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Nikolai Valuev

( cportsmen, boxer)

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Biography Nikolai Valuev
Nikolai Valuev, 1973. Birth. Boxer from St. Petersburg held on 28 professional boxing fights, 23 of which won by knockout. His outstanding physique: height - 210 cm, weight - 147 kg. Boxing started 6 years ago (before that was engaged in discus).

In June 2000, over 4 thousand spectators in the stands of the Palace of Sports "Jubilee" witnessed a meeting for the title of world champion in the heavyweight version of RAWA (Pan Asian Boxing Association). The St. Petersburg giant ventured to throw the gauntlet 32-year-old champion of Ukraine and the Balkan countries Yuri Elivstratov from Dnepropetrovsk, who for five years at a professional boxing match held 22 (18 wins, 10 - KO, 1 - tie).

Ukrainian boxer, giving his opponent a mighty 18 cm. and 27 kg., chose the only correct tactics of close combat, which enabled him to courageously stand up all the 12 allotted rounds. Three sides of arbitrators unanimously awarded the win on points Valuev, who became the second after Oleg Maskaev Russians - RAWA champion in the heavyweight division.

RAWA - a branch of WBA, and therefore, according to the commentator "SE" Alexander Belenky, this victory is really Valuev led to a new level, as WBA champion RAWA usually includes the top ten in its ranking.

In October 2001 Rossiyanin Nikolay Valuev defended the title for the version of the Pan Asian Boxing Association (PABA), winning on points in a 12-round battle of the New Zealander Bales Tasefe. The meeting was held at the Palais des Sports "Jubilee". Score meetings 120:108.

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  • Andrey for Nikolai Valuev
  • He was present at the fight in the jubilee. Technics Kolya is not much pleased with, more like the enemy in close combat not as good as he would with Klitschko Art. meeting he would have made
  • Elena Valuev for Nikolai Valuev
  • We went with Nicky to fight Tyson. All bad. From Tyson's left only a name. Pity him, though he was "drunk and rowdy, but purely in a human was really sorry.
  • Zealot for Nikolai Valuev
  • Our boxer at the 5 th place in the WBA, but I have not seen any of his fight! What does our television? Where to watch the police? Why not show our Champions! The country must know its heroes!
  • Zealot for Nikolai Valuev
  • Somewhere you can pump out videos of his fights?
  • Sasha for Nikolai Valuev
  • Nikolai Valuev is the most powerful man in the history boksa.Ya too would not be against such a strong as Nicholas.
  • cyborg for Nikolai Valuev
  • Nicholas is strong, but his technique leaves something to be desired ...
  • Vasya for Nikolai Valuev
  • What he tries boxer?? he just Hello OG Gorilla and all! advantage of his height and fizuha and so it zero! see now on Megasport Valuev fight against starinkogo Holyfield! Round 7 and all 7 rounds, Holyfield won! This is my opinion)))
  • DIMAS for Nikolai Valuev
  • Boxer Valuev п?п?п°я?пҐя?п№ ???! Do not tell! Staren'kii Holifild showed boxing and technique! And Valuev shame !
  • Galina for Nikolai Valuev
  • I just dream of a husband as Nikolai Valuev ! with this man as a stone wall! Very little for us in Russia such men !
  • Xenia for Nikolai Valuev
  • Valuev, RESPECT! You are the best among the heavyweights! I am for you! Do Chagaev, tear it only nakautom!
  • Vasya for Nikolai Valuev
  • Valuev Gorilla Galima what he пҐп°я?я€п?пҐ boxer to box him as to Jupiter ... Don King put reshyl gorilu and earn extra bucks
  • Anton for Nikolai Valuev
  • Valuev should not have been in the box go from throwing the disc, not a very nice box with people who in the screen looks as if his opponents two times less than he. or better look for his rivals with the same data as himself.
  • Smart people for Nikolai Valuev
  • Valuev looks netehnichnym, Sei hour would be time to take back and put his fight with Tyson Maykoi 20 years, I give 100% guaranteed knockout Valuev in the first three rounds, Tyson я€я?п?п?я?!
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    Nikolai Valuev, photo, biography
    Nikolai Valuev, photo, biography Nikolai Valuev  cportsmen, boxer, photo, biography
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