing:" Penny threw in the machine, and then hear the mate: "What do you Yadrena mother, automatic fool!" ... And I was indignant - how vulgar people. In Leningrad, I ran to the monument to the keepers, all smeared makeup - dropped out. Because of this hooligan ditties - that's what a girl! And instead of me Zina Maslova played Tamara Alyosha. "
But if the cinema of our heroine did not lucky, in my personal life, everything was on the contrary, she fell in love. Here is what she remembers about it: "When I went to actress, mother said to me:" You go into such a world - remember, someone else's husband - not your husband! "And I'm a lifetime to remember that. And those who look after me, I first ask - you do not zhenatyN And flew away! But then I fell in love ...
His name was George Ivanovitch Arapovsky, or the Jura, he was ten years older than me. How does he look after me! On the sixth floor on his hands raised. Coming out for him, I became a very interesting family of noble origin. Year we have lived with him - but as one day. And the war began. Blockade. Study ended. I went to the factory as a fitter on the metal to its 250 grams of bread have. Husband on sight in the army not taken, he and the mother in law is also settled on the plant. We all lived at work: I am at his factory, the husband of his ... "
By mid-summer of 1942, Sokolova evacuated from the siege of Leningrad, has decided to come to VGIK. Then just appeared ruling that the Leningrad blockade may be admitted to any educational institution without examination, that our heroine and decided to take a chance.

VGIK accepted it immediately and enrolled in a 2-year student. His first film role Sokolov played in 1947 film directed by Aleksandr Stolper The Story of a Real Man. It was a small role of the nurse-partisan Barbara, in whose house had crawled out of the woods wounded Meresyev (played by P. Kadochnikov).
However, this role was so small, that did not bring Sokolova neither glory nor any material reward. She lived then literally hand to mouth.

Meanwhile, in 1951 a group of young actors invited to go to Germany, where the Group of Soviet forces created two theater. Actors played a hundred performances, touring all military units. This went on for about five years.

In 1956, Sokolov had returned to Moscow, in the newly opened studio theater actor. And then the movie roles poured one after another. Then she starred in such films as "Two Lives", "It started because ..."," And Quiet Flows the Don "," Family Ulyanov, "If the Stones said," "Kolya, home alone," an anxious night, "Foma Gordeev, t / f" Guest Night "," Gloomy Morning ". During filming the last scene (she played ANSI) Sokolova met novice filmmaker 29 years Danelia.

. The actress recalls: "After I lost my first husband, a very long time did not want Turns any romance novels
. Neither marry nor give birth - did not want. Too many things I have seen too many during the blockade and knew that human life is not worth even a slice of bread ... But on the set of "Gloomy morning in 1958 was very active in caring for me Danelia. He literally walked behind me. He concealed his age and convinced me that we are the same age. (Sokolova very badly treated by boyfriend, who were younger than her) In the end, and I'm in love with him too - he's a remarkable man, a talented, intelligent, sense of humor - the sea. And he has a wonderful family - his mother, Mary Andzhaparidze - sister of the great Veriko Andjaparidze. We Merichkoy became great friends, I adore her. She, as we Danelia, with her husband lived not raspisyvayas, unmarried. I moved them into a large apartment on the Net ponds.
Georgy Nikolayevich was already married, the daughter remained in the marriage. But to our meeting he had already divorced. So we began to live. I am fully immersed in family life. This was my element. I loved the household, soap, cleaned, and prepared: before anyone got up - went to bed later. I am due to family refused to larger roles: it is impossible to conceive and to leave the family for a month or more, to go on an expedition ...
August 3, 1959 I gave birth to a son - Nicholas. I was 38 years old, and I was in the hospital she called her mother pozdnorodyaschey. Am I to blame, not pregnant before etogoN! Genera I were not simple: the child went sideways, his doctors had to turn the vacuum and pull ... "
. In the 60's, as her son grew older, Sokolov was able to work more actively in film
. In addition to filming her own husband in the movies, . "Serge" (1960), . "The way to the pier" (1962), . "I Step Through Moscow" (1964), . "Thirty-Three" (1965), . She then was shot and the other directors: "Academician of Askaniya", . "In a difficult hour", . "Introduction", . "Hello, . Gnat!, . Blue Notebook ", . "Labor camp", . "Beware of the Car", . "Live till Monday", . "Gori, . gori, . my star.,

. In the 70 years of notable works Sokolova in film roles were in the pictures: "Crime and Punishment" - (1970), . "End Liubavin" (1971), . "Gentlemen of Fortune" (1972), . "Privalovskaya Millions" (1973), . Tale of the human heart "(1975), . t / f "Irony of Fate, . or Enjoy Your Bath "(1976), . "White Bim Black Ear (1977), etc.,

. In 1976, at age 17, suddenly married the son Sokolova and Danelia Nicholas
. He had long since met his classmate Marina, she became pregnant, and had married young. However, painted them because of age, with difficulty, parents had to go to the executive committee, and there the chiefs to persuade. Born soon girl named Marguerite. So our heroine became a grandmother.

A year later Nick walked in the footsteps of his parents and went to VGIK. He studied well, with passion. As a student, shot his first film - "Snapshots". After securing a diploma in the union "Debut" withdrew his second picture, "Hey, Semenov. In addition, Nicholas Danelia painted pictures and wrote poems. However ...
In the early 80 H. Danelia carried away by baptism, went to a sect. He has closed and virtually became a stranger to their home. The mother and father, this made a painful impression. And soon between them ran a black cat.
L. Sokolova said: "Danelia - creative and addictive personality. Living with him was not a smooth and happy, even though we spent 26 years. He could divide for a few days from home, he could drink heavily, get carried away by another woman. On his affair with writer Victoria Tokareva said all of Moscow - I try not to see and do not know. Merichka, mother-in-my favorite, I was persuaded and comforted: your son is growing. I still suffered. Weep, weep, and more alive ...
Soon Danelia found another woman. He met her in June. He went to her for treatment after surgery. I told him: 'Take me with you, I have mitral valve insufficiency - did not take. Now I understand why. One day this woman called me. I said to your husband being treated together ... We talked, came by to visit. It came with some man. Son Kolya, saw them, locked in a room. I showed her everything - right here in our bathroom, that's a bedroom, a kitchen that's. It goes where - hand shakes ...
One day Danelia came home and said: "Luba, sorry, I fell in love and want to marry. We need to disperse ". I kissed his cheek, waved her hand and said: "No" ... No I did not express sympathy. I gathered together out things and went to live with her mother, who lived in my condo, which I am still in the 50 years received. But it's very hard for me to be. For days I sat at home like a shadow for hours staring at one point. And Seva Sanaev learned once about my pain, advised to go to the reception to June, met her. It took up to me: It took about a dozen sessions that took a state. And when she had treated me, I just go with sobs, and before that no tears did not say ...
So she took off with me this spell, I again felt myself a normal person ... "
What lives today actress L. SokolovaN "neighbor here offers - let us unite. I do not want. ZachemN In my heart nothing. All burned. I so well. I never complain ... If you want to spare yourself - go for a walk, floors slops, call someone! Why mope-toN us life, not in order is given! "

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SOKOLOVA Love, photo, biography
SOKOLOVA Love, photo, biography SOKOLOVA Love  Actress, photo, biography
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