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BORODYANSKE Alexander Emmanuilovich

( Honored Artist of Russia, laureate of State Prize of the RSFSR.)

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Biography BORODYANSKE Alexander Emmanuilovich
photo BORODYANSKE Alexander Emmanuilovich
Born February 3, 1944, Mr.. in Vorkuta. Father - Emmanuel Borodyansky Yakovlevich (1915 g.rozhd.). Mother - Borodyanskaya Hope Efimovna (1921 g.rozhd.). Wife - Borodyanskaya Tatiana (1949 g.rozhd.). Children: Borodyansky Denis (1970 g.rozhd.) Borodyanskaya Maria (1977 g.rozhd.).
Even in his youth, Alexander Emmanuilovich began writing literary short stories, essays, notes. Huge influence on the choice of profession played an appearance on the screens of the movie "The Cranes Are Flying", which turned the minds of the young Alexander. Then then there was a qualitative leap in its attitude towards cinema. In 1973, Mr.. A. Borodyansky graduated from the scriptwriting faculty of the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography specialty screenwriter.
After the institute came to the "Mosfilm", where he works to this day. In 1974-1976. was a member of the scenario, the editorial board, in 1976-1977. - Editor in chief of the creative association. Since 1986. present - a board member of the studio "Courier", since 1998. - Deputy Director General kinokontserna "Mosfilm".
AE Borodyansky - one of the leading domestic screenwriter. He is a writer for more than 30 feature-length films. Peru A. Borodyansky owned screenplay for "The ladies invite gentlemen," "Look round," "Inspector GAI", "A man with an accordion," "start over", "Schur and Prosvirnyak", "Little Giant great sex"
. Many films produced scenarios AE Borodyansky, awarded various prizes and awards:
. "Afonya" (1975) - the main prize of a film festival in Tashkent (1976);
. "We're from Jazz" (1983) - Special Jury Prize International Film Festival (IFF) in Grenoble, France (1984), Silver Medal International Film Festival in Lodz (Poland, 1984), Diplomas International Film Festival in London, Chicago, Belgrade , recognized as the best musical film of 1983
. in the USSR on a survey of spectators;
. "Winter Evening in Gagra" (1985) - polls the audience recognized as the best musical film of 1985; "Courier" (1986) - Prize of International Film Festival in Moscow (1987), Jury Prize for best film for young people to Festival in Tbilisi (Georgia, 1987);
. "Deja Vu" (USSR-Poland, 1987) - Diploma of the Festival "Golden Duke" (Odessa, 1987);
. "City Zero" (1989) - The main prize at Chicago International Film Festival (USA, 1989), the silver prize in Valyadali International Film Festival (Spain, 1989), the prize of the European Association of Science Fiction for Best Picture (San Marino, 1989 g.), in 1991
. film was nominated for an Academy Award "Oscar";
. "Agents of the KGB, too, fall in love" (USSR, Chile, 1991) - Jury Prize International Film Festival in Viц╠a del Mar (Chile, 1991);
. "Regicide" (USSR, England, 1991) - the official participated in the main competition at Cannes International Film Festival (1991), the main prize IFF Belgrade (Yugoslavia, 1991);
. "Dreams" (1993), . "American Daughter" (1995) - participant of the competition program International Film Festival in Montreal (Canada, . 1995), . special prize at the II International Film Festival in Shanghai (China, . 1995) and E. Uitbeka prize for Best Actress at the International Film Festival in Artek children's film (during the filming of the movie "Dreams" was a director with CG Shakhnazarov);,
. "Harvest Moon" (1998) - Award "Nika" for the best scenario work, the special jury prize at Karlovy Vary FIPRESCI Prize
AE Borodyansky worked with many famous directors. Among them - G. Danelia, E. Urazbayev, N. Dostil, K. Shakhnazarov. Nature of a long co-creation AE Boroldyanskogo and KG Shakhnazarov, in itself a curious. They are very similar people internally, in world view, they have the same reaction to many events, the same to them. Certainly such a coincidence of the characters and allowed the two masters of the national cinema to create so much liked by the audience of paintings and continue their fruitful collaboration.
In the film "Courier" AE Borodyansky awarded the State Prize of the RSFSR (1988). In 1994. - The title of "Honored Artist of Russia '.
Since 1975. is a member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, since 1990. - Russia Academy of Motion Picture Arts.
In the journal "North" N7, 1974. published story AE Borodyansky Pro Borshchov, plumbing ZHEK N2 ", became the basis for the famous comedy" Afonya ". Scenarios A. Borodyansky for the movie "City Zero", "Regicide", "Dreams" published in the anthology "Screenplays".
AE Borodyansky and he appeared in films - in the roles of friends protagonists in the films "The Turn" and "Moscow does not believe in tears".
He loves his friend's home - a dog Ajax.
Lives and works in Moscow. Address: Moscow, ul.Mosfilmovskaya, 1, Kinokontsern "Mosfilm.

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BORODYANSKE Alexander Emmanuilovich, photo, biography
BORODYANSKE Alexander Emmanuilovich, photo, biography BORODYANSKE Alexander Emmanuilovich  Honored Artist of Russia, laureate of State Prize of the RSFSR., photo, biography
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